Phasmophobia is SO much SCARIER in VR 

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Phasmophobia is SO much scarier in VR
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Shockwave84 2 órája
21:00 Jack: I'm never scared. Felix: Are you sure about that?
Colleen Grady
Colleen Grady 7 órája
That moment when you’re making chicken patties in an old oven and I gets quiet and suddenly there’s a loud bang coming from my oven
Alexander 37
Alexander 37 12 órája
This reminds me of eddie
Gabriel Posada
9:54 jesus christ
Darla Parrill
Darla Parrill 2 napja
They seriously don't know how to use an Ouija Board. :I
Mariah 2 napja
I cannot get sick of these guys playing Phasmophobia but this episode is just something special lol
Nayutakoyakai 3 napja
Btw if yall want to know, kit6 means the ghost is in the kitchen, its just a bug, so it doest write the whole word :)
This channel has a secret
-.. .- ...- .. -..
Shea French
Shea French 4 napja
felix be looking like an alakazam at a tea party
TigerAttack86 4 napja
Kit-6 means kitchen
d18 p18
d18 p18 4 napja
Lol go at 4:39
Reality Check
Reality Check 4 napja
I really want jack to play this with corpse 😌
Grady King
Grady King 4 napja
Them having a sleep over:
Something 4 napja
23:01 Bro he's dead with an T pose XD
Is it just me or is felix the only one dying?
This is kinda like a more explicit version of buzzfeed unsolved's ghost investigations except *something actually happens* Oh and one of them isnt a scaredy cat
Tutson 5 napja
15:00 they sound like two drunk best friends arguing lol
Alicia Something
Omg I’m so confused I thought there where like together irl besides each other
Alicia Something
Wait are the together?
Lucas Butterworth
I wish I was a ghost
Anomily 5 napja
They're the scariest thing in there
Shelley Chang
Shelley Chang 6 napja
4:40 and 6:45 HAHA 😭😭
Josef Black
Josef Black 6 napja
14:31 "I'm a brave boy" "NO FUCK THAT IM NOT A BRAVE BOY IM A LITTLE BITCH" I felt that
Little Red Kermit Gaming
Why r u still using the oculus rift s
Charles King
Charles King 7 napja
21:00 jack: I’ve never been scared before, not even once. Pewds: (causally screams in jack’s ear). Jack: AHHHAHHAHAHAHAHHHHH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, AHHHHH, (proceeds to have a mental BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN.)
Charlie Schougaard
8:37 i am very uncormfortable
Lil Nikki Nikki
Jack: If you die in under 5 secs while im gone im kill you. Pewds: 3 secs Later AHHh AHHh AHHHH AHHH! JACK!!! i could not stop laughing.
DiscoCODBlake 7 napja
18:35 that's a world record
pretty sure Kit-6 is either a drug or medication
iedneved 7 napja
Everytime Jack and Felix play together they just become drunk Swedes
Maltato Boy
Maltato Boy 7 napja
1:27 Look at the flashlight. Idk why that cracked me up so much.
ilose3 7 napja
Phasmophobia is SO MUCH BETTER with A bit of CallMeKevin
击ece 8 napja
20:39 wtf was that lude ah lmao
Sydney Ramos
Sydney Ramos 8 napja
Just hear this without laughing: 7:54
PinkyKitten OnMehHead
every F**KING single time jack gets scared(well they're the same): "*AW FUCKING JESUS CHRIST*"
Hannah Parizo
Hannah Parizo 9 napja
No flamingo shorts??
that thing with the teeth looks like that ballerina monster from Cabin in the Woods
cza izab
cza izab 9 napja
-oFrenzy 9 napja
they both r like two ends there value is bigger when they r alone and decreases when together.
Methmin Kumarapeli
13.01. its KSI
Methmin Kumarapeli
Playing basketball in a haunted school at night. What a foking legend
Johan Gameplays
Johan Gameplays 10 napja
Shikari Fox
Shikari Fox 10 napja
5:10 From fully roasting Sean all those years back to this :P
XxduckyMCxX 10 napja
I’m watching this at 23.24, have a online classes and am probably not going to sleep now
Madao 10 napja
Idunno, i kinda expected it to be scary, but... in the end, it isn't much scarier then regular PC play, honestly... I think it's because the controls are so sirupy, too slow, too much time to react and chill out. Not enough panic. : / I've been playing "paranormal activity: the lost soul" and that has much more intense noises and chases... Scares me way more than phasmophobia.... Purely because the scaries there are a bit faster, and you can also sprint in that game to gain distance... That little, apparently make SO MUCH of a difference to the scare factor. I hope they add something like that to phasmophobia... because the current pace is too slow.
Vera Dragon Jedi
He should of smacked the white board at the beginning and gone LAUGH
Cam Valentine
Cam Valentine 10 napja
I CANNOT stop laughing at Felix crab walking around the place
Bryn Duffy
Bryn Duffy 11 napja
9:43 now that's what I call... MOONING! for those that read this I'm sorry
Antonia Ruppenthal
The dislikes are from the ghosts
Maxi Moo
Maxi Moo 11 napja
Me: Watching and not getting scared Anti-vape ad comes on: Scared the sh*t outa me
Jack Rudolf
Jack Rudolf 11 napja
4:38 just so I can replay it 4:44
Jollibee's Soundtrack
ya were just messin' wit felix and he just fucking dies XD
Connor Kenway
Connor Kenway 12 napja
1:01 my favourite part is when felix looks round 😂
I think Felix’s voice was a bit too large🤣
Elijah Bowman
Elijah Bowman 12 napja
POV: All the comments have barely any replies (a comment had 7k likes and only 12 replies!!!!?)
Skinny Doodle
Skinny Doodle 12 napja
Why he say my last name
Lone _wolf_462
Lone _wolf_462 13 napja
In a few years my family is going ghost hunting!
Jesse Chumacero
Jesse Chumacero 13 napja
He mum on moon lol
Gavin Milewski
Gavin Milewski 13 napja
Gavin Milewski
Gavin Milewski 13 napja
Seán: “I never get scared, not even once have I been scared.” *Not even a minute later* Seán: “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH”
Gavin Milewski
Gavin Milewski 13 napja
4:43 Can’t belie- ie. Can’t belie- ie. Can’t belie- ie. Can’t belie- ie. Can’t belie- ie. Can’t belie- ie. Can’t belie- ie. Can’t belie- ie. Can’t belie- ie. Can’t belie- ie. Can’t belie- ie. Can’t belie- ie. I can’t breathe I’m laughing so hard 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Garox 13 napja
*pretends to be dead and hides not knowing felix is for real being hunted* Jack: is he dead? Felix: *dead* top10 pranks gone wrong
Viljar_53 13 napja
7:35 *Ghost is literally in hunt mode* Felix: "They have the finest porcelain in here"
Jesse Chumacero
Jesse Chumacero 14 napja
I love how you got scard
Jesse Chumacero
Jesse Chumacero 14 napja
Justin James Taclobos
i watching you in my vr
Andreea 14 napja
VIdeo: Phasmophobia is SO much SCARIER in VR Me: Oook, turning the volume doooooown
RMR 14 napja
(jack) If you scream i will leave you. (pewds) Ok i promis. 2 seconds later, AAAAA
hailey 15 napja
Felix: Floor gang 23:00
Pigeon 15 napja
I like how they arent scared theyre just playing some basketball
tbyrner 04
tbyrner 04 15 napja
Did no one notice at 17:50 after jack says Mary garcia u hear a man say the name and jack gets scared. Proper creepy and I havent seen any comments about it
Dimplton 15 napja
6:41 Fnaf jumpscare
Foxboy3153 15 napja
I've missed this the amount of likes this gets is how many people wanna see more of this
god noob
god noob 15 napja
Sounded like simps being a bear
Amber Benaerts
Amber Benaerts 16 napja
What if these fools played duckseason or layers of fear
Josep Balan
Josep Balan 16 napja
why do they sound drunk
Hisashi Kinoshita
Pewds: “you place it on the dinner table...dumbass” Jack:“I- um- *sigh*....you know y-you can be real mean sometimes” *not even 2 seconds later* Jack:”oh! I use it in my hands! Fuckin dumbass see it glows! It’s LED!” Pewds:”oh shit it’s got ??” Jack:” it’s made by razor dumbass” This made me laugh so much they act like brothers🤣 Time stamp: 11:51
Real HTD [4]
Real HTD [4] 16 napja
Why was there a journal on the toilet
Caitlin A o_0
Caitlin A o_0 16 napja
21:23 one of the highlights of the video, ilove this hahaha
Diana Lopes
Diana Lopes 16 napja
18:47 it seems like felix is not even speaking in english aahahahah
Mighty Jole
Mighty Jole 16 napja
The fact that you made creepy sounds and he thought he is dead and then he actually died is creepy. You helped the ghost kill pewds. How dare you.
Bush Baby
Bush Baby 16 napja
Screaming irish man plays with popular Swedish man
Logan Reid
Logan Reid 16 napja
Yesss you did play it in VR 😂
Real HTD [4]
Real HTD [4] 17 napja
Is that pewdipie playing
Mr.CDPlays 17 napja
6:40 freaking golden freddy jumpscare sound XD
Pink Tigress
Pink Tigress 17 napja
Never knew jack was into mom's
gamer bros
gamer bros 17 napja
Play pavlov vr
Radical Habits
Radical Habits 18 napja
5:20 Felix looks drunk trying to throw that basketball 😂
Kurt Pfouts
Kurt Pfouts 18 napja
It's funny because they don't understand the game mechanics
Reese Colette
Reese Colette 18 napja
I thought they were in the same room the entire time until Felix started skipping
TFmaster 96
TFmaster 96 19 napja
3:55 anyone else think the background music sounds like 1979? 5:38 I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy. 9:47 emperor palpatine: that’s no moon- it’s yo mamma! 24:10 Kevin Costner: my boat.
Eden Azalea
Eden Azalea 19 napja
"yea we're crazy. Hehe - oh sorry."
Kylee dodd
Kylee dodd 19 napja
where can i see this from the other side
A.S.T 19 napja
What is his VR?
shayne 0909
shayne 0909 19 napja
10:04 the ghost walked past😯
Michael Afton
Michael Afton 19 napja
7:56 the scared angry Irish man
JakestJake 19 napja
8:24 bad asmr #4?
Olti Ibrahimi
Olti Ibrahimi 19 napja
6:44 Almost when death comes to you😂😂😂
JAKD GamezPlay
JAKD GamezPlay 20 napja
At 1:32 do you want them to be real police
ryan calhoun
ryan calhoun 20 napja
Jack: ima brave boy 🙂 Jack seconds after: AHHHHH FUCK THAT IMA LITTLE BITCH! 😫😫😫😫😫😭😭😭 -jacksepticye 2020
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