Public Speaking Expert Reacts To Jacksepticeye 

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A public speaking expert reacted to my channel. Let's see what they had to say
Original Video: hurun.info
My COFFEE ☕: topofthemornincoffee.com/
Twitter 🐥: Jack_Septic_Eye
Instagram 📷: jacksepticeye
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David JP Phillips
David JP Phillips 4 hónapja
SEAN you reacted to my video, thank you ❤️. I am at a loss for words. ❤️
fireroastedsunflowerseeds of joy
@jacksepticeye this is why we love you jackaboy. Just keep being yourself, you were never really doing anything wrong or intentional for personal gaiin to begin with. You're just a good guy that likes to be fun. Keep being that.
Nipaho 16 napja
You and Seán are such sweet people
Freak Sensei
Freak Sensei 16 napja
This is one of the most wholesome things
Haku Yuki
Haku Yuki 17 napja
Man your face reminds me of my dad's.
Carus Grant
Carus Grant 24 napja
Good job
Trey Mitchell-Beecham
Im still here from your log cabin jack 😁😁
Kaze 5 órája
Im one of the people who watched jack pewds and filthy frank doing youtube back in the days where youtube was like MEH just a normal site.. But now looking at them reach thier SOMETHING they called the highest pick is wholesome and i just realized, im not subscribed to these people that im watching till recently i have my own phone i was a dumb fuck claiming am an OG fans that loved them and not even subscribed.
jeffreykiney plays fortnite
Can’t believe it’s been nearly 8 years I’ve grown up with u I’ve watched u since the beginning and I’m only 15 so quick maths 15-8=7 I started watching u when I was 7 to 8 years old. Nothing but respect for you
Lisalvsjohn 11 órája
I think the general public is able to see that you are genuine, and not faking your personality. :)
Logan lucky
Logan lucky 17 órája
I am
zeyadening 20 órája
we need to get him in an among us lobby
André Henriksson
André Henriksson 21 órája
5 min in well i am still here, been here since 1000 subs
Erica Emmerick
Erica Emmerick 22 órája
Kenzi Kool
Kenzi Kool Napja
Dude when he showed the mashup of all the positive things you've said about the community I started crying ohmygod. I've been here for 6 years, and grew up with you as my comfort creator. I'm so glad I grew up with you Jack.
Scythe 6
Scythe 6 Napja
How do you put out better content
Levi Richards
9:58 = comedy gold 😂
summ1t_0ps Napja
Sean: gets scared by his own into Us: Oh so you get it
Lil Pillz
Lil Pillz Napja
Moral of the story is jack breaks the sound barrier 😂
Aiden Young
“I’ll let you in on a little secret” *tilts glasses* “I don’t fuckin no” 🤣🤣🤣 god dang it I freaking died
zelo 3
zelo 3 Napja
I was around when new survival hunter vids were coming out lmao.
Davros Creator of Daleks
He’s is literally Van Gogh
creepermin 20
jack we all love you. you are just a really nice person i enjoy your videos so much. I know you may not see this since this video is a bit older. but i will still love you :hugs:
Hyacinth Villalpando
I legit almost cried watching this. I'm a new subscriber but I am in love with Jack. This is really lovely.
Hugo Källroos
anna tan
anna tan 2 napja
1. positive energy and outlook on life 2. always appreciating devs and small details in the game 3. i LOVE long videos to watch to sleep 4. u make horror games way more fun to watch
Taylor Joste
Taylor Joste 2 napja
When Sean goes “no...🥺”
Strxticツ 2 napja
I’ve been here for 6 years, sadly not a 7 year legend
Mr. Jek
Mr. Jek 2 napja
8:05 For some reason my mind decided to give me the image of that one dude that smacked a steel rod against another one using his pelvic thrusting.
Lapiz Lapoppy
Lapiz Lapoppy 2 napja
SpiderGirl Reads
Still here. Still loving you. You just keep getting better tbh
Valentina Zúñiga Valdés
jack: *puts a clip of baumgartner restoration me: my two worlds are colliding
Fornax Quark
Fornax Quark 2 napja
I have been watching you a few days before you moved. Not the beginning though. This guy is a plus for us redheads, he reminds me of Tony Curran.
Sierra Sucks
Sierra Sucks 2 napja
I have a college essay on this guys ted talks and in a comment, I saw "anyone coming from jacksepticeye" and I immediately knew I had to find this video XD
DerpYT 2 napja
I love how he was ready to watch, and then Phillips is like “So were gonna react to one of his first videos,” you can just hear his fear lmaooo
Life 2 napja
I totally understand the reaction, looking back at my old writing is like seeing all the mistakes highlighted on the page. The whole page is just coloured in with highlighter...
orber 2 napja
pewd and jack play fortnite?
Screaming Chameleon
David hit the nail on the head. Ya’ll deserve the world! 💕
Thicc Plantmain
Do I see gray hair
Ruby Blackthorne
Just trust in yourself. I know I subscribed pretty recently, and I wish I had subscribed sooner, but I know you've made a difference in the world. Just trust and be your authentic self. That's why I'm here now. ❤
Genevieve Wuth
5:35 "You start reacting back to-" *Mysterious arm appears* "-that..."
Daddy Samsonite
*video starts* *me not noticing he did his og intro and saying it along with him*🌝🌝
Villo_Lau 2205
Ngl I didn't want to watch these channels who used curse words, now curse words are part of my language, and I'm proud of it 👍
Life 2 napja
Lol same 😂
x DCgamez x
x DCgamez x 3 napja
I'm still here I found u in those 7 months
Kirsten Jean
Kirsten Jean 3 napja
From JackSkepticEye on 18:45 to 21:29 WOKE
Akame 2.0
Akame 2.0 3 napja
Now its up to him to react to Jack reacting to him
ItsWeirdy 3 napja
I know for sure that my brother used to watch your videos back in the day - when I used to be a little cunt: still am. He was obsessed with you at one point... Which kind of went on to me. Especially when that "Chop Suey - drum cover" came out - I was obsessed as well. For now he has gone of the the internet (like completely), but I'm still sure he'd feel nostalgic if he saw one of your videos again. Go on brother, great stuff.
Bethany Hill
Bethany Hill 3 napja
I was actually thinking about Julian and his calmness right as he showed up at 4:18 I´m a true youtube psychic
John Sno
John Sno 3 napja
Been here since Sumotori Dreams! Didn’t know that it has been that long but 6 years strong!
Montana Nicole
"Why's the video 15 minutes"🤣 makes it 27 jack logic lol
Darth Lightyear
Came across you a few months ago when I was looking up playlists with a full playthrough of God of War, and instantly you became my favorite HUrunr. A month later you became my favorite streamer, when I found out you were on Twitch.
Darth Lightyear
I love both your intro and ending to your videos.
I wish I was Heather
I was drawn to Jack because of his bubbly personality, and the fact that he is who he is without anyone telling him that he is not. He openly shares his thoughts and emotions, the way he values and appreciates the little things. I like his critiques in most games since it's fun to see him ramble on and on about it, like, he doesn't sugarcoat it and gives us helpful information if you want to play that certain game. He is also more bubbly with friends and can see him enjoy their time together!
Colin Atwell
Colin Atwell 4 napja
Thomas Frandsen
jack septiceye should be the president, why isnt he the president? he obeviusly cares alot, subcontiously. and he is a great speecher and spud of the people
Tekmatika Core
Thank you very much for your open way to speak. It was very hard, but also very eye opening. It moved a lot inside me.
Duckies Club
Duckies Club 4 napja
I miss the old intro and outtro
Duckies Club
Duckies Club 4 napja
U doubled ur subscribers
Hamza Trabelsi
jack is watching a guy who is watching him, watching himself
Svearald Blood-Anvil
Holy shit why the fuck didn't I realise Baumgartner was in this video??! I love his channel!
Wena Hutchinson
Omg I love this sm i cried haha
I have been here jack the whole way uwu
Rannerud 4 napja
this is sooo cute!
Jewel Tabitha15
this is such a comfort video i can come back to every now and then
eye Z
eye Z 5 napja
Love you guys!
Markinator 9000
Next do Jacksepticeye reacts to a public speaker reacting to Jacksepticeye reacting to people reacting to Jacksepticeye reacting to his old videos
Alec P
Alec P 5 napja
21:51 JackSepticPog
I am a old veteran of jack channel
Bailey B
Bailey B 5 napja
ngl, i started watching you back in middle school and now in college i still go back to your videos, you really are a very genuine person and i appreciate that a lot
TNG Gaming
TNG Gaming 6 napja
jack sceptic AYE
Ali E
Ali E 6 napja
I have ADD and I get distracted easily and I cant watch things that don´t have much happening in them. I´ve watched jack for years now and am a very early subscriber. He´s been my favourite youtuber for years and I never get bored watching him. Also jack has helped me through so much bc my life story is like a backstory of a misunderstood villan. So Séan, if you ever see this, thank you, you´ve saved my life multiple times and helped me though my mental health issues. Thank you.
Liahna Hight
Liahna Hight 6 napja
Hey guys! WE DA SNACKK!!!
Erik Menchaca
Erik Menchaca 6 napja
how could 716 people not like this video
RedeyePeyton 6 napja
18:09 no I wouldn’t say yellow paint doesn’t belong on a canvas however I would say human shit doesn’t belong on a canvas cause that’s a more close comparison to pineapple pizza
Poorvika 6 napja
This explains why I have his videos in the background while I want to get to get things done 😶 Also... Don't drink coffee while watching jacksepticeye... Learnt that the hard way...
Joe Craword
Joe Craword 6 napja
The most memorable moment for me is that one happy wheels episode and just screamed “mother ape a**”
Crazy Boi
Crazy Boi 6 napja
Jack: is worried that David's video was 6 minutes longer than the others also Jack: Has a video double the time
ivan cunj
ivan cunj 6 napja
Yes jack, im still here and i will always be here with you as you move on in life and youtube
frid 6 napja
i was in hospital for 3 months a few years ago and the ONLY thing i looked forward to during those days were jack's videos. he always did two videos at exactly the same times every day, and i needed that stability. thank you seán for keeping me sane during a Difficult Time
Thomas Pankiewicz
he look thicc he spek thicc
Kirby6326 6 napja
I think I've been here since you started the TOP OF TH E ORNIGN TO YA LADDIOIOEzsS
KaiserWaffle 7 napja
I'm not OG but I have been here for 6 years if that couns
KaiserWaffle 7 napja
2:38 How I feel :(
Stout Broadcasts
Been here since like 4th episode of the far cry 3 we love you jack!
Night Crysys
Night Crysys 7 napja
"The leader if this cul-"
WeeDefault 7 napja
“TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADIES MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE AND THANK YOU FOR 13 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!!” ...he has double that amount now... 🥲 ...how the time passed...
Caedyn James
Caedyn James 7 napja
Ohhhh don’t you worry jack ol boy. We’re still here😁
Vincentas Mari
I thought this video is going to give negative parts, but instead, it made all of us heartwarmed. We love you Jack, keep it up!!!
Isabella Hughes
Yeah I’m positive SHUT UP MA!!!!!!
I just happen across a video talking about Irish Accents, with my headphones on and my daughter (who also has headphones on) yells "ARE YOU WATCHING JACK SEPTICEYE?" I asked how the hell she knew that (because, and I'm sorry, I've never heard of you or heard her talk about you) and she said it's because YOU YELL EVERYTHING! LMAO!! Apparently, and not surprised by your subscriber count, both my daughters love watching you.
tom stapleton
tom stapleton 7 napja
Ok so this isn't the original account but I have been watching since I was I'd say 10 btw I'm 16 now ahahaha. Grew up with it and changed with it not appart from it.
I'm not gonna lie things have been super rough lately, but Jack's videos and overwhelming positivity always give me somewhere to go where I can feel better, where there's no outside world issues weighing you down. Just Jack, all the positivity you'll ever need, and good feels. Thank you Jack, you wanted to make the world a better, happier place, and you did that and so much more.
Mango Maunz
Mango Maunz 7 napja
That vein on his neck tho🥴 that’s Corey Taylor level right there! The only difference is that Corey is 80% neck and 20% human
Christian Velasco
JACK I love you so much dude I've been here the past 7 years I've literally watched all of ur videos they always made me happy when ik sad please keep making more videos for years to come cuz im not ready to lose u
Brandon Wynne18
Did anyone else start thinking about your life and are you good for the world? I did I just fell like I've made alot and to much mistakes 😔
Ryelle 8 napja
I knew his name was Sean because he doesn't look like a Shawn.
Tristan Collett
9:29 , we can only imagine how different it would be if we had this intro instead of the one we have now.
try not to laugh
Highly doubt it i have dusty eyeballs waching the same chanell since 2011 but im glad i stuck with you cause i dont know what i would of left 2020 would of killed me ×_×
cinoSonic 8 napja
Hey there.. erm not that good with words but let's try since i have been emotionally opening my self more lately. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you for being there and thank you for building such an positive and enjoyable community. I have found you about almost 7 years like 6 years and a bit ago, which vid exactly i would have to look up, and i just enjoyed watching you have fun and filling myself with energy and happiness through that. The most core memory is and will be tho (kinda ironic but here it goes), on the day you uploaded your very first subnautica video, that was the day i got together with my girlfriend and we watched that series and some others together. It was like watching a series together, where when you uploaded we would wait till like weekend when we could watch what we missed together and it was such an awesome time and i think i will never forget that. It was one of the first like survival games i really enjoyed watching as well, as i was not much of a survival type of guy myself i didn't really like to watch other people play them as well but seeing how curious you were about everything and seeing the game develop itself to what it is now, that was a fun journey. And I'm bringing this series not only up because it's my main core memory about you but (sad ironic part) my girlfriend broke up with me just recently, we have been living ourselves apart for some time so yea, but the day she broke up with me was the nostalgia week day for subnautica, and watching that hour long trip down memory lane felt so incredibly great and again i want to thank you for always beeing here, even though i am more of a lurker myself and very self cautious, which is why usually don't comment, but really thank you. Also i am one of the seemingly small amount of people that really enjoyed your old, loud intro and outro and just you yourself at that time, but i like the new you as well. I can see you have grown a lot not only the channel but yourself as well and i hope i can be here till the end, which we hope doesn't come too soon. :D
Noah Friedman
Noah Friedman 8 napja
I’m still here jack!!!!
Lauren_lovexx 9 napja
I never really stuck with any HUrunrs apart from Jacksepticeye every single HUrunr I would watch how to get bored with but not Sean, sometimes I found his videos a bit dry and I would stop watching but in a week or 2s time I would come straight back and have a wonderful time How I found Sean is because I was watching Felix’s happy wheels and once I finished watching them I was bored I liked happy wheels so I looked up more happy wheels content and I clicked on Sean’s video and to this day I’m so glad I did 🙂
Exelith Op
Exelith Op 9 napja
We love you for your energy jack, you make me happier and hype for the day
Layne martin
Layne martin 9 napja
Young Jack is cute
Sophie Tangeman
I was about 8 when I first started watching your videos. My brother actually showed me your first happy wheels video and I watched the whole season. My brother has level 2 autism which means he has a hard time communicating properly with people so he used to have a really hard time at school with bullies but when we got home from school we would go on my dads computer and watch a video of yours. You helped my brother and I so much as kids (even tho their was swearing) we would laugh for hours. You were the one who brought out the confidence in us. Now we both don’t care what anyone thinks abt us. You helped my brothers speech and his happiness, and for that I thank you so so much 💕💕( I know he probably won’t see this but I just needed to say it)
changed my name idk y
This posted 1 day before my birthday: 😳
Debbie Gill
Debbie Gill 9 napja
Who ever disliked thinks watching food mould is entertainment
Debbie Gill
Debbie Gill 9 napja
Jack is the bestttt
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