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This one moment changes absolutely everything in The Last of Us Part II
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Ewan Fisher
Ewan Fisher 9 órája
I’ve replayed the first game and did a bunch of different ways of killing that surgeon. Torched, shot, stabbed, any other way you can do it. I find it funny how me doing that caused this😁👍🏻.
The Chonky Duckling
The scene with Jack playing with the dogs brought me back to life
Kelsey Pace
"if you aren't drinking coffee what are you drinking... tea?!" me: *slowly puts tea back down*
Steph AF
Steph AF Napja
There's two sides to every story. Even the guards you kill have a story. They express likes and dislikes and say each other's names
Johnathan Lovelace
Noooo, the dog he threw the ball for was the one he killed :(((
megan noelle
megan noelle 4 napja
every time jack would talk about upgrading things later i'd just yell NO DO IT NOW THERE ISN'T GONNA BE A LATER
Tricia Stark
Tricia Stark 5 napja
I dont like abby But the doggies sfgjfshk they were just tryna be good bois :c
Ashton Mitchell
Is it just me, or is Abby just so buff she just looks like she has massive pecks?
James Kelley
James Kelley 6 napja
It literally feels like it was yesterday when Jack posted this series. Goes to show how fast life goes by
Thomas Pankiewicz
I think Jackson will be destroyed when they get back
Lachlan Mackenzie
Jesse: Dies in front of jack Jack: Is Jesse dead?
Lachlan Mackenzie
13:14 look at the ammo
Fucking grass
Fucking grass 9 napja
Am I the only one that hates how poorly Hispanic characters are usually put into things like this? Like Manny is just always saying random shit in Spanish for no reason. It’s realistic to have the accent and his dad, but the fact that he said “vámonos” instead of “let’s go” because “oH LoOk I’m HiSpAniC.” Like, dude, _I’m_ hispanic and I don’t do that. It’s weird and people never understand you anyway. Can they please make a good Hispanic character? (SPOILER AHEAD) I was 100% apathetic when Manny died. I couldn’t give less of a shit about him, lol.
Fucking grass
Fucking grass 9 napja
"Tatuaje" (from one of the cards you got early in the vid) just means "tattoo" in Spanish. You didn't butcher the pronunciation that much, haha. The 'j' letter, in Spanish, is a sound that doesn't exist in English, but it _is_ similar to some sounds in Irish Gaelic, for example. Its IPA is: [taˈtwaʒe]. Imagine the 'j' as if it were a broad "ch" and the 'e' to be like the first 'e' in "celebrate." Hope that helps, lol! Also: Abby: **gets a coin for her collection** Look at that... Sean: WELL, FUCKING COOL, ABBY. YOU GOT A FUCKING COIN. XD
Junior Mendoza
i am never going to Seattle after watching this
RusCata 25
RusCata 25 9 napja
Tatuaje literally means tattoos in romanian, and probably other languages idk
The Corny Corndog
Is it bad that I just did not care when Abby was crying?
mang’s bodyguard
the mexican guy: is evil me: no mames wey ;-;
mang’s bodyguard
im so pressed i loved jesse
SUPER AIS 10 napja
Abby: *finds a coin* Me: wow you found something worth more than your entire fucking existence oh wait nevermind thats litterally everything else that exists
Monk’s Pop
Monk’s Pop 10 napja
Mel was the girl who was prego and Ellie killed
Nicole VanTress
Nicole VanTress 11 napja
What's sad to me is Bear and Alice, the dogs, are killed by Ellie in the times we play as her :(( then we see them while playing as Abby
Anthony Vigil
Anthony Vigil 11 napja
The last fucking thing I wanted to do is play as Abby fucking damm it
JunieMoore380 11 napja
“Dad look, fresh tracks” ROTF as you make Abby trample the deer tracks ROTF!!!
Jaxon Collett
Jaxon Collett 11 napja
I drink tea bc I don't like coffee.. Sorry sorry ik I'm a disappointment but ew it's so gross
Sorcha 11 napja
ik she killed joel IK but omfg abby's ARMS jfC
Rohan Telford
Rohan Telford 12 napja
He’s been able to grab a wrench
The Last Of Us Edits
him:if you not drinking coffee what are you drinking tea me:drinks tea
raven riley
raven riley 13 napja
Here's the difference between Abby killing Joel and Joel killing her father Joel killed him because he got in the way and shot him in the head he took no pleasure from it he felt it was necessary to save Ellie Abby hunted Joel down and beat him to death with a golf club and enjoyed every minute he was in agony
Mekbi Robinson
Mekbi Robinson 13 napja
this made me fucking scrEAM
Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel 13 napja
Jack: Coffee is the best, if your not drinking coffee then what are you drinking? Also jack: TeA, tea is pretty good too Me: what about hot chocolate?
Micah 14 napja
Who’s hear in 2021?
Raicheru 13
Raicheru 13 15 napja
The WLF base in the sports complex reminds me of Emerald City from Fallout 4.
Roddy Mhaiki
Roddy Mhaiki 15 napja
jack : im really nervous my hearts beating me : doesnt it always beat ??
Dream Gacha
Dream Gacha 16 napja
Jack: “Is Jessie dead!?” Jessie: *laying on the ground with a huge bullet whole in his face* Me: “hmmm I think so” Sorry if this seems like hate! It’s not, I just think it’s funny
Drug Demon
Drug Demon 16 napja
Did everybody just ignore that they only found out Mel was pregnant like the day Joel died? And she looks likes she’s due at anytime, it’d be mostly flat or a tiny bump
BiirdSeed 16 napja
ik we're expected to care about abby, but i cant bring myself to, sure her dad was killed, but then she went on a revenge mission to kill what is basically a dad to ellie. Which kind of gives ellie the right to revenge too, it would be hypocritical to say not.
Mhamad Gamer
Mhamad Gamer 16 napja
you're a good voice
jp vanderloo
jp vanderloo 17 napja
HollidayRespawn 18 napja
That part in the mall where you start in the water fucked me too. I feel like there is literally nothing you can do to NOT be spotted in that part
Leonardo García
32:54 - Setup for the future.
Tom Rutten
Tom Rutten 19 napja
If i woold have to play as abby i would trow her of every singel clif till the game just says stop
Grumpy Nanny
Grumpy Nanny 20 napja
The doc and Marlene did not ask her or even tell her she would die. Thats my problem.
Im RockSquash
Im RockSquash 20 napja
I don’t like coffee nor tea......
Keira Crinson
Keira Crinson 21 napja
*Sean talking about Joel’s death* Ellie a 4:15 :*little doggie paddles while Sean isn’t looking* *Sean looks* Sean: oook
Keira Crinson
Keira Crinson 21 napja
*Sean talking about Joel’s death* Ellie:*little doggie paddles while he’s not looking* Sean: ok
goomba3456 21 napja
How the hell did abby get into the theatre
MLG GAMER 21 napja
Wait that's Bear 1:40:33 I believe several soldiers had dogs named Bear was that intentional? Either way that dog is dead as well. I'm actually feeling something cuz Ellie did Kill all these people and dogs and obviously self-defense with the dogs but makes you really wonder what an impact you had on the game. That's what I like about these types of games. It's a butterfly effect just like with Until Dawn
MLG GAMER 21 napja
Oh R.I.P Alice that poor dog. That might be who attacked Ellie when she fell through the vent. I still don't like Abby but playing as her does give a different perspective. Makes you really question if there really was a real villain in this story cuz it seems everybody has a part to play in it
MLG GAMER 21 napja
Wait so that surgeon was her father?! Ok that's quite the twist! I did not need to see that death scene again. I kinda gathered everything. they could have just cut to day 1. Wow so even though I still hate her I understand why she did it. So my hate is kinda eased up on her a little
MLG GAMER 21 napja
OMG 😱😱😱😱 She killed Mel and Owen? Wasn't Mel pregnant? Oh my. Here's where morals were thrown out the door and she became freakin' Punisher. GODDAMN!
MLG GAMER 21 napja
Wait just a freaking minute. That place, isn't that where Ellie taken to by the Fireflies to do the surgery for the vaccine. Jack how could you not recognize it. This is where Joel busted in. Things came full circle bruh!
MLG GAMER 21 napja
Tatuaje reminds me of that one ghost in Danny Phantom the lady that can release her tattoos? Lydia I think her name was? How I still I remember her name after all these years of seeing Danny Phantom is crazy to me.
Sigrid 23 napja
i don't feel bad for... whatever her name was, pregnant lady. politics aside BeCCausE GaMeS ArEn'T PolItIcaL Ellie acted in self-defense. from a story point of view it's more cheap bullshit to be like 'see? Ellie bad! no Ellie! only Abby! Abby good!'
Moonlight • Forest
To be honest, I'm 14, nearly 15, and I still haven't finished the game. However, I am proud of myself because I'm the best stealth player in my family!! My dad would play the level at 8:05, and get caught straight away, but I played through in complete stealth, I was never noticed!! I am a true stealth queen!!
Genesis 26 napja
When jack sneezed why did I say bless you😐
Genesis 26 napja
The way jack butchered the word tatuaje 🤣 it means tattoo in Spanish
Genesis 26 napja
1:13 we got the same coffee mug lol
Brock Freeman
Brock Freeman 26 napja
Coming back here after finding out what happened here.
emolikenemo 27 napja
Of course my favorite dies. OF COURSE.
SADICK BOY 27 napja
FoxFilms 27 napja
I think game devs probably love when Jack plays their games cuz he’s the only one who notices all the tiny details with lighting and stuff
SwEEt moZZi920
SwEEt moZZi920 28 napja
Fucking hell man, I came back to this series once Jack finishes uploading until the end but holy shit I cannot push forward with Jesse's death and Joel's. I really can't with how the devs had to do that but I get it. Death can come anytime and shit happens just like that. Protagonist or not, this shit happens all the time and the game just executed that reality so well which makes it a masterpiece but damn, way to make my day a whole lot shittier. But Jesse's going to live in our head rent-free so it's a fair trade I guess
John Bacon
John Bacon 28 napja
if this wasn't a part 2 the player shifting to abby wouldn't be such mess
colonel bipiy
colonel bipiy 29 napja
my attachment to ellie vs abby’s muscles
Jayant Chugh
Jayant Chugh 29 napja
35:09 feeling sorry for you brother coz there were parts under water
Stelios Vagianos
I understand why you might not like games like Halo, but I and many others would greatly suggest the Master Chief Collection. These games are masterpieces
Herpy Derpy
Herpy Derpy Hónapja
This reminds me of the story of Kratos' revenge. He wanted to kill one person but ended up killing everyone.
Delanie Gomez
Delanie Gomez Hónapja
45:10 "thonk" yeaa thres no thought in this world its a diffrent breed 👿👿
Logan Mcgreal
Logan Mcgreal Hónapja
Delanie Gomez
Delanie Gomez Hónapja
SPOILERS I hope that naughty dag makes a part 3 or a multiplayer OoOOo it would make a great scene for when ellie and jessi separated
Delanie Gomez
Delanie Gomez Hónapja
Hannah Shark
Hannah Shark Hónapja
Episode 1: Oh hell yeah! She stronk, she chonk. I can get behind Abby as a heroin! After Episode 2: HELL NO FUCK THIS BITCH!
Aiden Mally
Aiden Mally Hónapja
You’ll never guess where I’m watching this from right now
piyxk Hónapja
the undertale refrence now that is just gold
Lyla Broflovski
Lyla Broflovski Hónapja
Sèan: *finds Khazakh Bright card* Me, a kazakh: 👀
Logan Neal
Logan Neal Hónapja
samurai racc
samurai racc Hónapja
the seed of sympathy was planted when joel killed her father but they just had to show her killing joel again
Hetty Hónapja
For some reason I cannot sympathize with Abby at all. I actually still hate her for some reason I can't explain
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer
Top 3 people in The Last of Us who's names begin with a J: 3. Jesse 2. Joel 1. Jesus
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer
1:07:41 He's already turned, he just said "Brain".
Zactan Wei
Zactan Wei Hónapja
Screw you abby
Sad Badger
Sad Badger Hónapja
I'm not gonna fucking feel bad for Abby because Joel killed her dad. You'd have to do a lot more than that. Literally in the first few episodes I was gritting my teeth and feelin it just when Ellie stabbed that dude that kicked her, do you think I'm gonna feel bad about killing Abby? Fuuuuuuck no.
Saucy 3153
Saucy 3153 Hónapja
1:17 Monster, it is so bad but tastes so good
Sad Badger
Sad Badger Hónapja
I actually live in Seattle, and I can say it doesn't actually rain as much as most people think it does. Sure, it rains a bit but not constantly, and actually never at all in the summer, it actually gets really hot compared to the rest of the year. Winter it doesn't rain much either, but it barely snows, too. I will say, though, it is overcast a lot of the time. Also, we don't really get storms very often, rarer even than snow, I'd say. But maybe the apocalypse changed that somehow, idk...
Turkish Terror
Turkish Terror Hónapja
Okay but Abby is built like a brick shithouse
shai asmr
shai asmr Hónapja
literally want to addy to diiiiieeeee😤😤 i hate how they made us play her 🤮🤮
The Tired Wolffe
he went diwn like jesse james lol
Alchemist Hónapja
29:07 I don't think Randall is quite dead yet O_O
I love that jacks first instinct is to lay on the floor and crawl even when he isn't in the bloody tall grass....goodness
At 1:00:00 when Sean killed the dog I made this high pitched sound because I was shocked. It was 12am and my mom woke up sounding worried. She must’ve thought something happened to me 😂😂
glass_shids Hónapja
omg he referred to Ellie as “Els” that’s my nickname lmfao
Aqua 2k
Aqua 2k Hónapja
I get what they were going for with the whole "revenge is bad" "people are terrible" and "look at it from both sides". However, by having Abby kill Joel a character that everyone loved, and then trying to make players sympathize with her. Was the wrong move and turned what could've been a great game into a massive flop. The ending makes it worse.
It's been months since I finished the game (I liked it in general, even though I found it flawed) and I still feel that Abby's backstory should have been an spin-off, or The Last of Us 2 should have been about Ellie having her falling out with Joel and leaving Jackson, meeting Abby during her game and forming a friendship with her, and at the end, when she forgives Joel and decides to return to Jackson, Abby connects the dots (maybe Abby sees Ellie breathe spores or something, or Ellie gives her mask to Abby to save her) and we learn that Abby is the doctor's daughter, leaving us with the cliffhanger of "Is Abby going to be the villain of part 3? Can Abby let go?".
Plinkage Hónapja
screw abby. finally got around to finishing this game and i refused to give abby any more time than i had to. blazed through her parts without exploring, 0 upgrades at all. tried to kill her however i could, skipped all her cutscenes. absolutely ruined the game for me.
Lawrence Tekkyo
Lawrence Tekkyo Hónapja
The WLF base is fucking dope thooooo, I'd be fucking sure to join WLF lmao
Wayne Cooper
Wayne Cooper Hónapja
I died laughing at 4:11
ItsJustMatt Hónapja
I've noticed some Easter Eggs in the letters that Ellie finds. One from Jensen to Misha is a Supernatural reference, another one from Beth to Randall (29:05) is a This is Us reference... I'm looking out for more!
Sean Wolfe
Sean Wolfe Hónapja
In my opinion abby is the worse character. She could have spent that 4 years healing from her father's death, but no, she had to seek out a man who she KNEW was loved by someone, kill him, and then be stupid enough to think that nobody would come after her. Ellie isnt doing the right thing either, but in my opinion, her wounds are fresh and Abbys arent. Also Joel just killed abbys dad quickly, Abby straight up tortured Joel in front of his brother and daughter and made them watch him die. That's much more fucked up
• Gacha Kenz •
i had a mouthful of chips every time you said “this game is gorgeous,”. I gained 80 pounds.
Kat M
Kat M Hónapja
Warning for others cause I got it BAD- Like every other comment has spoilers! Be careful!
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