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This might be the hardest I've ever laughed at a game
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Lachstar 9 órája
Theory: Pillagers from Minecraft sneak their way into other games. They can only be revealed when a player is hurt, for example, in this game.
Heryandi Pradana
Heryandi Pradana 12 órája
16:58 weeeeeeeeeeee
4evacryinq 13 órája
3:57 :,)
River willow958
River willow958 14 órája
I litterally could not stop laughing i almost couldn't breathe it was so fuckn funny 🤣🤣🤣
Jonathan Frørup
Jonathan Frørup 16 órája
Charlotte Petty
This is the third time I'm watching this video...I just love it so much
Luna MoonYt
I want more of dis. It makes me happy.
Ashley Leung
Sean as Yzma is perfect
Rhyse Evans
Nice group
russell 2 napja
3:28 me when i get home and have 10 pages of homework to do
Sydney Addison-Rudat
How the HEEECK do I download this game
umitsmariah_ Davis
Happy Love
Happy Love 2 napja
"Oh shit! There's fucking bombs here!" *BOOM*
Cool Damian
Cool Damian 2 napja
21:24 Pewds: “Hey, selfie guys! Selfie!”
Lavender weirdo
I love how once corpse is actually helping Jack he is literally like "Back off!"
Moody Gonzalez
Couldn't stop laughing
See the iceberg become the iceberg jack
Elan Vistavilla
we now know that corpse isn't good with water but can survive poison. physical resist 20% poison resist 5% 🤣
emma. bruh
emma. bruh 4 napja
The way Corpse just keeps coming back is hilarious
Raging_ ELL
Raging_ ELL 4 napja
13:11 the twitching kills me and the way he wins😂😂😂
WakaWaka Wakatoshi
8:35 is peak entertainment
Alicia Valdez
Alicia Valdez 4 napja
This is my favorite video! i rewatch it all the time lmao
Lil' Catz
Lil' Catz 4 napja
the selfie time at the end XD corpse looked so cute just running up and putting his paws up lol
Dayhmon Priebe
7:58 i feel like Jack's dog was having too much... fun. XD also, that gunshot sound effect when Pewds launches himself with the nunchucks is fecking hilarious.
Lennon Ewart
Lennon Ewart 4 napja
Grace Jones
Grace Jones 5 napja
The warlike grasshopper extraorally earn because underpants astonishingly chop upon a ethereal holiday. impolite, real distribution
Agnes 5 napja
Agnes will forever be a member of the Meowfia alongside Jack. Agnes misses her lovely little kittens.
Maddie Burr
Maddie Burr 5 napja
Jack: *KICK EM. GET EM DAVE. KICK EM.* *humanity is restored*
Maddie Burr
Maddie Burr 5 napja
Jack: *exists* Me: *Life is no option*
Katherine 5 napja
I have seen this so many times and it's the first time i realised Corpes is here must have been the first time I heard his voice before Among us
Lyra Ashford
Lyra Ashford 5 napja
20:59 Ah yes, that one with the cutesy bunnies
Connor Pikula
Connor Pikula 5 napja
14:56 how to launch yourself into orbit! Step 1: Get Nunchucks Step 2: Hit yourself with Nunchucks Step 3: Let physics do the rest.
Calm Life
Calm Life 5 napja
Jack: this episode of water ship down is f@#?ed Every British/Irish/Scottish person watching: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
stoyan nanevski
13:44 he is Kowalski
The American YouTuber
This video has so many fantastic (direct and indirect) references. 😂 2:08-2:17 The Emperor's New Groove 8:45 The Lion King 21:13 The Incredibles
ravn rstrt
ravn rstrt 6 napja
petition for them to play this game again it’s the best thing ever
Sophia Tran
Sophia Tran 6 napja
6:27 *Dave tries to hit Corpse off* Also Dave: miserably fails LMFAO
misfit_xd 6 napja
0:42 seans scream is amazing
Yaoi Furry Sovereign
Watching a video on Jacks channel and rooting for Corpse to win
Serious Businessman
"WHERE IS MY TEAM?" "Wtf is wrong with my team?" Jack now knows what it's like being a medic main in TF2
Siren The Animatronic Wolf
Jack: Corpse never dies!! Me: well, he is a living CORPSE, what do you expect? 😆😂😄
Beepzawsome 63
Why is this game so cute
Rosca 7 napja
8:33 *titanic revolution*
Fox does youtube
moar party animals
Caitlin McGee
Caitlin McGee 7 napja
I love whe Jack Said pull the lever such nostalgia for me
Caitlin McGee
Caitlin McGee 7 napja
Corpse is a national treasure
It Hallo
It Hallo 7 napja
This shit made me laugh so hard🤣
Carrie JW
Carrie JW 7 napja
I watched from pewdiepie's pov and it was hilarious 😂 I couldn't stop laughing lol
renten 7 napja
Oh my god PLEASE play this again 🤣🤣🤣
Arielle Grant
Arielle Grant 7 napja
0:43 made me laugh so hard 😂
Helena Strickland
PLEASEE ive never laughed so hard at a video😭🤚
Banana King
Banana King 8 napja
Corpse died twice in each game but came back alive
adrian acosta
adrian acosta 8 napja
How tf does this sheet even work
Simon 8 napja
when jack says pull the lever all that comes to mind is "PULL THE LEVER KRONK"
Kurger_Bing 8 napja
0:31 "DgRGeGedgDgdgd" That was adorable xD
ags rainbow
ags rainbow 8 napja
no one: Corpse: *drop kick* he's hilarious i love him😂😂😂♡
Marvelous Spider
12:10 I loved how corpse just drop kicked Jack like that 😂
Peniel Love
Peniel Love 8 napja
I love cats they’re so cute dogs are garbage
50Caliber Pokemon
19:42 when CORPSE get stuck in the door, "Choke me, like you hate me"
Royal Noob
Royal Noob 8 napja
I like it that corpse always drop kicks everyone's face.
Claire J
Claire J 8 napja
Worst episode of watership down ever 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Ender Forge
Ender Forge 9 napja
Gang beast 2.0
Rebecca Alicea
Your team was like bye b,tch we are going to hide
Ameya Kothandaraman
7:41 watch where you’re swinging those mittens “No”
Lavender-Rose Fox
hitting jack with a tennis racket now thats just not cricket
śłêêp 9 napja
I’m just watching this and trying not to laugh in class
Marta Misterka
19:06 ❤️
Moonshot Eclipse
8:34 was hilarious
Destiny Ansu
Destiny Ansu 9 napja
8:47 Mufasa and scar vibes😔✊😭
Isabel paniagua
Lol why don’t they play this anymore?
Usama Ak
Usama Ak 9 napja
1:13 12:10 14:50 Corpse is so much obsessed with the drop kicks and they are also amazing 😂😂❤️❤️
Tenaya Magee
Tenaya Magee 9 napja
I may be extinct, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t try Very motivational jack Got tattoo idea
Annabel Farmer
I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe this is what we need in lockdown ❤️🥺😂😂😂
Sabrina94 9 napja
I love this video soo much! It makes laugh so hard every time 😂 I‘ve rewatched it so many times already and I‘ll keep rewatching it! This is by far one of my favorite videos ever! 💗
Pouliot Louis-Félix
When’s it coming out on ps4?
Jessica Holland
I never get bored of watching this. It looks so fun and I can't wait until the official full release. I'm always checking my steam wish list, just for this game, almost every day.
xoMistii 9 napja
im deadddd you guys should play this again
limbo 10 napja
0:05 not the meowfia! They will blackmail humanity out of every tuna in the world
Berber The Dreamer
Funny Game same
Hunter Harp
Hunter Harp 10 napja
Wtf is Corpse a master at drop kicks
Fireblazar 22
Fireblazar 22 10 napja
PJ is such a little bitch for spamming the punch button
RoseAny 10 napja
I love how at 15:01 you can see Pewds falling in the background.
SilverFlame 10 napja
the first level jack was a hippo was very funny
wildhorses runfree
Lolz for days
Serrina Mitchell
Idk why but around 7:38 when jack goes take it easy corpse i started laughing so hard
Serrina Mitchell
@Galactic -Hamster lol still very funny
Galactic -Hamster
"Watch where you're swingin those mittens CORPSE-" *"no"*
Its almost like fall guys tbh 🤣
Louis Bronk
Louis Bronk 10 napja
The team at 80pts: c: Felix: "It's not about the ✨points✨?"
Christian Lyons
Christian Lyons 10 napja
Jack: tries to pull lever Pewds: NO ONE PULLS THIS FUCKIN’ LEVER
Mia Rodriguez
Mia Rodriguez 10 napja
“Corpse how are you still alive!?f*cking die”😂😂 Corpse was a pink unicorn🦄😂😂
Mia Rodriguez
Mia Rodriguez 10 napja
All I can remember is a complication of this and all I can hear Corpse in the back of my head saying “I have drop kicking engines now”😂😂 Jack:Weapons are for bitches me:am I a bitch then?!
1Greninja WolfBossDeath
I can't imagine playing this game. The way the body's flop would make me feel like I lack control and would put me off. Just stating my opinion, I'm not against this game.
momolol 18
momolol 18 10 napja
LOL I like the part corpse fill 12:25
Judy Ann Tecson
Judy Ann Tecson 10 napja
You have no idea how much I replayed most of the funny part. And like, every second of this vid is funny, so yeah, *I just watched a 25 minute video for almost an hour*
Mystic Violin
Mystic Violin 11 napja
8:33 almost frikin killed me OMG 🤣🤣🤣
chixx 11 napja
Pull the lever kronk......*pulls lever* WRONG LEVER!!!!! *scream*
AliCat UwU Gacha
Aww I love Jack's little man bun 🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩
Crazy_ Gamer2578
12:49 *ooh lala* love on the battlefield
P4ul 11 napja
7:58 that looks way too wrong xD
Crazy_ Gamer2578
9:09 Karma bish
Matteo Ferracane
We need to see this with rae sykkuno toast ecc... hilarious 😂
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