NOT READY TO SAY GOODBYE | Spider-Man Miles Morales - Part 7 (PS5) 

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It's not over yet! Time for one last bonus episode of Spider-Man Miles Morales
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BatCham Napja
I don’t like how they put politics in the game, and they demonised the police
Stanley Barton
Weren’t people complaining that he was using the spider verse suit mods? Why did he use it again?
Stanley Barton
Personally I hate them
Scruffy Canadian
Me screaming at my tv: “ITS LEE!!! DAVE FENNOY!!”
christiano de jezus
I want to do what you do jack ,but idk what to say in ny videos
Random Army On Youtube
"Sucks to be you, I got feathers" and then he promptly explodes
TallisHj Napja
31:38 a duck on a mans shoulder 😅
Electro Brawl stars
I hate j jonah
Electro Brawl stars
Its my first time i watch you
ghadi zahreddine
I saw a Spiderman wearing the hoody suit swinging
golden gost
golden gost 2 napja
Our boy Lee aka Howard
Praised 3 napja
12:44 vibes be real today he hasn’t had his cup of tea
BladeofIron 3 napja
Is there gonna be any DLC?
Dalton Hoffman
jacksepticeye look up Deadpool 'Highway Fight' | Jacksepticeye Voice Over
Corban Wood
Corban Wood 4 napja
I just realised that Miles' mum wrote a postcard to Miles Morales telling him to go to the top of the empire state building and left it in a public place. So anyone who finds that card knows who spiderman is
Lochan Ramu Dayalan
Anyone else hear batman background music at like 43:12 lmao?
da fish 657
da fish 657 5 napja
You won’t. There’s gonna be dlc
a dead man that is wat i see
Liam Alcorn-Ferry
7:37 would be a epic desktop
falout 33r4r
falout 33r4r 5 napja
you mean black and gold
sharita dupree
You are Bob Bob
Jellyman4 Boom47
Damn I don't think he ever finished Uncle Aaron's sound quest.And didn't see any finishers with the cat
Micheal Petersen
BMC118 7 napja
Man: *steals pigeon* proceeds to be thrown off +20 story building by Spider-Man
Phil Gerald
Phil Gerald 7 napja
Me waiting the entire series to show off my favorite suit: ..... Says one thing about it at the last couple minutes of the final episode: “Oh yeah this suit is cool, looks like Daft Punk” 1:07:52
Parsa Malek
Parsa Malek 7 napja
Please like this comment so Jack can see! I don’t know if you can see this Jack, but if you can I’d just like to let you know that the crimson cowl suit is very good for stealth takedowns. It has an ability where enemies can’t hear you when you do a stealth web strike takedown.
58:30 Wait... fellow oogabooga dinosaur nerd!?!?
Zoe Beanill
Zoe Beanill 8 napja
That ladder portion was a real struggle lol
Chris Doherty
Chris Doherty 8 napja
I absolutely love watching sean play. Like when he took five minutes trying to get the post card and all he had to do was jump on the light lmao it cracks me up. Hes one of those guys that u yell at the screen while watching it telling him what to do lol
Vincent 2007
Vincent 2007 8 napja
Aahh yes, my favourite number. Thisone.
TIMkid TheIronMinecart
i have the game and im 94% complete with it D: im so close
Gamer Lazerwet
I saw a penneywise do a dance
cat suit 100% the best
Jake games
Jake games 10 napja
at 2:02 or 2:03 the Feast person sounds so creepy when he says "its free"
TBC Action
TBC Action 11 napja
yeah 2099 is my main suit rn
TBC Action
TBC Action 11 napja
Its dope
Wolfsitic 11 napja
I saw a dude walking with a gun over his solder in the snow
Joseph Bugeja
Joseph Bugeja 11 napja
Jack: "That guy's 100% dead!.." [flies hovering around his mangled body] 😂
whisper team
whisper team 11 napja
This game is amazing so sad it sold 70 percent less..its better then the first game 😰💖 needs more credit
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 11 napja
29:09: Can't believe Spider-Man just killed someone! 😱 35:16: That was PERFECT timing! XD 24:32: Aww. I'd love to see a picture of that sometime. 🤗 14:31: PFFT! Just random pigeon flies by! 13:12: Jack, It's LEE! XD 3:41: 🤣 1:10: Yeah, like fighting crime is "calming" 😂
3:34: AYYYYE! (-()
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 11 napja
*Sees Jack in the golden suit in the thumbnail* "Pfft. Show off." Nah, but for real though, this was an AMAZING experience, just wish it was longer. Since it's so short, I can't get enough of it. But like you said at the end of the previous episode, It's a good thing it's short because not too much is packed into it.
DeltaSans991 11 napja
Jack, I read the title as Spider-Man: Milf Morales
Adrestis 11 napja
My theory is that the reason why Miles's battery is at 1% but never dies is that his bioelectricity passively charges his phone. But that's just me.
aiden perricone
aiden perricone 12 napja
garryisepic 12 napja
hi bro
hi bro 12 napja
Jack, how long did it take you to beat this game because I got it yesterday and I have every suit, every level, every skill, and every mission/side mission completed.
king eevee
king eevee 12 napja
this is one of the few games where i do the side missions to get everything, like before the final mission i did all the underground hideouts and Roxxon labs to get the programable matter suit and did all the prowler stuff to get that suit and normally i would just do the story and be finished
Water Plsdon’tdrinkus
No get the plus ur have ur suits but ur restart the game
The Mos Eisley Cantina Band
i also saw a clown
Nabeel Mohamed
Nabeel Mohamed 13 napja
Who the fuck would steal toys
Nitro Suffer
Nitro Suffer 14 napja
That mural sucked jack
Owen Playz
Owen Playz 14 napja
💨 fat fart 💨 Everyone: this is soooo cool Me: Is it just me or do I actually like tolet seats
Typhoon Wave
Typhoon Wave 14 napja
I cried at the end of the scavenger hunt
Tim Cummings
Tim Cummings 14 napja
I like the miles morales story, but his BS extra power are anti spiderman and plot breaking.... Sorry not sorry.
Zane Turner
Zane Turner 15 napja
You literally crushed the cat. 24:09
Arlo Bollinger
Arlo Bollinger 15 napja
play station spends years makeing ps5 and hiper realistic game and lot's more jack I wAnt A PIgEon sUTe
Ray Wheeles
Ray Wheeles 15 napja
It looks like there is a glitch where if you knock someone out before they fall the game won't web them.
Bknott25 _
Bknott25 _ 15 napja
Rene Rojas
Rene Rojas 15 napja
23:28 hey nice collar
slimeboy 6709
slimeboy 6709 16 napja
Sad he dident include the part where miles puts the trophy at the church
Just Cause King
Just Cause King 16 napja
I wish they would leave political shit out of video games
DeadPool PlaysYT
Jack is having a great time with the exaggerated swagger of a black teen
the lady who wants a photo with miles is chuck from jack's Minecraft series
Logan Hval
Logan Hval 16 napja
This game is also available for ps4.......just saying
Tameron Babineau
Milf Morales
Johnny Boi
Johnny Boi 17 napja
I saw a drowning man in the snow, reaching up to the sky begging for mercy from an unforgiving sea, as he loses his last breath he thinks of his life his mother how he never meet her expectations how the family he never had but always wanted, how he never got his dream job of being a scientist he never was good in school. looking up at the sun he thinks his last thought "i could have done better."
logan shields
logan shields 17 napja
Anonymous Nerd
Anonymous Nerd 17 napja
Greatest battlecry of the season: *PUBERTYYYYY!!!*
Ark 123
Ark 123 17 napja
Dude I forgot I could heal half the time so half the campaign was me dieing cus I forgot there was a heal tool
Aiden Nicholson
Aiden Nicholson 18 napja
Peter is tons more fun to play as but pop off ig. And the BLM crap is unnecessary, it's basically a cultist group, the message is good, the execution is pathetic
It’s Jonathan btw
God dang this guy has all the suits my guy be grinding
Platinum Giratina
When does miles kill the guy by kicking him off the building
Edward Alexander Tribo
0:56 Step truck!!! I need help
HellfireComms 18 napja
This is a nice way to end the playthrough. Was a fun LP dude, thanks for recording it.
Toby Richards
Toby Richards 18 napja
Congratulations on hiting 26m subscribers jack
Alex Atkinsharding
Surely spidies a murderer
Petition to call all bad guys crimes
Lei Angelo Quijada
About the reflection, what about The Last of Us?
Cryptic Spooky-Man Disease
29:05 Omg, this guy is actually dead! (proceeds to take a selfie with ass in frame) 🤣
Ewan Connelly
Ewan Connelly 19 napja
isn’t there a secret ending
Soggy Bacon
Soggy Bacon 19 napja
I finished the game to 100% in just 19 hours and now it’s kinda boring
Soggy Bacon
Soggy Bacon 16 napja
@Aiden Nicholson yeah that’s true
Aiden Nicholson
Aiden Nicholson 18 napja
Rather 19 hours of good content than 80 hours of mediocre content
garryisepic 19 napja
If I was Spider-Man I would be like “man in Spider-Man” No you would be like *gasp* I’m *gasp* spi *gasp* der *OOOOOOooooOooOoOo* man
ERO Master
ERO Master 20 napja
How i play spiderman miles morales:gonna go stealth. How jack playes it:fuck stealth, ima go loud
Fnaf Farts Animations
13:09 Lee Everett twd game
QElizabeth_I _
QElizabeth_I _ 20 napja
Sean: *ignores pigeon facts* Me: *crying softly* i-it’s cool...
Kidpoolio 11
Kidpoolio 11 20 napja
Me: new jacksepticeye vid Jack: RATE TRASEING
The Flying Tortoise
The next game could have multiplayer that’s just the different alternate universe spider-men. You’d select one and have different skins so, for instance if I wanted to, I could use spider-Gwen and my friend could join as miles and use whatever skins we have for the characters, which you would unlock while using the original characters, and each character would have story missions.
Erlid /:\
Erlid /:\ 20 napja
I love the suit with spiderman in a backpack with a mask
Fourth Horsemen Death
"How is your phone on 1%" To be fair, Miles IS a walking battery so I don't think he needs to worry about wireless charging
distroyer 419
distroyer 419 21 napja
8:38 that move was to clean
Jake Spainhower
Jake Spainhower 21 napja
Spider-Man: “Gives crap to Spider-Man for talking to himself”: Jack: literally makes his living by recording himself talking to himself. Lmao! Hahaha loves this series bro:)
Katherine Majkut
Me, a native New Yorker hearing Miles say Stuy-vess-ant instead of Sty-vis-int: 👁👄👁
That cutlery Kid
The last of us 2 has those mirrors
Emily Herrington
I dont think jack has made a video in this series that he hasn't complemented the ray tracing in
Mr. NotsoPro
Mr. NotsoPro 22 napja
the officer in the pigeon mission.. was it the guy from brooklyn-99???
DARK LORD 22 napja
this was an awesome series and i love jackspecticeye!
gemlinated boi
gemlinated boi 23 napja
this whole series has just been about jack goofing about ray-tracing, no spiderman here just graphics!
Jeff Clark
Jeff Clark 23 napja
You’d think there would be webs hanging down from where Mile’s shoots them but I guess not
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