Turning Completely Irish For 21 Mins in Watch Dogs Legion 

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Forewarned76 6 órája
I hate this game, you can't recruit the queen
Thomas Fan 2021
Thomas Fan 2021 9 órája
JANUARY 25th 2021 Ah Memories
"Why is everybody shooting at me" - Seán Right after beating up the royal guards
GILLYbOb 2 napja
I hate this new editor
Jack Daniel
Jack Daniel 3 napja
I love how barely any Americans will under stand your Irish accent but I’m Scottish and I can understand you perfectly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Smally 8 napja
1:17 no shit Sean it’s in London 😂
Sadie Bella
Sadie Bella 9 napja
Lmao! I'm rewatching this for the 2nd time and as soon as Jack said "Alexa, Thank you!" Mine said "You're welcome" hahaha! Brilliant.
Austyn Seymour
Austyn Seymour 12 napja
Jack!!!!! In watchdogs league a guys say “shoot him in the head and bobs your uncle”
Wilfred Caig
Wilfred Caig 12 napja
do more watchdogs plz jack
SkyStorm115 13 napja
No offense but i thought your being completely Irish for 21 minutes straight! Again no offense.
Monarkgamer 14 napja
“It’s cool for me to play a game that is based in a place I’ve been before There’s very few games that are based in London” *Never played syndicate*
AlyeldinAhmed 15 napja
This sabine lass sounds like Mary Read/James Kidd
Yeooldp Trenn
Yeooldp Trenn 15 napja
Jack: run on water... Also Jack: HACK THE WATER
Lord FusterCluck
The “Run lads, RUN” got me
Jade Eyed Calico
15:00 he smiles every time the Irish boy speaks, and then gets serious when the robot speaks because he remembers there's an actual story
DrkTrophy 20 napja
Ah that accent just reminds me Dublin walking down O Connell Street
Demo Clan
Demo Clan 22 napja
17:44 copyright claimed
the_real_sans 22 napja
“But this is video games so- ohh shiny reflections”
COD Gamer YT
COD Gamer YT 22 napja
Who else agree he look like nick pro
passionateangel 23 napja
I'm sorry do ruin this but zero day is Sabine I finished the game in a day
Nicholas Faria
Nicholas Faria 23 napja
14:11 "Were in in like Flynn" "Whoever he is..."
The Irish Farmer
Ur my favourite Irish HUrunr after me of course
zappy 25 napja
Since when was Irish people so similar to Canadians trust me I'd know
gaming _YT
gaming _YT 25 napja
be scottish for 21 minutes
Fierce Eagle official
Dont get me wrong I love watch dogs legion but why don’t they have gangs in this game like the last game like Roadmen or something they’re a huge part of London
Jedikraft 23 napja
@Fierce Eagle official it certainly would of been but from a continuity standpoint it wouldn’t make sense
Fierce Eagle official
@Jedikraft do u think it would be cool for Roadmen to be in the game tho
Jedikraft 23 napja
There’s only clan Kelley and the game states they’re the last clan left as 3 of the 4 major gangs were apprehended
RebelSandGaming 25 napja
Teigh trasna ort fein justin Trudeau
Reilly 25
Reilly 25 26 napja
I used to not understand critikal opinion on how stale the game is. Holy moly it is so so boring. I could see it now why lol
Tninth Nine
Tninth Nine 27 napja
I have a hit an on my team and tha5 getaway driver I have him on my team as well but he’s a girl
Just Jimmy
Just Jimmy 27 napja
The lack of a set main character threw me off at first, but I've grown to love the idea of putting together and playing as a team of WHOEVER YOU WANT. It's really cool
xThePimpf 27 napja
that hat... i know that hat
Jco101 456
Jco101 456 28 napja
Nobody: Sean sees woman come out of building crying: Sean: *picks her up and slams her to the ground* Sean: “NO WITNESSES!!!!”
Pug Master
Pug Master 28 napja
Video title : jack forms IRA
Lord Tachanka
Lord Tachanka 29 napja
I can’t get over this video cause of the accent
SniperVipers Channel
Wait he wasn’t already full Irish
harry TEDM
harry TEDM Hónapja
13:08 Professionals have standards
خلود العجلان
I was screaming when he recruited a irishman
Dylan McMullen
Dylan McMullen Hónapja
You're not truly Irish until you fight against the British
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly Hónapja
Lil heads up u can't get a screwdriver in watch dogs
Spudmagee 69
Spudmagee 69 Hónapja
Wyatt Hankins
Wyatt Hankins Hónapja
Ello Kate
He sounds like Sean from red dead 2 and I loved Sean he was one of my favorite mostly because he’s Irish ☘️
Acura TL GTLM Hónapja
It's been a fat minute since I've watched a video from Sean, and I forgot the mic peaking, lmao.
JB 78
JB 78 Hónapja
the Irishman
the Irishman Hónapja
Martin Simington
When I play this I can not wait to play as people with the Celtic blood flowing in their veins. The in the states my family has been for bout 5 generations but we our proud to be Irish
Master Jeff Studios
is sabine the voice actor that did mary in assasins creed black flag?
Jay Beith
Jay Beith Hónapja
*Go on home, British Soldier's, go on home*
Dylan O'Doherty
Dylan O'Doherty Hónapja
Sounds like buster from mrs browns boys
User ordi
User ordi Hónapja
Not sure if i'm ready for full irish jack gameplay, but the accent is lovely.
Kidpoolio 11
Kidpoolio 11 Hónapja
Sean: hi jack Me: hi sean
Levi Tieleman
Levi Tieleman Hónapja
1:08 am I hearing morgz !?!?!? I hear it as morgz
Tactical_Nuke05 Hónapja
I’m watching at 3 am and he just summoned my Alexa
Tactical_Nuke05 Hónapja
And that’s how he got banned from London
Carl Weezer
Carl Weezer Hónapja
Does he even play this game anymore because I would like to see his reaction to the story mode
Lil' Joshy
Lil' Joshy Hónapja
Oh fuck he had to much tea and crumpets
anslem Hónapja
Jack: i need to find grannies Also jack:kills a granny and yells "NO WITNESSES"!!!!!!
Stevia Hónapja
Is the person on the tv for that dedsec mission the same person who played Mary Reed in AC 4???
Stevia Hónapja
The question is.. if the queen saw this... would she get offended or chuckle?
Nathan Saliba
Nathan Saliba Hónapja
Anyone feel like jamming to "Shipping Up to Boston" by Dropkick Murpheys?
BES Animations
BES Animations Hónapja
WOW look at those reflections!
h.haikhal2009 song
hat is so long
h.haikhal2009 song
my god is so long
Dgamer2099 Hónapja
17:41 - Bus honk theme
Kevin Flanagan
Kevin Flanagan Hónapja
Wut is it wich ye eurapians and han cuffin shyte to ye selfs askin tuh have yur hand choped off
Arena God 25
Arena God 25 Hónapja
Stall sublick
lamp food
lamp food Hónapja
Penguiz0 ruined this game omg
EN Hónapja
i like how salty watch dogs fans get when someone points out the game's flaws or compares it to grand theft auto
Jahmey Rodriguez
bpech Hónapja
Was scrolling through his account and found this. I'm Irish, so i clicked.
lemon man
lemon man Hónapja
i remember when i played watch dogs 1 on ps3
justin seibert
justin seibert Hónapja
You can drive a scissor lift and if you recruit a construction worker you can fly
The Panther2706
The Panther2706 Hónapja
Jack is creating an Irish army to take over London. I don't know seems kind of sus
The Gaelic Gladiator
When he said Alexa it triggered mine
Marcus Jdx
Marcus Jdx Hónapja
All I can hear is conor mcgregor
Thomas Fan 2021
Thomas Fan 2021 Hónapja
November 27th 2020 I am glad that Jacksepticeye is wearing his old hat takes me back to 2014
SalFrosterGamer Hónapja
Everyone: talking about the accent.. Me: yo idc if it’s for a minuteBUT HE WORE THE HAT AGAIN!
skittles mcflurry
I also completely this game 😂
Lucian Andries
Lucian Andries Hónapja
Watch Dogs Re-Legion...
Cosmic_king Hónapja
Turning Irish for 21 minutes while playing a game centered in England....IRA resurgence???
Nathan Askew
Nathan Askew 2 hónapja
Why does this sound like his baby voice at the start
mistireous? 2 hónapja
Best game ever it is cool and I noticed they don't use guns immediately (Crash a lot )
Jonathan Chisholm
Jonathan Chisholm 2 hónapja
I think his normal voice is more Irish
Isaiah Kenbaroy
Isaiah Kenbaroy 2 hónapja
dart gun shooting
Chris Leonard
Chris Leonard 2 hónapja
Literally only clicked for the return of the paddy-cap 😭
Ethan Engler
Ethan Engler 2 hónapja
I had a call of duty Vietnam flash back because of the Piccadilly Circus
Noot Noot
Noot Noot 2 hónapja
Jack: *Says bye at the end in that accent* Me: TEMMIE-boi
Sean Byrne
Sean Byrne 2 hónapja
Im irish from kilkenny
Rainbow Rose
Rainbow Rose 2 hónapja
This whole video is basically Jack gathering his dream team of Gaelic Gladiators...and I freaking love that fact!
Steph W
Steph W 2 hónapja
This just makes me think of my dad and his Irish accent.
Shaheen Tarek
Shaheen Tarek 2 hónapja
I've always liked Irish accent 😆💙 and seeing you talk full Irish Reminds me of sean (R.I.P) from red dead redemption 2 i liked him. btw I'm not Irish.
Ryan 2 hónapja
The intro sounds like me
vampyric_joker 1795
My grandpa was irish American and sometimes used the Irish slang, this is no trouble for me
zcubeDbz 2 hónapja
MORE! eh hem please
TheChattySquirrel 2 hónapja
Is shaun building the IRA?
iClampEveryone -
iClampEveryone - 2 hónapja
Jack, you sound like the coach from The Gentlemen....too similar hmmm
The Knight Of Gallifrey
He sounded like Coach from The Gentlemen XD
Carol Johnson
Carol Johnson 2 hónapja
Ep1 to ep35
Trenton King
Trenton King 2 hónapja
To much GTA!
Aaliyah Palka
Aaliyah Palka 2 hónapja
I love your accent Jacksepticeye!!
ŴØLF _GØD 2 hónapja
Those guards faught me they had a gun and they all shot at once and I died
PostMan Mark
PostMan Mark 2 hónapja
I actually got a Irish character named Sean mcloghlin
Rabies Kid McEdgeLord
Jack: *beats the shit out of a bunch of guards and policemen* Also Jack: why is everyone shooting at me? 🥺
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