I'm Wet... | Raft 

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I'm wet and I'm on a raft
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2020.dec. 1.






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Transformers2Fan1 19 órája
9:43 - damnit this is why people write vore of you
Neha Pande
Neha Pande Napja
It's scary when Séan is the voice of reason and knowledge 🤣🤣🤣 it's time to run 🤣🤣 Love Séan a lot! He's one of my favourite youtubers ❤
Tiger RIOT
Tiger RIOT 3 napja
The board in the background saying sus was perfect for when he bent over to eat his taco. No hate by the way
Xenocrius 4 napja
Hugo Källroos
Ledezion ExDee
"Sometimes your best try is garbage and you should give up." -Jacksepticeye 2020
Jordan Ranker
Jordan Ranker 9 napja
I didnt realize until 7:45 that CallMeKevin was in this vid And ofc..... his name is username
King Lui
King Lui 9 napja
I work at Taco Bell
Ashby Florence
You can see how much more Irish he becomes and sounds when surrounded by other Irishmen
Alex Emmy
Alex Emmy 9 napja
Jack and Evelyn are the best couple
Danger Noodle
Danger Noodle 12 napja
I fricken love how Sean is the only one who actually cares about surviving and the other two are just like yeah well let's make the raft HUGE!
It’s Xandel
It’s Xandel 15 napja
Plot Twist: Finbar is the shark from maneater
xxx yyy
xxx yyy 15 napja
those 2 other irish guys would drive me crazy too :D :D :D like Séan at 15:58 :D :D
WobblewokGaming 15 napja
I love the video, but them not fixing the raft is REALLY triggering me for some stupid reason.
Ally Combs
Ally Combs 16 napja
I forgot to like u til I looked at the sign that’s said smash like
Ally Combs
Ally Combs 16 napja
Your face when they argue 😝
Farah Aishah Volinuskhi
12:35 ish is where we meet Irish CorpseHusband
Demo Clan
Demo Clan 17 napja
8:58 I love you too
John R.
John R. 18 napja
u build a birds nest and u wait for it to lay eggs than u may kill it and get feathers to make paint brush u also get drumsticks to cook
Alex D.
Alex D. 18 napja
why does sean have such long eyelashes
Luna BlackStar
Luna BlackStar 20 napja
*when you question playing this allowed cause you have no idea how your parents will react to three Irish men yelling at a shark named Finbar*
Elliot Holt
Elliot Holt 20 napja
Jack: *eyes snap open* I have fish to cook
Just Another Crumpet Eater
Imagine these three playing Sea of Thieves
SubZero _ Char
SubZero _ Char 21 napja
I just realized this. When they pop out of the water or taking the fishing thins back up, when the water splashes, it makes the head of a shark.
I love the small sound of Irish music in the background. 😀
Dakota Burns
Dakota Burns 21 napja
Awwwwwwww him and Evelyn are so cute
Kinrey M
Kinrey M 22 napja
Is this the first one? How do I find the first one?!?
Nan0 killer
Nan0 killer 23 napja
1:42 Pov: your parents are not mad they're "dissapointed"
Conor 8.3
Conor 8.3 24 napja
Lovin’ the father ted references!
Twistfaria 26 napja
It's REALLY funny that he said maybe the shark wouldn't attack him with the shark head on because there is a MOD called Shark Spy that does just that! I LOVE that mod!! He still attacks the raft but he leaves you alone when you are in the water. I find it much better than playing on peaceful which takes too much away from the game.
Daniel L.
Daniel L. 26 napja
The Holy trinity: Jackspediceye, Nogla, and Callmekevin. Bow before your Lords!
TheInfamousCat 27 napja
That “Thank you. I love you.”, from Seán is too cute. 🥺 (Starts at 8:53)
904. Yusif
904. Yusif 27 napja
once addict26
once addict26 27 napja
the fact that jack was grossed out by his own chewing sounds made me WHEEZE :)
Lawtoncro 28 napja
Lol 9:56
Lawtoncro 28 napja
Lollllllllll xD
gabellamava _
gabellamava _ 28 napja
"Thank you i love you" jack gets so cute when his gf apears
Xendo lawesome
Xendo lawesome 28 napja
I just wanna join to help you guys actually get things done, cause jack is the only person who is doing things that progress the game
Tispy : ]
Tispy : ] 28 napja
“Hold on I need a thumbnail, crouch there please..” *proceeds to make a completely different thumbnail*
NoobMaster 69
NoobMaster 69 28 napja
I’m already 70% Irish and now I’m 95
FangTheFurious 28 napja
15:36 Mom and dad are fighting again!
dasha gibson
dasha gibson 28 napja
Chicken nuggies (*’(OO)’*)
jack: finbar 2 my gf: the squeakquel
Pain-Killer 28 napja
Nogla be like: iGnOg
Vin Gatti
Vin Gatti 28 napja
Raelyn Fey
Raelyn Fey 29 napja
What is poggers? Pogs in the 90's was a game of graphic disks. I'm too old to know what this new phrase is
The Painted Panda
26:05 Sounds like communist propaganda, but ok
Leah Moore
Leah Moore 29 napja
Jack kinda sounds like kratos
Safe Haven
Safe Haven 29 napja
Ah yes. Good old, Bran Dyan.
JC Davis
JC Davis 29 napja
12:40 if CORPSE was Irish...😂😂
Bella M
Bella M 29 napja
8:56 can we just appreciate Jack and Evelyn for a second? He's just smiling at her like "Thank you...I love you!"
Whyguygamer1 29 napja
Your face when your friends were arguing
Jonny Smart
Jonny Smart Hónapja
I’m watching this at 4:30 AM whilst making dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and chips whilst drinking a rum and Coke and I honestly couldn’t be happier. The Irish energy (also the accordion music) is so satisfying and it’s making me love life for a bit. Cheers lads
Carina DuLong
Carina DuLong Hónapja
Jack: I’m grabbing resources and fish at the same time. I’m great Nogla: Ye f***ing kNobHeAd
Just drawing Magnemites
Sean sounds more irish egen he plays with other irish people
Ches Beta
Ches Beta Hónapja
15:33 Poor Jack. :'D
Rachel Cross
Rachel Cross Hónapja
You cant grow mangos but you can grow potatoes in that shoe
Ebony_Farside Hónapja
"I'm gonna name him Bran!" I see. Like Raisen Bran. :D
Ebony_Farside Hónapja
Doremi Mei
Doremi Mei Hónapja
“Can we grow a mango in a shoe” - Jack 2020
ッabbon Hónapja
11:40 why didnt you share split it with him :(
JFoxToxic Hónapja
BRO!!! Please go drink alcohol at the try channel “Irish people drink -different alcohol-“ I would love to see you drink on that channel and see you drink with them lol
AAN Hónapja
Press SHIFT while pressing on the inventory/storage, it''ll automatically put it in and stack it without having you to move your mouse back and forth
Serlixe Hónapja
I hate "mukbang" sounds 🤢 Sounds from a dog eating is less discusting.. There is hardly any normal mukbangs out there that don't slurp and drool food all over their faces. Mukbang is NOT to eat with your face and make as much notice as possible, that is provided by the asmr goons 🤮. So.. GROSS! man vs food is more like "normal" mukbang, not the discusting crap we get on YT. I report that crap if it dares to come on my recommended list 😂 Christ all mighty it is GROSS! Good if you want to trigger your puke reflex though 👍 Pigs. If you do it just eat normally and don't mix it with asmr. Nasty.
Josh is king 56
Josh is king 56 Hónapja
I can't stop fucking laughing
phozy Hónapja
next on one peice
Dakota Queen
Dakota Queen Hónapja
INSTANT dislike over the ASMR. omg i hate it
__artist.izzy__ _
Jack, please finish trover
Mellodee Klemmetsen
Seeing Jack being cute with his girl and saying I love you made my day!🥰 you guys are adorable
Gerbua Hónapja
We are at the verge at 26 million subs it’s been many years jack I still love your content
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast Hónapja
I like how he always wants a thumbnail from them and yet he never uses them
Marlie Katta
Marlie Katta Hónapja
jack is literally babysitting these two lmao
Kyle Gilman
Kyle Gilman Hónapja
“I thought you just liked sand” 🤣🤣🤣
Jeff 68
Jeff 68 Hónapja
Play with my Irish friends they said fun it would be
Mr.Sans_ The_Dank
To Irish to much power
Good boi. Exe
Good boi. Exe Hónapja
Travis Quinn
Travis Quinn Hónapja
Zaire Yap
Zaire Yap Hónapja
9:21 now that you heard it, for the love of God Sean don't do it again
• flamingo Æ •
Ive been missing all the rafts
Samantha Murphy
Samantha Murphy Hónapja
I don’t know why... ok I do know why but I kept singing to my self drunken sailor this entire video
Izabela Kownacki
It's nice to see Jack and Evelyn getting along.
*”ALL HAIL BRAN”* *Me with my wee little obsession: BRAN WAS A CELTIC GOD-*
Have any of ye wee lads noticed that the Irish in this video has infected the wee comments?
Dewy Plays
Dewy Plays Hónapja
15:52 your friends need to calm the fuck down and stop arguing!!!😡😡😡 There like bunch of babies!!!😡😡😡
do ri me
do ri me Hónapja
15:55 jack:why are we still here just to suffer
LatiNoble Hónapja
I love this. I just wish there were captions for the diddley eye impaired.
Amin Zakaria
Amin Zakaria Hónapja
"If you see a shark, swim to his mouth"
The Madlad
The Madlad Hónapja
Where ge get that taco from
Angel-Marie Killick
W e d o l o v e t h e I r i s h i n t h i s v i d e o.
Jaimie Hónapja
its never a good thing when its just kevin still left alive xD
doom raider
doom raider Hónapja
You know I tend to dislike videos like this when the're screwing around not really doing much gameplay and I prefer videos focused on Gameplay but somehow some games when you're just focused on screwing around they find out ways to do things that I never considered doing or ways to play that I didn't even think of it and it's amazing, testing the limits of a game without actually trying to test the limits of the game wow
Ekco Persi
Ekco Persi Hónapja
Jack the Crafter Daithi the Collector Kevin the Knobhead Bran the Best Friend Finnbar the Feaster
The Godfather Leon
Gura would be upset 21:45 Killing a shark and 24:15 wearing their head, similarly to Gura's hat
Liv_391 Hónapja
"Thank you, I love you uwu." literally killed me.
Devon Battey
Devon Battey Hónapja
*presses like at 17:45
PinkShloyd Hónapja
13:00 ngl kinda sad Sean didn't make a father Ted reference 😔
Oliver Dahl
Oliver Dahl Hónapja
I thougt Jack was irish....
Katrail Smith
Katrail Smith Hónapja
"Sometimes your best try is garbage and you should give up" - Jacksepticeye 2020
Sharp D25
Sharp D25 Hónapja
9:23 mistakes where made XD
Mafin990 Hónapja
Jack this is for you (Dave keep going) why is shipping for top of the morning coffee more than the coffee in Australia?
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