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I Can't Believe I Lost Because Of This In Among Us
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jacksepticeye 3 hónapja
Harrison Darby
Isis Darosa
Isis Darosa 13 napja
Danish Nazir
Danish Nazir 14 napja
Nate Howard
Nate Howard 17 napja
@Liam Shepard you mean average???
Liam Shepard
Liam Shepard 17 napja
the afreg iq is 150 not 100
•Coøkie Délûxe•
Me: Jacksepticeye uses the same music as Aphmau
Gentry Thomas
pewds saying “oh it’s so you dude” made me think of literally every boy in my highschool
AquaticGamZe 2 napja
I know I'm late but seriously everyone in that group that thought it was Felix was very stupid in that moment, Felix was sending it on the only person out more than anyone before ppl were really even accusing the dude "and it was clearly him when he was the only person voted out with 4 ppl left" it was pretty obviously not Felix. Anyways great video, still sometimes I swear among us shows the stupid in ppl.
Ellie 3 napja
26:07 it was so obvious it was them from the start they were vouching for each other so hard 💀
doubleblade 4 napja
when did jack have glasses i never noticed bef0re
Alex Kolodziej
Lily's voice is extremely annoying
Amber in the box
Right away toast and rea
BrucePlayz 25
BrucePlayz 25 6 napja
Lily Shh
Susan Falcone
Susan Falcone 8 napja
The only tasks that can prove your innocence is, the medbay scan, asteroids in weapons, and trash chute in storage right?
Jack Lordan
Jack Lordan 10 napja
Lubna Miranda
Lubna Miranda 11 napja
play more minecraft
Hugo Hernandez
Hugo Hernandez 11 napja
Felix is so annoying, why did he cheat🤦🏽‍♀️
Kade [CJ Arts]
Kade [CJ Arts] 11 napja
lily's voice gives me diabetes
SP7CE 12 napja
Jacksepticeye: “I don’t want people to yell” Also Jacksepticeye: The loudest HUrunr that is known for yelling all the time
christmastiger 13 napja
I love seeing this "100 iQ" in the title ignoring that it is a very average iQ, although Toast has already hit 10,000 in his videos so at least this one is accurate
Colin downey
Colin downey 14 napja
That lily girl is so annoying
IcyWolfGaming UwU
Best part has to be 5:35
Nicklio Hume
Nicklio Hume 17 napja
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Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix 17 napja
Lily's voice is sooooooôôooooooooo adorable
Green Tea
Green Tea 17 napja
The first game...how did Jack not know!? Corpse went towards cams then someone vented in cams.
Anime Goddess
Anime Goddess 18 napja
I’m shocked that he didn’t see rei vent 36:32
Anime Goddess
Anime Goddess 18 napja
Arlie Wilkey
Arlie Wilkey 18 napja
But 100 IQ is the average IQ
Reserved Parking
Deamon janssens
Deamon janssens 18 napja
i hate when pieds said its so you dude like bitch please
Karissa Stenlund
I don't know why a lot of people are acting like it's weird that Jack didn't want people yelling bc he's "CEO of screaming". People can talk loud a lot and still be bothered by yelling ya know. I am A L W A Y S yelling bc my whole family has zero volume control but I hate when other people yell bc of trauma and sensory issues. and there are many other reasons someone could not like yelling and still yell a lot/yelled a lot in the past. It's not unheard of and y'all really dont know his personal life that well.
Julian Chavez
Julian Chavez 18 napja
ಠ ل͟ ಠ
aiden perricone
aiden perricone 20 napja
Diamondman 101
Diamondman 101 21 napja
No one gonna talk about how adorable Lily's voice is?
Gabriel Cool
Gabriel Cool 21 napja
Dom 22 napja
Play Among us with vsauce
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming 23 napja
Jack: "I forgote who was there" Also Jack: "Rae, Toast and Sykkuno"
Ivy Smith
Ivy Smith 23 napja
i like how jack posts both impostor and crew mate videos because most of the other streamers/youtubers only post impostor videos. i personally like watching both roles of the game. thank you for that jack! :)
The Reaper
The Reaper 24 napja
The amount of shit Pewds gets away with is unbelievable.. Jesus fuck that guy, because he has more than 100 million subs, it’s cool.. I know he doesn’t do it on purpose and they are all good friends, but Jesus Christ he really shouldn’t be allowed to get away with that..
Geo Miller
Geo Miller 24 napja
uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh 18:06
Yash Tiwari
Yash Tiwari 25 napja
It's so strange to hear a cuss word from Lily because her voice is so adorable, but whatever she says is cute, AND I'M NOT A SIMP!
DeathByRhapsody 26 napja
Lilys fake voice annoys me to my bones.
Devan Shouse
Devan Shouse 26 napja
"Sometimes you just gotta put the dog to sleep" Jack: Sometimes you gotta pull a Cujo, man! 😂
Marius Boss
Marius Boss 27 napja
why does lily got an Anime Jappanese voice?
RENEE Steger
RENEE Steger 27 napja
Reema Alfouzan
Reema Alfouzan 29 napja
she literally vented in front of u 36:30
Raul DeLeon
Raul DeLeon 9 napja
He did see it but didn't know the color
tim tompkins
tim tompkins 29 napja
I know this was early into Jack playing but why in the hell did he second guess his self after he walked in on Peter and Rae. Rae outed herself saying that she saw him kill and that she was there so that should tell you 100% it was her. you know you didn't kill
RedThunderDan 29 napja
Is this lily person 4 years old? Why does she talk and act like that?
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 29 napja
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Haley Brown
Haley Brown Hónapja
This has barely any contacts with the video but you know how parents tell their kids there a so of a bish but when you think about it's not a insult to the child's to insult to yourself 🙃
GachaCreator Hónapja
maxxinq Hónapja
people who flame lily for a voice she can't change has a special place in hell.
Trash Human
Trash Human Hónapja
"Don't move. If you move we vote you out" "Okay" *cut to everyone moving*
Alphabet Girl
Alphabet Girl Hónapja
0:25 is 2020 in a nutshell
Summer Waddington
I’ve just recently discovered jack and I’ve got to say he is hilarious and I love his content!
A Human
A Human Hónapja
I love the fact that they have the deepest voice ever and the most high pitch voice ever in the same game.
Unique Charmander
Lily is so bad at among us smh
James Kiger
James Kiger Hónapja
Hannah Merwin
Hannah Merwin Hónapja
my god, i dont mean to be rude but felix makes me so angry whenever he plays this game. he acts like such a child, yelling over everyone constantly
Rachael Peterson
I like how everybody has actual cool names and then you just have Michael *GAMER*
Logan lee
Logan lee Hónapja
watching Felix play literally pisses me off
randomfunstuff Hónapja
Sry, but I just wanna point out that 100iq is average iq.
Mr. Cheddar 2
Mr. Cheddar 2 Hónapja
Um.........I don't think 100 IQ is an amazing IQ.......its more average.
Mark Corpuz
Mark Corpuz Hónapja
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Li Ch
Li Ch Hónapja
lily's absolutely betrayed "did you kill ken?!?!" to felix at 8:00 killed me omg
Cristie Barto
Cristie Barto Hónapja
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Dennis Templeton
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner Hónapja
No one: Jack when he gets scared: E
Cameron Worley
Cameron Worley Hónapja
You should do a game with all 3 toasts. Disguised, Cinnamon, and ToastFPS
Jiahao Xu
Jiahao Xu Hónapja
Hol up is micheal reeves here
BloodHound 1117
BloodHound 1117 Hónapja
Lily or if thats sukuno I'm with her sayinf I love dogs
Awkie Awks
Awkie Awks Hónapja
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Jordan Albrest
Jordan Albrest Hónapja
why is sykkuno always the first one to die?
The Greenspider
The Greenspider Hónapja
lily sounds likes a fucking anime character dead ass
Duong Dac Trong
Duong Dac Trong Hónapja
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Vivian Phillips
Vivian Phillips Hónapja
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I Make Memes
I Make Memes Hónapja
Lily’s voice pisses me off, but she’s so sweet and I love her, but she pisses me off
Luciana Lanigan
Luciana Lanigan Hónapja
* * * * * ') * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ----------------------------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ find the ' easy
Alexis ._.
Alexis ._. Hónapja
I just felt lily spit in my ear
Spider Moon
Spider Moon Hónapja
The fact that no one was sus of felix when he outright said "I didn't mean to report" is killing me skfjskfs
Heather Booz
Heather Booz Hónapja
I wanted to keep watching but Lilly's voice just irks me. I know it's not her fault but I can't do it. I'm still gonna like the video though.
Jordyn Vickers
Jordyn Vickers Hónapja
missalyssa108 Hónapja
Lily sounds like Mabel from Gravity Falls
Joel Denning
Joel Denning Hónapja
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bayla sosa
bayla sosa Hónapja
Me: watches Corpse Husband's video Also me: watches Pewdiepie's version of the exact same video ALSO me: ope! Jacksepticeye uploaded it too, better watch it for the third time!
Alexander Askar
Alexander Askar Hónapja
dude corpses voice like if i ever meet him i will say "can i lay in a bed made of your voice"and the melt because of how nice it is
Meli's Dream
Meli's Dream Hónapja
"STAY DEAD BEST FRIEND" ~ Jack 2020 😂😂😂
MachineBeast Hónapja
One guy pretending to have an actual deep voice. One girl trying to sound like a female anime character. Gross.
oh okay
oh okay 7 napja
People have naturally different voice ranges that make them talk in deep/high tones?? How dare they /s
Nate Howard
Nate Howard Hónapja
Man the first game sucked wanna why because they didn’t use THE LOGS
DaysofKnight Hónapja
Music? 7:27 Edit: Also, why bother putting a cover over the bottom on a recorded video? By the time the video is published no one will ever be able to join that room. So, unless it's a stream, it's pointless to put that cover there. Edit 2: I prefer a high Discussion time because of the exact reason Jack stated, "I can't undo my vote" and every time I set it to a high Discuss. time people bitch because they're stupid and don't understand how to play this game. Voting people at random is stupid and annoying. Discussing things with enough time to think things out before voting insures good gameplay and good thought out votes
Chris Fusion
Chris Fusion Hónapja
Felix is so fucking annoying in Among us, I usually like him but he makes these so hard to watch.
amy.pm20 Hónapja
Why do the girls make such a big deal out of everything 💀
JJScene Hónapja
29:20 its Charlie. I can hear it in him. Update: nevermind I was wrong
PA551ON Hónapja
Girls: simping over Corpse's voice. Guys: simping over Lily's voice.
sally reeves
sally reeves 14 napja
Me: Simping over Seán's voice
Cynthia Jaya
Cynthia Jaya Hónapja
I'm confused, who is Toastboy?
Crystal Link
Crystal Link Hónapja
Anyone else find Lilly's voice incredibly annoying
Crystal Link
Crystal Link Hónapja
@Chris Fusion idk either she annoys me so much to the point I almost couldnt watch the video
Chris Fusion
Chris Fusion Hónapja
Yea, I don't know if she's trying to be a loli or something
Everley Bryce
Everley Bryce Hónapja
Me: watches Corpse Husband's video Also me: watches Pewdiepie's version of the exact same video ALSO me: ope! Jacksepticeye uploaded it too, better watch it for the third time!
TheDarkStar Hónapja
Why does lily sound like she’s straight out of a horror movie
vanessaupward Hónapja
Harmonical "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
vanessaupward Hónapja
Fun Fact!: 100 IQ is the average IQ
Brenna Davies
Brenna Davies Hónapja
Jack: plays L's theme from Death Note.....Me: HGGKUYCUYCMHGCHTD
TheIdiot Hónapja
How did I miss that they all became friends?
Martha Weaver
Martha Weaver Hónapja
The logs don't lie. Unfortunately, Felix can't read.
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Justin Bieber - Anyone
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