We had no idea WHO the IMPOSTOR was in Among Us 

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There is an impostor Among Us
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Lorna Griffith
Lorna Griffith 14 órája
I keep thinking of puns for when toast dies 😅 “Nothing left but the crust” “Someone took a slice” “There’s butter all over the floor”/“there’s butter on your hands” “Burnt to a crisp” Someone stop me 😅
Marie Torres
Lol I just went through Seán's among us videos to find the moment that everyone realized that Dave is the imposter because he tried to pin Toast's death on Sykkuno. Lol the immediate realization that it HAD to be Dave kills me😂
It's Yo Girl Ry
Dad mode Jack at 9:30 on pewds lmao
Tell James I said HI SISTERS
O9 Unspekbleg
O9 Unspekbleg 5 napja
"She's on top of me" - i'll take that out of context
Kermit Suicide
Kermit Suicide 10 napja
Do you think it’s kinda suspicious that Sean is almost always the person who doesn’t get kicked even when he is sus and that he is almost never the first person dead
Nightbirb kitty
Nightbirb kitty 11 napja
Poki: you guys would let him get away with murder just because he sounds cute! Sean: to be fair, yes, 100% yes
Emma Richardson
Emma Richardson 11 napja
I don’t wanna watch this video bc james Charles is in it... he’s awful
Borris Nuts
Borris Nuts 11 napja
10.36 they should’ve just voted one of poki or sykkuno bc they had 2 shots since the lights were off so that’s a guaranteed win when you vote them both out
Magic Music 117
Magic Music 117 14 napja
Jack: Should I go to specimen on my own? **Body gets reported** Me: THAT WAS A SIGN.
Night Blaze
Night Blaze 14 napja
Poki literally just did what I would do Poki: I still have med bay so..... FUCK YOU Me: yes poki
Dianna Brooks
Dianna Brooks 16 napja
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BlueyPlayz 16 napja
I just realised jack sees his among us character as *red*
RENEE Steger
RENEE Steger 16 napja
tiffany brown
tiffany brown 16 napja
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Elsa Emuu
Elsa Emuu 17 napja
The comedic tension in that last game was pure gold
Dianna Brooks
Dianna Brooks 17 napja
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Twilah Young
Twilah Young 17 napja
I was watching my sister play earlier and im sure that James was on the lobby with her. Same name same colour
Sindy Gerber
Sindy Gerber 18 napja
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Muttdrock 18 napja
OsmanSAVAGE 18 napja
Imagine CORPSE Rick Rolling in an Among Us game...
Reedo Richardson
We have no idea who imposter is in among us Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?
Wolfy 19 napja
Nobody, not a single soul: When you don't know who the imposter is, not bc no one is sus... But bc everyone is.
aiden perricone
aiden perricone 19 napja
Thats the point
Pitten Kitten
Pitten Kitten 19 napja
Ludwig is always leaving Jack just like my friends
Maple Drawz
Maple Drawz 21 napja
James charles is the most immature ANNOYING human ever
Nick DeLisi
Nick DeLisi 23 napja
23:58 You can hear BB in the background
Vwat Dvoing
Vwat Dvoing 23 napja
bearded sykkuno lol
Denise -
Denise - 23 napja
Sykkuno: You're trying to say I killed Toast? Dave: Yeah. Sykkuno: Ah, fatal mistake Dave. *Proceeds to being voted out* Toast and Sykkuno's friendship is a solid one. He wouldn't even report Corpse's body when Toast killed him...
Digital Depression
10:06 Sykkuno sounds so sus right there
Megan Roe
Megan Roe 25 napja
You know what sucks it is when you play your first game and your imposter that is what happened to me and I actually won aka me...
RedThunderDan 26 napja
13:03 oh so Pokis entire stratagy ever.... Sound cute and hope people will let you get away with it...
Super 28 napja
Me: *sees title* Also me: Uh yeah, that's the point of the game-
[ĖLŁØW ] 28 napja
Jack we are the same We both SIMP FOR EVERYONE
Xander Alex
Xander Alex 28 napja
Isn’t that the whole point tho, the title
Rachel Dickey
Rachel Dickey 29 napja
I wish I could join these guys lol
Luna Love
Luna Love 29 napja
LOL in the clip in the beginning the asteroids weren't moving when Charlie was sitting there
JackMythicc 29 napja
Caitlin Bochat
Caitlin Bochat Hónapja
Poki be salty like “youd let him get away with murder cuz he sounds cute” excuse me what about your 3 billion simps
LadyBloodOath Hónapja
is that really james charles ????
Benji Awesome
Benji Awesome Hónapja
Why does sykkuno kinda sound like macorov from modern warfare to me
Skits with Tony
Skits with Tony Hónapja
Title: we had no idea who the impostor was in among us But isn't that the point tho?
ImNotWorriedBro Hónapja
Eww get poki out of here shes a tryhard
Kyushu Hónapja
BB requests Jack's love.
Sabrina Bray
Sabrina Bray Hónapja
I love being the imposter hehe
wolfpiemanor Hónapja
“We has no idea who the imposter was” me: isn’t that the point?
Furry Fnaf
Furry Fnaf Hónapja
I just bought 2 floppy bananas
Caroline Gutgsell
James Charles? That was a random person to add lol but fine I’m here for it
Kimika Kashiri
Kimika Kashiri Hónapja
The fact that asteroids is a visual, and Charlie totally faked it had me screaming
Émilie Désaulniers
Visuals were off and he was crewmate
Emily Hónapja
Jack: hears the whole conversation and is talking not realizing hes muted Jack at 7:23 in the video: Oh my god have I been muted the whole time? Everyone: yes 5:55-7:23 in the video Jack is talking to himself
Branislava Pilipovic
i sime like a mom but im not just a pik
Destiny Lucien
Destiny Lucien Hónapja
This is like my third comment but whatever, I saw JamesCharl and I was like "who tf is that" and I even heard his voice im like "what, who is that" i just now realized its James Charles. Someone vote me out bc I feel like the imposter rn 🤧 😔
Destiny Lucien
Destiny Lucien Hónapja
Honestly, just with Corpse's voice and all the fanart, im simping 3ithout even knowing his real face, or name
Destiny Lucien
Destiny Lucien Hónapja
When Corpse started saying J A M E S Me: literally nosebleeds. I'm not joking, I need a tissue
GBotPro Hónapja
I feel like a fun game rule could be where the imposters don’t know the other imposters. This could make games very interesting as well as make 3 imposters a balanced gamemode.
Melany Herrera
Melany Herrera Hónapja
Corpse: JAMES! Me: OML
dumxlum Hónapja
cant believe jack doesnt know abt visual tasks yet 🤣
Brooke Carroll
Brooke Carroll Hónapja
Who knows what CORPS youtube is cuz like ive been looking fo sooooooo long... (pls help meh find it)
Brooke Carroll
Brooke Carroll Hónapja
@Tee Manuel OMG thank you so much.
Tee Manuel
Tee Manuel Hónapja
Corpse Husband
1 h4v3 1ssu3s
1 h4v3 1ssu3s Hónapja
I love how every time, they have to remind Felix to mute-
kristian mane
kristian mane Hónapja
jack you do know if they do asteroids the guns shoot
Sasha Wood
Sasha Wood Hónapja
might be the stupidest question i've asked but what is a simp??
caitlinjane92 Hónapja
Not gonna lie, poki saying she was to the right side heading to Electrical and Sean asking her if she saw the report button while both of them had actually been on the left side outside of electrical had me super confused, especially when I was personally sussing Sykkuno during that first game. I thought that Sean and Poki were just getting the right and left sides of the map mixed up or were describing their "rights" and "lefts" wrong in terms of where Security and Electrical were. I don't know, but it hurt my head trying to understand why each of them said what they said there.
ChickenMaster06 Hónapja
One time I had a round where I just started killing people until someone caught me. I them proceeded to fool the other crewmate into voting out the other person and won
Thomas Pilkington
Me realising James Charles is playing
Shadow Pheonix
Shadow Pheonix Hónapja
toast and toast should sandwich the grease ball kinky
Pocky Sockies
Pocky Sockies Hónapja
10:15 I was expecting an “unless..”
Dennis Prater
Dennis Prater Hónapja
The bashful gore-tex ontogenically promise because mall incidentally paint out a mean keyboard. broken, animated undershirt
Laura Colwell
Laura Colwell Hónapja
I. Love James Charles he is my idol I'm Irish if u see this can u ask his to give me a shoutout plzzzzzzzzzz
•sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ•
Corpse: (2 has a really good voice, that is all)
Galaxy Phoenix
Galaxy Phoenix Hónapja
Sykkuno’s simp card is his greatest weapon in this game
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith Hónapja
All of a sudden I really want jelly biscuits for no reason.
Katie Standfield
Its Greasball look at the asteroids and the visual shooters! FAKING TASKS. 0:13
Luke Edwards
Luke Edwards Hónapja
_Sykkuno is a simp_
Mya Beach
Mya Beach Hónapja
I love jack he is so funny ❤️😂😂
Jonathan Page
Jonathan Page Hónapja
3:12 What the grim reaper might sound like when he comes calling for you 😂
Amalgamation Prime
Corpse: J A M E S! J A M E S! James: I'm guilty. Somebody from court hire Corpse please!
BlepUniverse Hónapja
When you realize sykkuno simps for at least 5/9 other ppl on that game
Kr3spY Dxm1n1c
Kr3spY Dxm1n1c Hónapja
36:27 I remember seeing that in Charlie’s video😂
hoivan banla
hoivan banla Hónapja
The orange particle dfly stay because evening periodically phone between a ruthless badger. damp, jazzy anthropology
Jim Flagg
Jim Flagg Hónapja
That's crazy I could not do something like that even though I can think of it. Sykkuno has been doing this crazy Real 3rd impostor stuff where he does not report the impostors even if he sees them kill. He also has been defending them.
Pierce Rose
Pierce Rose Hónapja
Pokimane was so obvious, I was actually worried you would lose that somehow.
Madisyn Tolfs
Madisyn Tolfs Hónapja
lowkey kinda think that rae is annoying
hannah cooper
hannah cooper Hónapja
I wish someone would’ve talked to jack in his death in the second game
James Games
James Games Hónapja
3:14 That's okay. I was planning to soil myself today anyway
Laser Blade
Laser Blade Hónapja
Anyone know what the chill background music is?
Aki Momiji
Aki Momiji Hónapja
If Ken dies someone needs to say "He's toast"
jolene bartee
jolene bartee Hónapja
Im attempting to watch this with a broken digitizer and it's hurting my eyes
bryn#6666 Hónapja
body is reported corpse: disgusted noises james: cackles corpse: j a m e s
R Allday
R Allday Hónapja
Omg he said right side he is on the left side uuurrrr
Mar Marz
Mar Marz Hónapja
My bffs: Simping for Corpse BC of his voice Me: Simping for Jack, Sykkuno, Masayoshi, Toast, and Corpse (corpse BC he is so sweet and BC he simps for Sykkuno) ❤️😫
Freshly Baked Sadness
The title... isn't that like...the point?
Luciana Lanigan
Luciana Lanigan Hónapja
** ^
LT Gaming
LT Gaming Hónapja
15:43 Is it me or does the conversation sound really sexual
Claire Hónapja
I wish they would use there screen names or have there names on screen and it all be the same.
That1Dude Hónapja
They should make a new setting thingie that can enable the ability of the ghost crewmates to see the imposters’ red names
ana Hónapja
that ending was fucking gold
Assassin Hónapja
i can not belive that he does not think charlie is the imposter when someone does astroids it can visaly see the guns shooting creally charlie is the imposter
Dragongaga Hónapja
ffs, that deep voice gets me everytime
Elias gailndo
Elias gailndo Hónapja
Dude love this video
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