The HARDEST Decision in Among Us History 

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We held a talent show in Among Us with Proximity Chat
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2020.dec. 4.






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Dwi Rahman Soleman
Adam Hassoun
Adam Hassoun 5 órája
Is it weird I got a add we’re tom And jerry for 20 min on a yacht cool but why this for a add
GiGa B23
GiGa B23 8 órája
1:01 ._. someone explian
Chris Owens
No one saw corpes pewds and jack just walked past a body?
• NutellaKitsune •
I wonder whats the highest corpses voice can go-
Odimus Napja
2:53 Jack: What's your favourite flower? Corpse: ɨ ȶɦɨռӄ ɨ ʟɨӄɛ ʀօֆɛֆ
knock knock whos there doctor doctor who wow i didnt know you like that show to
Hayden Ostapowich
Not jack skipping over a dead body at the start
FaKe_Dank 2 napja
Card swipe isnt hard
I always get card swipe first try-
Amber in the box
CORPS FLOWER COORRPPSS FLOWERRR. it's a prehistoric humongous flower that we have still around. We have one in my area. Its HUGE and very pretty. Eats ..... like small birds and shit. And orrrr.... well I know it's called the corps flower cuz when it finally blooms it smells like rotting flesh
The American YouTuber
3:07 10:30 I loved this video so much. 😂 It was so, just... close.
hello 3 napja
"Science rules" Traumatic school memories emerge.
This is the best group of people
Shelby Benton
Shelby Benton 4 napja
I love this group!
Grace Hourihan
Love how Sean completely asked pass Chan’s dead body at the begining 🤣
Crazy_ Gamer2578
Why werent they reporting?
King Blonde
King Blonde 4 napja
1:02 Jack completely walks past the dead body and doesnt report it
niamh rattigan
Seán:ShUt Up YoU gHoUl Me:*Chokes on iska*
Jayden Huddleston
nogla wins the races because of his mario kart 8 days
STIRLING Skym 5 napja
AnD iM sO sOrRy
what song was he singing "ahime"
kiva scannell
kiva scannell 5 napja
Any Irish ppl triggered
Th3_Creativ3 5 napja
it went from among us to just us
Poorvika 5 napja
Corpse knew pewds was practicing cat girls are ruining my life 😂 😂 😂
Jaydon Galloway
My name is Jaydon and it is spelt like that but every time you say Jaydon I think you are talking to me even though it’s a video
Ziad Montasir
Ziad Montasir 6 napja
Scarlet Wheeler
Everyone bribing jack not to kill them while Jack gives corpse a little peck also... When they raced i almost died
Casual Weirdos
Jack: Here I go killin again Crombopulous Michael from Rick and Marty: oh boy here I go Killin again IM STARTING TO SEE SOMTHIN
Casual Weirdos
Corpse: Where are they Jack: AND IM SO SOWRY! Can we talk abt how jacks voice in that actually sounds amazing there thooooo
ALiving12 6 napja
corpse at electrical sounds exactly like kratos
jokey jokey
jokey jokey 6 napja
Do among us but you can't speak when an emergency is called
Sopheea V
Sopheea V 7 napja
The “AND iM sO SoRrY” cracks me up everytime
Macauley Patterson
Im a new subscriber
Reaper’s Babe
2:18 Sean: I have immunity to Corpse though... Awww...simp
Raukura Cave
Raukura Cave 8 napja
I think imma rewatch this episode a few times.. its.the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! Great content.
Viktor Vicanovic
1:01 are they blind or something?
Kick With Nick
They're not supposed to report.
Annie Kester
Annie Kester 9 napja
I feel like I saw a buzzfeed unsolved reference
Cheyanne M
Cheyanne M 9 napja
Did know one notice that Jack ran past cyans body in the first round- no just me- k
Zombs 10 napja
jack and corpse are so cute omg
VioletHyena 10 napja
I LOVE this kind of Among us play. it's creative use of the communication system. I'm digging it! More like this please!
Morgan Bellemore
omg right as corpse was saying science rules i said it too 5:55
maricathetiger 10 napja
anyone noticed the "...if?" at 10:22?
-XxDarkSoalxX- 10 napja
Pft, I understood what corpse said xD He said yug-vil-der
Eli Andrews
Eli Andrews 11 napja
1:02 uhh jack you blind?
BrutusZ10 11 napja
I love how Misticos theme is now a meme 0:25 cause he is my favorite luchador
Uncreatively Lame
Me: vibing with my friend who's sleeping over My brother: constantly tries to annoy us cause that's what bros do Me: 9:25
Alyssa Wood
Alyssa Wood 6 napja
Don't have friends sleeping over but i relate regardless
koklup892 466
koklup892 466 12 napja
omg happy wheels #69 after this what
The Cousinz
The Cousinz 13 napja
Dave - *nogla.* Nogla - *dead. Everyone else - "omfg he fuckin dead."😂
Catalina Mars
Catalina Mars 13 napja
The fact that nobody knew the rest of Corpse's song E Girls are Ruining my life and that I knew so much of it makes me wish I was there.
TurtleObsessed 13 napja
Nogla with his stories... I wanna know but like... AFTER the game he has to finish the stories... ya know xD COZ I WANNA KNOW THE CONTEXT
Kenneth Thorberg
as a swedish person i would w2want to say that corpse just lerned a swedish word im proud
fluffy srena
fluffy srena 14 napja
Alessandra 14 napja
When they were running fast the first thing I thought of was: WANNA SEE SOME REAL SPEED B*TCH
Senora Leigh
Senora Leigh 14 napja
Their way of playing among us, is the only way to play among us anymore 😂
Lilee Grace
Lilee Grace 14 napja
Dave asking sean if he needs therapy is literally the most ironic thing to exist
desireerogers 14 napja
10:38 omg his laugh made me smile
Sean Vinyard
Sean Vinyard 14 napja
Why does he keep past bodys
Rayan 14 napja
Alannah Brooks
Alannah Brooks 14 napja
What's with the face at the bottom
Foxx Neko
Foxx Neko 14 napja
This video had the perfect opportunity to say SPEED IS KEY
dino nuggets
dino nuggets 15 napja
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 15 napja
“Aughhh I feel like I’m in Spain without the pain” caught me of guard and had me laughing
_ Wolfynstine
_ Wolfynstine 15 napja
What is the picture in the middle bottom of the screen for? Is it like the server link or something?
Razor Riches
Razor Riches 15 napja
Wtf at the start
Kauai Wilson
Kauai Wilson 15 napja
Not me just now realizing Dave is boyinaband Dave
Nilo Fly
Nilo Fly 15 napja
Wait jack has a coffee and coco brand ... shutup and take my monny
Blindboi's Vlogs
Yall should play vr chat
Ms.WhoAmI 16 napja
5:04 this makes me think of buzzfeed unsolved. Ahh Ryan and Shane of wheezing
Joe Hibler
Joe Hibler 16 napja
I like how that all just walk past toasted body at the start and say nothing
SlyNOAH 2904
SlyNOAH 2904 16 napja
Jack said corpse is speed but he also says speed is key. Jack has been trying to tell us that corpse is key. But key to what exactly?
sammi sweet
sammi sweet 16 napja
What was the end of Noglas joke!?
Andrew Sweebe
Andrew Sweebe 16 napja
why did they walk past a body walking out of locker room
stratosphere 16 napja
Jazz Rylie Pecjo
when you try to brag stuff to your friends and they end up knowing you lied to them 8:13
Sophia Mustapich
Who else ships Jack and Corpse?
Potato_ NoobYTN
Potato_ NoobYTN 17 napja
Corpse: jag vill do Me: I want dirt too also it means i want to do
Mathis Gibson
Mathis Gibson 17 napja
It's funny how they ignored​ the body 1:01
Austin 12 napja
This is a hide n' seek, so they didn't have to report it
Mike Owen
Mike Owen 17 napja
Is no one going to acknowledge the fact they walked past dead light blue's body
Kieran Hallsmet
Kieran Hallsmet 17 napja
Guy girl bed
Louise Parker
Louise Parker 17 napja
Next they need to do a race across Skeld but player speed is ridiculously slow
Hyper 84
Hyper 84 17 napja
VR CHAT VR CHAT VR CHAT VR CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stairway to heaven
Anna K.
Anna K. 17 napja
New Title: "Among Us Olympics" 😂😂
B B 17 napja
They just ran past a body!
Bicc Boi
Bicc Boi 18 napja
3:13 😫
PixelParasite 18 napja
I absolutely love Corpse's laugh.
Trexler Pettinger
After all this time... I couldn’t sub But now.. IM SUBED!!!
Dark Killer
Dark Killer 18 napja
10:35 did Corspe just Laught?????
Alex O'Brien
Alex O'Brien 18 napja
I love corpse!,
The blink 182 reference saved Jack
SerWeeb 18 napja
I heard "The sentence is raw"
Reece Mason
Reece Mason 18 napja
4:10 Has anyone else got that happy wheels in their up next section?
Rianne Kuilder
Rianne Kuilder 18 napja
The joke: A man goes to the doctor. After examining him, the GP says: “You have some problems with your heart, but if you take these tablets I think it will be okay.” So the doctor gives the man the tablets and the patient asks: “Do I have to take them every day?” “No,” replies the doctor. “Take one on the Monday, skip the Tuesday, take one on the Wednesday, skip the Thursday and go on like that.” Two weeks later the doctor is walking down the street and he sees the patient’s wife. “Hello Mrs Murphy,” he says. “How’s your husband?” “Oh he died of a heart attack,” says Mrs Murphy. “I’m very sorry to hear that,” says the doctor. “I thought if he took those tablets he would be all right.” “Oh the tablets were fine,” says Mrs Murphy. “It was all the bloody skipping that killed him!”
Cbarz 97
Cbarz 97 19 napja
Proximity chat is 10x more funny than regular among us
MsSandr0w 19 napja
I. LOVE. THIS. JACK AND CORPSE IS A THING ♡♡♡ my heart mealts. Or jack melt corpse "jag vill döö" heart 🖤 "Jag vill dö", swedish "I want to die", english. .. youre welcome ♡ Jack ♡ Corpse = ship
Kenn Kattt
Kenn Kattt 19 napja
RedHairedAly 19 napja
Kimberly Cullen
Kimberly Cullen 19 napja
The short promotion shortly reflect because cloudy probably level round a faithful step-brother. plastic, amazing family
maxman1602 19 napja
I lost it when you ejected Dave for suggesting a rap battle to decide.
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