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Oh how the turn tables...
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2020.okt. 8.






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jacksepticeye 3 hónapja
Phasmophobia is a horror movie!
Jonesy Boi
Jonesy Boi 19 napja
I’d crap my pants
Nate Meikle
Nate Meikle 22 napja
It sure is mainly because of you’re scream but... yeah Btw I love you’re videos bye.
layla_ snowballmake
@Jayme Raney oof
Jayme Raney
Jayme Raney Hónapja
layla_ snowballmake
Tomboy from Saturn
Tomboy from Saturn 19 órája
Did anyone get that weird watery affect when the were taking or was that just me?
Sibernethy's Gaming Adventures
Bob's secretly trying to get everyone killed. "Come back inside, Jack! Nothing horrible will happen! Let's stick around for a while and play with the faucets!"
Carla Cook
Carla Cook Napja
lol they are doing the exact opposite of what they are suppose to do to survive a hunt, such as: screaming louder than a frickin whale (whales are super loud, search it up if u dont believe me) not hiding as soon as you can, and leaving your light on (the ghost targets loudest person and closest person etc. like you can be hiding and the ghost can be right outside the room your hiding in yet their could be someone else yelling and well, even if their wasnt you would still be fine but it wouldnt target you it would target the other person
Alios of Animosity
19:40 Well, I know what im going to submit for the next perfectly cut screams video xD
Jason DeAndrade
morons gonna die alone
Limy_slimy 3 napja
how do you download this
Huh gaming
Huh gaming 3 napja
Saying the ghosts name aggravates them
Kendra Storey
Kendra Storey 4 napja
Kallmekris from TikTok watch’s your videos
Brynn Stevenson
The Irish accent just makes this more hilarious for some reason 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lol while I was watching this my friends called me, and we started calling random people until the police was in the call 😂😂
Lily M
Lily M 4 napja
Banshee, Irish Bean Sidhe, Scots Gaelic Ban Sith, (“woman of the fairies”) supernatural being in Irish and other Celtic folklore whose mournful “keening,” or wailing screaming or lamentation, at night was believed to foretell the death of a member of the family of the person who heard the spirit.
tegcasper 5 napja
Lol they knew so little back then.
Tutson 5 napja
“Michael Thomas” = ghost “Michael Thomas” to my brain= *Ghost Thomas the tank engine with Michael Jackson’s face on it*
Bad ghaca 5346
The chemistry between these guys in every video, mainly in these videos is my friend group(especially if my friend group goes ghost hunting)
GeoLeon 6 napja
imagine playing this game alone
Ambience 6 napja
Jack's first death reminds me that this is a very scary horror game, regardless of how much they joke around.
Louis Bronk
Louis Bronk 6 napja
Imagine hearing your friend's screams and cries for your help while stuck behind a locked door, you hear them panic and then you hear nothing. The door unlocks and you busy in, your friend is falling to the floor and you say "ITS FINE, YOURE FINE" as they pass away right before your eyes.
Alec Black
Alec Black 7 napja
7:53 the symbols are the Gaelic know and a type of satanic sign, an upside down cross with an infinity sign
Jasmine Lundquist
Lol at 13:17 all I could think about is the song "Michael in the bathroom" from Be More Chill! It's so fricken perfect 😂
Kadence K.
Kadence K. 7 napja
Why does the house at 12:04 looks like Mr. Scrooges house from the Christmas Carol😂 but only on the outside
Graycie Huff
Graycie Huff 7 napja
aw dude! BOOBS!
• VI •
• VI • 7 napja
Stitch Lover
Stitch Lover 8 napja
where's Bob's video with Sean being axed in this game footage?
All Too Dark
All Too Dark 8 napja
Yes Jack, banshees are Irish mythology... I knew that and I'm American...
Tobias Twist
Tobias Twist 9 napja
18:50 maybe you needed those sanity pills
Real HTD [4]
Real HTD [4] 10 napja
20:06 is the ghost a shadow
simon pilarcik
simon pilarcik 11 napja
1:54 thought Sean said "We can see our breasts now" Bro WTF
Vera Dragon Jedi
I think there should be different death types depending on the ghost type. Otherwise *hands creeping across the screen* gets just a bit... predictable and boring :/ I hope Phasmophobia updates this
Cheese Bruh
Cheese Bruh 12 napja
Why cant u just i dont know blow up the place
Carlos Molina
Carlos Molina 12 napja
Banshees are indeed Irish
Em Productions
Em Productions 13 napja
19:02 what is that song I love it I want it in my playlist
Logan Martinez
Logan Martinez 13 napja
Who watched Ninjago If you did when he went to go for the journal who got reminded when cole was turned into a ghost just like jack did
Collin Gamer
Collin Gamer 13 napja
in Mark’s video when you died, it was horrifying
DaNooob 420
DaNooob 420 13 napja
12:23 probably a school shooting
A. Robinson
A. Robinson 14 napja
17:30 “some people call me Maurice wah WoOoOOow”
Xboxgamerboy 2276
Hey jack play one leaves
Totsukabladez 369
Phasmophobia is so inaccurate jk lol. Only reason I say this is because the oni is a Japanese demon, not a ghost or a spirit
Mix Tape
Mix Tape 16 napja
Screaming makes the ghost attracted to you
luky jeem
luky jeem 17 napja
My lights went off at 14:10😆
Real HTD [4]
Real HTD [4] 17 napja
Man the ghosts are good at drawing and writing neatly
Koda Meunier
Koda Meunier 18 napja
Someone: Keep screaming until I get close enough! Jack: Ok. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-
Lauren Cat
Lauren Cat 18 napja
Sean: we need the journal the ghost: no :)
Lunkey_3 18 napja
I will just say that Jack needs to calm down when playing this cause if you stay calm and quiet then the entity will have much more chance of not finding you 😂
Steven Williams
Steven Williams 19 napja
No disrespect, because I'm a huge fan, but Mark's POV of your scream was comedy gold. Just like your POV of Mark's scream was the best.
Jonesy Boi
Jonesy Boi 19 napja
Sean u realize u had emf 5 twice
I watched one of these videos a while ago and saw a comment explain8ng a possible backstory for Michael Thomas and I can't find it anymore
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 20 napja
i- i GOT A WHEEL!!!!
spaghetti gacha
spaghetti gacha 20 napja
When I saw asylum I ran to my kitchen to gat a cup on tea and some Ferrero rocher and sat in my bed ready to run to the toilet
SuperSteve 21 napja
Sometimes I like to call ghosts by their famous people name like, Owen Wilson or Sandra Bullock its kinda funny to me hehe
Nate Meikle
Nate Meikle 22 napja
I love how much they all care of Sean Even if he has a psychotic scream
Liza Phan 727
Liza Phan 727 23 napja
am i the only one who thought of the football player when they said micheal thomas?
Tims Gaming
Tims Gaming 23 napja
You do know that when all the lights and stuff start to flicker when the ghost attacks you turn off your flashlight and stand in a corner cus then the ghost cant find you and cant get behind you in the corner but you have to stand still in the corner
J G 24 napja
Hahaha. Trying to run from a revenant is never a good plan man. If you know it's a Rev, just gtfo. They do not play around; if they hunt and your not already hiding you gonna die. FYI Revs sprint when they hunt, they will run you down like a cheetah hunting a wounded deer.
Rose Hannaquist
Rose Hannaquist 25 napja
Obviously Sean didn't know any better, everyone was new to the game, but since they were up against a revenant, him running around aimlessly was the quickest way to die to the ghost. If he'd kept running into the kitchen and found a room to hide in, he might have had a chance.
Mike Hessler
Mike Hessler 26 napja
phantoms have bigger effect on your sanity so that is why it is recommending sanity pills
Hevin 711
Hevin 711 27 napja
Im 2 months late but just a lil tip: crouching while sprinting is faster than regular sprinting
Jocelyn O'Laughlin
the first game was to ez when you die pick up to shoes crouch and make is seem like the ghost is walking to the van this is me every time I play phaphobia ah sh!t here we go again
Daniel Ripple
Daniel Ripple 29 napja
I just noticed every single ghost has the exact same Grudge-like groaning noise. The creators should put in a different noise for each ghost type and not the cheap cartoony oooooohOHoh noises. It's gotta be something scary. Whispers, Singing, laughing, maybe even inhuman screams, roars, and unidentified languages for ghosts like the demon or oni
Devin Rogers
Devin Rogers Hónapja
12:05 The boys are getting head
Darius Standifer
10:13 is straight out of a horror movie
Erin McCreary
Erin McCreary Hónapja
it says die die die die die!
Dillon Hollin
Dillon Hollin Hónapja
jacks voice makes me sleep easy at night literally. :)
LadyBloodOath Hónapja
Josh dubs group said the same thing about the doughnut
liam bayly bayly
I find that this is one of the most funniest jacksepticy vids I’ve ever watched
Toteona Smith
Toteona Smith Hónapja
I love how it adds Lucifees cross in it! More diversity to this game amazing!
Vortex _Wolf
Vortex _Wolf Hónapja
When Seán gets trapped in the house is literally so close yet so far
LagDon Hónapja
5:12 i thought that was a ghast
Rebecca Brazil
Rebecca Brazil Hónapja
I have to listen with headphones, lest everyone else around me think the world is ending! 😂😂😂
Thinking Bread
Thinking Bread Hónapja
I like how Bob is just like its ok, its ok come here like a loving lad
Thinking Bread
Thinking Bread Hónapja
correct me if i got the erson wrong
Rize Beets
Rize Beets Hónapja
I love how they’re constantly trying to sabotage each other
At 10mins that was shit straight from a horror movie and gave me an xiety
kaiden kirk
kaiden kirk Hónapja
qt.Croxat Hónapja
Me and my brother played that game my brother screamed like „AAAAAAA HELP ME IM GONNA DIE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA“I REALLY LAUGH LOL
Abbovic 7
Abbovic 7 Hónapja
this hurts to watch
name goes hear
name goes hear Hónapja
you cant say the name then the question you can only say the question for a response
Anna Krasowski
Anna Krasowski Hónapja
Play more of this
Mia Summers
Mia Summers Hónapja
Stop saying the name of the ghost, you need to ask just the ques t ions for it to work.
Sweaty Rie-Rie
Sweaty Rie-Rie Hónapja
8:12 that clicking is reminding me of you know what.
James Williams
James Williams Hónapja
notive they screen and sound likereal life
Zaikura- Chan
Zaikura- Chan Hónapja
@10:17 was straight up q horror movie scene!!! Bob: "All right let's not get seperated." Sean: "let's go... Wait, the book!" *turns around for a moment in front of the door* *door closes quietly* Wade: SEAN!!! Sean: AHHHHHH *DIES*
Versatile Hónapja
Sam Sam
Sam Sam Hónapja
Sean has died twice to a revenant. First time he even played and now in this episode
Pangolin Hónapja
4:41 Magic Kerds I love his accent so much
Vampire Mage1
Vampire Mage1 Hónapja
Why does jack’s pic of Paul Martin look like professor farnsworth
Light Industries
Jack: "Oh the book, we need the book" Ghost: "Yea boi"
Nola Exe
Nola Exe Hónapja
10:10 ik this is older but bob yelling to him that he’s fine and come here like lowkey broke my heart like imagine being terrified and as you die you hear a voice of your friend genuinely panicked for you and trying to save you like ACK
Kara Is hungry
Kara Is hungry Hónapja
When they went to the asylum I said I don’t think they need sanity pills they none
Samantha Penaflorida
10:15 *someone please animate this*
L Crump2004
L Crump2004 Hónapja
Isn’t Sandra Williams a person u can search on google-?
Pijany Matematyk
You dont need to bring your items back into the truck, you can leave without all that and you will not lose it. you only lose stuff that YOU added before the mission if you die
Mari-Ann Roberson
Wait isn’t Micheal Thomas an American football player
Little Bat
Little Bat Hónapja
Jack is right! Banshees are Irish. The scream at souls that are about to die and actually scare me lol
jess401 Hónapja
Jack: oh no no no oh oh NOOOOOOOOoooo 10:14
Kate Hónapja
Tip. Use headphones with this. Really fucking cool
Kiki Reed
Kiki Reed Hónapja
Question: why is no one talking about that EXCEPTIONAL Louis Armstrong impression at 19:00?
Vo The Quyen
Vo The Quyen Hónapja
"Writing in the book! Pentagram, a helix knot, and a thing-I-don't-know." The alchemical symbol for sulfur. Also known as the Leviathan's Cross in demonology. Not something you want to see a ghost doodling next to an inverted pentagram.
Bluelink187 Hónapja
0:34, I heard a very high pitch thing here, lasted a couple seconds, think my headphones are about to break
Jocelyn O'Laughlin
I am playing this is Roblox and before I even joined I had the shivers
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