THE PROWLER | Spider-Man Miles Morales - Part 3 (PS5) 

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We meet the Prowler and see what's really going on
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Jeremiah Hardin
Jeremiah Hardin 2 órája
time 2 stop playing with my food lol
The one thing that still confusing me is the into the spider verse suit is in this game but is this the same Miles Morales from the movie or the Spider-Man video game because if it's the same one from the movie uncle Aaron be dead his dad alive but if it's from the video game is Dad would be dead and Aaron is alive this is just confusing
YxngChxpsticks 18 órája
Spider man into the spider verse doesn't relate any where to the game, they have different origin stories. They only added the skin for the community to be happy. I have no idea how you could even think both of them are connected lmao
Owen Tubaro
Owen Tubaro 3 napja
Socksfor1 completed the game in 30 mins
miles moralas
miles moralas 3 napja
Dude u know when you swing higher and fall off a building u fly into a laydown like at the end of spiderman into the spider vers trust me try it I know the series over please try it
ThePBJester 3 napja
32:32 the dude yelled wee woo when seán got him😂😂
Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson 3 napja
Bruh the game has better quality than jacks camera
Alex C
Alex C 5 napja
miles is the fork in the microwave
Cainan Nelly
Cainan Nelly 6 napja
People worrying about losing a fight Jack:do I have shadows lol
Boi 5219
Boi 5219 6 napja
I love how the animated suit is basically ripped from the disney XD series
Cameron Miller
Jack: fights bad guys Also jack: alright that's enough playing with my food!!! ME: ._. Wut??
Davesterfn 6 napja
He forgets to heal to much
paco taco
paco taco 6 napja
that cat sooooooooooooo cute
Upp3r Func1ion
Rip top of the morning
Jacob Lanzer
Jacob Lanzer 8 napja
claws jack, claws 54:01
I.hazCAKE 8 napja
2:57 minutes in and he takes us down a trip of memory lane, what more could you ask for?
MajestikMarii 8 napja
I know I am way late, but ray-tracing does not mean _reflections_. Ray-tracing means the light is simulated to be more like realistic light, like how light rays move and bounce off objects, which is why reflections look better now. It is about the lighting, not the reflections lol.
Jacob Lanzer
Jacob Lanzer 8 napja
teenagers do have spider powers we don't have superhuman strength, but we can shoot web ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
smolduckyboi 10 napja
Spider-Pimp definitely gets all the hoes
Danny Chaw
Danny Chaw 10 napja
Dude casually swung past dr strange
Linkz18 10 napja
Best game ever, you can pet a cat.
General Grievous
Prowler looking different from spiderverse
Max Curtis-England
Anybody see the Avengers building at 57:49???
JJ _YT 11 napja
So my name is JJ and at 19:57 it caught me completely off guard.
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 11 napja
Jack... her mask is so fucking dope it puts your bun to shame
Henry Luley
Henry Luley 12 napja
6:15 They call me the Muhammad Ali of....spiders. 😂😂
omar ismail
omar ismail 12 napja
If you get near the built of the rocket you will find the word to kill spiders
layne white
layne white 13 napja
ahh sweer heroin 10:20
Marissa Roche
Marissa Roche 13 napja
Spider man spider man radioactive spider maaaaaaaaaan
Joe The Turtle
Joe The Turtle 13 napja
In the Spider-Man series Spider-Man: Agents of W.E.B. Miles changed his name to Kid Arachnid to make his own identity while working with Peter. I personally think that name fits better on him
Skully 13 napja
Anybody else hear the roxxon guy say “wee woo” like Patrick 😂 @ 32:34
Nanda Kishore
Nanda Kishore 14 napja
Make it come alive restore perfectly cut screams position
Arian Tan
Arian Tan 14 napja
Jack you sound like jj
Jack Usy
Jack Usy 14 napja
Next thing we know, we’ll have SPIDER-MAN puss in spider. The adventures of SPIDER-MAN the cat, as they annoy miles, defend strays, and protect the pets of New York from all of the pet nappers
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 15 napja
33:36: It's a game, Jackaboy. XD
RacierMercury 15 napja
29:07 Badoo waa Badoo waa
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 15 napja
7:56: Same thing Cory said. 😆 9:55: Right!? Read, Jack! XD
Drew Ahrens
Drew Ahrens 15 napja
Jack is so bad at this, just rushes in and doesn't plan anything out.
Usman Robo
Usman Robo 15 napja
wee nest
wee nest 15 napja
Jack didn't finish that dlc, the black cat one.
Random Weeb
Random Weeb 15 napja
ĐØĐ 彡pHØeNîx
I could make a montage of how many times jack said so cool
Maroon PlaysYT
Maroon PlaysYT 15 napja
no one: the first guy he took down in the reactor: i should have brought cof- AUGH
Jeffrey Rajkumar
I love this but I feel like Sean forgot a lot about the original because a lot of the stuff are pretty much the same with the ps4 version having more variety
D Gaming Turtle
D Gaming Turtle 15 napja
32:34 “WEEWOO!!!” XD
Konrad Zimmermann
5:05 teamwork
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 16 napja
Pretty sure Rick is her brother
DR Fazbear
DR Fazbear 16 napja
Simon is basically a mix of Norman Osborn and Silver Sable.
NS_fearful 17 napja
Ha its a lot less than 8 to 10 hours
coffeegirl18 17 napja
Spiderman, Xmen and Batman 💜 Those were my jam as a kid and I love all the live action ones now too.
Graciela Watson
Graciela Watson 17 napja
Xmen evolution?
fox - eternal
fox - eternal 17 napja
jack: tries to save camila also jack: ohh look at that ray tracing
Codey Foltz
Codey Foltz 18 napja
*me cringing the entire time Jack is doing flips with the cat in his bag... *Jack, “Surprise, your cat is dead!” I lost it! 🤣
MI6 18 napja
"Maybe she isn't that bad" he says about the terrorist
Madison J.
Madison J. 18 napja
I feel like while playing this game he just kinda keeps criticizing the first game and that’s not really fun to hear...
jojo grant
jojo grant 19 napja
i miss top to the morning lades
Hudson Henderson
Famous quote “ EAT GUN WOOOOOOO!”
Jake Vyard
Jake Vyard 20 napja
52:24 I mean there was that one time with NSP where dancing literally got you killed... so yeah that's fair
TylerTrailer 20 napja
10:18 -wise words of W2S
HellfireComms 21 napja
Yeah the stealth was good in the first game, but the new gadgets and Miles' invisibility makes them 10x more snappy. Great stuff.
lewis programming
I’m sad that he didn’t realize that he got the cat suit
shawn kai
shawn kai 21 napja
jack *o sweet harowin *
Casper 21 napja
Why does Underground and Roxxon both hating you in the game reminds me of Sable and Fisk and Demon hating on you in the previous game
HellfireComms 21 napja
The circumstances in this game kind of mirror the previous game. I guess they wanted a similar formula since it's a spin-off.
Casper 21 napja
@Michael Rossi huh ok thanks for the information!
Michael Rossi
Michael Rossi 21 napja
Roxxon is sable just a different name and backstory
Depressed Grandma
I've given up trying to avoid spoilers for this game. It's just so good! Keep up the great work Sean!
Inferno669 22 napja
i have seen every old series of superheros like spiderman,Xman,Batman, etc
Alison Blaire is the mutant pop star Dazzler ⭐️
Jellyman4 Boom47
"Not a competition but I win" Damn I love that quote 😂
Hammy 23 napja
just beat my 100% play through of this game and now I'm watching Jack play so I can see his reactions to things
Mr.Button Masher
Jack fighting 4 guys:Dies 5 seconds in* Jack fighting a whole army: Only takes an 1 damage*
A Kid
A Kid 24 napja
Man who does this guy think he is not bein' capable of rememberin' a single skill he bought
Itz Zombieboy
Itz Zombieboy 24 napja
I play for 1 day and already played the game out🤣
Circus 24 napja
At 10:20 I paused the video because my mom walked into the room, she left and 5 seconds later into the video “oh sweet! Heroin!”
Circus 24 napja
Call me spider-man cuz I dodged a bullet
Beast Gamer
Beast Gamer 25 napja
I about to get the game
Haypac The Neko
Haypac The Neko 25 napja
Tell me, Morales, what do your spider eyes see?
parsa nasirzadeh
7:56 that jj impression was on point
Kenshisan 25 napja
1:16 HA!!!!!!
LIGHTNING 1381 26 napja
Anybody else got reminded of big smoke when they heard 26:15?
That_One_ Furry
That_One_ Furry 26 napja
spider man looks like my cat apple
Farhan Mahmood
Farhan Mahmood 27 napja
you should really use a green screen so the parts that you can see and we cant because of the face cam we'd be able see if you had a green screen
Faye Morgan
Faye Morgan 28 napja
seán: *talking, stops,* is this RAY-TRACING?!?!?
Ibe Enns
Ibe Enns 28 napja
Dang the 90s spiderman show awwww sweet sweet nestalg
Umbreyond 28 napja
5:05 the drone
DARK LORD 28 napja
you are soooooo oooo good
Shan Macugay
Shan Macugay 29 napja
I found an Among us Easter egg in the subtitles 17:08
Mr. Timbers
Mr. Timbers 29 napja
I have the entire animated spider man, bat man, and x-men series on disk
Raymundo Mendez Castillo
Am I Justin 24:59
Morty C-137
Morty C-137 29 napja
As soon as I saw Teo petting Spider-Man, my heart melted and my day got a little bit brighter
Stewie Hónapja
20:24 if only my girlfriend acknowledged this viewpoint Damn this has potential
errr Hónapja
Miles legs while walking down the tower XDDDDD
malik Hónapja
Find it funny how one of the trophies is get a 100 combo
Tunehero Gaming
Tunehero Gaming Hónapja
I bet I was the only one that cried when owner was reunited with Spider-Man the cat 😭
Tunehero Gaming
Tunehero Gaming Hónapja
Also I love how my name but with a c “Caleb” is the owner of a barber shop while my mom works at a hair salon... coincidence? I think not.
HallowJack0 7
HallowJack0 7 Hónapja
Like siriously i was just about to drink water and then suddenly u said SPIDERMAN'S BREAKING AN ENTERING i spilled my water All over the place from laughter i love this
Pr1nce0fHe11 Hónapja
I’m convinced the cat has spider powers to be able to hold on like that
Mr Wasylek
Mr Wasylek Hónapja
If you see this Gay
Crow gaming
Crow gaming Hónapja
Guys I know how spiderJack gets he's venom power he secretly takes heroin
Crow gaming
Crow gaming Hónapja
Jack: don't do drugs kids spiderJack: oo sweet sweet heroin
JFoxToxic Hónapja
BRO!!! Please go drink alcohol at the try channel “Irish people drink -different alcohol-“ I would love to see you drink on that channel and see you drink with them lol
Crow gaming
Crow gaming Hónapja
Crow gaming
Crow gaming Hónapja
jex besty
jex besty Hónapja
22:32 WTF JACK
Night Furious
Night Furious Hónapja
Me at a steady 4 bars of service and trys to change to 1080p HUrun: You’re not good enough for that. 144p engage
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