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What is that thing?! I did NOT expect to fight something like THAT in The Last of Us Part II
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NoMad 16 órája
time to make a bomb like thhheeee fuckkkk
Lost marbles 20
The level design isn't the only thing they worked on extensively.
sK Sharky
sK Sharky 3 napja
Me realizing that the listen mode noise sounds like the assasin’s creed origins pulse.. don’t remember name
Scott Douglas
Scott Douglas 3 napja
As soon as I heard him say “a Hawaii coin!” I immediately thought of the Hawaii chair, “This feels great on my ass”
Netunoo OG
Netunoo OG 4 napja
What do you mean? The whole time you were playing as Abby I was not happy.... All I think about is Joel and is Ellie okay....
Radek Seky
Radek Seky 2 napja
@Netunoo OG That's nice, of course do whatever you enjoy the most. For me personally, Part 2 tackles few very specific concepts that I think would be diminished greatly if I had just watched it.
Netunoo OG
Netunoo OG 2 napja
@Radek Seky I thinks I was pretty hooked just watching, watched 2 lp on last of us, and 1 lp on last of us 2. Looked up lore stuff as well trying to understand stuff. But I only did that after the LP were finished
Radek Seky
Radek Seky 2 napja
@Netunoo OG That's why it's better to play games. You get attached to characters more easily.
Netunoo OG
Netunoo OG 4 napja
I still have about a hour left of this video
N1GHTW0LF 6 napja
Sean i was so jealous when i saw you take that out so quick. I played on grounded permadeath and i stg that fucker had SO MUCH HEALTH! I shot it over and over and i set it on fire a couple times and the battle took like 10+ minutes to complete. What i'm saying is- i think it's "health" goes up on harder difficulties.
Sean Cady
Sean Cady 6 napja
Jack not being able to tell the difference between shamblers and bloaters is hilarious.
Philly TheKid
Philly TheKid 7 napja
1:29:46 FOR JOEL
Peyton Slye
Peyton Slye 7 napja
me being a chemical specialist watching i kinda got a little frustrated when they put the masks on lev and then abby puts her mask back on. in reality if you just slide the mask on it wouldnt do any good since there is no seal, you would need to clear the mask and make the pressure so there wouldnt be any air flow into the mask. not complaining about the game itself just the small detail I noticed.
Radek Seky
Radek Seky 2 napja
That's funny. Nice little trivia.
jose melendez
jose melendez 7 napja
Thomas Pankiewicz
1:55:22 most real feeling game line I've ever heard
Cocoa_M&M's 9 napja
I died of laughter at the end!! 😂
Glornak Ironspawn
What they should have done is had you play the entire Abby part of the game immediately after she killed Joel to get you to understand her and care about her friends. The entire time getting vague hints throughout that there's "a couple people on a rampage" in the city. To throw players off a bit as they wouldn't immediately assume it's Ellie until Abby confronts her. This way players aren't stewing over Abby for hours on end as they see cute flashbacks with Ellie and Joel. Only after that would players go back and see everything from Ellies perspective starting at Joel's grave. That way Ellie isn't just killing seemingly random goons throughout because players weren't even told they were Abby's friends. Nevermind that most people wouldn't recognize them from the fairly short cutscene where Joel was killed.
Nathaniel Sutter
40:29 jack realizes bullets don't work, so he just punches the clicker in the face
1:25:45 I like how the devs did here the exact thing he said was a missed opportunity with the stalkers in the room in the hotel. lol
Odin Wilson
Odin Wilson 10 napja
There´s gonna be bloaters, there´s gonna be shamblers, there´s gonna be clickers, there´s gonna be the whole shabang. oh and also THE RAT KING
Fucking grass
Fucking grass 10 napja
Fool me once: shame on you. Fool me twice: shame on me. Fool me thrice: what the fuck.
ElTacoXD 11 napja
The ting goes SSSKKKRRRRRAAA!!! 9:25
Rohan Telford
Rohan Telford 11 napja
Sean infected can’t see your spotlight
Jaxon Collett
Jaxon Collett 11 napja
Jack: as someone who likes horror games, sound design, lighting ect.. Basically the moral of the story is Jack loves video games :p
Natalie Somerset
Me watching this 7 months later and this got even more real which makes it scarier
Mikkel Raev
Mikkel Raev 13 napja
mad dog if he didnt put in the puddle *You mad dog?*
Grady Mongar
Grady Mongar 13 napja
Mel it’s that time of the month
The Last Of Us Edits
okay why cant abby tell eillie why he killed him like wtf
bobert _is_bobert reacts
The big zombie is called the rat king
ROBLOX SOUP 15 napja
1:57:15 :|
Jack K
Jack K 15 napja
What difficulty level is this lad? How could you kill it so quick?
Bailey Jarvis
Bailey Jarvis 16 napja
1:08:24 abby was supposed to reply “may YOUR death be swift”......
Adahy Bullet
Adahy Bullet 16 napja
Hi yes. Am Clicker 1 thru like... 3? 5? 7? I am many Clicker. Will join us? No? No choice. We are one with the Cordyceps and soon you be one with us. :D (In all seriousness tho, that thing is awesome, horrifying, and indeed coolest monster in the game. ND would make the devs of Deadspace proud with that creature. Nicely done.)
He is a good streamer and very funny so go follow nolove_216 on twitch rnnnn
Shadow HeartL3ss
20:00 😱🤣👍🏻✨💯
HollidayRespawn 17 napja
I was waiting this whole playthrough to see his reaction to Rat King, and I was not disappointed! He reacted the exact same way I did, expressions and everything 😂😂
Cas Bixby
Cas Bixby 18 napja
The otter shirt Yara is wearing after her surgery is an actual shirt you can buy at the Aquarium. I had a friend who wore it at least once a week growing up. It threw me for a fucking loop seeing it in the game.
TJ Furlong
TJ Furlong 18 napja
1:13:20 is like the left behind dlc in the first game
The Unknown Gamer
After a while you get used to the mini heart attacks you get on the hospital level from all the fungus that you think is a stalker
Nate Run
Nate Run 19 napja
10,000 comments on new years!!!!
The holes in the shotgun is like a compensator
Playing with the Pages
50% jack gushing about how the way the game looks 50% jack breaking windows
Adin Kelly
Adin Kelly 20 napja
Tom Rutten
Tom Rutten 20 napja
When he said i could use a flame thrower i was thinking you wait bud
Leah Singh
Leah Singh 22 napja
He died more times than me when in the hopstitle
MLG GAMER 22 napja
GOD! That fetch scene is so cute but so sad because I'm pretty sure Ellie killed Alice. Damn! That is messed up
MLG GAMER 22 napja
Y'know I've been thinking about Joel's death scene and I realized I now understand why he didn't quite know Abby. Abby knew he killed her father and ran off with Ellie but he never saw her so imagine being killed by someone you don't know or didn't know you hurt deeply? It's kinda like Wanda and Thanos Wanda: You took everything from me Thanos: Bruh I don't even know who you are. Same idea
MLG GAMER 22 napja
Also that monster was indeed pretty sick! It's like a mixture of all of them. That's freaking crazy!
MLG GAMER 22 napja
Mel: You're a piece of crap. Always has been. You wanna do right by these kids? Get out of their lives before you screw them over. Me: GODDAMN! I'm glad it was Mel of the both of them that told her off. Finally a character who agrees with the gamers.
MLG GAMER 22 napja
😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😰 Nah those heights I was nervous. I'm still sweating bullets! I literally died when you accidentally jumped off. Were your hands shaking? God I'd do the exact same thing. GODDAMN! I hate Abby but even I don't want to see her consumed by that fear of heights and almost die falling. Shit!
MLG GAMER 22 napja
OMG he glitched the game LOL
Zackary Dennis
Zackary Dennis 22 napja
When Jack was in the ambulance and the monster walked by it reminded me of the t rex in jurassic park
goomba3456 22 napja
Fedra bring the fire make it burn them
ToriFaere 22 napja
To be fair, Abby probably weighs nearly 300 pounds in muscle since muscle weighs much more than fat. Ellie probably weighs 110 pounds soaking wet. Max 130 if she's muscular, but I don't think she's particularly muscular. She's petite, but could kick a strongman's ass in less than 30 seconds with a weapon. So Abby's main ability is strength. Which i think is why Jack keeps having issues with her falling off shit. Heavier people are somewhat less agile than someone who is petite like Ellie. Ellie has many main abilities, but being agile is a big one. It's the same reason most gymnastics people are shorter and petite. Note: I'm petite due to my small bone structure, but I'm 5'11. I was told I was too big to be a gymnast T^T I'm still sad over that... didn't help my future eating disorder either...
Don Wellner
Don Wellner 23 napja
It was easy because you did the perfect strategie
Emma Stanworth
Emma Stanworth 23 napja
just wait until he actually finds the flamethrower
plus ultra
plus ultra 28 napja
The giant infected looks like Baraka fused with all people that look like him
Kahner Bass
Kahner Bass 28 napja
to bad he didnt get to see the scene wear he ripped her arm and leg off wonder how he would have reacted
Donovan O'Farrell
I actually really like the way this game turns everyone’s starting point on its head. Abby starts the game unable to understand what Joel did just to keep Ellie alive. She spends minimal time with Lev and Yara, but being in those tough situations bonds them super strongly. Ellie hates Abby and their group for coming all the way to Jackson to kill Joel for nothing more than revenge, and then travels across the country to settle the score with a bunch of strangers. These characters are assuming the roles of their ‘enemies’ and I think it makes for a pretty interesting narrative.
Meredith Rogers
Meredith Rogers 28 napja
Sean: “Shambler? Easy.” ND: *laughs in bloater*
Brooklyn Smith
Brooklyn Smith 29 napja
o no Sean there was a coin in the pool go back
Abi Loden
Abi Loden 29 napja
I just realized lev is trans
colonel bipiy
colonel bipiy Hónapja
i’ve only known lev for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, i’d kill everyone in this room and then myself
TheGamingYuki Hónapja
Jack, Breaks game. Everyone: JACK YOU FOOL XD
RiverBelow93 Hónapja
9:18 onwards was magnificent
YoItz Just Nightbot
I forgot to finish this series
Thomas Quinones
Thomas Quinones Hónapja
I think it would have been better to do Abby sections in days like Ellie
Rylee Lillie
Rylee Lillie Hónapja
Did anyone else notice that when Nora said "May your survival be long" and Abby said "And may my death be swift" instead of your death and then not long after that conversation Nora would have been killed by Ellie and it definitely was not swift
chris weaver
chris weaver Hónapja
Me: "FUCKIN' BURN IT" jack: "Oh that's what i was suppose to do..."
Rey Dragonclaw
Rey Dragonclaw Hónapja
Me: **watching Jack blow up clickers with flaming shotgun rounds** "NO! THERE'S A FREAKING BOSS BATTLE UP AHEAD AND YOU'RE SPENDING POWERFUL AMMO ON _CLICKERS_ "
Hannah Shark
Hannah Shark Hónapja
Naughty Dog: We need new monster ideas Designer: I dunno, lets just mash a bunch of them together and see what happens
Matthew Webster
Matthew Webster Hónapja
Im not afraid of heights, but that bridge part still would freak me out if I had to do it in real life!
Hey I’m Brian
Hey I’m Brian Hónapja
I’m gonna say something controversial yet brave. I actually like Abby 🤫
Aoi UwU
Aoi UwU 26 napja
Abby's the best UwU Sorry T-T
Jacob Nicholson
Jacob Nicholson Hónapja
Him saying shouldn’t shambles be hard, well grounded+ it pretty hard and I beat it today
Liam Crochet
Liam Crochet Hónapja
Sometimes the scenes are so well done that I forget that jack is there
Liam Crochet
Liam Crochet Hónapja
I was just waiting to hear the gunshots on Seattle day 3 from Ellie killing Owen
Hermilo Duran
Hermilo Duran Hónapja
Hunter Havard
Hunter Havard Hónapja
Hunter Havard
Hunter Havard Hónapja
Stop cussing
glass_shids Hónapja
just stop watching him if you can’t handle it lmfao. you can’t take the Irish out of a man.
Linus Lundqvist
Linus Lundqvist Hónapja
Seriously now, Mel is the worst charachter in all of gaming... or atleast one of the worst charachters out there. Abbie might not be the best person, but she cares for those kids, soo fuck you Mel for thinking she's only doing it to get to Owen! Goodness gracious Im happy I changed my mind on this game, around release I hated this game... now I hecking love it with all my might!
Jordan Holbrook
Jordan Holbrook Hónapja
9:16 is by far the best part.
i dub the big infected CLICKANTIS gigantic clicker and the small one from it clikmor armord clicker
Alexis Terrazas
Alexis Terrazas Hónapja
1:00:45 is that Asuna from SAO i hear? Or am i crazy?
alyssa taplin
alyssa taplin Hónapja
I also don’t know world geography 💀
Jade Brooks
Jade Brooks Hónapja
Hey Jack it's okay that you didn't know Florida was a state. I didn't know that DC wasn't a state until I was 17 and I'm only 19. we are always learning
Lauren Auriello
Lauren Auriello Hónapja
It saddens me that in almost every gameplay I've watched of this, no one talks about what Mel says and how completely disrespectful it is. To somehow believe that Abby is so cold-hearted that she would only help others, enemies even, just to impress a guy is gut-wrenching. I absolutely hated Mel after that, and can't believe others don't really talk about it. And to add onto it by saying to get out of the kids lives before she screws up theirs too, basically implying Abby ruins everyone's lives, is just horrible. Idk I just can't believe Mel says those things, and especially that no one talks about it. It matters that Owen cheated with Abby but that doesn't mean you stone-coldly verbally abuse Abby, and treat her like she's the only one in the wrong, even though Owen was also (obviously) involved in the cheating. My two-cents and then some lol
Zahid Azzuhri Nhazul
54:15 Jack is losing it lmao
Disney Enthusiast Matthew Avery
39:10 Abby falls to her doom Jack and me: "Oh! 😂"
Sean Roxas
Sean Roxas Hónapja
Yo wtf? I'm still confused at why they called Lev , Lily? Oooh nvm I understand it now😅
Κωνσταντίνος Κοκολογιαννάκης
1:08:19 See how Abby says "and may MY death be swift", so she wishes to herself instead of the usual response of wishing back to Nora. Then Nora gets killed by Ellie in a not so swift fashion. Nice stuff naughty dog
Jay Youngblood
Jay Youngblood Hónapja
Think about it they making u play as abby so u will like her and forget about what she did to Joel so when she dies they will be sad over her and forget about what they did to Joel think about it I catch does coach💯💯💯
T296XJR Hónapja
see i’ve actually come to conclude this game is about beliefs
Harley King
Harley King Hónapja
Jack: Wlfs and scars both do terrible things Wlfs: more aggressive than jackson Scars: active join or die fanatics, gutting and hanging people, hunting a kid for being trans.
Aurora Judd
Aurora Judd Hónapja
I feel like people don't talk a whole lot about why abby went back for yara and lev. It wasn't just because she had a nightmare about them or about just feeling guilty although those things were factors. I think a major reason she went back for them is because she wanted to prove to herself that she was a good person. She spent 4 years killing seraphites and owen rubs it in her face the night before that she tortured a man for who knows how long before finally killing him showing that she wasn't a good person yet yara and lev save her even though they are supposed to be her enemy. I think her seeing that these two seraphites helping her made her want to show that she can be a good person or that she isn't completly heartless.
Golden Arcanius
Golden Arcanius Hónapja
43:10 They till have a skull and probably have some fungal plate/ shield protection, the fungal plate is the reason clicker doesn't die on one-shot to the head, the fungal plate act as a protection as well.
Carrie Hollins
Carrie Hollins Hónapja
me if i was a scar:Ya wanna know how i got these scars?
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo Hónapja
that glitch against Abby running around!!!!!! OMG i can't stop laughing i was not expecting that. XD
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo Hónapja
what makes it so sad is that abbey is right saying it's 2 late 4 Owen and her bcuz in the end ellie took that away from her and she knows she can't be happy nor she can't go back now which her consequence from her friends and herself.
Star Xplr
Star Xplr Hónapja
The bridge part made tics go wiiiiiiiiiiiiild thx jack love ya
Nathaniel Shovlowsky
how about the fact that it actually has rebar all the way through the concrete when he gets stuck
Ryan Vander
Ryan Vander Hónapja
1:19:14 Is that the among us vent sound effect?
Jonathan McGinley
Their island they keep talking about better not be Widbey.
Rookie B
Rookie B Hónapja
52:50 laughed so hard i legit peed myself (idk if this is funny to other people but it's funny to me)
Isaaic Reyes
Isaaic Reyes Hónapja
Playing as Ellie: I got to be Smart Playing as Abby: *BOOM HERE COMES THE BOOM*
Potato HEAD
Potato HEAD Hónapja
Nora: Abby why are you stopping and looking around sometimes? Abby: I don’t know jacksepticeye is playing as me and I think he’s just admiring the views and reflections
TheHeroofMemes Hónapja
nice one Sean always be like Ohhh Fancy
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