WAS THERE EVER A CURE? | The Last Of Us 2 - Part 6 

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Was there ever a cure? Could we have saved everyone in The Last Of Us Part II
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Heminic 38 perccel
My favorite card is Dr. Uckmann
Max Eskelund
"can we, no" This isn't Dying Light Jack!
Max Eskelund
in America we sleep with guns (its not mean cause im from America)
Lost marbles 20
22:52 😂😂😂 you been slaughtering "humans" and a dog is where you draw the line, you need to set your priorities straight, this is hilarious nvm😂😂😂😂
Arlie Coyne
Arlie Coyne 2 napja
That safe sequence was painful
Taha HN
Taha HN 5 napja
Regular bag of a stragglers : 🔫🗡💊 ELLIE's BAG : 💣👓🍾⌚☂🎧🔍🔦🔭📗🔬🗜🗝🔨🔪🗡⛏🛡🏹💊🛠🔧🔩🔗🔫🛠🎃🎄🎆🎇❇✨🎈🎉🎊🎋🎍🎏🎐🎑🏷🎁🎖🎗🎞🎟🎫🏷🎾🎱🎳🏅🏇🏆🏍..
:-D 2 napja
Not funny.
Vilde S
Vilde S 5 napja
Seán being horrified killing the dogs, yet says "oooh can I shoot them?" as soon as he sees crows is never not gonna be funny
lemòn 6 napja
Dude if you put in earbuds you can hear when you walk away from Joel and his voice gets quieter as if you're actually walking away
Scott Douglas
Scott Douglas 8 napja
Jack’s first thought when he sees a bird. “Can I shoot it?”
Chrissy B66
Chrissy B66 8 napja
Jack every time he sees a building: is this the convention center??
Ashton Mitchell
Alester Castillo
Moth trying to mess jack up 1:59:17
SyrupSyrus 10 napja
It’s lesbian jack not gay! (Its fine tho)
1:46:52 ^Every time jacksepticeye walks outside near some pigeons.* "Who's crying?!". lol
Xxchocolate ChipsXx
Yea that would be creepy if it was actual voices
Fucking grass
Fucking grass 11 napja
I had no idea the Seraphites talked about Lev in that scene with Ellie! "Did you hear about what Lily did?" "I did. Shameful, but not that surprising." Nice attention to detail!
Sean Cady
Sean Cady 11 napja
I paused this when he sneezed at 41:50, went to get something to eat, came back to the second half of the sneeze and I don't think I've ever been more confused lol.
reniel ogalesco
reniel ogalesco 12 napja
That scene in the hotel where jack got caught one of the runners and jack used a gun. The event suddenly changed! Because if you finished that part in stealth mode which i did, you can escape there peacefully and joel won't even yell at you to help him open the door but in here it was different because some othee infected heard the gunshot which is actually amazing. They made the game more realistic like there isnt just a bunch of infected on a specific area but there are too on the other side which they will come at you if you make a loud noise!
Kevin Dinicola
Kevin Dinicola 13 napja
Watching him try to put the combination in gave me whiplash
Naomi Lobin
Naomi Lobin 14 napja
I know I shouldn’t but I found it really attractive the way Joel was leaning in the door 😳
The Fading Melody
Every time Jack gushes over another section of this game, my heart is filled with contentment
Caleb Short
Caleb Short 15 napja
No that’s a bloater jack 28:30
Fastokie 15 napja
“What’re the stalker” *ahem* where have u been?
Dexterity is better than Strength
It makes me irrationally angry Sean doesn’t know what the infected are called
KLG Casio
KLG Casio 16 napja
I don't know why, but I don't really like how the people in the replies in the comment in front me keep saying 'Who asked for your opinion?' 'Well, go play something then.'. It has been used for a long time. And, as civilised people. We should say 'Oh okay, I respect your opinion.' Instead of the replies. Please don't charge at people who think differently. Everyone can post their opinions here.
KLG Casio
KLG Casio 15 napja
@AG :D No problem. I'll always stick up for what's right. :)
AG :D 15 napja
Thanks for sticking up for all of us
meagan capecea
meagan capecea 16 napja
I think the only reason that the stalkers are so creepy is because they do that weird crawling thing like the chick from the ring
West McElfresh
West McElfresh 17 napja
"What is a Stalkers?"
Nathan Compton
Nathan Compton 17 napja
When I hear the whistles I just think they are saying OH SHIT JOHN IS DEAD! or FUCK SARAH WENT DOWN!
DuhReal_Joker Official420
19:12 Jack: “I wanna.. fridge mini-beer” Me: 👁👄👁 “huh”
Julia Dunham
Julia Dunham 19 napja
Seán: "These guys are cool!" Me: *has had 5 heart attacks*
Kayla Danielle
Kayla Danielle 20 napja
i really love the transitions from each episode 😍😩
Septic_Eye_ Revolution
The transition between the timelines in The Last Of Us Part 2 is as amazing as it can even be with Ellie and Joel or Tommy surviving after the Outbreak and exploring this astonishing and brutal world with lots of details in their relationships like the lies about the Fireflies and that Ellie is immune to the spores with the beautifully developed cut-scenes and the next-level voice acting by the legendary Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson! Thanks for the video, Jack! The gameplay in this awesome exclusive from Naughty Dog is incredibly intense and all the characters are developed with the great attention to the plot in this masterpiece for PlayStation 4/5!
FrostWasn'tHere 21 napja
Moth: *HI HUrun!*
HollidayRespawn 21 napja
His "cowboy / zombie slaying" voice is fucking mint 😂😂
the game developers should have added pencils as a weapon because they can give u lead poisoning or u can like add the to the end of an arrow to stab and give them lead poisoning
MLG GAMER 24 napja
Favorite card so far: Doppelganger. He's like a mixture of Martian Manhunter and somewhat Starfire because I know she needs to kiss someone to learn their language
MLG GAMER 24 napja
So those are Scars huh? The way they whistle and then shoot arrows they remind me of Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy where he would shoot his arrow with his mind? So epic but so freaky. They come across as natives to the place y'know?
MLG GAMER 24 napja
For those who don't remember Stalkers were actually in the previous game. I believe they came after runners and before clickers in the Cordyceps infection evolution.
MLG GAMER 24 napja
Jack: *charges at WLF soldiers* , *dies* Game: Enemies are deadly accurate when charging at them Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You mean to tell me the game just shamed him? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm dying over here! Imagine if it was just completely snarky! Sometimes I love this game I swear
MLG GAMER 24 napja
Jack that is a bloater the others are Shamblers. Two very different levels of Cordyceps infection. Also totally didn't trust shimmying through that corridor I was expecting Clickers to push hands through but big Boi Bloater decided it was time to show up. GODDAMN!
MLG GAMER 24 napja
Jack: You ever go into a hotel and see bullets on the table? Gee America's crazy Me: No I've never seen that but it wouldn't be far-fetched because it IS America. The joke is that you can carry guns 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Oliver San Miguel
Joel got killed there
Libra Lady B
Libra Lady B 26 napja
My hometown born and raised in Seattle ☔️
SAAdesigner07 27 napja
I can't believe you skipped the room that the deserters were hiding in! That room is loaded!
Aoi UwU
Aoi UwU 28 napja
Being French hearing Jack saying French works is the best thing in the world UwU
Kahner Bass
Kahner Bass 28 napja
sean: i love the stalkers there a cool type of enemy me: brruh they were literitly in the last of us 1
Will da bomb
Will da bomb 29 napja
29:17 I see what ya did there
Leandro Ledon
Leandro Ledon Hónapja
2:01:40 "running low on supplies" after he misses 3 essential bullets
dhyams 003
dhyams 003 Hónapja
In the first last of us I didn’t know all you had to do was shake the controller. I actually smacked it on my had to get the flashlight to work 😂
Alastor Radiodemon
I want a fridge mini-beer Jacksepticeye-2020
MrSam Hónapja
Eating favorite chocolate while watching this is heaven.
"im a dog chasing cars" No your a jack chasing cards
Aniela Loew
Aniela Loew Hónapja
Anyone else notice how Jack is like a very loving father who plays videos games for us??
Shocca_ 07
Shocca_ 07 Hónapja
Watching jack use the safe in the apartment building made me want to cry omfg
Hayden Harvey
Hayden Harvey Hónapja
1:38:25 actually made me spill hot chocolate on myself
Hayden Harvey
Hayden Harvey Hónapja
ive never been so scared of whistling
Kassidy Hurt
Kassidy Hurt Hónapja
wait weren't stalkers a thing in the last game or am i trippin?
guitar fantasy
guitar fantasy Hónapja
Rdr2 vs last of us 2 graphics
Luca KELLY 13 napja
Tlou2 wins ez
poopbaby Hónapja
i am cdying i have been laughing for five minutes over the fridge mini beer thing
Whizzer's terrible horrible no good very bad day
Rewatching this I realized you can hear Abby and the Rat King at 1:35:40. That’s a rlly neat detail
Ethan K
Ethan K Hónapja
Sean:do I have to go downstairs? Also sean:goes upstairs
Kian Beydemueller
I don't want to watch the last few episodes because I don't want to relive the end of the game :(
NBJ YT Hónapja
So i noticed bottle gang is going on the rise in this episode.
:-D 2 napja
I am brick gang
Cool Jamz
Cool Jamz Hónapja
Building In The Last of Us II: Exists Jack: Oh tHiS iS doWn bY tHe ConVenTiOn ceNtEr
:-D 2 napja
Not funny.
Sad Badger
Sad Badger Hónapja
"Lets just approach every door like it's locked. Wait is the back of this truck open?"
Sad Badger
Sad Badger Hónapja
He spent so long on the safe lmao
Bouncyboi is here!
1:02:18 my heart turned on that nitro REAL quick
Jay Cruz
Jay Cruz Hónapja
Game : Turns on Sean : I love that .
X L Hónapja
Birds: **simply fly** Jack:”ooooohhhh....can I shoot them?”
glass_shids Hónapja
still feels weird having sean and half of the comments section say my name lol. Ellie really isn’t that common of a name.
Chloe Pena
Chloe Pena Hónapja
Seán: man. I hope he gets to learn more about you Me: YEAH YOU KNOW BEFORE HE DIES 😭😭
Gavin Sutherland
He missed the explosive training manual which bugged me hahaha
Lawrence Tekkyo
Lawrence Tekkyo Hónapja
Okay so no one's gonna talk about the moth that flew by Jack? Right as he's playing the last of us? I mean the moth is a symbolic figure to the game.
Brendan McCaffrey
I used to clean hotel rooms for a living and you would not believe how often people really do leave behind bullets for there guns .
Mr Epic Baber-Day
Does jack not know what stalkers are? They were in the last game.
glass_shids Hónapja
i don’t think he does, not surprised though because...they’re stalkers.
Kat M
Kat M Hónapja
It's all fun and games until you put 2 headphones in-
Margot Bayley
Margot Bayley Hónapja
I love how you edit the end of each episode then edit that as the beggining of the next, it just adds a whole nother level to it that makes your series more dramatic. SEAMLESS, BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT, LOVE IT, (also CHANGE NOTHING)*slow clap*
Hefty Games
Hefty Games Hónapja
Jack: ah ya get on that peloton bike Me: my mom wants a peloton but we can’t because we bought a tv that was a lot of money
Hefty Games
Hefty Games Hónapja
Who is watching this in quarantine because they do not want to go outside🙂
Remmington Mothershead
Just finished the game after quitting for a week every time I entered a stressful situation. Can finally watch jacks play through
quiet gamer
quiet gamer Hónapja
Has he tried horizon zero dawn complete edition i think he would love the world
Jasmine Delaney
Jasmine Delaney Hónapja
Can someone tell jack that infected don’t pay attention to the flashlight😂
Niek Sanders
Niek Sanders Hónapja
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Joel killed the doctors that could’ve gotten the cure for the infection that killed like 99.9% of the population just to save one life.
IZ2bSA80 Hónapja
It would be if the Fireflies weren't full of it. Marlene was straight up lying to Joel when she said they needed the mutated version of the fungus from Ellie's brain to make a vaccine because they already did tests on her and grew fungus from her blood so they already have the fungus. They knew that Ellie's immune system was not the reason of her immunity to the fungus so cutting her up never was about making a vaccine in the first place, it was for the sake of observation more than anything, there was no guarantee that they'd discover anything meaningful. Those guys are willing to risk a potentially unique immune subject for the sake of observation while the rational thing to do was to keep the subject alive at all cost and use her plasma to fight the infection as any actual scientist would know that vaccines for fungal infections aren't a thing. So, either their scientists aren't scientists or they've just gone mad in their quest to save the world because there is no way the Fireflies have the necessary resources to mass produce and distribute a cure all around the world in such a devastated world. And if they actually could manage that, that'd be one heck of a stretch considering that their organization was basically what can be described as a terrorist organization on their last legs in the first game. So, even if Joel was no genius, with those informations, he'd still be able to deduct that all of this was nothing more than a last desperate attempt at finding a cure so when he understood that they were just going to straight up cut her open as soon as they got her, his suspicions were confirmed.
lhara scarlet3
lhara scarlet3 Hónapja
As an artist, when i see someone who's genuinely appreciating the art on this game makes me go "RIGHT??? ITS SO COOL RIGHT???"
Unknow0059 Hónapja
03:41 interesting that she always had a backpack. the same one. 07:17 hahahaha. 10:22 I hope naughty dog does a cute game next time. 10:58 I love that accent. 17:30 I don't think that makes any sense. this was always the dynamic. you're just saying that cuz you're playing from her perspective. 28:48 holy shit bro that was some dad strength 35:27 is he doubling down on the lie or is this concrete 37:10 that's fucking disgusting, bro 🤢 that was like three whole licks or something. I get it, spit is better than no spit on wounds but holy fuck man... 37:13 that was not a kiss. even if it were though. 38:10 not good to bottle it up. 01:10:55 it's fun how the game has these open areas. 01:17:25 this game does doors well. many doors are open and the ones that are locked are openeable. 01:23:30 this reminds me of the stalkers from dead space 2. 01:38:05 finally, the stuff from the trailer.
Jamie Thompson
Jamie Thompson Hónapja
Can’t believe that you forgot fuck the windows🤦🏼‍♂️
Crypto Hónapja
30:27 😬Joel didn’t knew that Ellie is gay😬
Nörah Night
Nörah Night Hónapja
I really hope the game forces you to do the murder and revenge thing cause leaving the choice to you, Joel's killers you walk out free and this is not an option.
Angel Star
Angel Star Hónapja
did jack miss a section? i’m confused*
Luca KELLY 13 napja
Quentin Diaz
Quentin Diaz Hónapja
Everyone always wondered what the issue was with Ellie and Joel in this flashback. I believe it's just that typical father daughter uncle stuff. Ellie was starting to have more fun with Tommy, while Joel was still being protective etc. Of course this was also when Ellie was starting to question what happened with the fireflies.
Benjamin Frost
Benjamin Frost Hónapja
Way more tense and scary than the first game Jack? Really friend? You should go look at how scared you were having to sneak through a room full of a dozen plus clickers as Joel with Tris and Ellie with you and you most certainly did not have the fire power to kill your way out. Nor the shiv's to stealth kill your way out.
Roshan Anand
Roshan Anand Hónapja
1:25:59 fricking got me so bad
Benjamin Frost
Benjamin Frost Hónapja
Has well upgraded Long Rifle. Has clicker through a window. Throws a brick and panick shoots with 9mm instead of just shooting Long Rifle through the window. Close range, lots of cover, dealing with stalkers, uses Long Rifle instead of Shotgun (yes I know that he eventually switched). lol love the videos jack.
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo Hónapja
Sean was sacred of a moth! LOL XD it reminds me when Felix had a jump scare about a fly while plying the OG LAST of us game.
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo Hónapja
I'm really happy that Sean is reading these where we learn what is going on while 4shadowing what's going 2 happen 2 Ellie, Dina, and Abby. I won't spoil what happened but wow that's 4 reading 📚 these.
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo Hónapja
the story of him and his wife pregnant is another warning of ellie and Dina might have a tragic romance and what happens later. without spoiling anything that same story is also a warning 4 Abby and her close loved 1s 2.
TeamKilla1985 Hónapja
Nice little cut there at 1:09:23 Jack, went to look at a guide for safe combinations? :)
Karly Warner
Karly Warner Hónapja
I like the repetitive comment of "That's fuckin GORGEOUS!"😂
Manae 2 hónapja
Hazle Fern
Hazle Fern 2 hónapja
Just as a reminder that cat gave Ellie the tattoo
OGdraws Channel
OGdraws Channel 2 hónapja
i love how your video begin and end , jack
Sarah Higgins
Sarah Higgins 2 hónapja
my most favorit would be big blue (the whale)
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