I've never played MARIO 64 before 

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I've never played MARIO 64 before
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jacksepticeye 3 hónapja
Please be gentle, I promise I'm still a gamer
Marc Afton
Marc Afton 19 napja
the game being 23 years old + the game went out wen he was just 7 = Jack/Shean is 30 years old or im just a dumbass and im wrong
Sam T.
Sam T. 19 napja
Please play more
Zina Pantorno
Zina Pantorno 20 napja
Me too
I gotcha fam
RoiBoi 29 napja
Hampus Sandström
Hampus Sandström 49 perccel
No no buy the original consol not the remak
Lewis Burgis
Lewis Burgis 7 órája
We need to see some Super Mario Sunshine gameplay from Sean
Ewan Connelly
Ewan Connelly 9 órája
anyone else feel like the graphics were better when they first played this
HI LUKEHERE 20 órája
11:29 lets a f*ckng go!
His Bowser and Toad voice are so good! I had no idea Jack had impressions under his belt.
Seth Don
Seth Don Napja
Super Mario 64 is one of the most iconic, famous, revolutionary, and influential video games of all time. I'm glad you get a chance to visit this 1996 masterpiece.
Natalie Napja
every copy of m64 is personalized 😜🥳😼🏳️‍⚧️😘✌️🤪
Emma Gartlan
were did your life go so wrong. glados
NeXcrotic Napja
Sean your simping for Mario is making me really uncomfortable because my cousins name is Mario
Donny Holt
Donny Holt Napja
Jacksepticeye just a warning super mario all stars has no backwards long jump blj
super Slogey 64
Really good accent of toad
Will Grubbs
Is it just me or does jack look like joseph seed from far cry 5?
Allcat 2 napja
There’s a glitch I like to call kick jump if u hold B and smash Y at the same time u can clime up a wall u would usually slide on
E_leader 23
E_leader 23 2 napja
Who’s still waiting for episode 2
Andrew Harris
Andrew Harris 2 napja
I hope you continue this. I also have only played Odyssey before picking this game up.
justaPERSON 2 napja
Same i never played it too
Nico Lafone
Nico Lafone 2 napja
Thats why you open your mouth 34:11
Austinator 2 napja
I love how he goes from "this game is for babies" to "there's no way my seven year old self would've been able to play this" in like 30 minutes.
Aw, I wanted Mario to say SO LONG GAY BOWSER.
Meen Craft
Meen Craft 3 napja
Sean, you should’ve looked into the light! I don’t REALLY care but you really should’ve
Holo Brick Studios
from the reaction I saw in this video, it really looks like you enjoyed it. So why haven't you made a new Mario 64 vid in almost 4 months
Oliver Morris
Oliver Morris 3 napja
I was really excited for this to be a series...
Son Gobear
Son Gobear 3 napja
Jack "this game is 23 years old" also him "this game came out when I was 7" conclusion, Jack is 30 years old
jjhanson343 3 napja
14:48 the camera is still garbage tho
ibo 420
ibo 420 3 napja
crowcore Games
random fact: this isnt the orignal 64 this is a patched emulated version of 64, the backwards jump is not buged anymore and some other things are different
Lionell Franklin
Only time I played Super Mario 64 on the N64 it's been so long all these years since I finished playing it. And I brought this Nintendo 64 console back in 2011 since I found one those It's been 9 years ago ever since I brought it this game was worth it.
Mikel Animations
He failed to do the Lakitu skip trick
Security Snail
I never grew up with Mario 64... kind of. I technically did. It’s just in my memory, Wario’s in the game.
Security Snail
I’ve played Mario 64 DS so much when I made it to Bob-omb battlefield in 3D Allstars, I was questioning where the rematch against King Bob-omb is
Cassandra Schwab
I want more of this your funny jack!
jjhanson343 4 napja
Wait did jack actually end up in jail
Collin Marasigan
Dude how did u never play it before it’s omega it’s better than any game
Alec P
Alec P 4 napja
Jack you have to get all 8 red coins in a single run to get the red coin star
Maggie Hunter
Maggie Hunter 4 napja
when you realise jack will never hear 'so long, gay bowser!' this is sad :(
prof. purp prof. purple
I got called out for cheating the race
The Regular Human
Oh my god the nostalgia 😭
JonnyK 5 napja
bro i was about to scream when he didn't go to slide and walked right past it, then I remembered I'm in class
Mark Velasco
Mark Velasco 5 napja
I really enjoy this mario 64 is one of my very first games ive played and watching anyone play it is such an amazing feeling of nostalgia seeing all the little beginner "mistakes" it reminds me of my first time playing it
Glen White
Glen White 5 napja
Can unplay the other games plz
NCAlarms 5 napja
P L E A S E S I R, If you enjoy playing Mario 64, you should try the DS rendition given that it allows you to play as not only Mario, but also Yoshi, Wario, and Luigi. The controls are an absolute ass movin' about with the D-Pad and all but the remake is SO worth it. 64 DS was my childhood and it deserves its righteous place on the throne of Mario 64.
Max S
Max S 5 napja
i remember playing this when i was younger lol im only 15 now
AnteEdits 5 napja
Mario Sunshine is ABSOLUTELY BY FAR the best game ever created. pweaaaaaase play it.-. Maybe even a full play through._. Would absolutely love it!
Robert Jones
Robert Jones 5 napja
Bro, you gotta play Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, it's a dope game.
6:43 Jack: I don’t think anyone has done a speedrun for Mario 64 Speedrunner: What did you just say about me? Guess what? I’m gonna backwards long jump your ass while doing a Zero Star any% speedrun.
Boi Gaming Bear 3
Deimos 6 napja
Wow, I didn't realize the video was 45 mins long, time just flew by, I would just keep watching jack playing mario 64
Ze Dosbois8000
"OK i'will come back"... it never did..
Kieran Brown
Kieran Brown 6 napja
Jacksepticeye are you planning on getting Super Mario 3D world + Bowser's Fury for the Nintendo Switch when it comes out?
Riyadh Sutts
Riyadh Sutts 6 napja
So no one hasn’t ever played the DS version?
Grant Walton
Grant Walton 6 napja
I swear this is the only game where mario starts with 4 lives
Daxs9n 6 napja
So, bowser can fall into oblivion, come back out completely fine, but when he gets thrown into a mine, he doesn’t fail, but to me, he just gives up and runs away. Answers please, Nintendo.
Daxs9n 6 napja
Bowser can also take 3 hits in the final boss fight, but bowser can only take one hit in the first two times you fight him. If anything, bowser will have less and less stars every time Mario fights him, so him taking three hits at the last boss fight seems like absolute bull. But who am I to talk about physics in a Mario game. Especially in a jackspeticeye video
Lil G
Lil G 6 napja
Jacksepticeye thinks he's good at video games: Plays SM64 Jack:😮🤡😂🤬
That Guy 3604
That Guy 3604 6 napja
Still waiting for episode 2 😔
Rae Prite
Rae Prite 6 napja
Wait, so if this version was patched, does that mean the parallel universe glitch doesn't work anymore?
DrewbyDoo AKA the Clockwork Dragon
Seeing you learn this game for the first time fills me with a joy I cant describe. Like seeing a sibling make the same mistakes and discoveries I did years ago. Thank you for this.
Nathan Platana 2
Me has the original same as the Mario 3d all stars version
Xander F
Xander F 7 napja
"I was a moron as a 7 year old" to be fair your a moron now
Lime crewmate
Lime crewmate 7 napja
Am I the only one that thinks mario sunshine is the best
michael delrio
Thomas Pankiewicz
as long as you've played mario picture poker. you're good in my books
Dan The Duct Tape Ball
"I don't think anyone has a speed run on Mario 64".... AlexAce: "am I a joke to you?!"
Heidi E
Heidi E 7 napja
Elijah Huffstutler
31:34 he's never played the game before, and he's still thinking like everyone else that played the game
Alphis Maximus
Jack playing my childhood? Heck yea. Honesty, if you're going to play any mario game this ones at the top.
Trevor James
Trevor James 7 napja
I remember having to Google how to get Luigi
Why this no become series 😕
Derp Dumass
Derp Dumass 8 napja
Figure out the backwards long jump
What a lie lol. He obviously played it before.
Lagre Mitsake
Lagre Mitsake 8 napja
If you do a full Playthrough of this and maybe even Super Mario Galaxy my life will be complete.
Duck Voice
Duck Voice 8 napja
Play like a real man play on the 3ds xl on super Mario 64
Duck Voice
Duck Voice 8 napja
6:13 that question was on the hit list
Boring Dude
Boring Dude 8 napja
I’ve never heard of it lol
Grassinio 8 napja
As a fellow Irish brother, I will say. Please make all 3 games a whole series. Liked and subscribed.
Sans666nic 8 napja
gamer gas
Holly Crowe
Holly Crowe 8 napja
Had this game for the nindento Ds. Loved this game
cheese 8 napja
reallly i dont need to spend 60 dollers on that game
Jimmy Lotvonen 9A Hagaskolan
Such a underrated video. I wish it got more attention, so we could get a second part!
Zachary Belt
Zachary Belt 9 napja
I'vE BaKEd My OWn
Carlito lol
Carlito lol 9 napja
"That was easy" Thinking about the final bosses 😏
Cake the cat
Cake the cat 9 napja
"*defeats king bob-omb* this game is for babies" me: and i took that personally
Rick Astley
Rick Astley 9 napja
Seán: jumps through painting ad: I'm gonna show you a mobile game I've been playing, Dragon Tamer
Rosie games
Rosie games 9 napja
Rosie games
Rosie games 9 napja
We only had a Will but now i have a Nintendo switch
Rosie games
Rosie games 9 napja
I also never have played Mario 64 and the other old Mario games
Eli Contreras
Eli Contreras 9 napja
I had this recommended to me, An I'm wondering If you can play Mario galaxy next?
Insane badgamers
I love how he added a glados sound effect saying were did your life go so wrong
Kaizer Peñascosa
jack: "My family was too poor to afford two consoles" Me: "My family was too poor to afford A console" HAHAHAHAHA
Bloody Vermillion
if you think murdering whomp king was ruthless, wait till you play mario galaxy
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 9 napja
Dude the secret star from peach in the secret room you need to go to the picture on the right
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith 10 napja
I wish there would be a second eposode.
Hora de Jogar
Hora de Jogar 10 napja
W H A T how??
x1sirius 10 napja
after speedrunning this game for months, reading the signs hurts my mind LUL
Shalyn 9613
Shalyn 9613 10 napja
I was poor too, I only had a PS1. My first nintendo product was the new Gameboy Advance SP
Toad Gaming
Toad Gaming 10 napja
Great gameplay, great controls, not so good camera
Pickles Dill
Pickles Dill 10 napja
It still has the "mario hits a wall" sound effect
maybefrogs 10 napja
It’s so fun watching you discover this stuff 😄 Reminds me of doing it as a kid.
Kelly Robinson
Kelly Robinson 10 napja
You know jacks a Mario virgin when he doesn’t know that peach’s real name is toadstool...
mecha rexy
mecha rexy 10 napja
Me: then i was a kid i played mario 64
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