Laughing Uncontrollably At Markiplier's MISERY | Phasmophobia 

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We're ghosthunters but none of us know what we're doing
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jacksepticeye 3 hónapja
AHHHHHHHH - Markiplier
Ashton Dark
Ashton Dark Hónapja
My favorite HUrunr Can you so some more minecraft plz
Camilla The Corgicorn
His last word before death.
Akyiama Taylor
Akyiama Taylor Hónapja
I love your laugh😍😩
Theofficialgalaxy !
𝕹𝖊 𝖊𝖊𝖊𝖊𝖊𝖊
jammiec123 10 órája
I have really good headphones and it sounds like it is in my room when it breathes or whispers it's horrible 😂😂😂
ツFad1ng 19 órája
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: The spirit box (9:10): *E*
Cameron Sherman
Cameron Sherman 19 órája
12:07 anyone else hear "Adult Adult " ... " Milf " ?
Cameron Sherman
Cameron Sherman 19 órája
oh nevermind he said it himself
Temren Alican
Temren Alican 20 órája
Well who wants to google jennifer white
Flimcycronet 63
Can't believe it took a rewatch to hear it but you can hear the ghost singing at 4:45
E1337 Neo
E1337 Neo Napja
Good friends panic and try to break into the locked house while you're being hunted and killed. True friends just stand outside the front door and laugh at you.
Benna Bobby
This is so immersive with headphones XD
Shoto Todoroki
me: **casually watching this, planning on not getting scared** my house: **Minecraft cave ambient noises**
Kieran Fitzgerald
I love the fact that as soon as the ghost was spotted everyone literally started charging towards it 🤣🤣
Vickey Napja
20:33 21:03 to 21:57
SlappHappi 2 napja
At 2:57 all I could think was “Hey, who turned out the lights?”
LzEd Gein
LzEd Gein 2 napja
You should be quiet and hide when your lights start flickering because thats when she/he is hunting you, so if you run into a room and close the door and turn off the flashlight you will be ok.
seems jack is doing more of the misery
Idiot ඞ
Idiot ඞ 3 napja
21:35 I can't 😂😂😂
Niana 3 napja
Mark’s distant scream got me laughing so hard I couldn’t breath!
Aidan Llewellyn
Sophia Oc's
Sophia Oc's 4 napja
LiSa WhItE sthap quacking into everyone ears ;-; You just got over thinking you are a pigeon, now you think your a duck..
Christian 4 napja
Robert Tankersley
you can say different swears that will make you public enemy number one to the ghost such as BLOODY MARY. Yes BLOODY MARY is a thing
its so funny watching them suck at a video game (no offense but ngl it is frickin hilarious
0:43 so we gotta deal with not only ghosts, but paint-huffing gremlins too???
Alios of Animosity
Sean- "Oh we have to find a Karen." Me- Your dancing with forces of nature my friend. Godspeed. Lol
AaronBeDarin 5 napja
21:03 - What we're all here for
Shirley Mcdonald
"Sniff the paint"--Jacksepticeye. I also feel like this has a connection to the VR vids.
RarinScorion 48
i know that its not much for you but congrats on another million on top of the 25 mil. subs you got just a little bit ago, you earned it jackaboy
Brook Clark
Brook Clark 5 napja
At 8:25 the painting falls off the wall
ლაშა-გიორგი დავითაშვილი
Can you get back to subnautica below zero?
ashlynne barry
is it just me or did she say help!?
foxy 6 napja
Jacksepticeye drums sorted you
Mr Eggs
Mr Eggs 6 napja
Sean be like: it’s so much better when your dead Me: why is it better?
Nayutakoyakai 6 napja
Bruh the picture literally fell of the wall... 2 times
Lisa Weiler
Lisa Weiler 7 napja
😂 my name is Lisa so the whole time they were saying my name I was like no I'm not gonna write
xXhonor cadetXx
Did y'all notice that the thermometer at 3:39 was at 5.9c?
TigerAttack86 7 napja
Do you hate when he didn’t write in his journal once
Bryson Gamblin
1:21 Hello there
baddy maddy
baddy maddy 8 napja
Am i the only one who noticed that the temperature went down to 5 degree's... at 3:37
Baylie bee 123
All and all in don’t wanna think to far sooo ye and also she’s kills who ever is in her way
Baylie bee 123
Hey jack do u know how one of the ghost said adult kill leave death well I put it in to a bit more of a sentence il read it Adult kill death leave What I think that there was an adult and they killed her then death himself took her sole and now she’s waiting for that murder to come back so she can get revenge
pexi gaming
pexi gaming 8 napja
play this with the lads XD!!!
Andrew Lilley
Andrew Lilley 8 napja
Looking back, this was the video that got me into Phasmophobia, and now is one of my favorite games I’ve ever played
Just Levi
Just Levi 8 napja
Can you guys imagine what Marks neighbor hears?
5:35 Jack: Ahhh I'm dying I'm dying!! I'm dead *Wish ad pops up* Me: So this must be hell
Anxious Avacado
Lisa White: Kill. * Men screaming * Lisa White: Leave. * Jack runs from a ghost child *
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny 8 napja
they need a vr version of this and more story lines. That was so freaky
brannchy 9 napja
me whos played this in vr : why is he yelling XD
Braylon Martin
my last name is martin
Jacqueline Johnson
Marks distant screams have been the continuous theme of 2020
Mediocre at Best
21:35 when you're 8 yrs old and get lost in tesco mode initiate
Autistic Moshi
21:31 AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa
Animator22 9 napja
Hey, 2020 gave us at least one good moment to remember 21:33
Best moment of 2020 by far
Avian Villarroel
*sees Jack's background* VIVA LA FRANCE!!!
Macaroon Monster
1:35 just saving this for myself
Lizzie The Cat
The ghost needs to be a player. They could like interact with things, write messages, and such to help the people find out how they died
Dec el burrito
Dec el burrito 10 napja
Jack is terrible at the game lol, it gets me frustrated lol
Azumane Asahi
Azumane Asahi 10 napja
I hope the creator of Phasmophobia makes a mode where one player in the group gets labeled as a certain ghost, and then they select a room and can do the things the ghost does (finger prints, book writing, etc) and they have a time limit and then they can hunt blah blah blah. Then the other teammates are trying to figure out the player’s type of ghost without dying.
Aiden Is Animatin
i have headcannons for Karen Martin 1) temperature depends on how close you get to her, cold if your more than 6 feet away but gets warmer the closer you get since she's not wearing a mask and she's breathing on top of you 2) the voice box should either say "rights" or "manager" 3) Journal should say "no mask" or "tyranny" 4) finger prints or hand prints should be around a phone or on a coffee cup not really 5 but... 5) to find out if there's a Karen without finding a name, just look outside for a minivan or SUV, or you can find essential oils from a famous beauty store and there it is, i hope it helps (just know this was just for a joke, please don't attack me)
Trevor Shafer
Trevor Shafer 10 napja
You can throw things as a ghost but only some things
Myron Dare
Myron Dare 10 napja
Sean: Lisa Lisa are you here? Joseph Joestar: thanks for trying to find my mom
Tania Greeff
Tania Greeff 10 napja
Gacha Gaming
Gacha Gaming 10 napja
if you hae something else in youre hand but the flashlight is in youre inventory you have to press "T" to turn on the flashlight
Audriana Rubio
Audriana Rubio 10 napja
i used to be terrified of these types of games but jack screaming makes it funny instead thanks jack :3
Mr NutjobjuniorYT
Wade and the steroids the Saga continues
White TigerYT
White TigerYT 10 napja
Jacksepticeye: Dies Everyone still alive: Laughs Someone other than Jack: Dies Jacksepticeye: Laughs uncontrollably
White TigerYT
White TigerYT 10 napja
LOL!! 😂 My little brother screamed so many times watching this! 😁
AngelWingsYT 10 napja
the distant ahhhhh is glorious
FNAF AR boi 11 napja
Louisse Marguerette Navales
"It's so much better when your dead!" Me: Aight' I'mma dead out
Christoph Southwell
At least one run, from everyone I've watched, No one stays in the van...and it kinda annoys me.
Bailey Belfer
Bailey Belfer 11 napja
Jack has been playing with sykkuno so much he just says oh Jesus without thinking about it
Greenwizard13 11 napja
THE NUMBERS MASON WHAT DO THEY MEAN! ₁₁₄₅₁₄ 11414     ₁₁₄₁₄  ₁₁₄₅₁  ₁₁₄₁₄ 1145 114514   ₁₁₄₅₄ 114514     ₁₁₄9₁₄  ₁₁₄8  ₁₁₄₅₁₄ 1145
Jennifer Connolly
when your names jennifer '__'
Jack Vece
Jack Vece 11 napja
why did she run like that??? please XD
theninjakid 28
theninjakid 28 11 napja
21:34, You guys are here for this, I KNOW you are.
Dbzmaster159 11 napja
It was only funny in the end because it wasn't you dying that time Sean.
Selim Monir
Selim Monir 12 napja
Lux Luther
Lux Luther 12 napja
Lisa really doesn’t like Jack, which is understandable on her part-
Sonic The Hedgehog
Imagine this game on VR
Stitch Lover
Stitch Lover 12 napja
Sean and Felix DID play it in VR actually.
syko 12 napja
Don't say the ghosts name Sean : How 'bout I do anyway, *Jennifer White?*
Jeremiah Broken Column
Whatever you do, Jacksepticeye. Don't. ever.. Say *strong swear* in *Phasmophobia* PC gameplay. :P
Jack Rudolf
Jack Rudolf 12 napja
20:57 still coming back for this clip XD
LawlessElf 12 napja
21:30 what helped me survive 2020...
Sellsy Boi
Sellsy Boi 12 napja
fun part about the game is deliberately trying to piss the ghost off
idk 12 napja
" Bend over, Boys" My mind: "Wait..."
Giuseppe Castiglione
This is so immersive imagine a great version
Keyush 22
Keyush 22 13 napja
Linda Veasey
Linda Veasey 13 napja
21:34 edit: 21:35
The Original Roxanne
ja baboe
Tarkan Merritt
Tarkan Merritt 13 napja
I love you
Dman_op2018 13 napja
Aidaninsask 13 napja
You Can Just Hear Mark’s Distant Screaming At 21:35! LMFAO🤣🤣🤣
Temmie The Tem
Temmie The Tem 13 napja
*J E N N I F E R Q W H I T E*
stop it
stop it 13 napja
male karens are called bobs
The_0verl0rd 14 napja
0:50 jack: dude i learned this back in college watch this shit also jack a second later: thing is i didnt go to college
The_0verl0rd 14 napja
0:50 jack: dude i learned this back in college watch this shit also jack a second later: thing is i didnt go to college
Finley Reddish
Finley Reddish 14 napja
petition for Sean to finish man eater series
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 14 napja
2Elxadine 14 napja
SnowyPlayz Games
Justin Bieber - Anyone
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* IMPOSSIBLE * Try Not To Laugh
Justin Bieber - Anyone
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