NEXT GEN STARTS NOW | Spider-Man Miles Morales - Part 1 (PS5) 

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Next gen starts now with Spider-Man Miles Morales on Playstation 5
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jacksepticeye 2 hónapja
btw this video got copyright claimed TWICE! So any ads you see on it were not added by me but the people claiming the video
Maxim Reich
Maxim Reich 25 napja
Please do some more Happy Wheels before it’s gone
Toby Stephen
Toby Stephen 26 napja
jacksepticeye I didn't know that those people loved Mitre 10, my country's biggest hardware store chain. Huh.
kaylynn rodriguez
I mean, at first the hair was a bother, but now it's my favorite part
Destroyer AK
Destroyer AK Hónapja
That sucks Jack
I'm Dead
I'm Dead Hónapja
I wanna get a computer actually so how old am I I want to get a computer in 3 more years
Budgie Universe
Budgie Universe 19 perccel
Normal graphics: Exist My pc: adios Next gen graphics: Exist My pc: *Adios madios I'm outtios*
Brandon Dallaire
Brandon Dallaire 3 órája
hi jack big fan see my comment pls and the game is so awesome
Ryan Szklarz
Ryan Szklarz 4 órája
Anyone else wanna see jack play kingdom hearts and see him go “WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SEE” and him go down that rabbit hole
Vesnagirl 12 órája
SPOILER ALERT After playing through the game myself (as soon as I found out the tinkerer was a female by the sound of the voice changer I knew it was Phin) and now watching this, where she straight up says AT THE TABLE “I’ve been studying biotech on my own”, they literally spoon feed you the info 😂 So funny what goes over peoples heads, including mine.
Dr_stickno 19 órája
Dose he still say fuck guys?
Sylvium Z
Sylvium Z 20 órája
Spider-parker and Peter-man 0:16
Trashyy_. Napja
Only ogs will remember "* high five * TOP OF THE MORNIN LADIES MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE!"
Bendabozz Napja
By the way I have no subs and two vids 😢
Bendabozz Napja
na Napja
Still confused as to why Pete can’t handle rhino on his own here but could beat both rhino and scorpion in the first one
Blu Lucario
Anyone else get the "Chase of goose" callback to the first game? Made me laugh so hard since we heard Rhino say that during one of Miles sneak missions in the first game
corndoggo Napja
Game: *has like the best controls, details, humor, and story* Jack: *R A Y T R A C I N G*
corndoggo Napja
38:34 "I know someone is breaking in and all, but I wanna do this first. U m i s s r e a l l y c o o l
Setups YT Channel
Adle Day
Adle Day 2 napja
Watching this one hour video was worth it.
Brittany Solis
i have a ps5
Lucien 2 napja
Bryton Dodds
Bryton Dodds 2 napja
Who else was thinking they should have webbed up Rhino's legs and feet?
Kaylee Seely
Kaylee Seely 2 napja
React to glaceons gassy play with flareon its honestly the weirdest thing I've seen.....
Kaitlyn Hughes
Glodi Boyongo
Glodi Boyongo 2 napja
fun fact: you are here and not subscribed
Demmi Diamond
Demmi Diamond 3 napja
In the first part I like to cut him 😂🤣
Sherzan Erdogan
We moved on to ps1 graphics to movie style
белый 3 napja
Всем привет я Русский
Nia Dandridge
Nia Dandridge 3 napja
the graphics are incredible wtf
Hamza 2
Hamza 2 3 napja
The way that Jacksepticeye plays this game really shows the exaggreted swagger of a Irish HUrunr
Rift Boy
Rift Boy 3 napja
"I can kill you with a single punch" XD
Epicboy_onfire 1
What is his mercy store
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 3 napja
I already have it and finished it alredy
Terra Beats
Terra Beats 3 napja
JSE: This feels so AWESOME! Me without a PS5: Imma just, feel your energy Jack, Imma just feel the awesomeness through you
Amber Thomas
Amber Thomas 4 napja
i like how they call miles spiderman and not second spiderman
Terrawan 4 napja
14:29 the JJJ guy, isnt that the voice actor for reinhardt? (overwatch)
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 4 napja
Jack is in his downfall
Prestley Joy
Prestley Joy 4 napja
I am an Indian and I love you a lot Jack (William) 😘
Cookies Or Pancakes
When jack pronounced adidas add-e-das not a-de-des it threw me off for a sec
Mimi Wordofa
Mimi Wordofa 4 napja
Bro why are you not uploading
Zomtron 5 napja
Hage Lass
Hage Lass 5 napja
Is it just me or am I the only one that finds miles mom very attractive
Noah Brown
Noah Brown 5 napja
0:00 21:35 21:36 21:37 21:38
pugs unknown
pugs unknown 5 napja
does anybody know that Peter's face is the actual face of the voice actor who plays him
pugs unknown
pugs unknown 5 napja
why did he swing away from the first mission
I so playing spider man Miles Morales on my channel
Thiskid_Kyre 6 napja
Treemonster Man3
Spider man doesn’t quip. He just burns people
Nick 6 napja
Cody’sWorld 6 napja
That was Troy Baker
Anthony Orlewicz
Im the only one without a ps5 or new xbox🥺🥺🥺
Anonymous666 Anonymous666
Hi jack tell zolayshia we are friends
Boi 5219
Boi 5219 6 napja
I got the spider verse suit from a code I also got the track suit and crimson cowl
Boi 5219
Boi 5219 6 napja
The whole chase of goose joke is a call back to when miles was being chased around by rhino in the first game
JKBisms 7 napja
I don't know about you, Jack, but I'm personally hoping for a prequel game following Pete's origins.
Parth Batra
Parth Batra 7 napja
Jack pls make this video able to download
DanDaMan 7 napja
38:33 can someone please make an edit where someone’s breaking into Sean’s house while he’s streaming and he just says that😂
PirateKing Caden
Imagine the same concept with the swinging but attack on Titan
Ťh⍠øňə wîēřđò ö
this game took 3 days to complete for me
Gracin Van Dewalker
you are makeing me SO mad that your going in the rong direction
Jessica Detrick
I fucking have the same game 🎮
Jason Brown
Jason Brown 7 napja
zaccwiggins 8 napja
I’ve waited until now to watch this series because I just got the launch edition for the ps4 and beat it
Cake_ Eater
Cake_ Eater 8 napja
I am so excited to play this game
Руслан Cubic
Why are you screaming!? (
Vincent 8 napja
Spiders should actually dislike the cold more. Also how tf are spidermans shoes sticky, this has always made no sense to me.
Logan Ross
Logan Ross 8 napja
I hate the way he says adidas whAT-
SeanxShadow 8 napja
Miles sleeps on a bed jack “ looking good miles “
asher sanders
asher sanders 8 napja
Hi Lol
Ahah 8 napja
It looks like rhino got bitch slapped by miles
Shanice Ball
Shanice Ball 8 napja
PLEASE PLAY *"Hi No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch"!!!* 😨💗😁
Cooper Kreitlein
The world ending Jack: REFLECTIONS
Clyde Heyn
Clyde Heyn 9 napja
Omg so much views and omg the likes
g0dbel0w 9 napja
This guy still screams like an asshole while playing video games?
Aviation Guy
Aviation Guy 9 napja
Jack hitman 3 is out and its incredible you should try it out
Emily McQuaig
Emily McQuaig 9 napja
no one: Jack: RaY tRaCiNg
Pennywise With Wifi in The Sewer
Never trust Troy Baker
hey where did irish jack go this jack is sweden lol
super gamer
super gamer 9 napja
I got the same game and ps5
Chick Astley
Chick Astley 9 napja
Jack are you dead
BBenellij 9 napja
Thank you so much for existing, lol. I love your content and it always makes my day when I see that you've posted. I doubt you'll read this, but it would mean the world to me if you could watch a gmv I made of the Miles Morales game. I can only imagine how annoying self-promotion can be and hate the fact that I'm even doing it. However, as I said your one of few youtubers I feel that makes an impact in a positive way and would just greatly appreciate your opinion. I would, honestly, also be fine with just the sentiment that you even gave my comment a glance. Anyway, I know you're a busy guy and it's selfish of me to even ask, lol. I hope you have a great day and thank you for everything you do! :)
LuL Madster
LuL Madster 9 napja
I got ligma when they said jinx
DAD5Draco 9 napja
51:51 Is that a Dunkey joke? Sean's cultured.
Greg Lynas
Greg Lynas 9 napja
I have the game rn we just have not installed the extra storage yet for it to work
Veta _er
Veta _er 10 napja
The Generations
The Generations 10 napja
Fidelity literally makes the game crash. Performance RT is the best way to go.
Golden Gamer
Golden Gamer 10 napja
One punch man or venom powers same thing
Alexis Rodriguez
Jack!unravel two is out play it please
Katha_idc 10 napja
I want to play this game so baaddlllyyyyy but my parents would never allow me a ps5.. Especially my dad since Im A gIrL..
Yusuke Kitagawa
Wow what a shit dad
Oliver 8 napja
Your dad is sexist then?
Skylar Mattox
Skylar Mattox 10 napja
25:55 What’s the song called?
FadedFlame 10 napja
After playing on performance rt it’s thought to go back to fidelity your eyes have to like re-unjust
Callie Abbott-Kilpatrick
peter:MILES! Miles:why do you want me to call you spider man when you call me miles?!
Sr. Brainy
Sr. Brainy 10 napja
I think that The New Peter actor tries to resemble the Tom Holland Spider man, and he did it very well
Mop Mop
Mop Mop 10 napja
That gas in the tank was incapable of exploding or burning under any sercomstances.
Mop Mop
Mop Mop 10 napja
The yellow part of the diamond is reactivity 0 means it is stable Google it
blastoise the turtle
I still haven't seen into the spider verse yet so spoilers for me
Lokmister 11 napja
Hang on a second, is that Danika Hart leaving Teo’s bodega at 4:20? How’d I play through this game twice and miss it both times?!
Lokmister 11 napja
I’m so glad they made performanceRT mode so we can have 60fps AND the pretty ray tracing.
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Krpichs 11 napja
I miss "top of the morning" intro😢😢
Parker Johnson
Parker Johnson 11 napja
On Markiplier's Channel it showed a video where Wade confessed
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