My Amazing 200 IQ Among Us Gameplay 

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Check out my amazing 200 IQ among us imposter gameplay. They have no idea who did it.
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jacksepticeye 4 hónapja
I have never ever lied ever
TheDarkRk9 Napja
As if ur not imp rite
TheFunnyPotato Boy
Is this a lie?
e a w h
e a w h 25 napja
this is a lie
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 26 napja
That’s sus
Evan Gumm
Evan Gumm 29 napja
Even that's a lie
Alex 23 perccel
Is no one going to mention how Jack AND Lizzie both did keys when it wasn't a task? And none of the other crewmates mentioned it?
TheDarkRk9 Napja
Young Pup
Young Pup 2 napja
Can u make a among us with no swearing
Shambala 777
Shambala 777 2 napja
I played ones among us with my kids and i had no idea what to do,i was the imposter with out knowing what to do and they were laughing at me , it was very funny
Lily Myrkle
Lily Myrkle 3 napja
jack: i hate being imposter me: shut it im imposter i need to be carefull ◑︿◐ (dr.phill was the imposter)
cibercreeper the robotic creeper
And i hate being impostor too
cibercreeper the robotic creeper
I never liked people ruining their friendships
QauckSucker 5 napja
Nick Polhamus
Nick Polhamus 5 napja
Hey jack do you think maybe we could play among us one day
Maryna Van Der Merwe
Lennywise 6 napja
You just hear all these voices that sound like young adults then you just hear corpse 😂✨
jayda reyne
jayda reyne 7 napja
Emma-Grace Shapland
Felix : Ima kill *kills* Jack : Mother fuc..
Kill Switch On
Yo jack i know your cousin can i be famous
agent 327
agent 327 9 napja
pewds is there
hello 9 napja
My like bumped it up 1k. Feels good.
Lora Clark
Lora Clark 9 napja
Hi I love your vids
A wonderful way to spend an insomniac night: Watch people yell at each other for things that didn’t happen
Michele Myrvik
Michele Myrvik 10 napja
i laughged so hard 2:20
Danielle Van Tonder
You are facken Good
Cyanimation Exists
Did Jack forget his special starting sentence
Raof Abdullah
Raof Abdullah 10 napja
seeing this from a different perspective is trippy
Darkest Turns
Darkest Turns 10 napja
Who remembers og goat sim vids
Hudson Bakker
Hudson Bakker 11 napja
0:40 T.R.U.E
Kevin 4000
Kevin 4000 11 napja
He just explained the rules but ok
jamie trissel
jamie trissel 11 napja
Eric Trump
Jack_THEman Sv
Jack_THEman Sv 11 napja
Hey JuhSean, can you tell me the titles of the tracks you've added in this video, please?
Gabe LaPointe
Gabe LaPointe 11 napja
Are you playing with JaidenAnimations?
Justin Delorme
Justin Delorme 12 napja
Him trying to explain among us to us but its super famous
Justin Delorme
Justin Delorme 12 napja
Corpse’s voice kinda scary ngl
nobody that you know seriously
im in 2021
Fire Chard
Fire Chard 13 napja
It's so funny to watch Jack and jaiden animations are playing together Cuz I watch both of them a lot.
Gabe LaPointe
Gabe LaPointe 11 napja
Unknown_Human 13 napja
+hwach check blah+ DED
Emma Hyland
Emma Hyland 13 napja
What do you use to record your videos they look so clear? PLEASE REPLY!
mr cactus play
mr cactus play 13 napja
among us is right right cool game i like among us can you make among us
angry pomeranian
I like watching sheany mcweeny
Aidan Carlson
Aidan Carlson 13 napja
I’m watching this in 2021 when we know lots more about how this works therefore there is a couple times where I know things that would have made it someone or given the imposters the dub and it makes me cringe soo much..
Aiden Roberts
Aiden Roberts 14 napja
You should pair with ssunde for among us
Meagan Walker
Meagan Walker 14 napja
At one point in the video there was glitch edit which probably alerted everyone that Anti was in the room messing up Jack's recording. 😆 God damn it Anti. Anti: yeah it was me, sorry everyone, didn't mean to scare ye.
Ike 14 napja
"Subscribe, it's free" - Jacksepticeye Why has no one made this point yet?
-Emotional Wolf-
Who else just came to see jack and CORPSE blame everyone else
Why Tho
Why Tho 15 napja
I feel bad cuz every time I play among us w my friends there like it’s her and then every one votes me I can related
Yamcha 16 napja
If u havent already hit that red butten down below the video that says subscriber and then after hit the bell 🔔 for. The king.
A plesiosaur with wifi connection
Anyone else noticed that jaiden animations is here?
Леонид Мартынов
Всем наступаюшим
GiveMeYour Doritos19
just 200iq? Thats not that high compared to some other videos, like 6969 iq
lil BASMA 17 napja
What happened to you old intro when you would slap the air
Lecrono 17 napja
in the intro he sounds like the general in laser tag that always tells me not to run jump or climb (but i never listen >:])
Yasser Boumediane
In that round where Sean and Ken were impostors if Ken killed one of them JUST ONE they would have won especially at the reactor even though there were 3 crewmates if Ken killed just one even if it is in front of everyone they would have won
Ryan Rohlick
Ryan Rohlick 18 napja
me when im crew yes yes me when imposter no no no fuck shit no
Ryan Rohlick
Ryan Rohlick 18 napja
i have ben imposter 5 times in a row
Scarlett Southwick-Camp
he has grown so fast wtf remember his gta vids🥲🥲🥲
Bridget Clarice
Bridget Clarice 18 napja
you cused and you said this was kid frindliy
multi play
multi play 19 napja
5:02 Wtf is that face!! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
bloop bleep
bloop bleep 19 napja
I would kill to be able to play a round of among us with jack. I have been his fan for a while now and he has helped me through some very tough times. Keep up the good work, jack
Thiago Nicho
Thiago Nicho 19 napja
Who the hell is this youtuber
jimmy and jonny mc
0:16 or one or THREE imposters...i will never let this fact go to waste nobody pays attention to the one imposter and three imposter modes
Martin Vera
Martin Vera 20 napja
I hate that, if you find the body ur they blame you even if your not the imposter
Alec Atallah
Alec Atallah 20 napja
Nobody: Jack when he gets imposter: >:(
caleb mad ox Gamer
jack your the best
spoofydooper 20 napja
dude anti is in this video
Salty Bicky
Salty Bicky 20 napja
4:50 even Corpse was impressed you did well Jack
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson 21 napja
At least 100
Maxx Buswell
Maxx Buswell 21 napja
The Fact that Felix is playing Among us is Funny as Hell.
Maxx Buswell
Maxx Buswell 21 napja
Sean your the Best.
Maxx Buswell
Maxx Buswell 21 napja
How are you doing today?
Maxx Buswell
Maxx Buswell 21 napja
Hello there.
Sinful 21 napja
Kinda of blame Jack for dying at button, could of just fixed the lights
fnafboi1987 21 napja
Nathan Phillips
Nathan Phillips 21 napja
WTF was all that glitching for?
PurplePenguin 360
Jack is the only person who is excited fpr crewmate
Bed 22 napja
21:09 ken should've killed someone because there's 6 of them
angela flores mercado
que tonto yo ablo español
Equaliz3r 22 napja
Does anyone remember jacks fnaf, bmg drive and happy wheels days
Breanna Bartholomew
52 pickuplimes
52 pickuplimes 23 napja
Why does Roomie keep playing he always gets killed immediately! 😂
Michelle or Ayden Harrington
Don't worry Jack I hate being the Imposter too
Iraci Maia Estéticista
this video and a lot
Rainbow Woofy
Rainbow Woofy 25 napja
Hey, Jack, didn't know if you knew all these, but here are the hotkeys; Q: Kill. (For Impostor) E: Use. R: Report. Tab: Map / Sabotage. ESC: Closes the Map and task interface. (That's all I know for now. Not even sure that's all of 'em. Hope it helps, though!)
Elongate 23 napja
Ok that’s helpful for people new to PC among us
Xirius YT
Xirius YT 25 napja
It's 3am and I'm mindlessly scrolling through HUrun. I saw Sean's face come up because of autoplay full screen and I just smiled
katie cox
katie cox 27 napja
Play with Jadien again one day she makes the lobby fun
peachy paradise
peachy paradise 27 napja
what if pewds is right so often because he checks some people’s lives haha i don’t think he would but imagine
SkullRiderGames 27 napja
Jack, the Imposternator 😂😂😂
rose queen
rose queen 27 napja
I'm like Jack every time I find out I'm an Imposter/am not an Imposter XD
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown 27 napja
jack like this plz
Ahmed Fahad Bakhshwain
Jack say intro pls
TheReal Trashboat
I have learned one thing watching courage and jack play among us, pewdipie is like ninja, very annoying, blames everyone! Especially if their name is jack!
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson 28 napja
I'm always scared and it gave me anxiety
Crabludio Official
Oh my god that actually jaiden animations. Edit: that’s*
Casker 28 napja
August: Fall Guys September: Among us November: Among us December: Among us January: Human Extinction
Marius Boss
Marius Boss 28 napja
Out of all the Hours i played i Never knew that the Bar of Tasks mean ALL Tasks. I thought it just showes your own Task Bar.
陶翔 Hónapja
The wise beggar probably remain because sailor synthetically heal absent a elastic poland. serious, nondescript anger
Disco Fox
Disco Fox 29 napja
What are you talking about?
stinkyMC Hónapja
Cool name!
Serene Feng
Serene Feng Hónapja
Lets appreciate the title bc he found out the highest IQ a human can have is 200 XD
Aaron Chilson
Aaron Chilson Hónapja
Whenever im imposter i speedrun that shit, no ones on cams? ded. no ones in nav? vent. one person in cafe? ded
•mooshie bear•
Soviet Union Russia
SPY ROLE Mod in Among Us
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