OMG YOU'RE BACK?? | The Last Of Us 2 - Part 5 

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Wait a second... YOU'RE here? The Last Of Us Part II is full of surprises
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Wandering Stardust
Wandering Stardust 20 órája
I love how for most of the game, there's no background music until a tender moment or fight sequence; just ambience. Wind, rain, birds. It just adds yet another layer of realism to this incredibly well done game.
Levy Fleming
Levy Fleming 23 órája
not me slowing cuddling up with my dog to reassure her that I wouldn't leave her in an apocalypse 😗😗
Imogen Carr
these videos are edited so well at the start and end, the last of us soundtrack is something else
naty nykirka
naty nykirka 2 napja
"But for me, I am so invested in this experience" literally 2 seconds later "NOOO, I have to kill a dog , oh my god " (poor Sean xdd)
Michael Violette
Omg I cant watch. I don't see how he misses. So much stuff. Says he is thorugh, but doesn't even go around the whole perimeter of any room. He checks like 75 percent. And walks over shjt all the time. Dude just hit the action button! Fick this is a great game. But he kinda blind..
liam catfish
liam catfish 3 napja
jack: lets craft a silencer Americans: its called a suppressor
Kuenixx 3 napja
Oh my I wish vigor looked more like this
Peyton Slye
Peyton Slye 6 napja
14:45 is Sean literally referencing his own video, the awful ASMR #2?
y y
y y 7 napja
I like how Robin did the outro It was very nice
Ashton Mitchell
11:20 him saying soon both times, he sound like a five year old.
Eyas Shorman
Eyas Shorman 8 napja
shit there is one thing I cant understand why the hell are people okay with killing humans in video games but not dogs or something
Lachlan Mackenzie
Me: What are you looking for Jack: Supplies modaferker
Jimmy Goggins
Jimmy Goggins 11 napja
Killing dogs in this game is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Every time dogs ended up in a level, I felt a rise in discomfort knowing that, with my mere average skill in stealth, I'd end up in a firefight with those poor dogs ending among up among the dead. People can say what they will about this game. But it can't be denied that It WILL tug on your heartstrings.
Sean Cady
Sean Cady 11 napja
It was one thing in like FarCry where you're killing wolves. Dogs is just too much.
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan 12 napja
Jack: "I need that listen upgrade, I can't see shit" Ah yes, I too cannot see without my ears
it's just brandy
43:34 this game is so amazing and detailed, however, they kept using this same model for the runners (at least 3 times now) and it takes me out of the game everytime. I know copy and paste saves time and money but she has such distinct features so I recognize her and it just kills it for me.
Fastokie 14 napja
I got chills whenever I figured they could hear you reloading if u were close enough. The details are insane!
Fastokie 14 napja
Also, seeing Jack using so much ammo whilst I’m playing on Grounded, it hurts me 😭
Its Me
Its Me 14 napja
I love how it can go 0 to 100 so fast but then it will go right back to being calm I love that about Sean
Artistic Guy
Artistic Guy 14 napja
Hey I live in hillcrest
Nathan Compton
Nathan Compton 15 napja
18:07 Me: Hears Jack is getting upset about not seeing a card for a while. Me: Get this man a card.
Kim Andre Vingan Schei
Jack forgot the chese man card at main gate👁👄👁🍾
Vanillash 74
Vanillash 74 16 napja
Shannan :3
Shannan :3 16 napja
*shoots human* "ew, I blew your head off...!" *Shoots dog* "SORRY! 😭" haha.
Fact Core
Fact Core 17 napja
When Sean finds 16 "Pills": My head: *In the This Is Halloween theme* 16 supplements, 16 supplements... Sean: *In the same theme as me* 16 supplements, 16 supplements...
Pickled bologna
Pickled bologna 17 napja
tommy: getting shot at jack:whoh WHOH lighting
Neanderthrall 17 napja
knife + axe = knaxe
jose melendez
jose melendez 18 napja
Really lovin these ins and outros
HollidayRespawn 19 napja
I knew making all those molotovs and never saving materials would bite him in the ass at some point in this game lol
Septic_Eye_ Revolution
The Last Of Us Part 2 is such an advanced game in terms of the graphics, all the characters' animations and the movie-level cut-scenes with the incredible plot and the relationships between Ellie and Dina throughout the walkthrough are amazingly developed in this demanding survival world crated by the astonishing gaming studio like Naughty Dog as the exclusive for Sony PlayStation 4/5!
击ece 20 napja
that is a good fucking section if ever ive seen one
drakeslayer 55
drakeslayer 55 21 napja
1:16:50 I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee.
MLG GAMER 22 napja
1:34:32 Yo that's a classic Among Us double kill right there
MLG GAMER 22 napja
OMG I just realized did Jack forget that there was a Medkit on a table in one of the houses and at the time he couldn't pick it up cuz his health was full? DUDE should have gone back the way you came!
MLG GAMER 22 napja
Do you know what's hilarious? As Jack was shimmying through that door gap before he got attacked by Boris the Runner I hear a slight "Hmmm" before so I expected something to come but his sudden attack still got me 😨😨😨😨 Great storytelling and environment setup
MLG GAMER 22 napja
Damn Boris! The hell is wrong with him?! Poison his friends, dash them in a spore garage and just let them become runners? Imagine if they weren't runners but rather Clickers or Shamblers?! Shit that dude is off his rocker! Now that a scary dude right there
MLG GAMER 22 napja
Jack: There's worse things you could eat in a zombie apocalypse. Dog food might actually have nutritional value. Me: Might have to be like Shaggy during that time. Coming from a person who kinda reminds me of Shaggy so he's not wrong. Plus that could be why his power is so high and he uses but a fraction of it. Scooby snax got unimaginable powers. That's what I'm going with
MLG GAMER 22 napja
I just realized Jack could be his own coffee connosieur. Won't be long or it probably already happens where people ask him "What's the best coffee for me to have" and he starts recommending types based on personality AAAAHHH I so need to see a video showing that prowess
MLG GAMER 22 napja
Wow I thought this only affected the flashback but I guess it carries back to the present day, shaking the flashlight for it to work. Oh Naughty Dog I see you troll players once again
MLG GAMER 22 napja
I have a question. Who is the opposite of Jack in terms of what they look for in a game? He looks for the general aesthetic and realism so which HUrunr is more focused on the gameplay mechanics and I mean they're obsessed with that in particular. Looks for them don't matter but the gameplay is where it's at for them?
MLG GAMER 22 napja
On one hand I don't like the fact that Dina has to stay cuz nothing good ever comes from leaving your friends in a specific place during a zombie apocalypse. Walking Dead anyone? On the other hand, she could fend for herself pretty well and easily take em down so I'm not underestimating her at all. I'm just worried she might get overwhelmed or trip while running but I'm sure she'll be fine. I'm mentally conflicted about this split
Sigrid 24 napja
remember when ND said you dont' need to kill any dogs? wish that was the only lie.
Frosty the Trickster
Karens: ViDeOgAmEs cAuSe ViOleNcE!! Jack to the dog: im sry liittle one
chloe vande kamp
i came to sean's playthrough because i was getting frustrated watching felix's. i think that's because felix's gamestyle isn't very serious, and with these emotional games i like to watch someone who is as emotionally invested as i am, because otherwise i just don't enjoy the playthrough. i think felix is good to watch when you need a lighthearted or less emotionally tolling video, but sean's appreciation for video game creation is something that i prefer
Luis Falsiroli
Luis Falsiroli 27 napja
who cares about the dogs... you gotta stop with weak mentality
Genesis 27 napja
Im RockSquash
Im RockSquash 27 napja
22:14 then just join a horror film
Im RockSquash
Im RockSquash 27 napja
8:53 JACK!!!!! RIP Lee.......
Hermilo Duran
Hermilo Duran Hónapja
So no one gonna mention the amazing music that go RREEEEEHHHHHH REEEEEHHHHHH. Durin fights
Harry Pan
Harry Pan Hónapja
Ur filthy, ur disgusting, ur trash......... I love u
Liathan Rats
Liathan Rats Hónapja
I like how the tone shifted at 40:50 from "Ew you look like a fucking human centipede" to "Aw that's cute"
Thomas Quinones
Thomas Quinones Hónapja
Why when you go into listen mode you can see your scent? HOW CAN YOU HEAR YOUR SCENT. DOES ELLIE JUST SMELL THAT LOUD?
Kurt Kron
Kurt Kron Hónapja
"Ruff" was that an intentional pun? 😂
Alastor Radiodemon
I love that he draws the line at killing a dog, John wick would be proud
Adam Lafranier
Adam Lafranier Hónapja
Dumbster Falls ellie: FUCKK Jack: we Just killed dogs and People and thats when you say it Also Jack: FUCK LOOK AT THOSE GRAPHICS
Swapnamoy's Videos
I thought this episode will be one of those "Normal" kind of episodes with no jump scares and all that stuffs, but then that Garage Story(Boris) and now at 01:00:36 especially this one...scared the hell out of me...!! (Edit) 01:04:53 OK that was gross!! The FACE!!! DAMN! (Edit02) 01:14:53 That Sound effect when you shot that Lady!! wooo! (Edit03) 01:19:53 That Explosion!! (Edit04) 01:20:53 "You won't see me"....coz I'm about to finish your left eye!! (Edit05) 01:21:43 oops my bad...so it was the cheek..not the eye..well but it's OK coz at least he got the "cheek"! (Edit06) 01:22:26 Yup...exactly, the best section in this video so far! (Edit07) 01:26:20 Just pause the screen for moment and look at that face...coz the very next moment it's gonna blow!! DAMN! 01:27:53 I never knew Ellie has that ability to just freaking vanish Naughty Dogs..! (Last Edit) 01:39:40 Once again, a good ending(video)!
Useless Soul
Useless Soul Hónapja
Darth Chicky
Darth Chicky Hónapja
my mom was cooking behind me and she looked at the game thinking it was real life
pinkspartan 561
pinkspartan 561 Hónapja
jack- wow look at that window whoa me- yep thats a window ~_~
Megan Varas
Megan Varas Hónapja
“protection is better than no protection” -jacksepticeye 2020-
Hetty Hónapja
I am so glad that you like to take every moment of the game in too! I love it how you try to enjoy and explore every bit the developers put in and not just rush through the game and call it a day! That's exactly how I like to play as well!
Mason Stage
Mason Stage Hónapja
“the dogs just trying to do what it’s been trained to do, rough” -jack 2020
Draven_ isded
Draven_ isded Hónapja
1:14:50 DAYUM
Melinda Melinda Lorincz
Jack: If an axe wasn't lethal enaugh, now we have knife-axe. Me: Knaxe
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer
1:36:52 Clicker: _Rrrrroom for three?_
Lefan Zhang
Lefan Zhang Hónapja
Holy crap it took Jack FOREVER to drop those dudes. Apparently he doesn't know how strong his shotgun is. Jesus.
Sterling Webster
Jack: I don’t want to like killing people After Jack headshots someone with a bow: Ohhhhhhh that’s so SATISFYING :)
Isaac Byrkit
Isaac Byrkit Hónapja
Sean: kills tons of people, doesn’t care Sean: kills one dog, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Grumpy Nanny
Grumpy Nanny Hónapja
3 t.10 fly crawling up screen. .
Spicy Solo
Spicy Solo Hónapja
In 6 years... someone will read this comment just like today I read comments from "The Last of us" from 6 years ago.... Hi futor people!!!
acidicbarkbeast Hónapja
Jack: Damn. Boris. What happened to him? Boris: Let me introduce myself
• Gacha Kenz •
Jack: realises he’s full of most ammo also Jack: I need to start shooting shit! also also Jack: gets an opportunity to shoot someone, “Let’s stealth kill them”
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia Hónapja
Ellie cusses more then a angry racist grandma
kilroy987 Hónapja
5:17 This section was what made me decide to buy the game and try it for myself. In the end, the mechanics were ok. Graphics are great, mind you - but the overall effect gamewise was just meh. I'm numb to the story at this point - I was interested in youtuber reactions but I thought it was a waste of potential with all the narrative material available.
Andrew Stratos
Andrew Stratos Hónapja
Jack: I don't wanna hurt the dog Proceeds to use a explosive on a dog
novaspark420 Hónapja
That’s a knife axe man
Harley King
Harley King Hónapja
It's months late.... but YOU HAVE GUNS TOO NUMBSKULL
Justin Heater
Justin Heater Hónapja
I saw a rat literally run up a wall
Its Cariad
Its Cariad Hónapja
58:42 bless you
DallaN Hónapja
When Ellie practice with her bow, there was a manequinn with an "Arrow to the knee" 1:03:20
Unknow0059 Hónapja
02:20 now kiss. vomit kiss! 07:48 life is strange 2 flashbacks. 10:12 yeah it's bioware magic. jokes aside it's indeed a miracle. 23:05 even the last of us 2 hates minorities. I'm obviously joking by the way. 24:11 really? gamers have killed dogs in games for as long as dogs have been in games. we're pro, bro. 26:45 I would probably have kept the bombs and bullets for the dogs. the melee is just too violent. 28:58 you probably haven't played many stealth games. 30:50 the multiplayer in the last of us 1 was where the gameplay really shone. 30:58 humans are also trained to do what they're trained to do, but we cut animals slack because they're not as self-aware as we are? often that still doesn't mean you have a choice. I don't know. seems strange to feel bad killing an animal but not a human. 54:24 not sure how I feel about the clean black and white UI. some games overdo it like mk11 where there's no decoration at all, while some decorate too much like some anime fighters and 🤢 mobile games. I like how Darksiders 2 did it. it's clean but it's also decorated still. 01:08:19 that was really cool. how you laid out the bombs while prone. 01:33:09 Jesse is gonna die real quick. 01:34:50 based Jesse 01:37:33 that was really fucking cool
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo Hónapja
boris story is similar 2 ellie getting revenge. at least 4 his revenge he got a satisfying's death 4 them little did he realize he became the worst monster and end up becoming the infected. it's a warning 2 ellie of what happen if she's 2 focus on revenge if she goes on 2 long. Boris ended up getting karma in the end even though i understand why he did it.
NerdAtGaming Hónapja
jack: "oh please don't make me kill the dogs" also jack: explodes dog "YEAH YOU SMELL THAT!"
Troy Fabian
Troy Fabian Hónapja
Shhhhh, Just a little bit okay.
darktrent182 Hónapja
The doggy who provided the audio is a Good Doggy, and they're Okay, and Not Hurt. They're just a really good actor like their human costars.
Vader_ Joe_71
Vader_ Joe_71 Hónapja
"100% there's a card in there", and he's right, but flies right by it without spotting it, lol. Got to love how well hidden some of the collectibles are in this game. Even sneakier than Part I.
White.Lionz Hónapja
the last of cUrdS
Sporgus Wacc
Sporgus Wacc Hónapja
Next thing you know Shotgunaxe
Not Sure
Not Sure Hónapja
I need to sleep but I can’t stop watching
Jackaboi 0527
Jackaboi 0527 2 hónapja
Is it just me, or does Jesse kind of have Marlins haircut from TWD game. Except Jesse rocks the look and Marlins hair looks like a bird nest
Julesthecat 2 hónapja
Dude, no shade you are an ABSOLUTE legend, but stg Irish people just sounds like land pirates. "Carrrrds. Arre you hidin any caRRds though, thats what ey want to know"
Jackaboi 0527
Jackaboi 0527 2 hónapja
His Irish accent has faded a bit but when he says card or scars or what, you can really hear the Irish in him. It’s my favorite part about tbh
carmelo lopez
carmelo lopez 2 hónapja
i honesty started watching 4 months ago and never finished
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine 2 hónapja
Jack: burns a guy alive Also jack: kills a dog with just one fatal hit and is sad about it
MegaDan 2 hónapja
Where's scp?
Ya Boy
Ya Boy 2 hónapja
1:06:50 Everyone: GET HER!!! this guy: you pick something up boy?
Ya Boy
Ya Boy 2 hónapja
Ellie: kills a person Everyone: *kalm* Ellie: kills a dog Everyone: **PANIK**
JCatDubs 2 hónapja
He talks about not wanting to kill things and then doesn't look for a way out before going on a killing spree 😂 lol
Echo_szn 2 hónapja
Jack is most subscribed ?
Master Konzu
Master Konzu 2 hónapja
Ellie can hear smells. Bruh.
Flipper_ 98
Flipper_ 98 2 hónapja
I died so many times trying to avoid the dogs but you gotta get them 😭
inbal 2 hónapja
"I love forests, I love fog, I love smoke kinda laying on the ground, I love rain" Jack is 14 and this is deep.
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