I MISS THESE MOMENTS | The Last Of Us 2 - Part 4 

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Can we rewind the clock and go back to these moments in The Last Of Us Part II? It was all so much simpler back then.
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jacksepticeye 7 hónapja
Let's go back..... to simpler times
Ruby Cornejo
Ruby Cornejo Hónapja
You missed the part where ellie climbs the dinos back :(
The VibeShibe
The VibeShibe Hónapja
Because we'd all love.... The simpler times
Google Test
Google Test Hónapja
1:05:06 I found a card to the right of that loco on the way there on the old floor
Blargh Man
Blargh Man 3 hónapja
My very erotic mate just showed us nudes
Muhammed Yousif
Muhammed Yousif 6 hónapja
Alexia Sweeting
R.I.P Joel. U will be missed😢
Cat Beau
Cat Beau 2 napja
anyone else get nervous about her swimming in the water with a tape player in her bag
SonnyFerguson 09
clarice struik
pluto didn't disappear it is classified as a dwarf planet
Corpse Waifu
Corpse Waifu 4 napja
Jack: “Have I been here. Doesn’t matter, no one cares.” Me: *wanting to here more about jacks adventures on tour*
Michael Hood
Michael Hood 5 napja
Marsels Šarpio
Subtle moles waitin' For something baitin' But they didn't know That waiting is a crow ......
TheMultiGamer 7 napja
It was The Morre Theatre in Seattle where you performed (assuming you mean the HDWGH Tour)
Malice blue
Malice blue 8 napja
"these fuckers making me feel feelings again" made me laugh my ass off
DragonBoyZee 8 napja
I hate how people sit there and hate this game simply because the main character is gay like it makes no sense.
Manar _
Manar _ 8 napja
can we talk about how hot jack is... with all due respect but my god, the things i'd let that man do
Rebeka Cook
Rebeka Cook 9 napja
Kinda sad jack didn’t walk up the dinosaur so Ellie could jump off and scare Joel 😭
Taha HN
Taha HN 10 napja
Joel : Show's up Me : 😀
The Gaming Stone
Sean missed the opportunity to climb the T-rex’s tail
Zintababy 11 napja
@Jacksepticeye You might recogize the Theatre because it looks similar to the one in Boise from your "How did we get here " tour :)
Ava Caldwell
Ava Caldwell 12 napja
thank you so much for being positive about everything, being quiet when needed but being funny at times too, thank you for also just spending time on this game while looting and looking at cards, i love this series and thank you so much
PillsBuryDatBoi 12 napja
INFECTED CAN NOT SEE YOU’RE FLASH LIGHT shows up on screen Jack: alright, I’m gonna ignore that
Saberfang 12 napja
I knew it! I knew she was pregnant!
Jaydan Bodenham-Smith
When he finds the bodies hangin in the tv station and the symbol in blood we both said scars at the same time
Mike Davies
Mike Davies 15 napja
was the pamphlet ellie picked up in the flashback the one in joels house?
Stitch Lover
Stitch Lover 12 napja
yup. when Ellie said "that was a good day"
Holly Hogg
Holly Hogg 16 napja
Sean: *sneezed* Me: “bless you” Sean: “thank you” Me: “you’re welcome” 🥺 2:00:52 (Returning to the series because I love it so much and can’t stop thinking about it. Literally any game comes out I go straight to your channel to see if you’ve played it because you pay so much attention to detail and you don’t rush everything, there’s so many little things not many people notice but the fact you search for them makes me so happy. It would make Naughty Dog and everyone that worked on the game so proud) ps: ily
Skyelar Gonzales
Okay. I love how seán points out all of the details in everything and and points out how much effort this game must have taken. And how he puts in his own opinion without getting pissed like a lot others did. Anyway I'm rambling. Have a good day to whoever See's this
Dimtry Iliev
Dimtry Iliev 17 napja
damn , not doing that news caster bit , he really left the audience hanging
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan 19 napja
Dina: says literally nothing Jack: *stop yelling at me dina*
Dunning Kruger
Dunning Kruger 19 napja
You missed climbing the T-Rex.
gamebot g
gamebot g 20 napja
Oh joel 😭
The Fading Melody
Rewatching this playthrough after playing it myself, I have thing to say Watching Seán miss secrets I found: >=( Watching Seán find secrets I missed: >=O
Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel 21 napja
My (Mercury) Very (Venus) Educated (Earth) Mother (Mars Just (Jupiter) Showed (Saturn) Us (Uranus) NACHOS!!! (Neptune)
Savannah 21 napja
I lost it when Ellie said "DAS A BIG BOI" and "small head" kcjsjxmssi
Volka Deus
Volka Deus 22 napja
"You see that in a movie, too?" "Yeah, well kinda. You see, there was a sequel. It wasn't as good." ...Well, at least this game is self-aware.
speep 22 napja
Jacks mind set at all times “ok killed them... time to loot
Golden Mask
Golden Mask 22 napja
i was silently shouting at you saying GO ON THE FUCKING DINO TAIL WHY ARE YOU MISSING THIS OPPORTUNITY!?!?
Tyler Dejnozka
Tyler Dejnozka 23 napja
ellie:joel would have loved watching a movie here. jack:he sure would. also jack:damn look at this detail
Gerry Adams
Gerry Adams 23 napja
U missed Ellie jumping off the dinosaur outside the museum
Miles L.
Miles L. 23 napja
HE DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TRYING TO CLIMB UP THE DINOSAUR?!?! that's literally the FIRST thing i did lol
Anthony Vigil
Anthony Vigil 24 napja
Yo 1st comment of 2021 how’s it going out there.
Faded 24 napja
Cant believe jack missed the cutscene where you climb on top of the dinosaur and jump off
Gaming Sylas666
Gaming Sylas666 25 napja
Should I be watching this I’m only nine well I watch zombie land Every day
Adahy Bullet
Adahy Bullet 25 napja
That last scene both warms and breaks my heart. I've said this once and ima keep saying it: Naughty Dog, this is a beautiful and wonderful game. Yall did a fantastic job and i wish i had watched playthroughs or played both sooner then now. Yall know how to make fantastic games.
amanda r.
amanda r. 25 napja
1:42:38 breaks my heart when Joel says that he forgot what Sarah liked... bc he's starting to forget little things about the daughter he loved so much...and that's really sad :((
Toon Lonk
Toon Lonk 27 napja
Shamblers(idk if I spelled it right)have tomatoes on their backs!
Allie Wooten
Allie Wooten 27 napja
awe jack missed where ellie could climb the dino and jump off
Leonardo García
2:04:22 - I still love the way Joel covers the "S" and the message clearly spells it out to us.
Gabe Andrako
Gabe Andrako 27 napja
me o look a museum / jack O LOOK A ZOOOOOOO
logan riopel
logan riopel 27 napja
Did you know you can climb the back of the t-rex
Bailey Simpson
Bailey Simpson 27 napja
You missed like 7 cards
Gavin Lowery
Gavin Lowery 28 napja
Me playing the first one while waching this
I'd love to see a spin-off game about these card characters. I think it would actually be dope. Probably better than the Avengers. I heard it didn't receive well. Gosh the fact that they decided to put that flashback while they were in the cinema after she began to sing his song. It's such an emotional payoff after what we saw. Also WTF Dina be pregnant? In the middle of a zombie apocalypse? Holy Shit
I love how Jack integrates himself in the story. Guy lands on a bomb in the first episode and he's over here acting like that guy from Metal Gear Solid "Ellie are you okay? Ellie plz respond. Ellie? ELLLLLLLLIIIIIEEE?!"
Kastuki Bakugo
Kastuki Bakugo Hónapja
can we talk about ellie's voice? it's so pretty!
Kayden Johnson
Kayden Johnson Hónapja
After so many years what happened to the rovers and stuff on the moon like dose it still work or are thay dead
Kastuki Bakugo
Kastuki Bakugo Hónapja
nobody: jack: is there a card
Keyarah Calnick
Keyarah Calnick Hónapja
nobody: jack: where’s the convention center ?
Ruby Cornejo
Ruby Cornejo Hónapja
Ruby Cornejo
Ruby Cornejo Hónapja
Sean missed the part where ellie climbs the dino :(
Spaceamationstudios, B.M
Seán: what am i, a stupid gamer? Me: * starts sweating * Seán: no i'm smart! Me: * sweating intensifies *
Mya Hitt
Mya Hitt Hónapja
Genesis Hónapja
“We gotta start shooting, start fucking shit up” *1 min later* “I don’t like fighting it’s not my style”
emolikenemo Hónapja
I’ve been to that museum in Wyoming. It’s such a cool place to visit if you’re around! (: if I remember correctly, they also have an exhibit of prehistoric mammals with life-size statues that you can interact with that’s awesome
UczuciaTM Hónapja
Yknow watching this makes me want to work on my book some more lmaoo Edit: bruh I strive to be an artist like Ellie lmao
jack5000st l
jack5000st l Hónapja
When Jack was getting sceptical about dina saying she was infected I was like maybe she's just pregnant them when she said she might be pregnant I was like oh shit I was just kidding
Septic_Eye_ Revolution
It is truly amazing to see how Sean is advancing in his let's plays with the incredible attention to all the character's dialogs between Ellie and Dina, the details and the graphics in this incredible Sony's exclusive! Thanks for all your videos on the channel! The quality of each The Last Of Us Part Two episode is incredible and it's great to see you sharing so many and comments with the subscribers! We do appreciate all your hard work! And the memories about younger Ellie's adventures are so nostalgic to see after the first part of The Last Of Us by Naughty Dog and it's cool to see them improving the gameplay and the plot of their game for PlayStation!
Herpy Derpy
Herpy Derpy Hónapja
The fact that Jack gives a tiny science lecture on the speed of light in the middle of a game play
The MinecraftSlayer
As man you didn’t climb the dinosaur
Blaine Borez
Blaine Borez Hónapja
Jack every five seconds: Oh yeah this is right next to the convention center.
gh.o.s.t g.ir.l
gh.o.s.t g.ir.l Hónapja
When you're crying because you realized this was the type of father you wanted-
ToriFaere Hónapja
I just want mine back T^T
Will da bomb
Will da bomb Hónapja
Those hung people are messed up, man. Look at how that light spills.
Federico Blanco
Federico Blanco Hónapja
Play the rest of the game prone
smolduckyboi Hónapja
am I one of the only ones who waits for Sean to finish a game, and then binge it when it's finished?
ToriFaere Hónapja
Same. Mainly because I've seen youtubers just suddenly stop playing the game >:( I wanna know what happens!
Hetty Hónapja
Wow that was actually sooo beautiful! What a moment!
Jayant Chugh
Jayant Chugh Hónapja
hey jack , at 1:35:14 you could have climbed up the dinosaur and jumped off from it.
Lyla Broflovski
Lyla Broflovski Hónapja
Swapnamoy's Videos
I know no one will see this comment but still I'm writing these stuffs coz why not? I love Sean's gameplay..it's so relatable...not like some other gamers like..."I know it all..it's easy, just go there, do this" u know... Anyways, if you find this comment, you're welcome!😄 02:27 "Dina, Watch out..I've got a Brick".....** Throws the Brick**...I just heard a BRUH sound effect. (Edit) 14:47 WOAH!! (Edit02) 29:29 I was about to click the pause button coz I was not ready for another jump scare...but luckily you know the rest..and also after that The Gameplay became so much interesting with Clickers and WLF soldiers together upto 31:00 ..now let's see what's next. (Edit03) 31:37 Are you serious?!! That's not fair..!!...BUT, as you got a chance to complete that area once again, I mean I guess that was a much better gameplay upto 34:18 Also, on 37:37 that interior part of the train looked like the Place where Spidey fought with Martin Li. (Edit04) 01:01:20 That whole section was pretty good...and yes I think Dina is impressed!😁 (Edit05) 01:06:58 😕Let's see (Edit06) 01:07:22 DAMN IT!! 01:10:22 I don't like this at all, let's see☹...(Edit07) DAMN...That was unexpected, but again it kinda makes sense coz as you told that earlier Dina was holding her stomach...so yeah. OK moving on. (Edit08) 01:23:19 The rain effects are really great! (Edit09) 01:28:01 That was Great!! (Edit10) 01:50:41 Yeah, exactly..now I understood why the title of this video is "I miss these Moments!!"❤ 01:52:56(THAT MOMENT WAS GOLD!!) 02:03:27(.......)
Stefan Hónapja
Can’t believe you didn’t jump off the T-Rex.
Isabel Munter
Isabel Munter Hónapja
I've been yelling Dina's preg since symptom 1
mia h
mia h Hónapja
Prototypes360 Hónapja
He missed it at 1:36:00 but you can climb up the back of the T-Rex and jump off into the water and joel gets to be the worrisome dad and it's just such a great moment
Leonardo Bojorquez
1:33:35 all I have to say
Kat Snow
Kat Snow Hónapja
I haven't finished the let's play yet. I'm an hour into this episode and he keeps talking about her being sick and possibly infected and in my brain I'm just like "Well she was with a guy before Ellie. She's clearly sexually active. I'm not sure what kinda protection they have in the apocalypse so I'm thinking she's pregnant"
Kat Snow
Kat Snow Hónapja
Kat Snow
Kat Snow Hónapja
10 mins later..... She might be infected XD
michael heiser
michael heiser Hónapja
you could of climbed the t-rex
Emerson Gibbons
Emerson Gibbons Hónapja
he sounds like my dad cant have infenit energy
Googli300 Hónapja
Jack: Dina's out of breath. SHE MUST HAVE BEEN BITTEN Me, who starts hyperventilating after running for 0.1 seconds: Yes. There is no other explanation.
Kian Beydemueller
Seán you missed the opportunity to climb the dinosaur!!
The VibeShibe
The VibeShibe Hónapja
Godd*mmit Seán how could you do something like that
Amauro Hónapja
There are 3 types of the last of us players. The one that always uses ammo, the one that are always stealthy, and the one that always uses explosives
Jeanna Stout
Jeanna Stout Hónapja
Mannnnn he missed climbing the T-Rex!
Sandy Lamar
Sandy Lamar Hónapja
Mortem lowkey reminds me of Shigaraki.
• Gacha Kenz •
i love how jack is saying how much detail there is and how good the lighting looks while Ellie be out here making sad comments about Joel’s death 😂😂😂
xxkellsxx Hónapja
i knew it!
Anthony Cutrale
Anthony Cutrale Hónapja
Sean: Luckily AI can't get caught Me: Yes they can, just rareley
Azenith Hónapja
I love how jack thought she was infected this whole time, and I'm here like after she threw up, yep she preggers. I suppose they kinda the same lol
Jaiden Detering
Jaiden Detering Hónapja
I full thought that she was bitten, because of the way she was acting. So happy she is pregnant though. Dina is the only person that can make Ellie happy in this harsh and horrible time in her life
Nintendog gaming
U didn’t climb and jump off the Tyrannosaurus rex jack!?
JoFifteen Hónapja
2:27 - Just the Disappointed on Seans Face is Funny Alone XD
Justin Heater
Justin Heater Hónapja
I cried at the part when they was in the Apollo 11
SydneyZ052406 Hónapja
20:04 “I’m CAM I’m CAM I’m very very CAM”
Hefty Games
Hefty Games Hónapja
Jack: it’s been so fun so far Me: so you liked joal dying?
Clara Greenfield
Aaaaaaaaw! Joel and Ellie in the museum, reminds me SO much of me and my dad!! x'D My god I was SO heartbroken through the hole damn game! How DARE they give me da feels like that! Had been waiting for the game for so long, waiting for more Joel and Ellies awesomeness, and then they MURK HIM!? Just come oooooooooon! T^T
Logan Neal
Logan Neal 2 hónapja
i wonder if ellie was not um gay and she had a kid would the kid be immune to 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Logan Neal
Logan Neal Hónapja
god damnit
The VibeShibe
The VibeShibe Hónapja
First off, spelling errors. "I wonder if Ellie was not gay and she had a kid, would the kid be immune to." Second off, its impossible to have another woman impregnate another woman unless they have the right equipment. And Dina also says that it's not hers jokingly
Logan Neal
Logan Neal 2 hónapja
she b preg o oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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