I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE END | The Last Of Us 2 - Part 12 

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We're still going? I really thought this was the end of The Last of Us Part II
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jacksepticeye 6 hónapja
Last episode tomorrow!!
gray eyeッ
gray eyeッ 2 hónapja
That'pretty gay
Sebastian 2 hónapja
Alan Hernandez
Alan Hernandez 4 hónapja
What headphones do you use jack
Smudge The cat
Smudge The cat 4 hónapja
so sad
Kyle Engler
Kyle Engler 5 hónapja
Why did you say it’s weird to see Ellie with HIS HAIR ITS A GIRL😂
Annie Do
Annie Do 3 órája
For each letter you read, the letter it is supposed to be for is dead because you get to the read the letter and they didn't...That's a lot of deaths.
Nigel Pitman
Nigel Pitman 4 órája
Petition for naughty dog to make a last of us survival game where you just hunt,cook and watch jj grow up on Ellie and dina’s farm.
Nigel Pitman
Nigel Pitman 4 órája
This is obviously before Dina leaves the farm and everything goes to crap. Also this is an alternate timeline.
TheGamingVulture 13 órája
I know people might not see this but i never hear people saying anything about lev that kid had it worse in this game k im sorry about joel for ellie and sorry about jerry for abby but ellie didn't have to kill joel nor did abby kill jerry they were killed by someone else imagine what lev feels like he/she literally had to kill their own parent they didn't get stab/shot in hospital by a random or smashed in head with golf club by some random he/she did it themselves. Just think how that feels.
Reece Weston
Cant believe it took jack that long to figure out it was tommy
Jayd'n 2 napja
Personally I fucking hate this cause I love everyone from both sides
Antony Slack
Antony Slack 2 napja
This is exactly what PTSD is like
Katie Murray
Katie Murray 3 napja
Jack is the only person that can get so hyped about his kills/ headshots but also feel so bad about killing at the same time 😂😭
Dustin Sandler
1:29:28 does anyone else hear haha in the background
Ashton Mitchell
26:00 Fuck yea! He's back with some more Dad of BOY.
memes4life 5 napja
I wanted her to say I owe it to joel do bad
terminator bot179
I like how he said he didn’t play in a game taking place in Seattle when he played INFAMOUS SECOND SON but idk and sorry for the yelling
Jack: "haha crossbow ARROWS" Me, in my head: *boltsboltsboltsboltsboltsboltsbol-*
Demon Tanjiro
Demon Tanjiro 6 napja
1:45:24 I see this as an absolute win
Thomas Pankiewicz
You cant see the forest through the trees. Aka to emotional to see the big picture
Cocoa_M&M's 7 napja
Me anytime I see Manny: dO dO dO dO dO hAndY mAnnY!
Cocoa_M&M's 7 napja
Glornak Ironspawn
What they should have done is had you play the entire Abby part of the game immediately after she killed Joel to get you to understand her and care about her friends. The entire time getting vague hints throughout that there's "a couple people on a rampage" in the city. To throw players off a bit as they wouldn't immediately assume it's Ellie until Abby confronts her. This way players aren't stewing over Abby for hours on end as they see cute flashbacks with Ellie and Joel. Only after that would players go back and see everything from Ellies perspective starting at Joel's grave. That way Ellie isn't just killing seemingly random goons throughout because players weren't even told they were Abby's friends. Nevermind that most people wouldn't recognize them from the fairly short cutscene where Joel was killed.
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien 7 napja
What Lev experianced in this game is a great representation of the fear that LGBT+ individuals have hiding a part of themselevs that may result in ostracism. So thankful where the world is, every decade feels lighter than the last. Still so far to go for the vulnerable & fearful people around the world regardless of whether it be race, gender, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, physical/mental disabilities, or any individual freedom which doesnt bring harm to others. But great video and Sean's perspective is heart warming ♡
Duty Grunt
Duty Grunt 7 napja
Man these titles are getting better and better "THE END OF ABBY'S STORY?" "I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE END'' ''THE END OF IT ALL'"
RusCata 25
RusCata 25 7 napja
sean: they are fking everywhere! me: oh, orgy?
Christofer Del Toro
I wonder when jack will realize JJ wasn’t the one that said “Hi auntie Talia” it was actually Ellie speaking for him
Tina Gibbons
Tina Gibbons 8 napja
who else kind of hates ellie
Logan Neal
Logan Neal 8 napja
what if wen ellie bites someone they turn if you are down heAr
Rohan Telford
Rohan Telford 8 napja
Sean just like they just want to live in COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Herman T3
Herman T3 9 napja
Mitch C
Mitch C 9 napja
"I don't want to do this from this perspective!" *Doesn't hesitate taking shots at Ellie"
Jaxon Collett
Jaxon Collett 9 napja
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh lev is trans I was so confused. Omg I love him even more now
Margaux Cy
Margaux Cy 9 napja
That scene in the barn at the end is a really good example of what PTSD feels like, just kind of throws your mind back into that moment, even doing the most mundane things.
Zulry ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
2:07:29 - Why can I imagine Felix saying, "WhoSE hORSsE IS ThaT?"
Jillane 10 napja
am i only the person whos alexa went off 1:55:33
gamebot g
gamebot g 11 napja
Did she not hear abby's threat!!
Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel 11 napja
This episode has confused and broke my heart and mind. I still don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong and how this will end.
Sean Sauerborn
Sean Sauerborn 11 napja
does JJ stand for Joel and Jesse
it's just brandy
2:20:53 man, jack is absolutely right, detail they put into this game is a amazing! He won't talk about this but, Dina's body looks incredibly real. Her breasts aren't perfect and hang a bit cuz she has no bra on and she has the slightest flab from having a baby. It's so realistic!
oki poi izzu
oki poi izzu 12 napja
Poor Dina
oki poi izzu
oki poi izzu 12 napja
I really wish that they had someone else kill Joel and have this game be Ellie's game and maybe a dlc or 3rd game with Abby/yara/lev's story. I find myself enjoying this story when I forget that Abby killed joel, and I know the whole point of the game is that everyone has different perspectives and think what they're doing is right, but I just think they could've reorganized plots better instead of jumping back and forth everywhere.
The Cammunist
The Cammunist 14 napja
I seriously don't understand why Ellie snaps at Joel for pushing Seth and standing up for her.
Lexi Donovan
Lexi Donovan 12 napja
I think its because Ellie wasn't ready fo Joel to know she was gay, or she wanted to tell him herself. I don't thinks she's really mad at Joel specifically, but she took her anger out on him. Probably because she just didn't know what else to do.
Cyn 14 napja
The "You're my people!" will always get me.
Adahy Bullet
Adahy Bullet 14 napja
Ta think Ellie almost got away from all this revenge. Gosh dang it Tommy.
Lexi Donovan
Lexi Donovan 12 napja
Tbh Ellie leaving Dina at the end broke me
discombobulated is actually a word. The moru you know xD 1.14.50
Kayla Potter
Kayla Potter 15 napja
This story has been intense, though I loved being a part of it. I just wish the farm couldve been a happy ending for them but now Im scared to watch the last episode...
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis 15 napja
This made me cry
击ece 16 napja
i hate it here
Mackenzie Pam
Mackenzie Pam 16 napja
Sean, constantly, the whole series: Mercer? is that Matt Mercer? He's in this game where is he? Matt Mercer as a Seraphite Me: That's Mercer Sean: says NOTHING
breadbanana 16 napja
what if the kid is also immune?
dustan Harper-Head
in this video at 29 minutes the note you read had a name in it. Ezra. if you remember from TLOU 1, the name Ezra is used pretty often. i just thought you would like that and find it funny. maybe its the same ezra from the first game and ended up joining the scars. kinda makes you think for a sec, huh? anyways love your vids and keep up the great work.
breadbanana 16 napja
3:21 yes you have seen a game in seattle. remember infamous second son? XD
Lev and Abby have very big Joel and Ellie vibes
Wednesday Sosa
Wednesday Sosa 16 napja
"You're my people!" *sobs*
Zadius Lidster
Zadius Lidster 17 napja
The entire time ellie carried the baby I was saying don't drop the baby
Leonardo García
2:00:46 - You probably know this by now, but Neil Druckmann actually tweeted that the second J is not for Junior. So it's very probable that JJ's name is Jesse Joel.
Leonardo García
1:38:28 - As you find out shortly, Abby needs to see the map and pictures, also hear that Isaac is dead. It's not so simple as to just barge in and be done with it.
Kyle Duvall
Kyle Duvall 17 napja
1:39:11 - She’s a Witch! She can fly!!
Elias huot
Elias huot 18 napja
Am I the only one who killed every single WLF after seeing yara’s death?
TheRealest 19 napja
Nothing wrong with being positive but this game kinda suck I had the displeasure of playing it
Forest Files
Forest Files 19 napja
My name is Earl fans will know whats up: 5:50
ninjacatXXL 19 napja
Thanks naughty dog for telling me murder is bad, who knew
MLG GAMER 19 napja
HOLY CRAP I nearly thought Abby was gonna kill both Dina and Ellie. At that point I would have stopped watching. Thank God she spared them because she could have easily done so cuz Mel got killed who was also preggers. 😰😰 At least she left her alone
Leah Singh
Leah Singh 19 napja
You can’t kill sheep 🐑☺️
MLG GAMER 19 napja
Jack my man! You literally missed a perfect opportunity to speak on the excellent camera work at the beginning. As soon as she looked down the stairs that was Vertigo. Brilliant effect
Zackary Dennis
Zackary Dennis 20 napja
Aw i loved Manny
Dan Manchester
Dan Manchester 21 napja
Joel and ellie = abby and lev
YT ciZzy
YT ciZzy 21 napja
Anyone else Alexa go off hha
Cody Byckiewicz
Cody Byckiewicz 21 napja
33:46 WTF
Maximiliano Specia
jack:"this fights sucks" game:"this guy sucks"
L0rd_Equinox 22 napja
Fighting Ellie was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in a video game...I don’t mean difficulty wise I mean emotionally...💔
Shocca_ 07
Shocca_ 07 22 napja
Aoi UwU
Aoi UwU 24 napja
Lev: having a traumatized past Jack: I'm starting to really like that character
Genesis 25 napja
I cried when she said she didn’t need his help 😔
Tyler Bardsley
Tyler Bardsley 25 napja
The "arrows" used in crossbows are called "bolts", not arrows
Liathan Rats
Liathan Rats 25 napja
Anyone notice that Dina was humming take on me in the farm house scene?
Logan Neal
Logan Neal 26 napja
omfg it wort
Ŕëëşéś Çúpş
This is how many time Jack/Sean said Tractor 👇 (Jk you don't have to like I just thought it was weird and funny how he said tractor so many time :) )
hossam naddaf
hossam naddaf 26 napja
man the fact that Elli is not straight bother me a little bit
SwEEt moZZi920
SwEEt moZZi920 26 napja
While watching, im at the point where Tommy visits and tells ellie of lev and abby's loc and is2g I'm going to be so pissed if she went to Abby for fucking revenge. Why waste the life you have now for someone who doesn't give a fuck anymore? ABBY FUCKING GAVE U A CHANCE BETTER TREASURE IT UGH
Mr. pugman123
Mr. pugman123 27 napja
Her teeth went bye bye
michelleee210 28 napja
There is a lot of parallels between Ellie and Abby obviously but honestly I don’t think you can compare the two. I’m sorry but even if they both lost a lot, Ellie’s experience was far more traumatic. She saw Joel get tortured and Jesse shot right in front of her. Abby just happened to come across bodies, which even if it’s sad and can affect someone, it’s different than seeing them in the process of death. I still wish Ellie got Abby. Even if Joel deserved to die, everything started because Abby wanted revenge for her father, which frankly was a quick death compared to Joel, she should of realized that her father would of done the exact same thing Joel did. She heard the conversation between her dad and the woman (forgot her name) asking if he would do the same if Abby was immune. He never responded back and just pushed for his way. Jerry knew that he would not be able to let his daughter die for a cure.
Michael Staley
Michael Staley 13 napja
I don't think it matters whose trauma was worse. They both had a father figure taken from them, they both devoted themselves to revenge, and they both pushed away and endangered the people they loved in pursuit of it. They both made similar, flawed decisions for similar, flawed reasons. It's not fair to blame Abby for starting everything when all the characters are responsible for their actions. Jerry and Marlene could have asked Ellie for her consent, Joel could have allowed Ellie to die for a cure as she wanted, Abby could have moved on, Ellie could have stayed in Jackson, or the farm, with Dina. I don't think Abby deserved to die any more or less than Joel or Ellie.
Stelios Vagianos
When Ellie put on the coat, to leave Dina and find Abby one last time... you can see it in the way she talks, how she sighs and how she looks at Dina. Joel lives in her, and that's why she suffers so much.
Nate Hunterx1
Nate Hunterx1 29 napja
When Ellie said she didn’t need his help I fucking started crying.
Volcanic Crush
Volcanic Crush 29 napja
Bruh they named the baby after me
Stelios Vagianos
I just realized, Lev is a girl, isn't he? He was meant to be a wife to the elders, he shaved his head "like the men" Sneaky, Naughty Dog, I like it
Luca KELLY 9 napja
@Stelios Vagianos also when you fight the seraphites (whistle people lol) they call out to lev but they call him by his dead name, Lilly
Stelios Vagianos
@casually lays on the floor asexual Wow, that's a long comment. I had kinda figured he's trans after the "like the men" line. And yeah you're right, the "he is a girl" wasn't a proper way of saying it. I guess what I meant with it was that I had only then realised what the reason was for Lev to leave, and that he had been born a girl, but felt a boy, which the Seraphites didn't accept.
casually lays on the floor asexual
Yepp, Lev is trans. The religion his mom and the whistling people (forgot their name djsksnhs) follow arent accepting of lgbt identities, which sucks. The only people who accepted him were his sister, then Abby, Owen, and Mel. It feels really nice to have a proper trans character represented so well. I could talk about Lev's character for ages hfjdkskdjd. Also, just for the future it would be best to say "he was born a girl" rather than "he is a girl" when talking about any trans person's gender from before they came out. Saying "he is" makes it sound like Lev still identifies as a girl, which he's not. "He was born a girl" recognizes that his identity has changed from what it was originally thought to be. (I'm not offended or anything! Just something to keep in mind for the future)
Logan Neal
Logan Neal Hónapja
the last thing that ellie said the Jole was "i don't need your help"
hee hee man
hee hee man Hónapja
And by coincidence I named my puppy ollie half way through this video
Rj Molo
Rj Molo Hónapja
Dina: *gets an arrow on her shoulder and gets her head bashed in the floor* Also Dina: *has a baby*
chris weaver
chris weaver Hónapja
When they brought Joel back I could feel my heart leap and then sink again
vampiress jones
vampiress jones Hónapja
Jack you have tmi okay we didn't need to know about that particular part was jack.
Mason Stage
Mason Stage Hónapja
i feel like i didn’t need 8 hours of abby build up because i kinda warmed up but now she’s just an asshole again
Meredith Blattner
It would be impossible to make a compilation of every time Sean gets excited about coffee in this game because you'd be reuploading the entire playthrough
Jiraiya The Toad Sage
this section was fire ngl (pun intended)
Fatninja12321 Hónapja
The last of us part 3
Alan Michael
Alan Michael Hónapja
There are no words on God's green earth to describe my joy at 1:45:23
One Click
One Click Hónapja
i love this playthrough but please just shut the fuck up and play the game sometimes lmaooo
Star Xplr
Star Xplr Hónapja
Game logic *character gets shot in the head* OH BETTER WRAP THESE BANDAGES AROUND MY ARM TO FEEL BETTER! :D Me: what the fu-
A Drunk Potato
A Drunk Potato Hónapja
No one's gonna read this 1:46:36 FUCK YEAH 1:46:49 oh come on
John Beers
John Beers Hónapja
2:05 bruh it's 2 in the morning and i was not expecting that bro i just had a hear attack.
X L Hónapja
Abby: **carries 6 guns, melee weapon, explosives, extra ammo, and a backpack full of shit** Jack: “Abby gotten so slow, cmon pick up the pace”
The Righteous Mallard
It’s like storming Normandy except a f*ck hell of a lot easier
Margot Bayley
Margot Bayley Hónapja
I tried, the game won't let you kill the sheep same as Dina, I'm not heartless! just curious!! AAH! lmao
Alchemist Hónapja
Jack not realizing the sniper is Tommy is killin me dude
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