THE END OF IT ALL | The Last Of Us 2 - Part 13 

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It's been a long, emotional journey but we have come to the end of The Last of Us Part II
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jacksepticeye 6 hónapja
Our long journey comes to an end! What did you think? Did you enjoy the series?
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez Hónapja
Yes! It was a fucking great just watching
It was such an emotional rollercoaster. I am so sad and riled right now...poor Joel.
Cheryl Parker-Smith
Amazing! Emotionally all over. Completely agree with you, it hit hard with Joel because he's turned into the father figure that we wanted him to be in the first one even though he did horrific stuff. Then playing from Ellie to Abby was emotionally difficult too. But we saw Ellie grow so much, and seeing her let Abby go after seeing joel. Rambling but WOW ! Thank you Sean again amazing !!!
The Old Goat Outdoors
Yes I loved it
Ashley Lowe
Ashley Lowe 2 hónapja
I'm sad and happy at the same time didn't know that I could fell that. oohhh I'm crying ok I loved this series and loved your play trough can't wait to see you're other series. Still crying I'm wondering what happened to spud\j j and Dina.
TheMultiGamer 7 órája
Personally, I think Abby's story should've been a DLC, or a New Game+ thing. It just seems weird playing as, essentially the antagonist, for half the game. It's like playing FNAF, and on Night 3, you're suddenly Freddy.
Lost marbles 20
Lost marbles 20 8 órája
This was interesting, to experience, i still think what joel did was for himself, his past are dark and he may see Ellie as his light,a second chance to save himself, that may be why he did what he did, but who to say. He did show some growth in the end, he was changing. Ellie thought she wanted revenge and let it consume her, not knowing all she wanted was closure, because she know what he did, and was just coming to term with it, but before she could he was taking from her, it took her long to let go and move on, and her 2 fingers is like her completely letting go of him finally she got it, and ready to move on with her life. In the end she knew, what he was so selfishly fighting for, what she her self may lost. Abby wanted revenge for so long, and when she got it it wasn't as she thought, it felt wrong to her, because she wanted him to suffer as she did in her loss, before ending him, but when she look back all she see was herself losing her humanity, this Abby was driven by hate and fuelled by anger, but she quickly learned, that hate and revenge will be more destructive on her life and her friends and family, when she saw the man she still loves laying lifeless in front of her, she was tied of it all. Her growth was the most balanced, to be honest in my opinion, she felt more human in my eyes that way, i was angry with her like the rest i am sure, but seen how she knows her actions, and what they caused everyone around her, she showed compassion and courage in the end. She was the most human i saw in this whole conflict, and that is my opinion. Tommy was just angry and i don't think he let go yet, after his wife (Maria) left him because of his obsession with revenge, only the thought of revenge is left for him, not knowing what his brother was fighting for, what he may lose if this continued. He is the only character who will not move on i feel, he will destroy his life with his obsession. I need more background on the Rattles, what a mysterious faction and how they come to be, the "Last of us 3" will be interesting to say the least 🤔🧐 well done "Naughty Dog"👏👏👏. Thank you Jack, for the experience😀, and some horrific killings spray you wen't on as Ellie 😂😂😂😂 P.s the last one was a joke.
Rina C
Rina C 13 órája
Damn, the voice acting in this episode is literal FIRE🔥
twilight tango
twilight tango 17 órája
they should’ve made abby and ellie’s story paths like how they did leon and claire’s from resident evil 2. diverse and similar campaigns, but all leading up to the same point
Ben Eddy
Ben Eddy 19 órája
i thought tommy was going to join ellie when she went after abby again in the end
Vilde S
Vilde S 21 órája
I love how everyone gets poetic about Ellie losing her fingers and comparing it to losing the last part of Joel with not being able to play the guitar anymore and I'm just here like "well Manny said you only need three fingers, right?"
Luke A
Luke A Napja
Absolutely loved seeing both sides, Abby's side of the story made Ellie's actions completely unjustified and shocking and provided such interesting context as to why Abby killed Joel for killing her own dad. Thought it was brilliantly done
Nicole Davis
I enjoyed this series a lot; and I can’t blame Abby or Ellie for their emotions, they just needed to be taught revenge isn’t the answer. I never liked how The Last of Us ended with Joel finding out how they were going to kill Ellie to get this cure. I hate how they didn’t bother to tell him, like obviously he cared for this girl he travelled cross country with. How is the doctor gonna make the decision for himself to take a little girls life? I mean yeah, would’ve saved millions of lives for one, but it’s still not right to make that decision for yourself. Blows my mind that they thought that was okay. Abby upset losing her father; understandable, but brutally murdering him in front of Ellie and Tommy? Not okay. Ellie’s not innocent either. They’re all pretty awful people; but in the end, I believe they’ve learned revenge just isn’t worth losing everything you have; friends, family and your fingers. What a great game though, I hope The Last of Us 3 continues with Abby and Lev or maybe as Seán said, a whole new story arch. Glad I revisited this series to finish it out!
Detective Mittens
I seem to be alone in this... I prefer Abby .. would love to see more of her
Gavin Evans
Gavin Evans 2 napja
To be fair to Joel in the first game, there couldn't be a cure that's not how fungi works there can be vaccines for viruses but fungi can't be cured per say. Game theory goes more in depth on the topic but essentially you can't cure a fungus. If you're interested in it I think the video is called Joels empty choice
kiara mae
kiara mae 2 napja
mang’s bodyguard
Also that last ending part wrecked me
Brea Boris
Brea Boris 2 napja
II know you've posted this series about 6 months or so ago or now. o love this game. I'm a blind player, and I 'm so happy this is accessible for me. I'd love to see a Lev game. I love Lev, He's my favore in the game. I hated killing the dogs, but i guess it just comes with the territorry. Thanks for making this series. k
mang’s bodyguard
also lev best boy
mang’s bodyguard
my lil genderfluid bi heart is so warmed by seán’s speech at the end of the video. Thank you so much. It means a lot
Alfie 3 napja
I think Joel’s death would work better if you play the first game and this game back to back to keep the care for Joel as a character. TLOU2 has the correct scenarios in the wrong order, since the game only makes you care about Joel in this game *after* he dies.
Caeston Jones
Caeston Jones 3 napja
jack: this ax is insane jack 5 sec later: oo coffee
Wonderland Dreamer
When I played it I found the fight in the beach excruciating. The way Abby looked, how defeated and hurt she was, it just felt wrong to hit her, cut her. It felt wrong. I felt nauseous. And Abby isn't really my favourite character.
Jew Gold
Jew Gold 3 napja
Ellie should’ve just shot Abby instead of trying to brawl with the rhinoceros that Abby is
Strawhat97 4 napja
how do you feel about the game now?
Taha HN
Taha HN 4 napja
The game makes as sympathies With the Both sides of the story and making it hard for us to watch so that the only thing you'll want is an end to the fight It's just we love ellie and we want her to get her revenge cause it's gonna hurt less.. Bottom line KIIIIILLL THAA BIIITTCHH
Tacoman salsa
Tacoman salsa 4 napja
This was beautiful, the story was very emotional with massive development in the building of how it all connects. Thank you jack for showing this.
Aden McCarstle
yep the game was SHIT
Aden McCarstle
@Shadow Knight look dude this game was okay but the 1st one was SO MUCH BETTER
Shadow Knight
Such a crybaby
exoticST_ 4 napja
I dont like the fact that Joel died but no Abby
Sean Cady
Sean Cady 5 napja
What will always get me in this game is how Ellie had just decided she wanted to try to forgive Joel the day before he died. That timing is so top notch and heartbreaking and it makes me bawl my eyes out every time I see that scene.
Katie Murray
Katie Murray 5 napja
as a gay woman I just wanted to say thank you and you’re probably my favorite HUrunr ❤️
LS Gaming
LS Gaming 5 napja
This ending fucked me up bad
The Alpha male
I like Abby more towards the end I think Ellies wrongs out weighed abbys and abbys was doing more good then ellie
Taylor Halliday
I think the ending was so bad Abby should of died for what she did to Joel, so basically Ellie wasted her time looking for revenge just to change her mind and let Abby live. Worst ending I’ve ever seen in my opinion
Ace Senpai
Ace Senpai 6 napja
Damn, just damn
They should have done what they did in the Resident Evil 2 Remake where you play the 2 different perspectives separately as 2 different campaigns. Then the story would have had a better flow and grip to players. Then those who wanted more could get more, I think that would be better.
Nikolay Sinitsyn
Wow what a shit game.
Noob Master69
Noob Master69 7 napja
revenge is a fools game - Arthur Morgan
Casandra Salazar
in the trana
Casandra Salazar
YOU MIST A CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iamGamer 7 napja
this is my opinion on the game if anyone cares to read. i fully agree with jack on how the game should've started. it'd be just right for what's to come. storyline was really sad and depressing mostly. it all seem just to be about revenge and killing friends and everything just seem to move fast and just really forward. don't even need to say anything about the gameplay. you KNOW that shit hits great. the ending how i would've changed, i think how it should end with ellie farming the sheep into the barn where she her panic attack & PTSD. the moment were she screamed, it should cut there. the game ends, credits roll. I feel like that would get everyone hyped for TLOU PT3.
SwEEt moZZi920
Indigo Hansen
Indigo Hansen 7 napja
My only complaint about the game is that it is a CRIME that built-like-an-ox abby isn’t a lesbian. That sex scene between her and owen made me sooooo uncomfortable because I thought that she was gay too at first lmao
Asexuals be like 51:20
GrumpyBullet 9 napja
This is my opinion on well Joel grant it what he did was selfish for the first game taking Ellie away, But anyone one infected longer I think would not survive the cure if one was made. My thought on this was how other zombie based games are when a cure is to be made it would kill rather than cure the person infected, Cause of death would be brain death because what the first note you get on stages of infected how the first stage of infection they are dumb/ hunt in packs and need one another. Than any stage of infection after that would be unable to be cured like stalkers clickers and anything with the more fungal on them the more the infection can't do anything. (all a theory and what i think) Because say if Ellie was killed to make a cure but turns out her death was for nothing? How much more it would affect Joel's character, So I say what Joel did Yes was selfish but at the same time no, Than Joel's death was needed because it would be stale if you were to play him again and what story would they go off? The revenge story was a good one just a internal fight for Ellie at the end how she let Abby go because she did not want to lose her self and how if she did kill Abby she would start the circle of Lev wanting revenge back on Ellie. So i say the game was well made, Sad i could not experience this myself but LOVED to watch it like it was a movie. So the people who talked crap about this game I say they never played it or ever gave it a chance their fault and their lost.
Glornak Ironspawn
What they should have done is had you play the entire Abby part of the game immediately after she killed Joel to get you to understand her and care about her friends. The entire time getting vague hints throughout that there's "a couple people on a rampage" in the city. To throw players off a bit as they wouldn't immediately assume it's Ellie until Abby confronts her. This way players aren't stewing over Abby for hours on end as they see cute flashbacks with Ellie and Joel. Only after that would players go back and see everything from Ellies perspective starting at Joel's grave. That way Ellie isn't just killing seemingly random goons throughout because players weren't even told they were Abby's friends. Nevermind that most people wouldn't recognize them from the fairly short cutscene where Joel was killed.
Jkub Grcia
Jkub Grcia 9 napja
Jkub Grcia
Jkub Grcia 9 napja
I got hit by a truck and crushed my lung so now I'm in a hospital and I have 8 weeks too live so I might as well finish the series
Faye Pallister
Faye Pallister 10 napja
37:00 “You guys pick up stuff way slower than joel did” maybe if you held triangle it wouldve done the same as the first game😂 the first game made you hold triangle to pick up everything at once..... they have it in the second game
Payton Anderson
Payton Anderson 10 napja
If there is a part 3 to the last of us jack should play it.
Sir Cereal
Sir Cereal 10 napja
Jack half the time “You stole my arrow you fucker” Jack the other times “Yay arrows!”
Jeffrey Lee
Jeffrey Lee 10 napja
Wish you would have played on a harder difficulty, normal looked like it was super easy and you literally never ran out of ammo or resources.
Mitch C
Mitch C 11 napja
The singing over the clips of these last few scene has me feeling so conflicted. I feel so sad that all of this happened to Ellie and Abby. Neither of them are good people, but neither of them deserve the sorrow that each of them got. I want to feel sad and shed tears for them, but I just can't get myself to do that. I still love this game, and I'm a bit glad NaughtyDog went with this route. Bit more unconventional but still very impactful. Thanks Sean for this series.
Jimmy Goggins
Jimmy Goggins 11 napja
Okay, I must say that your run of the Rattlers' compound went so much smoother than mine.
Eve Fender
Eve Fender 11 napja
Is it true that naughtydog is making a third last of us?
Shree Kaushik
Shree Kaushik 8 napja
they cant stop it here
Jeffrey Lee
Jeffrey Lee 10 napja
Maybe in another 7 years.
jony lol
jony lol 11 napja
Obviously not
JunieMoore380 12 napja
I think this is the best video game I’ve ever seen. It had my emotional all over the place, the visuals were out of this world, it felt so real, and I loved how long it was. I got totally invested in the characters and it was a struggle to care about them even though they were against each other. What an incredible game. Wow 🤩 so amazing and emotional
A bit late on this, but I wanted to say my thoughts. Specifically my thoughts on why the game made you play Abby and Ellie for equal amounts of time, and why there was a campaign for Abby in the first place. The theme most people take away is that "there are 2 sides to every story". Well for me, I see Abby and Ellie's journey as the same story. They have multiple parallels. For Ellie, Joel and Jesse died. For Abby, Jerry and her friends died. So if they treated their stories differently you would see the characters in a different light. If Abby was just a NPC in Ellie's story, you wouldn't have nearly the same connection you would have otherwise. You would also feel the same way if the roles were reversed with Ellie. So how do you create 2 connections between 2 different characters? Make 2 different campaigns.
Alex Schemman
Alex Schemman 13 napja
I can finally read the comments now
Golden Mask
Golden Mask 13 napja
i honestly thought that the part with the farmhouse to the end was all a dream sequence. i thought we were going to wake up and ask abby ... something? i layed on the floor for a bit when i saw the naughty dogs logo. just in shock of what the hell that ending was... i wish they did a sort of multiple endings thing where if you don't get the mape in day 1 she doesn't find you. or you could take different path ways to get to different places to be your home dase... but i did love this game a lot but it kinda broke me a little
mgebro 13 napja
jack did a great job in this. im watching this playlist since the series started. love that creativity from him,love the maturity, well made person with great responsibility
Landon Smith
Landon Smith 13 napja
It was better that he killed the dog. Y'know put it out of its misery.
Ajay Norris
Ajay Norris 13 napja
I love how it ends showing the moth, moths are attracted to light, and fireflies say "when you're lost in the darkness, look for the light" ellie found the light and finally let Joel go.
Ajay Norris
Ajay Norris 13 napja
Im glad ellie let Abby live, because we all know Lev would have came back for revenge... and then the cycle would start again.
Jeffrey Lee
Jeffrey Lee 3 napja
@Nugget the great Abby doesn't have a clan, Isaac died when he decided to attack the Scar's island and the WLF was pretty much destroyed in the fight on the Scar's island. Abby's friends were the one's with her when she killed Joel, Ellie killed almost all of them.
Nugget the great
@Jeffrey Lee even if all her friends are dead... she still had her clan...she decided to let her whole clan down where she had food, medecin, gym, people... but she let all of that down for lev...who she met for litterally a few days. she the one that chose that and she the one that put herself in that position.
Jeffrey Lee
Jeffrey Lee 4 napja
@Nugget the great That was Isaac, those weren't Abby's friends. Ellie and Tommy killed Abby's friends. Like I said Ellie still has something, Abby doesn't.
Nugget the great
@Jeffrey Lee abby lost her friends because she allied herself with lev and yara and dishonored her clan by being friends with the enemy.
Shree Kaushik
Shree Kaushik 8 napja
i guess lev would go crazy. cuz he dont know who killed abby or form where she(ellie) came from and if ellie did kill abby then lev would have no one.
FrostWasn'tHere 13 napja
“Sometimes in order to kill a monster, you have to become a monster yourself.”
Eric Bush
Eric Bush 13 napja
I waited so long to watch this series but I finally got the game for Christmas and avoided all spoilers. I played the game and came here to see what you had to say ab it
Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel 13 napja
I love the outros
Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel 13 napja
Please play last of us 1 again (or the remastered). I am not going to lie I didn’t watch you play it because you seemed to quiet
jony lol
jony lol 11 napja
Why would he do that he can't experience the story again just for youtube he experience the story already
Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel 13 napja
I think the reason they made Ellie have a normal life then go back to Abby was because it was showing that she couldn’t move on. She had too much PTSD and turned into Abby in the beginning. Abby turned into Ellie because Abby started to care about Lev and Yara, Ellie started to push away the people of jackson and Dina because she wanted blood.
Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel 13 napja
The game could have said abbys story through a journey (like Ellie’s). The notes that Ellie read told a bunch of mini story’s. If maybe towards the end, Ellie found abbys journal? Like when Ellie dies, someone will find her journal and find out what happened. I think Abby should have had some type of journal or a collection of notes. That way you wouldn’t want to rush through abbys section and it wouldn’t feel long. I really do agree with Jack because the game was really good and I couldn’t stop binging it but the pacing was off. I liked the message they sent. Ellie was taken over by revenge and she ended up being a murder with dead friends, her girlfriend gone, and not being able to play the guitar anymore (which is probably really hard for her because Joel taught her). And she realized what she had become, so she didn’t kill Abby. And the “if I ever were to lose you, I’d surely loose myself” that was true. Ellie lost herself and pushed everyone away. This game was amazing. This was one of the only games where I didn’t constantly yell at jack for taking 1 hour each episode of gathering materials. I don’t know much about techy things but the acting was fantastic and so was the graphics. I always love when I can sit down for a long time and just watch Jack play a phenomenal game. So I also want to that you Jack for making this experience even better (especially because I’m not a gamer but I love watching them)
Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel 13 napja
I do want to thank you jack for making this series like a show and not a bunch of HUrun videos
The Last Of Us Edits
your right sorry i should have know
Kayla Potter
Kayla Potter 14 napja
It flowed so well I really enjoyed binge watching this series! Cried so much lol
Dunning Kruger
Dunning Kruger 14 napja
Has he really missed Abbys letter??
mR. wigleegiggle5
I wonder what it would have been like if this game had been different. The first was one of my favorite stories ever told in movie or game. This just felt empty. It felt lifeless. And maybe that was the point, but to me, the last of us is supposed to show the last bit of humanity and emotion in an otherwise dying world. This game just escalated into an endless swirl of violence and destruction with no real relatable reason to it. The first game showed how relatable a jaded, and broken anti hero can actually be, by showing such a heartbreaking past that led him to being that anti hero. This game just stripped every lovable character of any life or humanity, and turned it into a 30 hour gore fest, where all you could do is hate the characters you once loved, as well as the new characters they’re trying to get you to love. The ending of the first Last of Us made me feel emotionally confused and excited, the ending of The Last of Us 2 made me feel empty.
Haley Andrews
Haley Andrews 14 napja
Absolutely loved this. I thought I'd hate the whole playing as abby thing. But actually I think naughty dog did a great job at using it to make you feel more of a connection to every single character. And understand each side of their feelings. Loved it. And I was in tears at the end, absolute tears 😭. Then again I cried a few times. When joel died, and Jessie and Tommy but then when Tommy wasn't actually dead (they got me there). Oh and yara. So many feels. Well done Naughty dog! Oh and the graphics. Sorry so many great things 😂
Lil Wesker
Lil Wesker 15 napja
i had a very hard time - emotionally - finishing the story. I had no issue at first hunting everyone down. I was fixed on finding the people who killed joel. I was like I'm gonna kill you motherfuckers. And it was so weird how at some point playing as abby when everyone was already dead I literally felt so torn playing as abby from seeing her point of view that when I have to play as ellie again I wasnt as driven to want to kill abby like I was in the beginning of the game. In fact when I realized how many people in abby's gameplay I already killed as ellie I felt so bad because they all seemed like really cool people and I wished ellie and them never crossed paths. Equally so hunting ellie down was impossible for me because I seriously didnt want to hurt ellie. And I also had a hard time at the very end of the game playing as ellie hunting abby down. When I finally find abby I litrally took so long to finish the fight hoping that I didnt have to kill abby which was weird cuz I seriously wanted her dead even when I was playing as her. As much as i hate her for killing joel i understood the character and actually grew to kind of like her. She actually reminded me of joel when he was a character fixated on survival and made no personal ties with anyone except a handful of people like tess and ellie. And for those people would go to hell and back for the people her cared for and really saw that in abby. As hard as the game was to play I enjoyed every second and I was impressed with how torn I was in the game I felt that was actually what made the game so impressive. Naughty dog was able to question my /(ellie's) vengeance for abby in a really humanly sadistic way. I think the point is it shouldn't be so easy or simple to want somebody to die in anger and vengeance u lose parts of yourself and it eats at the good parts of yourself. There is always a cost to vengeance. Abby loses her relationship with owen. Tommy, a character we see lay down a violent life for his wife ends up leaving it behind at the very end he ALSO ends up separated from his loved one at the end. Sweet characters turned sour to life. Just like it consumed abby it consumes ellie and tommy. Ellie loses her relationship with dina... and her fingers. Ellie sacrifices the better half of herself for this vengeful path and it's really sad to see her go from this child with joel who is so full of life and laughter and sweet feelings the game brings u to the close of her charcter beaten down and broken. A shell of the ellie we once knew. Great game
Annie X
Annie X 15 napja
2:14:17 jack you are too cuteee
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards 15 napja
I just absolutely loved this play through. It was so gripping and emotional. Wow
Adahy Bullet
Adahy Bullet 16 napja
"Those who seek revenge best dig two graves" is frankly personified in this game, even if neither person who had seeked it died. Least... Physically. But the people they once was both became drowned during there attempts. Especially Ellie. Its amazing ta see how much like Abby she becomes, and scary too. But on the opposite end, Abby becomes so much like Joel and its quite ironic how they became who they hated most. I absolutely loved everything about this game. Granted, the jumps between Abby and Ellie definitely could've been done differently but at the same time I'm glad they was here. Its a shame Ellie will never be able to teach J.J. how to play guitar tho. But frankly, this was the price of her revenge as well as losing Jesse and possibly even Tommy relationship wise. She definitely lost Dina and in extension J.J. Just like Abby's was losing all her friends. They ultimately both paid everything for something that by now they realize was pointless no doubt. Revenge holds no bars nor takes any prisoners. Its cold, heartless, cruel and will just as happily end you as it would end the other person. On a separate, more happy note: the visuals of this game were phenomenal throughout the entire game and that monster from the hospital is something that, as i said prior, would make the devs of Deadspace proud likely. That thing was horrifying and amazing.
The Cammunist
The Cammunist 16 napja
I was the exact opposite of Jack during the final fight. Haha. I was like "YEAHHH KICK HER ASS!" Abby killed Joel like a coward. Shot him while his back was turned and beat him to death. She deserved to die on that beach and I honestly don't know why Ellie stops drowning her.
jony lol
jony lol 11 napja
Tbh I liked abbys story more
potatolord still da potato lord
Jack:I'm sorry to dead dog *walks on corpse*
Hannah 16 napja
The part where Jack is talking around 1:40:00 makes me so happy that he brought that into light. Up until this videogame and this video came out, I was lucky enough to not really experience serious hate or anything from people for being a part of the LGBTQ+ community and when this video came out, people started to tell me that I wasn't really bi, or that I had "clearly" made the right decision because I was dating a man and if I said I was anything otherwise, I was "looking for someone to cheat on them with" and that really struck me. I came to Jack's channel as a way of feeling at home, feeling safe and loved and I really appreciate him and his community. If Sean sees this, keep doing what you love doing and know that you have touched so many people's lives in so many different ways. Thank you
Firemark 66
Firemark 66 16 napja
I cried
Samuel Rapp
Samuel Rapp 16 napja
I believe it should have been up to the player wether or not to spare abby, We played a rather long game to try and achieve a certain conclusion that was stolen from us because they didn't want to let us make that choice, I've spent time (after all I am replying to this comment 6 months after the initial video release) And I can still say that I would have happily murdered Abbey 6 ways from Sunday and fed the kid her guts before throwing him to the nearest infected... call me psycho but i was out for blood and denied... ANYTHING! It was far too late for Ellie to regret coming that close to her goal. She was walking on countless bodies stacking them to make stairs so she could reach her goal. And she stopped at the top and dove headfirst back to rock bottom... In conclusion they should have allowed player choice, im a psycho, and ellie abandoned everything for revenge which she decided against (not the player i would have wanted an ending with gore equivalent to if doom and mortal kombat had a child)
Cas Bixby
Cas Bixby 16 napja
I think Sean should have let this episode end then did the direct as it’s own video. The whole part with Joel and he died the morning after finally having hope with Ellie was so powerful. I just wished it had a chance to linger
Pokhanpat 17 napja
Plot Twist: The entire game is the convention center.
Heck Yeah
Heck Yeah 17 napja
Now that I've watched it, I think Abby deserves some justice too. These devs are playing with our feelings lol.
Denis Hren
Denis Hren 17 napja
What a sad ending
Vanessa Warden
Vanessa Warden 17 napja
Ellie's whole name is Ellie Williams
Egga Burt
Egga Burt 17 napja
I love everything about this game it’s a masterpiece
Shree Kaushik
Shree Kaushik 8 napja
@Toxic-IOI- FYrust me too, i hated this game at first but now it one of the best game ever imo
Toxic-IOI- FYrust
True, I used to avoid and hate this game like the plague, now looking back... I regret it
Bouncyboi is here!
Anyone notice that they used the dynamite fuse sound from uncharted 4 as the stun bomb fuse sound? Just realized that lol
Bouncyboi is here!
Please sing to yourself in the tone of joels song "since the day that she lost him, she surely lost herself"
Jade Brooks
Jade Brooks 17 napja
this ending made me sad. I would have preferred any of the other psssibe endings because this one made me so depressed. She ends up with the worst possible scenario. No happiness for this girl whose been beaten by the world since she was little.
Sergi Darsavelidze
1:49:25 wich song is this ?
Shree Kaushik
Shree Kaushik 16 napja
i dont know song name but it same song in reveal trailer
Sergi Darsavelidze
Naruto vs sasuka final fight... :
Kenzie Likesgoodtrees
I honestly wouldn’t of minded if Abby killed Ellie and Ellie killed Abby Is that just me?
Jort Manshanden
Jort Manshanden 17 napja
i liked this one more than the first one, I always saw Joel more as a villain so i didnt mind as much that they killed him off and maybe sided with Abbey a little more, I thought both campaigns with Ellie and Abbey dragged a bit sometimes. The switch of view really worked for me, and I think my sentiment for the characters split exactly through the middle, which is what the developers kinda tried to do i think. Also this game had so much memorable sections that went away from the regular gameplay, something I really love and think they did way better than in the first game (like the scene with abbey on the horse, chasing Tommy with Abbey, the big melee fights and more). The little edit at the end of this gave me goosebumps all over, thank you Sean for being the only let's player I can watch without annoying my ass off.
Ironiswordbro does stuff
I didn't like the game but I liked the series. The Things I hate about TLOU2 is that the story is a jumbled mesh, Joel's death is rushed, and Abby gets all the attention and not Ellie and I was hyped for this game so I can play as Ellie again but instead it's Abby all over the game and I mean it, Abby gets cool guns, equipment, abs, and GETS TO PET A DOG WHILE ELLIE KILLS EVERYONE AND NEVER GETS ANYTHING COOL. The characters are uninteresting and the ones that are interesting are dead or gone or forgotten. Ellie is always murder and bad and blah blah blah. Abby is good even though she KILLED JOEL. I feel like this game would be better if abby where a friend to Ellie and soon enough learns about the past and kills Joel. If that were to happened it would be better and the ending does not make sense. You came all the way to Jackson to get revenge and you decide not to kill abby and give justice to Joel, Does not make any fucking sense. This game to me is a 5/10 thanks to the graphics and visual stuff but the story is a mess and the characters are rushed and uninteresting.
击ece 18 napja
i wanna go back to before i watched this fucking game
击ece 18 napja
gave me so many fucking headaches
Rey Dragonclaw
Rey Dragonclaw 18 napja
Nothing can compare.
Rey Dragonclaw
Rey Dragonclaw 18 napja
Okay, but at the very end, that edited scene with Ellie sitting in reminiscent pain and then a faint Abby also sitting there, rubbing where the noose had been... that was a GREAT way to show their connection and how, if they sat in a therapy room together, they wouldn't be angry at each other, they'd be sad... sympathetic, even. They'd share the pain and suffer together. The conditions they were placed under in their harsh world tempered with their emotions, and thus did not allow them any room for softer emotions. Unfortunate.
Wednesday Sosa
Wednesday Sosa 18 napja
*cries while eating bagels*
Pigeon Catto
Pigeon Catto 19 napja
to those wondering, Dina and Ellie did get back together. in the last scene, she is wearing new clothes and the bracelet Dina gave to her. she was not wearing the bracelet in the fight scene with Abby.
Eve Fender
Eve Fender 11 napja
oh thank god
Wednesday Sosa
Wednesday Sosa 18 napja
CateMasterMD 19 napja
Bruh imagine when they start making remakes of games with these visuals because the advancements become so major that they can make a game look 500% better and make it so much smoother, etc. It's going to look phenomenal.
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