Rewriting Irish History 

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Can the Irish take on England and rewrite history?
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jacksepticeye 4 hónapja
Do you want to join the Irish and invade with us? Then you can get Cursader Kings 3 yourselves on September 1st play.crusaderkings.com/jacksepticeye
Ammazer 122
Ammazer 122 2 hónapja
Did you know ireland is referred to as noob island in this fanbase
Coblex 3 hónapja
Ireland will rise again haha! 🇨🇮
Samuel Streeter
Samuel Streeter 3 hónapja
jack create this as a series
The Fox
The Fox 3 hónapja
Sarah OLeary
Sarah OLeary 3 hónapja
Suan 3 napja
Oh shit
PS I’m Parker!
I don't normally watch videos like this and this was so confusing because I don't know how the game works, but it was so entertaining! Good job Irish lads (:
The Kirbstomper
Jack: *Has been in debt for over a year* "Yeah I'll just give you 100." Jack: bruh wtf
Connor Thurston
Connor Thurston 10 napja
You know nothing Jon Snow
jonathan/vita snively/wong
Sean, Do you know William Wallace?
Mace lord
Mace lord 12 napja
Celtic union the union of Ireland Northern Ireland Scotland and whales
Copycat 16
Copycat 16 17 napja
To bad they did not do the turorial first so they would know what they where doing
Yata XV
Yata XV 19 napja
What's funny is that Ireland is literally the easiest place to play, and they fuck up so much. I love it.
Chulainn Danagher
I live in Ireland....
MR. Moustache
MR. Moustache 20 napja
You have the Irishman that has had a few too many too drink(Seán) then you have the rest of the nobleman and then you just have the guy who backstabs (Daithi)
Wetwelder47 23 napja
Dezzy Rose
Dezzy Rose Hónapja
Love the creativity you put into the intro :) freakin great
Toa’Toa’Mona 75_6
Jack: You’re not going to war, are you? Nogla: Why the fook not?
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer
Black and Tans? Never existed, it was Sean all along. IRA? Never existed, it was Sean all along. UDA, and UVF? Never existed, it was Sean all along.
cptkilgore Hónapja
Jack do if a video with Nogla and Terroriser!!! Awesome!
Playful Dreamers
Ahhh jack
Johnny Mars
Johnny Mars Hónapja
I really wanted to see Jack play the game wearing the costume.
RushZone Hónapja
Everyone else is doing their job winning wars and getting claims and then Jack starts a war he cant win and gets his claim invalidated and looses all his land. Lol
trueblueclue Hónapja
"What are we doing? Idk let's murder people." Welcome to CK3.
GunMaster69 Hónapja
We all thought the thumbnail was photoshop if you didn't don't lie
the hoovy king
the hoovy king Hónapja
cant wait for gavelkind to screw everyone up
Andok Silberschmied
A bunch of irish kings fighting against each other, yelling about shit and murdering english kings.... just like history tells us!
Nolan Parsons
Nolan Parsons Hónapja
jack can you do more CK3
Steel-101 Hónapja
I'm getting serious Horrible History vibes from the opening. Horrible History is a BBC TV show. (British Broadcasting Corporation)
mr phteven
mr phteven Hónapja
“Lustful, honest and humble” RT’s king is an incel
Amari Fugaban
Amari Fugaban Hónapja
2:17 wait what, roll that back
The Llama of many voices
All 3 of them were so confused 😂
tom Patterson
tom Patterson 2 hónapja
pls do this again
MegaDan 2 hónapja
Where is scp
Raspin 78
Raspin 78 2 hónapja
How did I miss this
Mythical Ford Taurus
Seán McLinchocklakarja
Mike Uquerts
Mike Uquerts 2 hónapja
Not gonna lie, Sean would make a good Gael
charliefearnon drawz
This give me horrible history vibes
Fry8000 2 hónapja
im part Irish GO IRELAND
Apofrant 2 hónapja
Eldri Cost
Eldri Cost 2 hónapja
Wait what? 2:16
Justin Hubbard
Justin Hubbard 2 hónapja
Brown Bear Animates
That intro was awesome
Bartlomiej Kasprzyk
The OG IRA in action.
DemiGod Dex
DemiGod Dex 2 hónapja
I had no idea this was crusader kings 3, I would have watched it so much dinner if I knew
Peter Buma
Peter Buma 2 hónapja
How many Jacks are there?!
Moon Wolf
Moon Wolf 2 hónapja
Daithi:The stupid one Jack:The deadly one Bryan:The Strong one Daniel:The Rich one Kevin:The Smart one
fufufuaru 2 hónapja
so many funny moments, I love this collab so much 😂 think my fave is the run out of wine one lmao
V3Q 2 hónapja
thelast robin
thelast robin 2 hónapja
holesome lol
Matty G
Matty G 2 hónapja
That’s funny I thought the Irish just fought them selfs
Alex Munoz
Alex Munoz 3 hónapja
I really thought this was gonna be abt AC Valhalla 😂
Im Out Boys
Im Out Boys 3 hónapja
Jack: says hes rewriting irish history and fighting the english Also Jack: plays as england
Kyle Duffy
Kyle Duffy 3 hónapja
Come out ye Black and Tans
Sun Zoo
Sun Zoo 3 hónapja
Do more of these pleasseeeeee!!!!!!!!
NatFleites 3 hónapja
Even I don’t know where jack is😂 ARE YOU ATHLONE OR NAT?
Shannon Walls
Shannon Walls 3 hónapja
Those flamin ginger locks...awesome!
Evo0Mode 3 hónapja
Jesus I love CallMeKevin
AJ Kincs
AJ Kincs 3 hónapja
I have learned the ways of the Irish
Turboturk 3 hónapja
5:56 "Fuck, I love man."
Samuel Streeter
Samuel Streeter 3 hónapja
make this a series
Chris D
Chris D 3 hónapja
As usual, come to see Sean and get to hear a bunch of other idiots I could care less about.
Finalized. 3 hónapja
Jack at the start is Paddy Fitzpatrick ready to bite some skulls
DJwolfie 3 hónapja
jack: sit back because your about to see the irish go to war me an Australian: wanna see us to to wars
BlueDragon 3 hónapja
Best out of context quotes 2:16 “Hey, I could marry my cousin!” 2:34 “I need a wife I’m lonely...” 4:30 “The two little beady eye’d demons of Scotland.” 6:41 “I could in prison my own wife and murder her.” 9:34 “ Jesus Kevin, you seem to know what you’re doing!” “I don’t, but a bucket of rats go along way apparently.” 11:16 “Do I go ahead or do I hold back on murdering this five-year-old boy?” “Kill em.” 14:47 “IM SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLES WIVES AND IM TAKING THEIR ARMYS!” 14:55 “Thanks for marrying my daughter Kevin she’s like seven...” 15:58 “I think I had sex with someone I think I shouldn’t have.” 16:37 “This lady is pregnant again and I didn’t even go near her?!” 18:19 “Brothel. I drank to get rid of mine and it worked out great.”
Justin Kendall
Justin Kendall 3 hónapja
“Lustful, honest, and humble” .....why is that me 😂
Chase Skellenger
Chase Skellenger 3 hónapja
Thanks a lot you guys I haven’t laughed like this in a while
Refki Fernanda
Refki Fernanda 3 hónapja
Id understand
Tresnota 3 hónapja
Irish and Scottish history is whack as fuck and this is just.... Y e s
John Chapin
John Chapin 3 hónapja
Jack: kills William the conqueror Me: sitting here knowing I’m a direct descendant of William
DARKWOLF 3 hónapja
you guys should play more. i really enjoyed this
Rashmi Dumka
Rashmi Dumka 3 hónapja
liltmoney_120 savage
Mc Lovemoffin
Mc Lovemoffin 3 hónapja
oh damn you got a sponsor by an actual really good game
An K
An K 3 hónapja
My only question is- where'd he get that Irish ax, aye laddie?
Khalel Arata
Khalel Arata 3 hónapja
"oh I can marry my cousin" me: this isn't ireland, this is Alabama
Oh No!
Oh No! 3 hónapja
Sean maglichlamlagliga nice to meet ya
gaz may
gaz may 3 hónapja
Im english ...
SladesGirl 3 hónapja
My name is Brittany, so I literally felt 13:30 XD
Brenden McColl
Brenden McColl 3 hónapja
From afar the thumbnail looked like wanheda
destinitra 3 hónapja
5:48 Ah Isle of Man I was only there a month ago. Had a good time and explore terrible weather though. And best thing its COVID free.
destinitra 3 hónapja
I legit thought it was just a regular jacks face photoshopped onto something thumbnail. So the beginning intro really surprised me!
TheDialga 3 hónapja
2:18 EVERY Paradox game for the first 100 hours
TheJege12 3 hónapja
I normally have absolutely no interest in games like this... but fuck me this was fun to watch :'D
Kryo: Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell
If you see Balor, run. Don’t try to fight that god.
Prince Coda Leviathan
"Wait, it's all Ireland?!" "Always has been"
Mar Mar
Mar Mar 3 hónapja
First ever multiplayer I have seen of Crusader Kings 3 and the moment I saw this video I thought, this is gonna be amazing and like CK3 on crack! It's a lot of trial and error here. XD
Mar Mar
Mar Mar 3 hónapja
Took me 5 separate Kingdoms, around 5 gens in each, to just figure out how to try and change the succession laws.
Miss Misunderstood
Miss Misunderstood 3 hónapja
Kevin is a karen why you think he gets left behind every Christmas
Ultimate Powa
Ultimate Powa 3 hónapja
Godwin is a descendant of Ragnarr Loðbroð just so you know. Wið þat in mind, þere's plenty of other descendants of Ragnarr Loðbroð running around in 1066.
Ultimate Powa
Ultimate Powa 3 hónapja
I just think its funny he has an accurate battle axe. Most people think battle axes were huge, but reality that was as large as they ever got.
ADHDoug 3 hónapja
The results may have been different, but I'm pretty sure the execution is historically accurate. Surprised they didn't make a bigger deal of him drinking himself to death.
L0LGetRecKed 3 hónapja
" He literally became king and he's now being raided" I was dying from laughter 🤣🤣🤣
Selma Rasmussen
Selma Rasmussen 3 hónapja
Carnage Artistry
Carnage Artistry 3 hónapja
I have no idea what’s happening in this video, but I’m laughing nonstop none the less because these conversations are the best lmfao
Hanataba Rose
Hanataba Rose 3 hónapja
they gave poor seán the hardest character to play for the first game
Thedore Roosevelt
Thedore Roosevelt 3 hónapja
frederik becic
frederik becic 3 hónapja
We want more og this game
Aaron Manthey
Aaron Manthey 3 hónapja
5:47 "Gaem o' Trones" Love it!🤣
Eric Sohn
Eric Sohn 3 hónapja
Aiden the gamen
Aiden the gamen 4 hónapja
Toss boy has become THE TOSS KING
Cicero 4 hónapja
let's drive em out! 🇮🇪 P.s the north shall get independence
ichigoforlife 231
ichigoforlife 231 3 hónapja
hey my Fellow Irish man, Hahahah We control The north hahahahaha. ps: Dont take as an insult, I was born in scotland and raised in Ireland for 90 percent if my life sooo
Bruh 4 hónapja
My names 'Sean Mclughslcgorgia'
EllaHarding Pemberton
Make your hair green
Operator Zaitzev
Operator Zaitzev 4 hónapja
Before I clicked on it I thought he was gonna play assassins creed Valhalla
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