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Proximity chat is the best way to play Among Us
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Citrine Iris
Citrine Iris 10 órája
:0 Sykkuno didn’t do his keys!
Natedogg17 11 órája
Sean has a deeper voice than corpse at 21:56
Abtin Barzin
Abtin Barzin 23 órája
How did I miss this video, the editing's insane as hell. Love it
Audrey Grace
No one: Tina: I was being a race car
Mad Games
Mad Games Napja
This video was crazy
Chonker Kid 56
Chonker Kid 56
Chonker Kid 56
Chonker Kid 56
Jack: Sykkuno is awesome! Corpse: sykkuno is awesome Sykkuno: I am awesome as hell!!!
Nate Reilly
maple bacon sound like an American and a Canadian mixed together
Imortal Vibes
Man proximity chat is so nice, you dont have to stress ou- AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
lemon pal
lemon pal Napja
What if real life had proximity chat- wait I'm an idiot
击ece Napja
diceroll comin THRU with the editing
Megan Leonardo
Felonia Melva Francis
Its nice to hear someone sing I write sins not tragedies for an among us game
Moose On Crack
Maia Kromer
Maia Kromer 2 napja
5:07 The Best transition in the history of HUrun, makes me laugh every time lmao
myeeshaaa _
myeeshaaa _ 3 napja
Toast : delta Alfa delta Alfa Jack: uuululullululuu
Cypher Sky
Cypher Sky 3 napja
Jacksepticeye to Rae: if I was imposter you’d be dead first Rae: dies first No one sus Sean!!! Also I found the legendary last name in BitLife McLaughlin lol
vic 3 napja
whenever this group plays proximity chat it feels like sean is babysitting a bunch of kids
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 napja
0:54 jack, grogu is the name of “baby yoda” from the mandalorian.
Luke Santos Facchino
Awesome video
Aiden Mcmeme
Aiden Mcmeme 4 napja
Am I in another fever dream?
Timothy Dodd
Timothy Dodd 4 napja
I feel bad for Rae sometimes, but Corpse’s voice is the big spicy.
Caleb Lewis
Caleb Lewis 4 napja
Maple bacon donuts are really good
Emilio Loki
Emilio Loki 4 napja
I absolutely LOVE the kind of chaos in this group
RedThunderDan 4 napja
What proximity chat do they use? The one my friends use can only do 9 people because one is like a shadow bot
Mia Lascelles
Mia Lascelles 4 napja
Chul Yeom
Chul Yeom 5 napja
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Dark Phosphenes
weird goat
weird goat 5 napja
5:49 i replayed so many times, lmao
•Itz_Kay 4692•
Jack: i like proximity chat more than regular among us because i don't have to stress out Also Jack when a body is found: *A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A*
Amanda Barnett
Can someone tell me where they playing among us with proximity chat...thanks
Blazyn Doshier
Why do you cover the code. One the video uploads its no good
PlushFreddy 7 napja
Only Americans eat bacon maple donuts
Tamara Sykes
Tamara Sykes 7 napja
"Are you 150,000 percent sure "MmH VeNT
Zachary Lindgren
Corpse sounds like Batman
Nadia Ely
Nadia Ely 8 napja
Jess Ò-Ó
Jess Ò-Ó 8 napja
The voices people simp for: Jack -Irish Corpse- deep Sykkuno-cute
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz 8 napja
Yeah, cool story, bro. But did you bark, though? Alternate title: I bully Tina. 😂 This episode has been sponsored by Mandalorian.
The Real Tree King
this video has so much chaotic energy. lol
BlueRose 101
BlueRose 101 8 napja
Rae annoying Jack is the funniest part to me lol
Marina Lodi
Marina Lodi 8 napja
When corpse talks my insides go BRRRRRRRRRRR
¿Gacha_ group?
Jack:"a killer would not get that scared" * flash back to when William was scared being chased by kids and was so scared he went inside a suit*
Landon Bowling01
Corpse is a grizzly bear as a human that deeeep ass voice
Ariana Mendiola
Did anyone else Cackle out loud when sykkuno said he was going to bark
Itz MeeAmaya
Itz MeeAmaya 9 napja
Omg Babushka brings back memories from primary school 🤣🤣
H1J 9 napja
all of them are furries lol
H1J 9 napja
Ellie Weller
Ellie Weller 9 napja
Okay but maple bacon donuts are actually good
Rebecca Mockerman
This entire video with the yelling and the "yes she is no im not" stuff feels like elementary playground chaos and its glorious
Mythical Unicorn
Jack: it's nice up here when everyone leaves Everyone: walks in Jack lost in the crowd: NEVERMIND!!! NEVERMIND!!!
IntenseNova 9 napja
*Sped Sykkuno* 17:22
Denise Gonzalez
Jack: I like proximity chat though, it's so much more fun than regular among us I don't have to stress out- Everyone else: *gAsPinG aNd ScReEcHinG*
ShelbyKingNFS 9 napja
Corpse's voice is so soothing
BlueHeron 10 napja
Its like a bunch of fucking todlers... AMAZING.
sally reeves
sally reeves 8 napja
Just Deepon Bro
Just Deepon Bro 10 napja
Just Deepon Bro
Just Deepon Bro 10 napja
The actual funny part 5:26
Lukas Reimer
Lukas Reimer 10 napja
The silent Type
The silent Type 10 napja
14:56 is my favourite bit
echildd 10 napja
jack simping hard for sykkuno is the funniest thing ever
dj gp90
dj gp90 10 napja
god bless proximity chat!!!
this girl purple you
I just love how jack pronounces 'bark' hahahahah
Shallot 10 napja
I like how Jack took corpses fast forward idea for videos
Aspen Carter
Aspen Carter 11 napja
So what's with the weird face at the bottom middle?
RizeNIR 10 napja
covering the code for live streams
Emma Wilcox
Emma Wilcox 11 napja
this is what my brain sounds like taking a test
Chambers-Jane Karaitiana
The chaotic energy in this room
FluffyPeony- Pony
I was bein’ a RACECAR
Angela Hart
Angela Hart 11 napja
9:13 can we just appreciate that all the boys are on one side and the girls on the other including the dead people
Jasonplayz Alhashimi
Jack just keeps simping corpse
SlackFunday 12 napja
Today I learned Racecar backwards is racecar
TerraMaster 12 napja
Corspe just sounds like that annoyed friend that doesn't want to be there but he is being forced to.
McKenzie Lucas
McKenzie Lucas 12 napja
The pure chaos in this video is what I live for!
Nanda Panda
Nanda Panda 12 napja
i wish i had friends so i can do this
x_x Minicoops
x_x Minicoops 12 napja
Cheese Curd
Cheese Curd 12 napja
I just have to say this Sukarno really do be sounding like the purple hippo animatronic from five nights at Freddie’s when explaining the stripy about Leslie being a impasta😂. Some of you out there can probably agree with me...
Lil Thumper
Lil Thumper 12 napja
I love among us because it has brought so many communities together like fortnite (lazar) minecraft (tommy tubbo etc) qnd so many more
Finley Reddish
Finley Reddish 13 napja
Simon Hiew
Simon Hiew 13 napja
among Us but is pooo pooo
CHUTIMBOY 13 napja
7:45 mj
Ash Ellis
Ash Ellis 13 napja
Sykkuno: "ykw Leslie who do you want me to vote for? I'll vote for whoever you tell me, you want me to vote to skip?..Okay its Leslie" 14:41-14:47
maddieggj 13 napja
Maple bacon is very good
Alessandra 13 napja
Jack trying to show Corpse and Toast he has medbay scan: DO ME, DO ME Me in my head: That’s what she said😏🤣
Primesh Mohanty
Primesh Mohanty 13 napja
9:40 These two guys! 😂
Will Raquel
Will Raquel 13 napja
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Jack Schmit
Jack Schmit 14 napja
That Sykkuno/Valkyrae play was OP.
Sigma 14 napja
Not gonna lie, corpse sounds like agent Maine.
Brian Gotez
Brian Gotez 14 napja
I am 100% with tinaaa on her choice of donuts
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman 14 napja
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Okie Rogue
Okie Rogue 14 napja
This is a fun series!
Will Raquel
Will Raquel 14 napja
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Deegan Pepe
Deegan Pepe 14 napja
grogu is baby yoda fom mandoloian
Reesespieces 14 napja
Sean: hmmm I think it might be Tina she downloaded the Mandalorian illegally kinda sus Tina: nonono it was legal Sean: she kept saying Grogu as she did it, idk what that means... except for sus
Nathan Long
Nathan Long 14 napja
People always simping for Corpse and Sykkuno. They're super awkward but also have great chemistry. Jack and Corpse however always get a laugh out of me, they play off each other really well and I love it. I don't need reality TV I just need all these wonderful people being friends and killing each other.
Sarah Rotheker
Sarah Rotheker 15 napja
I love the unexplained screams every time a body gets found 😂
FaZeTadpole7 42
FaZeTadpole7 42 15 napja
I’m from Arkansas and I love maple bacon donuts
edenbrady 15 napja
Jack: it’s so quiet now I can hear myself- Rae: AAAAAAAaaaaaa
KanjiKingツ 15 napja
if ur in a vent, do ppl hear you in proximity chat?
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 15 napja
Crewmates bark someone meow
Livvy E
Livvy E 15 napja
Im surprised Corpse and Jack know each other 🥺♥️✌🏻
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