We are the NICEST IMPOSTOR duo in Among Us 

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2020.nov. 6.






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John Lee
John Lee Órája
The sweet shock hooghly reply because tulip subjectively pump lest a robust sword. alike, thundering rhinoceros
Little devil Darling
Did i hear jack Say amos diggory's line "Thats my son"
x.re4per._ Napja
what was the song he used at the start of the sponsor
Tyler Donaldson
Oh shit they literally made Bobby boy snap
Iain Owens
Iain Owens Napja
Austin Hunt
Austin Hunt 2 napja
(Smacks whiteboard) LAUGH
Stephen Rice
Stephen Rice 3 napja
When he stop what you are doing right now I shut down my phone
Kaleb Harkcom
Kaleb Harkcom 4 napja
tommy was rly the imposter only one without cat ears
Hugo Källroos
Among us sykkuno
kaleb the good gamer
400 days a year
Spyretta Dr
Spyretta Dr 6 napja
who watched through the ad? :P
Znoequeen Valentin
That was the funniest sponsorship I've ever seen😂
RebuiltDisc 9296
I didn't know there were 400 days a year, thanks Jack!
Crazy_ Gamer2578
Idk why but whenever i watch jacks vids,i get hungry lol (not in a dirty way)
Lisa Green
Lisa Green 6 napja
That was the funniest sponsor add I’ve ever seen 😂😂
Megamipro 7 napja
Me see title then sees Mr.beast. Yah that’s definitely simping
BrucePlayz 25
BrucePlayz 25 7 napja
Ayse kalem
Ayse kalem 8 napja
i fkin love this intro
Evoli 8 napja
Jack: HEY STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me: pauses the video
Artscedoodle 8 napja
Gotta love well edited sponsors
Eliana Brinker
Love the Harry Potter reference of “THAT’S MY BOY, THAT’S MY SON!!” Even thought it wasn’t sad like it was in the movie
TeXl0ve 9 napja
Anyone else notice the Deltarune music at 9:46?
a o
a o 9 napja
i’m so happy i didn’t skip over the sponsored part of the video 😂
Kruz Martin
Kruz Martin 10 napja
Lol I got to the point where I saw enough memes that nobody has to explain how to play among us LMAO 😂
Miss Mint
Miss Mint 10 napja
Mace Windu
Mace Windu 10 napja
Sykkuno every time someone gets voted out: oh oh you guys actually killed em. P.s no hate to sykkuno i love when you say that 😂😂
animal tube
animal tube 10 napja
the good thing about videos that have a lot of views means your comment gets a lot of likes
Olivia Cook
Olivia Cook 10 napja
Anyone notice the background music is animal crossing speeded up?
We R Team
We R Team 11 napja
sykkuno hoping on vent the jackseptica says sykkuno fucks around
Michael Webster
Michael Webster 11 napja
Jenny Cudd
Tree Of Rage
Tree Of Rage 11 napja
Sykkuno: bloviate Toast: no its boliviate No Toast, thats a Harry Potter spell...
JBird Bratt
JBird Bratt 11 napja
Fuck Rae for that last round
Fandom Enforcer
Fandom Enforcer 12 napja
Did Logic just outed himself as impostor?! Lmao
Gabriel the crystal gem
[ __ ]
Lydia Ebling
Lydia Ebling 12 napja
'oh no' w autotune is da beeeeeest!
Faith Lynn
Faith Lynn 12 napja
best add I have ever seen
Hunter Newhouse
Hunter Newhouse 12 napja
curvedalpha 23
curvedalpha 23 12 napja
The corpse impression of n the beginning XD
Riley Wiebe
Riley Wiebe 13 napja
I enjoyed this ad. Thank you
Hunter 13 napja
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Tiia Maria
Tiia Maria 14 napja
Why am i getting so hyped from this animal crossing music in this video lol
Nanda Panda
Nanda Panda 14 napja
at 14:27 i wonder how many ppl tried to click play again
Eli W
Eli W 15 napja
1:20 "you don't wanna know Sykkunno" yes. Protect the precious boy.
Brynn Roberts
Brynn Roberts 15 napja
jack making a sad harry potter joke me laughing so hard even tho that scene was sad
boy gamer
boy gamer 15 napja
But that 365 bays in a year lol
jersey h
jersey h 15 napja
MBM_Proximity 15 napja
why wont anyone talk abt that ad?
GhXstyMech 15 napja
Sykkuni and Spedicey
Animer 16 napja
8:18 Jack: *HEY! STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT KNOW!* Me: * But, I am watching you video right now*
Jess Erin
Jess Erin 16 napja
Definitely didn't like the breaking and entering part cause I def just had someone banging on my door and that's why I'm up at 2 am
Denim Caldwell
Denim Caldwell 16 napja
Haha Jacks face when he realizes he got voted out is GOLD 😂
Chīzu 16 napja
Umm... Jack's sponsor had simp in its name.... Jack..?
Aidan Carlson
Aidan Carlson 17 napja
That is the only sponsorship that I will watch
The Chaos Squad
The Chaos Squad 17 napja
Toast looked like Verian from the Tangled series.
Lena 17 napja
tommy: “i mean it could be me” *oh shit he’s becoming sykkuno*
TheLuigiStriker 17 napja
I love the use of the Mario Galaxy music in the video! :)
Becky 17 napja
why do people cal them cat ears they are bat ears
Antoine Rosa
Antoine Rosa 18 napja
The ad sucked so bad
Shaggy Rogers
Shaggy Rogers 18 napja
Wonder why corpse did his intro
Sarah Forshey
Sarah Forshey 19 napja
im so sad idk why but when sykkuno and jack lost bc of rae there first imp game together i legit cried. please send help i have no idea why i was crying
Karissa Stenlund
Rae: I saw you doing an emergency task last round :/ Bobby: ok no this round I was doing a d i f f e r e n t emergency task
Omega Chad
Omega Chad 20 napja
400 hundred days a year. Totally accurate Jack. I couldn't imagine being in the worst year (personally) for 35 more days.
Omega Chad
Omega Chad 8 napja
@Laco Tube did I really make that mistake? I will have to fix it.
Laco Tube
Laco Tube 9 napja
Digital Gaming 227
Rae: Bobby that's a crisis task... Bobby: *FUCK U GUYS, OKAY?*
God dammit sykkuno u beautiful bastard, that line got to me so bad😂
•Sunny• 20 napja
Is that lurens husband Bobby or no (I’m pretty sure I spelled luren wrong don’t attack me pls)
Ice Cream
Ice Cream 20 napja
deltarune music?
Olivia Hernandez
Everyone knows all the music and sound fx are opyrighted right? All that music and stuff if from old nintendo games. Like Majora's Mask and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.
JT Rebel
JT Rebel 21 napja
11:23 - Love the shout out to Philip DeFranco.
Sky77-77 21 napja
Mario galaxy - honey hive galaxy music is a bop 😂 (At the beginning)
Sebastian Švec
Sebastian Švec 21 napja
the handprint
Lynn Philips
Lynn Philips 21 napja
Hilaria Baldwin Accent
Am I the only one who doesn’t try to join after they leak e code because it’s annoying when ppl do that?
Tri 555 Fishing
Tri 555 Fishing 21 napja
Don5 swarw
aiden perricone
aiden perricone 22 napja
Breakfast pancake
BB! What we talk about robing people??
Bizzle Boy
Bizzle Boy 22 napja
Best rapper
Bizzle Boy
Bizzle Boy 22 napja
EpIc BroThErS
EpIc BroThErS 22 napja
Who killed poki
SwarmGaming TD
SwarmGaming TD 22 napja
The ill lute randomly practise because beech really exist across a laughable factory. aspiring, resolute owner
KirboFN 23 napja
wait is BobbyBoy logic?
Alfonso Diaz
Alfonso Diaz 23 napja
This a type of game where you can’t trust anyone not even your friends :/
PixelSage 23 napja
I love that you played with the dbz boys
Kat Terrana
Kat Terrana 23 napja
Love how Super Mario Galaxy music was used.
Kayla Davenport
Kayla Davenport 23 napja
400 days a year? 🧐 365... times the square root of...
Growl Dum
Growl Dum 23 napja
Which relationship is better:? Corpse and Sykkuno Or Sykunno and Jack
limbo 24 napja
Pewds: *kills jack* Sykkuno: buenos dias, ****boy
I found! CHOKE ME body on the electrical😋
DatPhunnyGuy G7
DatPhunnyGuy G7 24 napja
Ya love to see the 3 idiots with these guys no lie
Edbert Weisly
Edbert Weisly 24 napja
Best Ad Ever
Aidyn Smith
Aidyn Smith 24 napja
anime names be like sykkuno kun
Harrison Thoma
Harrison Thoma 24 napja
When you hear the Super Mario Galaxy bee level theme
Secret Name
Secret Name 24 napja
8:08 Jack did NOT pull a Mr.Diggory in Goblet of Fire on us
Secret Name
Secret Name 24 napja
Is actually more aroubd 8:03
Hunter 25 napja
The smell of gas is really good actually
Queenie 25 napja
anyone know what the music he uses during the time he was imposter is? it's really familiar but I can't remember what it is
Nick DeLisi
Nick DeLisi 25 napja
Jack hittin’ me with that Super Mario Galaxy nostalgia with the beginning music choice. Honeyhive galaxy is the song that plays at the start of the video
Nori Shimogawa
Nori Shimogawa 25 napja
1:30 wait how did no one else's votes appear?
Nori Shimogawa
Nori Shimogawa 25 napja
i legitimitely didn't expect to see rhymestyle in this vid
Bethany Gardner
Bethany Gardner 25 napja
I love the simplisafe ad that Sean did. Best thing ever
Dylic Animation
Dylic Animation 27 napja
When I saw this I thought it said the incest imposter duo
DUMB -500 IQ Among Us
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