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I hope you're ready for the full game of Little Hope because here's the entire thing just for you!
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2020.nov. 7.






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I think these developers should try running with some of the ideas they come up with. I feel like they often have modern characters that experience these situations, or like they’ll have a crazy cool premise like witch trials but not actually explore that, instead they have this weird modern plot. I’d love it if the devs made a game that was a horror story actually taking place during the witch trials. Something different than just modern They’re clearly good at writing those witch trial flashback scenes, the devs should make more games with those scenes in mind
Kenny Nesser
Kenny Nesser 4 órája
Who makes that much of a shitshow over a gun? Lol....christ
unseasoned rat
unseasoned rat 9 órája
Ok but the magic book was like dead on??? i'm a spiritual person and basically everything checks out???????
Ahad Rauf
Ahad Rauf 11 órája
Do relationships matter in this game? Jack seems to keep picking choices than make the other party angry, but he does most of the critical ones correctly in order to save them. Would there be a different ending if the characters all like each other?
Todoroki :p
Angela: blinks Sean: how dare you exist?
Tactical Incursion
I agree that they should have fleshed out the "it was all a dream" part more, regarding the other characters splitting up, the importance of the witch trials, and so on. Maybe he did each character/group's perspective on his own, considering there was no real threat or time restraint since there were no real, physical monsters from which to escape, but there was definitely more they could have done to make the ending more satisfying. I really liked it, though, in my own little opinion, I thought it hit pretty hard and didn't feel very cheap. The atmosphere was amazing the entire time and I find that helps a lot when you're going for an ending that reflects on the entire game's events from start to finish.
Endy on YT
Endy on YT Napja
Megan did an any% speedrun on game ending her family
•KułųsKùn• •Ğaçhā•
"If you hold a grenade long enough then you will eventually blow up" ... every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes
Susan Monge
I still feel like Sean should play through this game again and try for another ending
Jawad Alatassi
"I wanna be really scared, star talking about taxes !"
Robert Hurley
Robert Hurley 2 napja
Robert Hurley
Robert Hurley 2 napja
Susan Monge
Susan Monge 2 napja
Jack missed a few things in this playthrough but also can anyone tell me if there's like more to this story/game?
Rose 2 napja
The witchcraft element has it's purpose tho. The place was once famous of it but Poulter, out of not being able to move on from what happened, turned that into reality to justify their deaths. That everything happened because of demons are the reason of their deaths, he used that as a reality as an adaptive attempt of the tragedy. He tried to find redemption out of those old century stories he made up, which he can influence, as some sort of symbolic about what he could've done to keep them from their deaths. It's like a self-comfort that he could've done something to save them all, like he made an alternate reality to adapt from all the guilt of not being able to do anything. The game is all about finding redemption by his own alternate reality. Just as what curator said, one found redemption, some did not. Cause Angela was the only one u were able to save. If u have saved all, it would've been a like a full redemption for Poulter's character, like he's found a way to move on. Game's basically a psychological thriller. I loved understanding the depths of it. Loved it. Awesome game play tho.
Akli Mi
Akli Mi 2 napja
omg the end felt like such a slap in the face!!! But i loved the game generally, the old part was really intriguing!!! And jack summarized it pretty nicey, they could have done so much better with this game! I am not hoping too much for the next one though...
Lil Jackson
Lil Jackson 2 napja
He looks like a mix of carol off shameless and Sid off toy story 😂
Jon Doe
Jon Doe 3 napja
1:35:00 hitler vibes
dumb loser
dumb loser 3 napja
rick calhoun
rick calhoun 3 napja
Sean has gotten so cringy v.v so hard to watch him anymore
King Hitler Goldstein
@rick calhoun work on your reading comprehension. I was clearly saying that you have grown up and no longer like jack acting like this, but he has always acted like this, he hasn't changed, you have.
rick calhoun
rick calhoun 2 napja
@King Hitler Goldstein , growing up makes you act like the children act these days? Agree to disagree bud
King Hitler Goldstein
That's just you growing up kiddo. He's always been like this.
unseasoned rat
the town little hope reminds me of possum springs
x_x Minicoops
x_x Minicoops 3 napja
Demon appears and reataches arm Jack: EXcuSE Me?!?!
Keyframe Creations
everything that happens in the beginning makes since after the end
Midget Cowz
Midget Cowz 3 napja
When Jack said, "Maybe that's why she's trying to kill everyone, her drawing skills suck" I'm not the only one that thought of someone else right??
King Hitler Goldstein
Yeah, bob ross.
I never really understood witch trials honestly... if you drown while chained up you're a witch, if you float you not if you're pressed with stones and die your a witch, if you lived longer than a set time you not also, that parenting book was the real deal...it explains why certain parts of the world *cough*US*cough* act the way they do and accept no responsibility when they do bad things and turns back to them. There's a way to save everyone, just like the other games your choices throughout can either save or kill everyone. you, unfortunately, made some wrong choices and got most of them killed this playthrough.
omgwthafk 3 napja
They died because you ran away from their demons, you had to be heroic. You must beat your own demons, the point of the game.
Jay 3 napja
i dislike the ending :(( ahg
Alfie AKA Stacy's Mom AKA Shortbread
The accent is around where I live in Yorkshire but not West Yorkshire because it's too strong to be there where I live
Justene Joyce Jucar
OMFG Ashley Tisdale is featured in the next game????!!! YYYAASSSSS~!!
Heavv 4 napja
why is he flirting with angela i’m uncomfortable now
Tomato_Boi 4 napja
I only just now discovered this game
MrSalad BarBoy
I mean you can get them all killed.
Zephra 5 napja
Gotta love how Jack instantly calls Tanya breaking her neck hanging moments before it happens lol
LIl Tilly
LIl Tilly 5 napja
Did anyone else see the shadow figure in the background at 1:00:51
Casey 4 napja
That's a sign
Maria Rose Hood
When Jack whistled for Megan, my dogs were all convinced I wanted each and every one of them in my lap. Thanks, Jack. I now get to watch the next 3 hours with over 150 lbs of dog in my lap😂
xDreadward 5 napja
Overall, this was an enjoyable watch with good ol’ Toss Boy. Hope he plays the next game.
Virgil Credence Stow
me who has an accent close to Marys: well fuck guess i don't exist
Pallas 6 napja
It's pretty clear to me that Megan didn't intend to burn down the house... I mean there are MUCH better ways to commit arson than "setting down a doll near the stove, waiting for it to catch the flame and fall down to the floor, somehow causing the entire house to burn, meanwhile staying inside waiting to die yourself". It was an accident. Probably a prank devolved into a tragedy, but I don't see any malicious intent beyond that. (And the abused child vibe is super clear... the "being held back by priest" thing ticked me immediately, and later in the medieval construct the Reverend is SO obviously a child predator that I almost screamed when he pushed for and eventually got Mary's custody.) Not sure why is Sean so hostile towards Megan and Angela from the get go... Impressions left from the demo obviously, but it really seem a bit much.
ᴛᴜʟɪᴘ 4 napja
I really love how invested in the story you are, and i couldn't agree more with your thoughts and opinions, i really liked the ending when everybody is saved , but i find myself more satisfied when Megan stopped him from shooting himself, its like she is telling him its not your fault, and i think that will bring him more peace
Pallas 5 napja
Thinking about it, the entire gameplay feels like the ball of what-ifs occupying Anthony's mind: they could have survived if things were different. If the father didn't drink himself into a haze then dose off until the fire is licking his butt, if the mother was more attentive and talked with Megan, or, damn it, if the siblings were more athletic and landed a jump from the second floor. If only they were all making better choices. If only he could help them do the right thing each step of the way. That's why I prefer the route where everyone acted as they were, all flaws included, died one by one, and Anthony finally put down the gun. Because what happened happened. Getting an imaginary happy ending wouldn't fix anything - in fact it would probably feed into the idea that he COULD HAVE stopped everything IF ONLY... Instead, choosing to forgive himself after losing everyone again in his imagination feels like a better closure.
Pallas 6 napja
Did a quick search and guess my favourite ending would be where one doesn't shoot at Vince, everyone gets killed one after another in the mental construct, and Anthony chooses to burn the doll in the trial. After a peaceful interchange with Vincent, an image of Megan stops Anthony from committing suicide. For me the medieval construct feels like Anthony's mind trying to find the one to blame for the fire. Was it Megan? Was it the Reverend who made Megan "evil"? Or was it he himself, as he COULD have chosen differently? But it was an accident. A doll caught on fire. Anthony did nothing wrong. Megan almost certainly didn't mean it. The Reverend, while probably a fucking creep, most likely didn't want THAT to happen. It was a series of coincidences leading to a tragedy, and it is in the long past. Everyone's dead. He has to move on.
Pix'elz 6 napja
I love watching jack play games, but he makes so many dumb decisions that it makes my brain hurt
Loser Boy
Loser Boy 6 napja
It's kind of sad too see that in all of Megan/Mary's lives she dies at the same age which seems too be around 11-12 years old. Also too see that no matter what time she is born in she never has a good life.
The Dead Bunny
Old drunk dude with a bike vs. Angela... Aka.. Alien vs. Preditor XD
alivenomore 6 napja
*Encounters locked door* if only i had a foot at the end of my leg that could perform a kicking action of some sort that could easily force the door open, oh well, guess ill fumble around for an extra 10 minutes to help pad out the game time while my friends gets murdered.
Durango 6 napja
Anybody else think Daniel looks like Ben Shapiro?
Lucas Vidal
Lucas Vidal 6 napja
I'm a little annoyed at this guy. He keeps giving spoilers during the playthrough.
Swampet 6 napja
2:46:58 xD
Ethan Andrews
Ethan Andrews 6 napja
I feel like they should have put the burning house section at the end of the game, and then let your relationships with the characters decide how many of the family members died
Robbodude6 6 napja
That ending is why this series has been discredited so much. What a horrible way to make all your ''meaningful'' decisions pointless
Andrew Connacher
The hanged one acts a lot like the smoker in l4d. Now I shall consult the conspiracy theorists on how they’re connected...
DJCOOL101 7 napja
2:42 that dude looks like my uncle.
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy 7 napja
When he gasped and said, “Ryan!”, I audibly said: “Yes Jack?”
Colin Chan
Colin Chan 7 napja
ey it's that one book that boat captain had in the last game
Amokra 7 napja
2:35:15 did anyone notice that was the priest and two girls hung
Tamara Mambo
Tamara Mambo 7 napja
Zita Dénes
Zita Dénes 8 napja
Snow White
Snow White 8 napja
I was definitely disappointed by that ending. It can work in movies, but in a game the player is so invested, to be told "none of it was real" really does ruin it, like you said. I love butterfly effect type of games and so I really hate ones where the butterfly effect becomes pretty null in void by a single bit at the very end. It makes the urge to replay it a lot less appealing.
Pyromaniac 8 napja
I think that all the people always died in the same way. In the beginning, Past Taylor died from hanging, Tabitha died due to hanging as well. Past Angela died from drowning, Amy died from drowning. Megan and Mary are both demonic children. Past Daniel died due to being impaled. Now, I haven’t seen the whole video yet, but I’m guessing that everyone always dies the exact same way their past selves did later in the video. If I remember, Anthony died due to burning, and I think past John did too. These 5 people are always destined to meet in any era, and they’re always destined to meet some sort of Mary/Megan. Their fates are intertwined.
Tyla-Rose 8 napja
so if you say 'go without me save urself' for all the characters they basically live :)I learnt
Pyromaniac 8 napja
2:28:13 You have been raided by the almighty BILLY CULT! All praise Lord Nux Taku
alex flygh
alex flygh 8 napja
freckles 9 napja
i just downloaded the game after watching this video !! :) can’t wait to play it
Adam Pickett
Adam Pickett 9 napja
Not gonna lie you should have confronted Mary
captain26 9 napja
8:15 - everything is science, space, tech, a.i., glitches, etc. Jack - Maybe there's a big demon!
captain26 9 napja
Whatever, just more interactions on Jack's videos.
captain26 9 napja
DUDE WHAT THE F. I posted this comment on a different video (observation part 1), when I posted, I jumped here, WITH my comment.
uh james
uh james 10 napja
Never got the gun because I missed the heartbeat Glad I did
OGdraws Channel
OGdraws Channel 10 napja
ᴛᴜʟɪᴘ 3 napja
I think he thought he was joking? 😂
Samansu 7 napja
Right!? Like that is cause to do a wellness and/or sobriety check
Corina Stadler
Trying to be polite? Or just get the strange bus driver moving on so he doesn’t have to deal with him? I can’t blame him.
Akio Taro kokan
Akio Taro kokan 10 napja
He almost got the picture fully Jack: since Andrew didn't die he doesn't have a double. Me: if he didnt die how did he get reincarnated then jackaboy!? It's right there!!!
Space Cadet
Space Cadet 10 napja
The ending left me so drained, like, I took time out of my day to get invested in a story that didn't really even happen. If the ending is that it's fake then don't get me invested into the fake characters or atleast give me more hints to the real story.
peachykeenm 10 napja
19:26 we made the same face while watching megan burn
Kate Lorando
Kate Lorando 10 napja
Ghosts. Fucking. Love. Loitering. I want that shit on a T-shirt XD
Callan Flanagan
Callan Flanagan 10 napja
Does anyone see the similarities between the Man of Medan and Little Hope??? Both games are starting out to make us believe that there is a supernatural entity haunting the area but it's in fact all psychological torture for the group or in Little Hope's case, the person. The relic that was found on the Man of Medan was causing mass hallucinations and making everyone scared shitless, and in Little Hope, the Bus driver is hallucinating a group of people that look like his family and imaging demons of people that were publicly executed coming after them and the Bus driver has to realize that the fire wasn't his fault or kill himself.
Chloe Corvello
Chloe Corvello 10 napja
Angela looks so much like Elizabeth Warren I can't see anything else
Nabbs 10 napja
I feel like Angela just grows on you as a character, she's undoubtedly an asshole but my God she's hilarious
Liz K
Liz K 10 napja
“cmon game, scare me! talk about TAXES!” me- *INTENSE SCREAMING*
Diamond 0808
Diamond 0808 10 napja
When the narator, show us the 5 differents carts become one same « king » carts, he always explains us everythings, this game is so deep !
Oves Du
Oves Du 11 napja
wow this guy really didn’t understand the ending lmao
Adrian Rojas
Adrian Rojas 11 napja
Before I keep watching, i gotta know Would it have made a difference if jack tried to save the little sister during the house fire in the beginning?
EmrahAlien 11 napja
i like how they wrote the "dumb" people as in the ones in the past as legit people with ideas because the first death of the witch trial showed her realizations of little hope, and it wasn't just her going dumb as well and being like .. well i guess the devil is calling to me.. even the husband was completely confused about what was going on.
Wendigo Art Creations
Tanya could have survived if she just climbed over the balcony and hung over the edge and dropped. Very stupid death, yeah probably woulda broke her feet but she'd be alive.
Casey 4 napja
There was piked fences below , so jumping off icey balcony with them below wouldn't be easy ,
Eviepie queen
Eviepie queen 11 napja
I cant wait for House Of Ashes
nothing 12 napja
Zoe Revilla
Zoe Revilla 12 napja
50:08 this should be a meme. 'the lil' girl meme'
Zoe Revilla
Zoe Revilla 12 napja
Jack: any 14 yr olds here? Cuz that's deep. Me: badnamnit
Ashley Strawn
Ashley Strawn 12 napja
pub bby n
ruby murphy
ruby murphy 12 napja
“She had this weird accent” It wasn’t American but that’s impossible because America is the only country in the world!
ruby murphy
ruby murphy 4 órája
@Jadyn Glunt it was literally a joke lmao.
Jadyn Glunt
Jadyn Glunt 4 órája
Offended much
Kiki Wolfe
Kiki Wolfe 12 napja
"That's not possible-" nYyyyyyOm🏎 THE WAY I SCREAMEDDJDJ I LAUGHED SO HARD
Neave Corr
Neave Corr 12 napja
Taylor gives me life is strange vibes😂😂😂😂
Isaiah Anthony
Isaiah Anthony 12 napja
One of the guys is from narnia I think
Kristian Gee
Kristian Gee 13 napja
4:04:30 bless you
TheQueenof Thorns
I am simping so hard for The Curator and I will not apologise for it.
Lucas State
Lucas State 13 napja
I hope there is more content like this on jacks channel
AmyThomson 01
AmyThomson 01 13 napja
the accent is from lancashire
Viktor Reznov
Viktor Reznov 13 napja
imagine a story where the flashback is in the distant past like the 1700s then the rest goes somewhat into the future like 1800s so it could be in the civil war, also that girl was from the 1700s so she was speaking british american
DragonTurtleMax 13 napja
1:49:09 when you listen to Jack’s coffee asmr while drinking a cup of “Top of The Mornin” Coffee
VisualOpiate 13 napja
Love how the one dude tought that they were trying to shoot him and and his solution is go and bang In the door and be like "Come and confort me about trying to shoot me" Also, love that time. Love how they are just kinda guessing like "yea... Well that kid said that bitch is a witch.. Well just to be sure" and the be like "oh Well, shit happens"
Fuffling 225
Fuffling 225 13 napja
What I learned from this video: Don’t smoke Mary Joanna, the devils will get ya
Eloise Badger
Eloise Badger 13 napja
anyone else realise that Taylor has that massive bruise around her neck - not a coincidence with the fate of her previous lives!
Eloise Badger
Eloise Badger 13 napja
the commentary in this video is god tier - absolutely cracking up !1 :))))
DragonTurtleMax 13 napja
4:39 I accidentally paused it at this moment but the first thing I said when I looked at the image was “she’s floating, just hit her at this point”
Kiana Alder
Kiana Alder 14 napja
Jack at the beginning: “Oh! Trash, where Angela belongs!” Jack, three hours in: “I love Angela, she’s my favorite-“ Smsksjsjsksn the fact that his opinion changed so much is great.
Arthur Foster
Arthur Foster 14 napja
Crap game with choices that don't matter 99% of the time, regardless if there's different endings from one choice, tons of hollow choices ruin games for me. Sorry you wasted so many hours of your life on this. Thanks for the let's play, though. Now I know I don't want this game unless it's free.
Casey 3 napja
@Arthur Foster ya , the graphics are great and this was scary enough and tense lol
Arthur Foster
Arthur Foster 3 napja
@Casey, I never payed MoM or Until Dawn, either. This is my first venture into this series. This game was great to me, but the choices going stagnant got to me, so I got a bit emotional lol. The visuals in this game are beautiful, I have to say and I like that it wasn't a jump scares simulator, too.
Casey 3 napja
@Arthur Foster I see what ya mean, but they did it up better than MoM and I think all future games will be real , cos the skull has fangs now so that's a good sign and they won't risk losing fans ,
Arthur Foster
Arthur Foster 3 napja
@Casey, just my opinion. It sucks to make all the choices and only have one or two matter. I guess I could have worded it differently
Casey 4 napja
He didn't waste his time? Cos he said it was better than MoM and the ending was done better
Sheila Mmessenger
The fact that Angela doesn't have a bruise means that you must have done something to that demon
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