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Snowman in a Blizzard
A few timestamps Stream starts at 3:45 Title screen at 10:56 Gameplay at 12:52 Discussion at 40:05 Round 2 at 43:39 (breaks) Round 2 take 2 at 46:02 Discussion at 1:11:05
Remo Gen
Remo Gen 11 napja
I’m glad that you’ve stayed so genuine over the years. You’re always so refreshing after a shitty day. Wish I could do what you do.
Be Quiet
Be Quiet 17 napja
1:12:51 Little nightmares in the corner like ' __ '
Crimson Rosella
Crimson Rosella Hónapja
"Yeet the child, throw her out the window" 😂
Kai Jamison
Kai Jamison Hónapja
okay not gonna lie Angela gives me huge Professor McGonagall vibes
Isabel Jarvis
Isabel Jarvis Hónapja
34:00 Oh Jack... they burned witches, drowned witches, hung witches, and placed heavy stones on top of witches until the weight was too much. There are probably a few others, but those are the ones I remember.
Hussein256_2 Hónapja
Hussein256_2 Hónapja
Stop the vid and press this --> 0:55 Mary's face is your new profile picture
Masy Chessecake lover
I am not that scared but that of with this game
Masy Chessecake lover
I love this game
Masy Chessecake lover
Hi jack
Cami Hónapja
Actually, in the witch trials in America no one was ever burned at the stake. Most of them were hanged. In the salem witch trials, 19 were hanged, 4 died while in jail, and one badass dude was pressed to death
Spiky Coconut-LCB71
I do like watching jack play these games
Paige Wiltz
Paige Wiltz Hónapja
The opening "music" in this is music to fall asleep to if you want to have a nightmare... like a chill nightmare though... just in case anyone was looking for that.
Lemon Hónapja
FishHead Blue
FishHead Blue 2 hónapja
"April 4th 1972, there was a fire in that house, tell me where were you?"
John Prichard
John Prichard 2 hónapja
chris lama
chris lama 2 hónapja
In response to ur end. U should have played together on her(gabs) chan. First Then yours. Would have loved to see a free form mutual play through....
ThatOne BandKid
ThatOne BandKid 2 hónapja
I’m a couple months late but. Little fact. There where many means of executing witches during the 2 well known trials. Mainly the Salem witch trials. The majority of the deaths were by hanging. With one being a man who was crushed by rocks. But in the UK (I believe) there were another set of witch trials that weren’t that popular. They would throw the accused into the water and if they survived they were witches. If they died they were not. (Or vise versa it’s been a while 😂) but they did also burn them at the stake and hang them as well.
MegaDan 2 hónapja
Where is scp
Travis Baxter
Travis Baxter 2 hónapja
i get it its like their take on the salem witch trials
Travis Baxter
Travis Baxter 2 hónapja
if you have seen the movie the crucible you will know what im talking about
Salsa 2 hónapja
should've named your coffee "cup of the mornin"
high.onreality 2 hónapja
I came here from the full play through to see why tf he hates Angela so much, but I still can’t tell if I missed something or not 🤣
S'mari Willis
S'mari Willis 2 hónapja
i have heard of that before, during the real witch trials her child sold her out and told a lie telling them that she was a witch and got her mom killed, and after she was the person who kept making people confess karma caught up with him and died, but the little girl wasn't rolling around on the floor though also she was her mother
Mah Shahzadi
Mah Shahzadi 2 hónapja
Amy Was Not The Impostor.
ashiiu 2 hónapja
13:05 Jack: *starts the game* Jack, immediately: "we have griffon mcelroy" Me: *chokes*
Jennifer C.
Jennifer C. 2 hónapja
LOL I was thinking why isn't anyone using their cellphone to call for help, as it seems stereotypical teens always have one...turns out cell towers and satellite's don't always have your back, however landline phones..well they just might ghost you. It's awfully gloomy right now where I live, so if my joke was lame...I've already exited stage AFK.
Tina R. Waluya
Tina R. Waluya 2 hónapja
Already, know the ending of the third game. Its just an hallucinations 😊
Nishimiya Shouko
Nishimiya Shouko 2 hónapja
22:04 gave me a real fucking scare Jesus Christ.
Aubrie Loves gacha
Aubrie Loves gacha 2 hónapja
Seán: I hate kids Me: *me being a kid and loves seán*
k9qtea 2 hónapja
"didnt the witch trials happen centuries ago?" "most of them over three hundred years ago" so...yes, centuries ago
miss mischief
miss mischief 2 hónapja
i know will from narnia and maze runner
Jordan Simeonov
Jordan Simeonov 2 hónapja
well, where is the rest
Jordan Simeonov
Jordan Simeonov 2 hónapja
25:52 the touch of Jesus
Ana Cruz
Ana Cruz 2 hónapja
Stream starts at 3:45 Gameplay starts at 12:50 You're welcome ;)
Abi McFarland
Abi McFarland 2 hónapja
but where's the playthrough...
Fandubing Nation
Fandubing Nation 2 hónapja
"the devil walks among us." me: So shes seems kinda sus.
Endrea N
Endrea N 2 hónapja
Jack was so funny here and he wasn't even trying to , lol. So excited to watch you play this game!
Sadtiric 2 hónapja
This hits the uncanny valley for me.
Danny Morales
Danny Morales 2 hónapja
Why are so many people doing this in singleplayer. Its proven to be double the fun with two people
Jasper Rose
Jasper Rose 2 hónapja
kyley peters
kyley peters 2 hónapja
I loved Will in The Maze Runner as well as Bandersnatch !! I had such a crush on him and Rami Malek from Until Dawn / all his shows & movies, I love these devs’ tastes lol
Bk Ninja
Bk Ninja 2 hónapja
Did ANYONE else catch the Griffin Mcelroy comparison and smile?
loboyxxx 2 hónapja
Please play the full game now that its out
strange goose
strange goose 2 hónapja
Dang I thought we were getting a playthrough of this guess not
Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper 2 hónapja
Daniel's actor has been in every single game so far. He was Josh in Until Dawn, Charlie in the beginning of Man of Medan and now he is Daniel. Cool
Lux 2 hónapja
Josh's actor is Rami Malek, Kyle Bailey is the one for Daniel/Charlie. So nope, they are not the same :). Both of them are awesome, tho
Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper 2 hónapja
Yeah, it's Rami Malek. He's a well known actor. Done a bunch of things
Liv Ridley
Liv Ridley 2 hónapja
I feel like the voice acting and script has kinda gone backwards since Until Dawn? UD had some cringe lines, definitely, but in Man of Medan and this one (so far), the script seems to have gotten even more cringey and the vocal delivery feels awkward and unrealistic. Like, in Until Dawn at least when the lines were a bit cringe, they were delivered in a more natural, realistic way by the actors. So far in this game I like the acting in the witch trial scenes, but in the American section it kinda feels like watching people recite their lines. Idk man. But it's still looking like a pretty cool game and I'm v excited to see the rest!
sleep paralysis
sleep paralysis 2 hónapja
Jack, will you play the full game now that is out? Pleaseeee
sleep paralysis
sleep paralysis 2 hónapja
@Celisa Van den Brand ohh really? that sucks... i’ve been waiting for him to play it🙁
Celisa Van den Brand
He already played a bit or even all of it on a stream, but he didn't post it on his channel, I'm not sure why
Grimskull 94
Grimskull 94 2 hónapja
So he play this just to see them die what the fuck?!
Now4elevensies 2 hónapja
"We have Griffin McElroy!" Fuck I had to pause I laughed so hard.
whitetailprince 2 hónapja
so what, jack is to big a fish to hit with copyright? looks like some channels are geting hit from the devs.
Allanis McGee
Allanis McGee 2 hónapja
Hey Jacksepticeye, could you please play the full game now that it's out?
Jack Harley
Jack Harley 2 hónapja
I agree
Mr. Darko Mage
Mr. Darko Mage 2 hónapja
This game Jack is alot lmao😂
Andrea 2 hónapja
When is he gonna play thissssssss
Benjamin Barrientos
Juh-shan play the full game plz!
Liam Stevens
Liam Stevens 2 hónapja
What are you gonna do about it e y e b r o w s
G1ow Be11
G1ow Be11 2 hónapja
If you want to skip to when it starts it's at 3:45
fantastic_frankie 2 hónapja
Dope can also be heroine I’m pretty sure
Captain Bitsy
Captain Bitsy 2 hónapja
12:57 hey it’s the guy who peed on the tree in midsummer
M e r y
M e r y 2 hónapja
please play the full game Seán!! :(
Lis Crawford
Lis Crawford 2 hónapja
Please play the full game now that it's finally out!!!
musickyle85 2 hónapja
Angela is the new Shari! 😆
Kaitlyn Steers
Kaitlyn Steers 2 hónapja
Evelyn said the same thing lol
musickyle85 2 hónapja
I'm watching this two months later. I was going to watch Robin's playthrough last night but I fell asleep.
KitchiEyes 2 hónapja
its funny how he doesnt know him from the maze runner
Kim Thomas
Kim Thomas 2 hónapja
Is jack not playing this game
Aniko Etoiel
Aniko Etoiel 2 hónapja
Dope = Heroin = don't do it. Nicely done poster.
William Lorentzon
William Lorentzon 2 hónapja
Holymoly the game looks amaizing
let macca eat his ice cream in peace
yoooo jack, when are you going to play this?
White-Sabre-Wolf -
White-Sabre-Wolf - 2 hónapja
This reminds me of the book called “the crucible”
SIG 2 hónapja
Just waiting for this playthrough 🙂
XxWishinqxX ’
XxWishinqxX ’ 2 hónapja
Holly Benedict
Holly Benedict 2 hónapja
In the 1800s Ireland had its own mini version of witch trials. They believed that fairies called changelings would take children to the fairy realm and leave a changeling in the form of the kidnapped child in its place. If a child was born with a disability, it was a changeling. If a child was acting out or behaving in socially unacceptable ways, It was a changeling. Most of the tests for changelings involved doing something unusual that would make the changeling laugh, however the most common way to expel the changeling from the home was to hold it over a fire until it vanished up the chimney. Other solutions involved abandoning the babies by a river or lake until the fairies took it and returned the 'real' child. Lore Podcast did an episode on this and told the full tale of woman who became sick and was accused by her husband of being replaced by a changeling and the result of that accusation. (Lore ep.11 Black Stockings if anyone is interested) They dig up lots of mythology, lore, and dark secrets throughout human history.
Lucky Ranger
Lucky Ranger 2 hónapja
I don't care what anyone says, Until Dawn is still the best.
Joseph Cornelius
Joseph Cornelius 2 hónapja
will plotter is in the movie Maze runner
Baron Berrat
Baron Berrat 2 hónapja
I wish jack would do more little hope
Future Beyond
Future Beyond 2 hónapja
He is doing at twitch
Michelle Way :P
Michelle Way :P 2 hónapja
shaira fe hayudini
shaira fe hayudini 2 hónapja
Is this game out? Cant wait for jack to play this whole game
shaira fe hayudini
shaira fe hayudini 2 hónapja
@Venom he did awesome can't wait to watch it in this channel.
Venom 2 hónapja
Quick update, he streamed the game today so hopefully it'll go on the channel tomorrow
Venom 2 hónapja
Yeah the full game is out now, I hope he plays it soon!
Naomi 2 hónapja
when are u playing the full game aaaa
Fluffy Flareon
Fluffy Flareon 2 hónapja
if you havent played this already you're gonna love it
E None
E None 2 hónapja
panic room
Kiki Davita
Kiki Davita 2 hónapja
Jack it's out now! Please play little hope
Stephan 007
Stephan 007 2 hónapja
Well, the game is out now and... The story is not bad, pretty cool concept, but the storytelling and differences between singleplayer and coop are messed up, loud and cheap jumpscares and unsatisfactory ending like in Man of Medan. I hope Jack is going to play full game soon, I can't wait to watch his play thru.
RickTheNewKid 2 hónapja
Love you jack, you the man for real
Jhai Rowel
Jhai Rowel 2 hónapja
Is he going to play now that the game is out ? I mean isn't he kinda late?
Jhai Rowel
Jhai Rowel 2 hónapja
Maybe that's why he bought playstation 5. I am gonna wait for his gameplay for sure.
Berenice Montes
Berenice Montes 2 hónapja
I mean the game came out on the 30th so it’s only been two days
Wessel Niestadt
Wessel Niestadt 2 hónapja
I hope he will play it
Elena Vandermeuse
Elena Vandermeuse 2 hónapja
In 1692 is when the Salem Witch Trials took place!!!!
Cwany Kangur
Cwany Kangur 2 hónapja
HELP! I play on pc. How to make QTE in this game? Game show me some actions to do but i have no idea what button use to make them. I had problem when i had to run from monster. What buttons should i use?
Spencer Borelli
Spencer Borelli 2 hónapja
Can you please play little hope
Toriimon 2 hónapja
cannot believe that not only did I miss this when the video came out, but I do not remember him even posting this D:
IamYoZen 2 hónapja
Jesus, if the developers didn't make the characters fckin' bimbos
Gray Atreides
Gray Atreides 2 hónapja
Gonna play the full game, bruh?
XxQuickDrawxX 2 hónapja
Little hope has a huge plot twist at the ending but I won’t ruin it
Wessel Niestadt
Wessel Niestadt 2 hónapja
Bro I loved the plot at the end I don’t know why people hates it.
Dominic Masurka
Dominic Masurka 2 hónapja
I am your biggest fan
Haunted Hunters13
Haunted Hunters13 2 hónapja
Are you gonna play the game now jack?
YunaLuvGamez 2 hónapja
I'm playing this on my channel as well and it's such a good game! I'm always scared, screaming, cursing or confused 😂 I hope you like it! 😊💖
Konradpeplinski PEPLINSKI
I seen faze jez's vid it was good so I came here cuz Jack's let's plays are always good
Legendary K.O
Legendary K.O 2 hónapja
Starts at 3:45 if ur impatient like me. And gameplay starts at 13:00
Bangtan Humanist
Bangtan Humanist 2 hónapja
Uh... well maybe everyone in chat agrees, but I don't. That wasn't dope or cool. It was fucked. Which is why I could never be evil in Fable. :\
Lily McGlen
Lily McGlen 2 hónapja
Me waiting for jack to come on not realising it's says stream starting 👁👄👁
JD Govender
JD Govender 2 hónapja
I'm excited to see Jack play the game now that it is released ... I'm assuming based on the Little hope videos I am seeing 🙈
Justin Bieber - Anyone
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Beating the ENTIRE game in one video
Justin Bieber - Anyone
Megtekintés 40 M