This is what my future son will look like... 

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Apparently this is what my child will actually look like.
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Zack T
Zack T 5 órája
To badass names Sean McLaughlin, and sean McIntyre.
James Wolf
James Wolf 14 órája
Your child is dako?
rocketpug 05
rocketpug 05 16 órája
Me and jack are both red green color blind
Rem 21 órája
there is a place in austria called Fucking :) edit: also my last name is gutekunst try and pronounce that
Creeps 068
Creeps 068 22 órája
I ask my gf how she can manage to fall asleep anywhere anytime and she basically said the same thing “i dont fucking know” XD
Rubix 2 napja
Ok so why I don't play among us is because when I'm the imposter, if I make people think it's someone else and they boot that someone off, they know it's me when it says that the person isnt the imposter.
Stylish Duck
Stylish Duck 2 napja
“Sokka’s organ *intensifies*”
Freddy chance
Freddy chance 2 napja
Lot of times in among us when I see a body at a location and report it and they say where I always forget the location lol
Stevan Šmeker
I found out that i am color blind while watching this video thanks jack
Jab lsss
Jab lsss 2 napja
Don't mind me, just puttin my time stamp. 18:20
Tyrannis Pax
Tyrannis Pax 3 napja
Jack's hypothetical son do be kind of a snacc tho
Watching the storm
Seanidic mccumberlin
Sheep777 3 napja
0:14 i legit got scared
[e:LLUSIV ] 3 napja
Jesus Christ is in fact a HUrunr
PxndaCakes 2 napja
There's some ratty, basement dwelling, comment roach that goes around insulting ppl, then says they're going to hell. Their YT name is Jesus Christ, and idk why they weren't deleted yet, bc ppl keep saying "That's why Christians are retarded," and it annoys me bc I'm a Christian.
Gar Saxon
Gar Saxon 4 napja
I am slightly red-green colorblind too and it really does make playing among us harder when you think you see red murder but turns out, it was green
Ricky Dornbusch
Gay street in ohio
Ricky Dornbusch
hug or kill, pick one
PxndaCakes 2 napja
Hug, ofc. :3
Misty 4 napja
16:04 "Some of you post a picture of my s a c e and be like 'aha jack go brrr' and then some of you come out with this shit, well done"
Ralph And Leo
Ralph And Leo 4 napja
Hey that number on top is 45 4:44
Phantomgames 4 napja
The thumbnail looks like gaming beaver
Draki Thing
Draki Thing 5 napja
great. now i want to find the clear gun meme just cause the music is a bop
Baker boy reacts
jack should use the organ meme time into as a halloween intro for meme time
Gaming with Nate
ayo when he was talking about the color blindness i figured out that i have the same kind as him!!!!! again mildly
Kyle 5 napja
Your son is the son of a God.
Kitty Cat 2005
"Subscribe do it now or I come to your house and kick your dog" *Me ahah I don't have one*
Vanessa Knight
L like. Video. JAcksepticeye
Adam Gorman
Adam Gorman 5 napja
Jacki maid art of you but I don't now how to show it to you
Geeky McGeekster
1:12 meanwhile at the church of water jesus:
Deadalon 666
Deadalon 666 7 napja
Title-this is what my baby will look like Me-looks at thumbnail My first thought- THANK GOD FOR BIRTH CONTROL
user Maya
user Maya 7 napja
0:07 Oh that was jacksepticeye?
Logan VLogs
Logan VLogs 7 napja
im the 200 thousandth like lol
Paul binjum Jilen
For moment I though someone else was taking jacks name
lisa anfield
lisa anfield 8 napja
But but I don’t have a dog🥺
EquineMolly 8 napja
It’s meme time it’s meme time gather all your friends, it’s meme time it’s meme time. Only cure to sadness??
Alexa C
Alexa C 8 napja
*Haha Jack go brrr*
Battlefire 15
Battlefire 15 9 napja
"I don't know if I should hug it, or kill it." That, my friend, is what a child is
XitrusGaming 9 napja
4:44 i can't see anything on the top protanopic or deuteranopic ones does that mean I'm colorblind
Zack Jinskie Hapa
The future son actually looks a bit like u and ir gf
The Man Of Sticks
The names for the among us characters are space-beans
Conor Murphy
Conor Murphy 9 napja
There is actually a place called sandwich isles
Mr Skullis
Mr Skullis 9 napja
When he shows the colorblind test and I can't see anything on there.. *REPORT BUTTON*
theFredLittle 10 napja
So if I hit like I get a rocket bike
Aiden Nabhani
Aiden Nabhani 11 napja
A jack on titan
Ashton Voller
Ashton Voller 11 napja
There are different sets of colour bind glasses, a pair for outside and a pair for inside, trust me I’m a dutranope also
Elanora-lynn 11 napja
Out of 5 Sean's/Shawn's I know only know 1 shawn and 4 Sean's which means Sean is better
Elanora-lynn 11 napja
Sean mcflury Me: Do u work a McDonald's
skyrimXD Jones
skyrimXD Jones 11 napja
Me at 4:40 reading also me nit not seeing anything in the top and only seeing 56 in the bottom also me finding out that im colour blind today
brenna childedr
brenna childedr 12 napja
Mr Duck
Mr Duck 12 napja
I have the exact same type of colorblindness that jack has
Mirio 13 napja
9:56 Me : ah yes Spectacles Wallet & watch Testicles
yuan baldado
yuan baldado 13 napja
14:20 did anyone notice on the top?
YaBoi Aidan
YaBoi Aidan 13 napja
I didnt know Seán was the gaming beaver's father
Adam Austin
Adam Austin 13 napja
Bro I’m Irish I can SAY your last name
Adam Austin
Adam Austin 13 napja
Seán You should say laugh whenever you kill someone as imposter in among us
Olivia Giorio
Olivia Giorio 13 napja
I challenge you to try to pronounce my last name.
i sniff tylenol
i sniff tylenol 13 napja
the thumbnail guy looks like a future johnny sins
Jackson Todd
Jackson Todd 14 napja
Anyone else notice his kid looks like Ethan (CrankGamePlays)?
Seth Galloway
Seth Galloway 14 napja
Is it me or does the thumbnail look like the gaming beaver
Sophie Lewis
Sophie Lewis 15 napja
Who remmers Evie bot and boy bot🥺
Beyla Rae
Beyla Rae 15 napja
Sorry for the wrong names seán
indoraptor gamer
Memes make me happy to the point I make them
ZetoGravon3000 16 napja
Logical joke: If his name is Jack so his son's name is actually Jackson. So as his YT channel name is JackSepticEye, if his son had a YT channel he would name it: JacksonSepticEye. Right ?
ZetoGravon3000 14 napja
Its true
Stupid Webcam
Stupid Webcam 15 napja
That's actually how those names, like Jackson, Johnson, etc. Came about Jackson as a last name would be son of Jack, as a long time ago there weren't surnames
the isabelness
the isabelness 16 napja
Smashing the rocket like button of meme time cures sadness!!!!! :D
Deidra Sledge
Deidra Sledge 16 napja
no you won't kick my dog before she kicks you
Internal Security Department
Mom: how did you fall asleep at 4 am and wake up energized and ready at 10 am Me: i’ll tell you a little secret I dont fucking know
miranda drummond
is it bb or bee bee
Space-Chan 17 napja
Seán: *will kick my dog* Me: *realises we put her down*
frankiez vlogz
frankiez vlogz 18 napja
we fucking NEED a sam among us pet
Izz Hazman
Izz Hazman 18 napja
Sir, as a non hetero, that child looks gay
Red Pumpkin
Red Pumpkin 18 napja
DoNt KiCk mY dOg
Little Snoopy
Little Snoopy 18 napja
I no have dog
Little Snoopy
Little Snoopy 18 napja
I have no dog
anyone heard of tillicum beah
Blurryface 19 napja
Jack: smash the rocket like on this vid Jack 0.01 milliseconds later: what the hell is a rocket like
AKWG 19 napja
The among us characters are butplugs
Thomas Fan 2021
Thomas Fan 2021 20 napja
December 31st 2020 Ah memories Its Meme Time
Jordan Beeson
Jordan Beeson 21 napja
In the beginning boy oh boy you should have made one of the boys the kid from god of war
Cheese Slytherin
Legit anger : 14:02
Nashwan Ul Haq
Nashwan Ul Haq 21 napja
7:54 'Space Beanz'
Nashwan Ul Haq
Nashwan Ul Haq 21 napja
4:35 he got TRIGGERED
A Crow
A Crow 21 napja
13:5 “I don’t break peoples bones” wanna go ask your old crush? You broke her ankle 👁👄👁
SmileyTales 22 napja
Same,i can realate
Tristan Scribner
Whats the metal song in the beginning?
Tiago 22 napja
It's weird how the picture of Evelien and Seán's future kid really does look like it could be related to them but also looks so familiar
Tiago 22 napja
The meme time on the organ gave me Addams family vibes that I loved
Longe Mote
Longe Mote 23 napja
13:16 he looks like Conor McGregor, but for bar fights
Arconnelly 53
Arconnelly 53 24 napja
My last name is Connelly.
Derp 24 napja
Jack: It doesnt work for screens GeorgeNotFound: Uhmm EXCUSEA MEA
Ry Yi
Ry Yi 25 napja
18:16 that’s all
LeviSquadReject 25 napja
Okay but why does the thumbnail look like Matt Watson?
Shard 27 napja
THEY’RE NAMED BILLIE JEANS Opposite of jelly beans
Skyrim with Mav
Skyrim with Mav 27 napja
A meme a day might keep the depression away but sometimes the laughs make us feel pain (I have a herniated disc and laughing, coughing, and Sneezing make my booty and tailbone hurt a lot)
Mr p0k3y
Mr p0k3y 28 napja
hmm hes going to punch cancer if he wants to punch my dog
RobotBoy TRB
RobotBoy TRB 28 napja
Me fact: I can sleep for (maybe) 4 hours and wake up not tired.
haiying qu
haiying qu 28 napja
When I stub my toe 12:00
XenoHunter co
XenoHunter co 28 napja
Your "son" looks like the gaming beaver
Jennycat ZZB okii
Try having an Irish/Italian name Dromgool Anselmi ever teacher I have had as said to me “is ur name ansalami? Can u teach me how to say ur last name *giggle giggles*”
Marion Juvrud
Marion Juvrud 29 napja
I would really like to see you to try to come to North Dakota.
Arya Solter
Arya Solter 29 napja
Toaster having a bath
Once, i KNEW it was someone, they accused me, got me voted out, then it said it wasnt me, THEN THEY DIDNT VOTE THEM OUT AND THE IMPOSTORS WON
Stop Making Fun Of Me For This
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