WHAT HAVE WE DONE? | The Last Of Us 2 - Part 7 

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What have we done? What have we become in the Last of Us Part II.
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Jessica Morales
Jessica Morales 7 órája
At 1 hour 34 mins they come across a body with a letter signed Jensen and he was going to meet Misha at the monorail. This is a easter egg, the actor Jensen Ackles who plays Dean Winchester and Misha Collins who plays Castiel on Supernatural did many conventions in Seattle and did there filming in Vancouver BC. Great little touch
Gunnar Jackson
Gunnar Jackson 14 órája
10 minutes into the video Jack: don't take shots when I say its beautiful Me: 10 shots in
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Napja
"What did Joel do?" He killed the surgeon. That is what Joel did.
Julia Lazowska
Anyone else looked at the road sign "rode works ahead" and just though "yeah I sure hope it does"... Just me? Ok
Todoroki :p
Todoroki :p 2 napja
I kinda see why Joel didn't let Ellie die, a human being took sarah away from joel, not infected so he took what could heal humanity away because he didn't wanna feel that way again so he punished humanity for taking sarah away (my opinion)
Savvy Howe
Savvy Howe 2 napja
52:18, I love how it's almost instinctual for people playing games to crane their necks to look past a wall or something but it doesn't help cuz the camera doesn't move and we just look stupid
Alyssa Hautala
“I LOVE Sweeps!!!”
Garage films
Garage films 3 napja
Lmao they played ice cube in the game aha that’s cool
Tom Neville
Tom Neville 3 napja
The amount of times jack says: “Ooo this is the convention centre”
Shady Ten Kate
Ellie: Takes 40 pills. Also Ellie: I just learned how to hold my breath. Jack: I CAN SEE WITH MY EARS!
Rina C
Rina C 4 napja
Can we please talk about those beautiful ending montages. Gorgeous editing
Rina C
Rina C 4 napja
Underrated joke at 1:40:32 "You and me both Tanager. My voice, oh *chef kiss*. Voice of An Angel, can hypnotize Anybody into leaving a room." XD comedy gold
Johnathan Lovelace
Anyone who pronounces “algae” like “algae” rather than “algae” is stupid
Savvy Howe
Savvy Howe 2 napja
I pronounce it as "algae" so ig I'm stupid😔
Hayzen Robinson
The outros are awesome
Scott Douglas
Scott Douglas 5 napja
I enjoy the home made cutscenes at the end. Well made and quite entertaining. Well done Jack!
bradley koppenhaver
I got that tattoo
Jaydan Bodenham-Smith
Wait does he even know why abby wanted to kill joal
Jaydan Bodenham-Smith
@Arinlokbite nobody gives a fuck but yeah i realized but cant be arsed to change it
Arinlokbite 2 napja
You misspelled "Joal" It is "Joel"
JD The Weirdo
JD The Weirdo 6 napja
it's crazy rewatching the game and understanding what the seraphites are saying when they whistle.
Ashton Mitchell
Yean. (Yawn)
Sean Cady
Sean Cady 7 napja
Leah was at the T.V. station though, she was just dead lol.
tyler Homeniuk
Road work ahead sign Me. Yeah I sure hope it does
Fucking grass
Fucking grass 9 napja
DUDE, I KNEW the children's book page with a bunny talking to a horse looked familiar, so I looked through my old books from when I was a kid and found the translated into Spanish version of that book! It's The Velvet Bunny and it's one of my most beloved memories. Damn! I don't know why, but that seems so unlikely but I love that they put that in the game!
Hanna Maria
Hanna Maria 9 napja
1:36:00 i love this game to pieces and it looks and works stunningly but why does the blood run uphill here xd
Ash MoonChild
Ash MoonChild 9 napja
3:30 Jack: "Just my sweet glorious love of my life" Me: "Evelyn?" Jack: "coffee" Me: "Oh..."
Emrys Hughitt
Emrys Hughitt 10 napja
Some of these video ending really out for my feelings.
SUPER AIS 11 napja
watching this episode after this long at 14:47 Me: *sees card* hah cards baby Jack: cards baby Me: thats what I said
Natalie Murphy
Natalie Murphy 11 napja
SO the name's Jensen and Misha (in the same letter) were meant to be a Supernatural reference after all. :)
Ser Randall Mormont
Ellie: Crying Subtitles: [LAUGHTER]
Tammy Mcneil
Tammy Mcneil 11 napja
I put a proxyimity mine down when I got to that part I got ez kills
James Young
James Young 11 napja
By the way you missed a card in a car
Cormacfox_31 11 napja
Old Joel reminds me of an old dog
The Last Of Us Edits
i cried when the dog cried its so sad the game had th make the cry nose whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Poppy Agra
Poppy Agra 12 napja
U should shoot gun so u can get shot guns
Sorcha 12 napja
1:36:34 any spn fans going BONKERS over this letter bc I sure as fuck am
Little_Cheerio 12 napja
i like how at 45:00 i just hear ice cube and sean made the most confused face😂
if 2020 taught us anything it's that Joel was 100% right in his decision to take Ellie out of the hospital. We have thousands of expert medical personnel, billions of dollars worth of medical and research equipment, monumental distribution chains and storage facilities and even with all of that it takes a year to make and test a vaccine for the flu, let alone a brain fungus. Not to mention half of the USA wouldn't take the vaccine anyway as they don't want the alien overlords to manage their thoughts with all the implants so... yeah a vaccine would literally not work in TLOU universe. Which is the exact justification I had back in 2013 when finishing the first game.
Golden Mask
Golden Mask 13 napja
little does he know there is cheats. just you have to buy them with collectible points
Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel 13 napja
I like how Ellie has like a home base in Seattle. It’s kinda cool to see her constantly leave and go “home”. It’s better than seeing her squat in places
Sinful 13 napja
What Joel did is a very complicated Philosophy problem. In it’s simplicity’s form, it’s a form of the trolley program. Kill one healthy person to save possible millions.
EXiTbruh 13 napja
You can silence anything. 9mm, .556. etc. even 50. cals and tank rounds (theoretically)The only reason one cant silence a revolver is beacause the gasses escape through the cylinder. Though there is one special model of revolver made for silencers.
meagan capecea
meagan capecea 14 napja
1:36:43 anyone else wondering if the developers are SPN fans? because Jensen is kind of a common name but Misha isn't at all.
meagan capecea
meagan capecea 14 napja
drink a glass of water every time Jack says something about the game being beautiful. Stay hydrated yall!
Belle 15 napja
jack's having a moral dilemma while my revenge driven ass is like screaming FUCK EM UP
CannierBee58 15 napja
I love the little mini outtro clip at the end that really hit hard lol
speep 15 napja
I love the series but I skipped through about half of it because it has all been looting
Victoria Alexander
is nobody gonna appreciate the supernatural reference. Misha and Jensen. Love it
infedros 16 napja
I have to say the editing at the end of the video is amazing.
BiirdSeed 16 napja
The thing is, realistically, they could NEVER bring the world back, it is completely impossible, first you need to make a vaccine, then you have to spread it around. People arent going to just accept it, some people would like the world how it is. What joel did didnt effect anything, he just stopped ellie from dying for no reason, plus did she ever even consent to dying for the cure? She wasnt even awake when they were gonna do it.
Adahy Bullet
Adahy Bullet 16 napja
There is not enough times nor ways i could say that this game is hecking beautiful. The scenery, the cut scenes, the human-ness to everyone even outta cutscenes. The brutalness. The literal everything has love and care put into it. So once again ND, great work.
Adeola Adebayo
Adeola Adebayo 16 napja
its so scary when he breaks a window i feel like he does that an enemy or a zombie r going to hear her and that always makes my heart stops
Mystic Gaming
Mystic Gaming 17 napja
Sean: No one plays a PS Vita anymore Me, who owns 2 of them: um excuse you
Septic_Eye_ Revolution
The gameplay of The Last Of Us Part 2 is truly amazing with the exploring, all the stealth elements with the infected, WLF, Scars or the trespassers and the story about Ellie's revenge for Joel makes the player think about the good/bad parts of her personality and what does she want her immunity mean to the other survivors after the Outbreak with lots of hard choices and questions in this incredible masterpiece from the legendary Naughty Dog Studio as the exclusive for PlayStation 4/5! Thanks for the video, Jack! Your let's plays are as informative and great as the can even be with the astonishing attention to all the details in the graphics/the environment of the game and you're one of the most skillful gamers ever on the platform!
Illiana Lopez
Illiana Lopez 18 napja
The outro is so perfect🥺❤
Zashots22 18 napja
Jack after seeing every building” that’s the convention center”
Sir Cereal
Sir Cereal 19 napja
“ Where’s first fucker! Ow Second Fucker!” “Let third Fucker Come in”
Kaden B
Kaden B 21 napja
When one of my friends is trying to annoy me because I made a joke that nobody laughed about I’m watching this to muffle him thank you for being loud
Im RockSquash
Im RockSquash 21 napja
1:02:00 hmm... That makes sense...... Off with his head
Im RockSquash
Im RockSquash 21 napja
If anyone sees this, it’s a joke so plz don’t send hate over something sad but fake.....
MLG GAMER 21 napja
😨😨😨 Well damn so it seems to me she would have put her life on the line just so everyone else can get the vaccine and return to some form of normalcy but because Joel didn't want to lose her there was that selfish motive not to mention he already lost a daughter already so he didn't want to lose another daughter figure. Can't imagine the guilt of being the one who could have saved everyone from a disease Such a burden on her shoulders. That's why they got so distant from each other. Gives a new meaning now to Joel's song. Damn!
MLG GAMER 21 napja
Oh damn When Ellie is that fueled with rage, don't mess. She's a savage when she's fueled on Vengeance. She makes Ghost Rider seem puny with his spirit of vengeance
MLG GAMER 21 napja
Can I just say how much a terrible soldier that one was. She had one job, ONE JOB! Patrol the place, walk around see if anyone's there and then she's here playing Hotline Miami on a PS vita. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 y'know she would have gotten fired if someone came down to check on her. She's not the best soldier.
MLG GAMER 21 napja
Never heard of Hotline Miami or PS vita. Sounds like something before my time
MLG GAMER 21 napja
Jack: It's not my fault y'all are dumb dumbs who whistle at each other Me: Uh that's WLF soldiers you're talking about. It's Scars that whistle
MLG GAMER 21 napja
Yeah I totally understand why they wouldn't like the game cuz Joel died but I guess ellie needed a reason to go after Abby. Abby couldn't just do anything and she'd just say "I'mma kill this lady" just like that. It has to hit close to home and from a narrative standpoint it does make sense. I think people just got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too attached to Joel
MLG GAMER 21 napja
Mother of God! Why'd he bust down the door and scare the daylights out of me?! I was expecting we would open the door and just see him or he would strike after the door is open. Nope he bust it down
Sigrid 23 napja
just gonna say it. every single WLF deserves what they're getting.
Georgia Andrews
Georgia Andrews 24 napja
ellie:casually walking around looking for a way to find tommy and get to abby sean:oH iVe BeEn HeRe im joking love you really sean
Mo Taha
Mo Taha 25 napja
Ellie should've let her finish playing with the ps vita
SAAdesigner07 25 napja
Should have just turned hints off.
Plant Librarian
Plant Librarian 26 napja
knife wrench is from scrubs! it was my favorite show for the longest time
Grace 26 napja
I do Understand that what Joel did in the ending of the first game was not exactly correct, But at the same time, He cared so much about Ellie. Just like his own Daughter. That's why he stopped them. I just wish she could have forgave him a lil for that, so that she wouldn't have held a grudge against him till his died..tho till the end he tried to make things right. 🥺🥺 Idk, Its too painful to sum up all of it. Damn, This game is getting into me. 😅
Genesis 26 napja
I’ve never felt so mad in my life when she said he deserved it and when she got away.
Genesis 27 napja
14:10 yall see that dragon fly just floating there
Leandro Ledon
Leandro Ledon 27 napja
Id rather Joel ded than be at home an old grandpa doing nothing. Like u think he was gonna grow old and taking me through an emotional story is better than doing nothing with him
emolikenemo 28 napja
I’m pretty sure Joel gave Ellie the guitar right before he went out with Tommy and died. Or am I just remembering the timeline wrong?
cupheadtale sans
1:17:03 But jack I'm already 70 shots deep ya can't stop me now fool
Twilah Young
Twilah Young 28 napja
1:18:43 "Good Golly, my eyeballs are having a fucking treat right now."
Parker Sullivan
Parker Sullivan Hónapja
can we just talk about how at 13:28 you can see the crane thing that Abby goes across later in the game, that is some great attention to detail
maxwell forrester
has anybody realized that the WLF soldiers have been yelling names a screaming stuff like "NO!" its getting sad
spencer strunk
spencer strunk Hónapja
Ok so Jack you don’t know this but it is literally impossible to create a vaccine or cure for a fungal disease what Joel did was right because this doctor was obviously an idiot trying to grasp onto a small chance of hope that had no possible way of working because you can not make a vaccine for fungal infections
The MinecraftSlayer
The fact that you killed near makes me sad because as Abby you get throw ball for bear it’s so sad but if you can’t move along you have no voice but to have ti
Herpy Derpy
Herpy Derpy Hónapja
Man the way the WLF Soldiers just talk about what they'll do with their friends and family when they get back and their lives outside of being Wolf soldiers really humanizes them and makes it much harder to kill them without regret. They seem to be suffering just because someone decided to torture someone all the way in Jackson, it's like killing John Wick's dog
Gacha_xx_slayde Hónapja
Big boi nearly gave me a heart attack
Diamondtayj Diva
Anyone else catch the supernatural reference in the note when it said mish and it was written by a dude named Jensen?
laurenbear Hónapja
Sickly Boy
Sickly Boy Hónapja
Even if they did kill Ellie for a vaccine, wouldn't it have been done in vain, as you can't develop a vaccine against fungi?
Hannah Shark
Hannah Shark Hónapja
Jesse's kinda hot ngl
Leah Singh
Leah Singh Hónapja
In the beginning where they find the weed there is uncharted 2 case on the upper level
Danielle Baker
Danielle Baker Hónapja
I'm sorry but did anyone notice misha and jensen ?!!!? Misha Collins?! Jensen Ackles?? Supernatural!?!!
Kian Beydemueller
46:05 Scrubs Episode : KNIFE WRENCH!
Draven_ isded
Draven_ isded Hónapja
jack every time he sees a building: "is this the convention center? oh ive been here, oh no i dont recognize this place at all"
Joshua kavanagh
Joshua kavanagh Hónapja
Jack I have a ps vita but I use it to play my ps4
haskasimo Hónapja
Do something every time I say this is gorgeous by donating $1-$5 to a charity or animal shelter of your choice.
Chad Hutto
Chad Hutto Hónapja
No the reason why they killed Joel is that Joel killed Abby's father
OneBadTomato Hónapja
I'm sure I heard "Don't mind if I yes" in every episode.
Daniel Cobb
Daniel Cobb Hónapja
I don't think what Joel did was ok. The needs of the many vs the needs of the few. With that being said however, I cannot say that I wouldn't have made all the same decision he made. Its kinda like the baby Hitler scenario. Would you kill baby Hitler? No = Why not that's F****** HITLER?! Look at all the bad he's done! Yes = You're so cruel! That's a baby! He hasn't even done anything bad! You're so heartless! Stop them from killing Ellie? No = Where's your humanity? She's just a little girl with her whole life ahead of her! She hasn't even experienced a good life outside of being smuggled across country and has been stuck in a QZ. Yes = What are you thinking? This is the KEY to a CURE for the zombie outbreak. It could save thousands of lives! She's just one person! Let her immunity mean something you heartless jerk!
The VibeShibe
The VibeShibe Hónapja
"D!mmit, looks like where swimmi-" Jack: (DIVING INTENSIFIES)
Jessie Hónapja
It bothers me when he powers through and keeps exploring during dialogue. He could miss something interesting like when he missed the rest of the convo about Bill
Obitus_ Joe
Obitus_ Joe Hónapja
I still have a ps vita
•-• Farlar
•-• Farlar Hónapja
I love how Ellie keeps getting mistaken for the other group’s members. Scars think she’s WLF, WLF think she is part of the scars. Meanwhile she’s actually killing members from both groups and just vibing.
FEAR Cypris
FEAR Cypris Hónapja
Why is Jack such a baby 😂 id do much worse if it were my dad, I would've skinned all of em starting from the ankles. Its because its avenging what happened to a loved one
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