Is this a saviour? | Raft 

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lost? Raft?
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Todd Langham
Todd Langham 10 órája
Why doesn’t this have more views damn
Nolan Tran
Nolan Tran 22 órája
Finnbar: I’m starving so I’m gonna eat the anchor like a normal shark Sean: Where did the anchor go? Finnbar: *hiding under the raft*
Monty Evans
Monty Evans 22 órája
After watching Nogla play with Vanoss all this time.... I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd witness someone that was even dumber than him. But then Kevin entered the playing field. XD
Jinx The Kitty
~nya nya ❤️ * *Blushes at you brightly and smiles broadly, her warm loving gaze resting upon yours. Wrapping you within the fluffy confines of her loving arms, she kept you held tightly and presses her body closely against yours. Letting loose blissful purrs, she parts her maw and laps her moist tongue against your cheek.* * ~mrrow, if you're reading this. pwease have a purrfect day. I love you ❤️ * *Being your savior and smiling merrily, the kitty cradles you within her arms and carries you to a world, far-away and glimmering brightly with happy smiles.* * You'll be safe here, always and forever.
Eusebius Elbert
They called the goat 'Garry the goat" and milked him. Yes, *him* That is a suspicious milk right there
Dunstrum 2 napja
Reinforce the raft maybe? :D So fun series. :D
itsi4 4 napja
ancor: EXISTS shark:ancor is back on the menu boys
william alsobrook
Ever gonna do another episode? This series is just so fun to watch
lem on9
lem on9 4 napja
the fact that no one on the stream is actually helping them,wtf? The engine did not spin because the boat was too heavy,it needs more than one engine to run. He need to water the grass plot/build an auto watering machine to make the grass grow continuously The bowl of soup can temporarily extend the hunger bar after you are full. The large tree plot is the best way to farm planks Jack can use the water bottle to fill up the water distillation thing as it holds more sea water as well (instead of the cup)
Akaeral 4 napja
I get nervous about this just because it's been 3 weeks Please make more of these
Michelle Parker
keep up the good content jack ps jack is the only one that keeps sanity in the group
Starlight Savior
We need moreeeee
yoursmall faggit
RAFT the best to ever play it the one and only jackieboi btw I love raft
roxy psycho killer
*patiently waiting for next part*
Gordon Kuiters
who is screamin with jack and trying to impersonate him here? 4:23
Randy Sparks
Randy Sparks 7 napja
Nogla's screaming brings me such happiness, I love this series
monsieur kitten
Pls mor
Allian plays
Allian plays 8 napja
I love how dathi took over Brian’s job
Nolan Tran
Nolan Tran 9 napja
I feel like they care about gary and terry like a rare animal
Awsumsauz 9 napja
i love the intros to these kinds of videos. Like what game we’re playing plus music
RockyPlumbing 9 napja
MORE DAITHI Do more irish youtubers, its great craic.
JustDee 9 napja
When bots spam jack's comments 🤦
Lukas Reimer
Lukas Reimer 10 napja
KobeBeef 11 napja
this is my favourite game to watch you do
Schäef Shorts
Schäef Shorts 11 napja
sean's accent is stronger in these
Bonnie Wade
Bonnie Wade 12 napja
7:59 Jack: I stopped listening to you 15 minutes ago Me: **looks at time**
Tom Lees
Tom Lees 12 napja
The video would have made such a sudden dramatic shift in tone if Terry died
It kyle
It kyle 13 napja
I wish a Nostalgia week antisepticeye came back ill be like 👁👄👁
It kyle
It kyle 13 napja
I wish in
Amanda Prentice
Amanda Prentice 13 napja
is this the last episode of raft :'(
ethiopianwulf 13 napja
redbandit51 ll
redbandit51 ll 13 napja
More i need morrrreeee
It’s Vibezz
It’s Vibezz 13 napja
Me patiently waiting for the next episode. Feel free to join me, i got coffee. 😎☕️🤏
Victoria Jeffrey
When are we getting more of these?! I love this play through and missing them! Hope you’re okay and well Jack ❤️💚
Aiden Gaddis
Aiden Gaddis 14 napja
I like how Terroriser had to deal with Nogla and his stupidity and now Jack has to.
CHEESE 14 napja
Her a tip the dodo needs grass or he die Research a fence I think?
martin andreasen
1 sail has the same effect as 100 sails like so jack can see
xxx yyy
xxx yyy 14 napja
It is a mixture from Minecraft, Subnautica and Sea of Thieves (graphics)
Jay Spahn
Jay Spahn 15 napja
Kevin is always the villain when he plays games.
The Viking rat
The Viking rat 15 napja
“I don’t care about black flowers” looks like Jack has reverted his cause
im so sorry
im so sorry 15 napja
He was doing a daithi in his natural habitat and immediatly abandoned the bit to praise daithi
Kaleb Jarvis
Kaleb Jarvis 15 napja
Gary Gary Gary Winthorp is the goat
da fro bro
da fro bro 16 napja
At the beginning is like Minecraft you tubers when they say I’ve built alittle bit of stuff off recording 😂
Photelegy 16 napja
14:49 I like this tangent camera angle 👍
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 17 napja
Does anyone here know who Sean is?
Abdullah Erhayel
play deep
Frozen Eevee
Frozen Eevee 17 napja
Watching Jack and the others arguing with one another is actually really entertaining
Vigtornilliaa 18 napja
Can you play more in 2021
Donna Gilmore
Donna Gilmore 18 napja
I can see Billy while I sleep -kevin 2020
John R.
John R. 18 napja
ur attacked by stone birds they drop stones on u ps u need more engines 1 engine can power 100 floor things
John R.
John R. 18 napja
u need flowers if u want to paint stuff
Jalin Gregory
Jalin Gregory 18 napja
For the bird you need to feed him with a grass plot or he'll die from hunger and unhappiness. They also need sunlight he can't be cooped up in a room. Water grass plot
Shaun O'Brien
Shaun O'Brien 18 napja
Keep this series up please
kennedy 19 napja
The anchor durability ran out
Ronaldo Raymundo
Love how Jack's accent comes out if he is playing with his Irish friends and almost completely gone with the otv friends. Hahaha
Furious Fox
Furious Fox 19 napja
How my mom describes getting to school
MollyNova 19 napja
"One day I'm going to your house and you're cooking me a meal" Reply "Ehhh no I'm ok" 😂👍
Sweet Spicy Mustard
Pogge 24
Pogge 24 19 napja
I should originize shite too
Bongo Drum
Bongo Drum 20 napja
**waiting for more raft videos**
Ernestas JANUtis
The engine can only push 100 platforms so you have to put a second one and maybe a third one just in case
Preston Gibson
Preston Gibson 20 napja
Upload the next one already!!!!
DontAskMe 20 napja
i thought this was minecraft lol
InkedFoxes 20 napja
We need Gary the Goat and Terry the Turkey fan art
Pola & Tiger
Pola & Tiger 20 napja
How can anyone not like soup?!?
CrongyKid38 20 napja
Im laughing so hard the entire video because of all of their accents constantly talking
Katherine McCormick
toastie was here
all I can hear when I watch one of kevin’s videos is daithi’s voice screaming “KEVIN YOU FECKIN’ GOBSHITE!-“
KoolKittenK 21 napja
Girlfriend: he’s probably out with other girls Him and the boys: 28:23
LegoEngineer003 21 napja
On every crew of people playing Raft, there’s always the guy that tries to reach the clouds
Bone Train
Bone Train 21 napja
Anyone else wondering why they wont add width to the raft? Every time i see the water go over the floor im like "yall gonna drown"
Jayd K
Jayd K 21 napja
For some reason the birds are more dangerous than the sharks
Camel DiGiorno
Camel DiGiorno 21 napja
Today I learned "ye" means more than one of you :0
Alley Cat
Alley Cat 21 napja
I love how jack is getting the full Nogla experienc as the vanoss gaming crew for the pass decade
Ally Combs
Ally Combs 22 napja
I loved this game
JessieIsANinja 22 napja
28:03 they did it. They found god
La Pomme de Terre Magique
Terry is our new gay icon
entity 303
entity 303 22 napja
Of course dahit nogla
Platonas AK
Platonas AK 22 napja
Play more raft it is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chentlix 22 napja
Jack do u like Notre Dame
BeatNoLogic 23 napja
In all honesty, I think it would be better if Jack played this game solo, like he did originally.
Night Slasher
Night Slasher 23 napja
iam i crazy or is jacks friends really irish if u agree get the like button underneath my name to 1000
Sumo Dark war Vause-Mcglynn
Terry looked traumatised when you carried him after he fell
Terry The Turkey
Terry had not been traumatized by the fall. It was the flashbacks to Terry’s homeland. The Great Turkey Wars. *Terry has seen too much*
PhilipElm1 23 napja
PhilipElm1 23 napja
Tony Ma
Tony Ma 23 napja
At thé 43rd second their is home improuvement reference
MegaDan 23 napja
Where's scp
cyber nick
cyber nick 23 napja
Asmr when you wake up 16:51
YupThatsE 23 napja
Is it just me or did Seán make a perfect David Attenborough or Kurzgesagt voice at 18:35
Hybrid Echo
Hybrid Echo 23 napja
imagine being terry when they circle around him chanting
Hybrid Echo
Hybrid Echo 4 napja
Terry The Turkey
It was quite an experience. The musk of the salty ocean breeze mixed with their sweat and grime filled all my senses. Sean in particular smelled of something Earthy... something calming. Ah, I know. *Potato*
delaney belaney
delaney belaney 23 napja
when kevin sounded like he was going to cry when he saw bran as he was trying to sleep... i felt that
aurora 23 napja
i lost it when they started singing the jurassic park theme 11:14
bakuhoe thotsuki
M KING َ 23 napja
ایرانی هم هست؟
james 23 napja
play containment breach again
Allison Griffin
Allison Griffin 23 napja
I genuinely enjoy this series and all of your antics
The Real, and BIGGEST, Lucariofangirl
22:31 what in the world is he trying to create!? A spiral!?
Voided33 Rome
Voided33 Rome 24 napja
I need more raft!
Selena Rodrigues
I think this series is my favorite one lmao
Bethany Linley
Bethany Linley 24 napja
The level of Irish in this video compared to the rest 📈
Ann Epstein
Ann Epstein 24 napja
Finbad would’ve been a better name tbh
Kieran Maynard
Kieran Maynard 24 napja
32:19 da dum... da dum.. da dum, da dum, da dumdadumdadum
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