REVENGE | The Last Of Us 2 - Part 3 

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Last Of Us Part II holds absolutely nothing back. This episode is extremely hard to get through
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Malcolm Duffy
Malcolm Duffy 20 órája
is it bad that im more sad about ireland than joel?
F0X 21 órája
ThatYoungWoman 91
The world ends. Sean: But look at that lighting!
Callywally 2009
Bro this game is basically all about them wolf people not zombies
mayo 2 napja
i laughed when ellie threw a molotov at the WLF dudes.. games are making my sense of humor darker too 😭
Auroraistic 2 napja
TheMultiGamer 3 napja
Jack: "Can't kill a 14-year-old in a game, people would be mad." Sarah: Am I a joke to you?
TheMultiGamer 3 napja
Jack: "Which gate am I at?" Game: Has EAST 2 in big letters on a sign Jack: "North?"
MONRYkingIS 3 napja
At east gate if you look up east gate stands on a board riten
TIY-EE 3 napja
Sean's right the trees seemingly grew FAST, the vegetation covering the infrastructure reminds me of the plants in animal crossing. 😆
Cassius King
Cassius King 4 napja
“I hope nothing happens to Dina, I don’t want a super sad ending” ...
Savvy Howe
Savvy Howe 5 napja
Sean kept making me so fucking nervous with how reckless he was being with the bombs, just heart attack after fucking heart attack. Then you just had to fucking jump right on top of one at the end of the fucking video, son of a bitch
Savvy Howe
Savvy Howe 5 napja
I have no idea why people thing its a legitimate argument to say that the only reason Sean says he likes the game is because he wants to promote the game and get more money and not because he actually likes the game. Bruh Pewds didn't like it but apparently he would be in the same situation as Sean... but he still expressed his genuine opinion which is valid even if I may not agree with it. Also people love to say "they're only saying that they like it because they're greedy and want more money" because they can't handle popular people that they can't bully expressing a different opinion than them. Sean also has a lot of experience with games and story telling, he wouldn't go so far to praise this game just for a dumb sponsorship, and looking at his body language, and just overall attitude towards the game expresses a genuine love for the game. I hate it when people who don't like a game claim that people who like the game they don't like are either faking it or are just stupid people who don't know what a good story is because that shows a lack of maturity and critical thinking skills.
Arlie Coyne
Arlie Coyne 6 napja
1:40:22 Yes right in front of you
Hailey Oliver
Hailey Oliver 6 napja
Anyone here in 2021?
Steph AF
Steph AF 6 napja
Does Jack not know about Seattle and their love for coffee?
Michael Violette
Walking around with one bullet in clip.. when could easily reload ... omg this is painful to watch. I'm enjoying it and all. But shit, seems like a nube.
Michael Violette
Its pissing me off how many items he doesn't see ... how is he pro??? No offense man. But come on.
Michael Violette
Dude, you literally miss so much stuff. Its like you cant look down, and left. I've seen you miss 10 plus items already. Thru 2.2 episodes
cloudstrife8 8 napja
I love watching this playthrough.
Ghostie Renny
Ghostie Renny 8 napja
Not even a minute in and Jack is telling dad jokes xD
Susan Van Os
Susan Van Os 8 napja
Stage two are klikkers
Azeem Khan
Azeem Khan 8 napja
Sean it literally says east 2 at the fuck Fedra gate
Navneeth Jaydev
What is wrong with games and killing horsies??? Ffsss
Skyelar Gonzales
Am I the only one that got scared of shitless from Dina at 1:20:33 like. I don't know why but she scared me so much
Seamus G
Seamus G 9 napja
that guy jordan sounds so much like young sam in uncharted 4
Princess Cherry
Princess Cherry 10 napja
Bro I fukin love lost, great show
Dgriffin311 10 napja
Of course Dr. Uckman is Neutral Evil
Chrissy B66
Chrissy B66 10 napja
“This game just twists your nipples and keeps them clamped”
Its Not Hampus
Its Not Hampus 10 napja
Jack: Cant kill a 14 year old girl in a videogame, people would be mad. Sarah: Am I a joke to you?
Ludwig van Beethoven
The game: *EAST 2* *EAST 2* Jack: Are we at the North?
pink Glitter
pink Glitter 11 napja
The sign: EAST 2 Jack: Where am i
pink Glitter
pink Glitter 11 napja
I think u deserve 1k damn
pink Glitter
pink Glitter 11 napja
Underrated comment right here ladies and gentlemen
pink Glitter
pink Glitter 11 napja
Scott Douglas
Scott Douglas 11 napja
WLF guy: SOMEONE KILLED KEVIN!! Jack: Oh no not Kevin🤣🤣
billy jackson
billy jackson 11 napja
(My opinion)ruined it with the pride flag good game but really a pride flag
Ryan Reckner
Ryan Reckner 12 napja
I'm rematching this series, I absoulutly love this game but I play Xbox so I get to watch it on here😍
RusCata 25
RusCata 25 14 napja
F for the machete
Kyle Aerthe
Kyle Aerthe 14 napja
1:11:30 She doesnt like Halloween stuff, because of what happened in DLC Left Behind. She was wearing and playing around with Halloween stuff with her friend Ryley, who well got bitten by infected and died, Ellie did not. Therefore, everything related to this seems bad to Ellie
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan 14 napja
Jack: *looks at toy airplane* spaceship
Katherine Lopez
Katherine Lopez 15 napja
doctor uckmann - drukmann
Elijah Rodriguez
i really wanted to see jack blow their leg out with a shotgun when he was proned under the things on the roof
Cormacfox_31 15 napja
Sean: trying to kill people Me: “Hey look at the car”
Thomas Lopez
Thomas Lopez 16 napja
dina come on in the water is fuckin gross!!!!! i love that
Ajxz1234 16 napja
Jack:can't kill a 14 Yr old in a video game Sarah: am I a joke to you
SUPER AIS 16 napja
The face jack made to mock ellie while she was using thekeypad reminded me of mr bean for some reason
Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel 16 napja
1:49:39 “Can’t kill a 14 year old girl in a game, people would be mad” - jack What about Sarah? She was only 10 I think
Nikki Landreth
Nikki Landreth 17 napja
At 30:12 when she killled the wolf Me: *laughing* ha that’s what you get for hurting Joel Jack: ooooo no that was brutal
Gene Justin Candelaria
Anyone watching in 2021?
Monk’s Pop
Monk’s Pop 17 napja
You sed that
Rusty Mack
Rusty Mack 18 napja
Does anyone know what difficulty Jack is playing on?
Blaze Ball
Blaze Ball 19 napja
Stage 1 runners Stage 2 stalkers Stage 3 clickers Stage 4 (military) bloaters Stage 4 (real) shamblers Stage 5 (real) bloaters
Blaze Ball
Blaze Ball 19 napja
A last of us 2 ad cameup on this video
Kansas City cheifs fan
Jack are u that dumb the gate literally says east 2 and u say I am confident it is the north gate
Gaming Sylas666
Gaming Sylas666 20 napja
f shety boy
ツK_V_G 20 napja
1:52:53 She's Pregante :O
Autumn Caley
Autumn Caley 21 napja
Jack: now that may be a lie, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Me: 👁👄👁
Autumn Caley
Autumn Caley 21 napja
Jack: I’m so glad they got rid of that. (Referring to shaking the flashlight when it dies out) Me: 😬😬
MusicalSoul 21 napja
I'm looking for the comments about the east gate
Zander Hixenbaugh
Hey jack if u could respond to this comment and say happy birthday pls that would make me rlly happy ive been rlly depressed lately amd ur videos help me thru it
Zander Hixenbaugh
@Blaze Ball thanks whoever u are
Blaze Ball
Blaze Ball 19 napja
I know im not jack but happy birthday cos i get what youre going through
Pickled bologna
Pickled bologna 22 napja
challenge:every time he says coffee take a shot of coffee
HollidayRespawn 22 napja
Sean has the same issue I do with this game. Any point of progress COMPLETELY locks you out of the previous area. There should always be a warning of some kind so that you can go back and finish exploring before you move on. It is so annoying how many things I missed out on in my playthrough because I got locked out of exploring by pressing the triangle button on the one thing in the room that progresses the story -.-'
The KroolSebbler
Jack it wouldn’t be called a rifle if it didn’t have rifling already😂
Leonardo García
1:32:30 - A good strategy is to go above that building, to the corner (where jack saw the flying bag), and throw a couple of bottles/bricks at the entrance, then in the direction of the checkpoint. This lures out the infected towards the wolves. The infected and wolves will start running around. All you need to do is stay on the roof, hidden. If you're on a GAME+ and have the bow or silencer, you can off a few enemies by laying prone above the TV van.
Allie Wooten
Allie Wooten 22 napja
Jack- im a confident man i think its north gate /The sign obove him "EAST 2"
Emilie ch
Emilie ch 23 napja
im binge watching this in quarantine
Toon Lonk
Toon Lonk 23 napja
The first of us is *better*
Mr gru
Mr gru 23 napja
Me:looks at comments Comments:EAST GATE!!! also comments: IRELAND NOOOO!!!
Bloated Merman
Bloated Merman 23 napja
1:48:45 "You can't kill a fourteen years old in a video game" I accidentally did just that in the hotel in the first game. It was a peaceful bit, and I accidentally threw a Molotov and she burned to a crisp. Oh well.
Tye Dye
Tye Dye 24 napja
I love how jack plugs his coffee brand every 5 minutes
Alana Fry
Alana Fry 26 napja
I kinda wish he noticed the trand flag but its ok its ok he noticed the gay one
MLG GAMER 27 napja
I can't believe they killed Shimmer aka Ireland. They're freaking monsters!
MLG GAMER 27 napja
What a crazy episode! Warring with WLF Soldiers. Yo it was so graphic and Ellie was so badass she made Punisher and Daredevil seem like baby badasses
ToriFaere 27 napja
I've definitely lost my mind. I kept laughing when he killed the WLF guys (who I keep accidentally calling them WTF guys...) It's just so good to see the bad monsters suffer.
ToriFaere 27 napja
It's okay to become a monster if you don't completely lose yourself. That's something I had to learn. I lost myself for a while, only thinking of revenge against the man who swore his love to me, but instead I got his fist, along with other types of abuse. Once you become a monster, you can't go back. I'm not ashamed of what I have become. I became stronger and more resilient.
Delirious Dude 5700
I just realized the guy ellie cut, Jordan. Is teenage sam from uncharted 4
Ruby Cornejo
Ruby Cornejo 28 napja
dead island fucked me up when i was beating up a zombie with a mug that said "best dad ever" i took out my base ball bat and tenderized the shit out of its body until the arms and legs fell off and i decapitated the head with the mug....help....
Tom E.
Tom E. Hónapja
Misses some blades to be able to upgrade the machete for several hours. Breaks machete. Finds blades... 1:06:20: draws conclusion that the machete just couldn't be upgraded. *What.*
Ian Pierce
Ian Pierce Hónapja
f for ireland and machete
Genesis Hónapja
“Good job babe” Jack: babe? Aw cute you guys
emolikenemo Hónapja
Jack: “I hope Dina isn’t sick.” Me: “prEgAnTE??”
ToriFaere 27 napja
She is Jesse's ex... o.o
Bridget Baber
Bridget Baber Hónapja
damn Jack your hair looks snazzy today
Scott Cameron
Scott Cameron Hónapja
RIP Ireland and machete
Miyuki Shirogane
Miyuki Shirogane
Is it weird that i don't feel anything when they scream in fact i enjoy it
Mo Taha
Mo Taha Hónapja
Didn't anyone notice the bus changed colour at 13:24??!!!
Genesis Hónapja
Oh shit hahaha
Tiffiny Hood
Tiffiny Hood Hónapja
The rule I Learned was kill or be killed in the zombie world
knightmaker gaming
I feel like if they make a 3 last of us it need to dig up more on ellie and her parents cause ellie was born 6 years after the outbreak happened so maybe ellies mom got bit,didn't tell her dad,she gave birth but died and the infection took over body but before that ellies mom told the lady in last of us 1 to take care of her,maybe?
Thiago Morais
Thiago Morais Hónapja
"Can't kill a 14 years old in a video game" Have you played the prologue of the first game o.0
The MinecraftSlayer
No he missed the uncharted reference of the costume of Nathan drake
Sydney Sheehan
Sydney Sheehan Hónapja
1:41:36 🥺🥺🥺 melts my heart
Wolfff Gamerrr
Wolfff Gamerrr Hónapja
Sure if it’s my mom or dad because they are getting old but if they mess with my brother then there dead
Wolfff Gamerrr
Wolfff Gamerrr Hónapja
“I'm not taking my horse” Took horse a few minutes ago
Septic_Eye_ Revolution
This is actually incredible to see the world of the Naughty Dog's greatest modern game about surviving after the Outbreak evolving so much with all the amazing characters' dialogs, textures and the graphics! Thanks for the video, Jack! The storytelling is great in this game and it's intriguing to see Ellie travelling and chatting with Dina and the history of the other characters in the game like Tommy, Joel, Jesse and Ellie herself in the amazing Sony exclusive!
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Hónapja
jack: that may be a lie, but that doesn't mean its not true. this is the content i subscribed for
Mason Stage
Mason Stage Hónapja
Ellie: love* Dina: love* Jack: 3rd wheel*
Mina Emad
Mina Emad Hónapja
Dose he not know of she hulk
Cas van Dijk
Cas van Dijk Hónapja
Jack: “My hands are all sweaty” Me: “Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there’s vomit on his sweater already, moms spaghetti”
xXDawnXx Hónapja
I was really hoping that he would kill Dina
NoMansLand Hónapja
Them not know if what the pride flag is makes sense
Delanie Gomez
Delanie Gomez Hónapja
Swapnamoy's Videos
27:14 "So much dense vegetation going on" I mean, yeah...but..DAMN!! The very next moment..!!! (Edit): 01:20:34 Dina Scared me XD. (Edit02): 01:25:16 Earphones Recommended!😂 (Edit03) 01:27:40 Those Fart sound effects tho!😂 (Edit04) 01:32:14 That's really annoying! (Edit05) 01:56:00 Wait for it.....**SIGH..!** (Edit06) 02:01:04 "Supplies Madafagas" , 2 seconds later....it's more like "Surprise"!! DAMN I hate those Jump Scares. (Last Edit) 02:04:31 "Yeah....Nice"... FCUK!!!!