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Goat sim is still one of the silliest games I"ve ever played
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White Saturday
White Saturday 3 órája
Cant even believe it I complete recognise your old self from 5 years ago
jordan winklepppants
12:27, "I was nowhere near the scene of the crime occifer" -JSE 2020
DratiniDragonEmperor2005 Marlon cunanan
Revisit turbo dismount
12:27 behind the fence you can see the guy fall 😂😂😂😂
Some random Dude
Some random Dude 11 órája
Ohhh man. I remember watching him play this years ago. I thought this Game just got Buried and he wouldn’t play it anymore
Parth Rathore
Parth Rathore 15 órája
There's also a second world when you go through the road. You can find deadmau5 there too.
Red Wolf
Red Wolf 21 órája
Of course you love destruction an death lmao
Aries Lori
Aries Lori Napja
'humans are dumb and i dont respect them' was a whole ass mood for 2020
LimeLoren Napja
"Pornhub theme starts playing"
22. Hafizh Wahyu Kusuma
That good old style outro gets me. Damn, nostalgia!
Teagan Butler
Is Hell always this funny?
Terrence Huebner
Jacksepticeye you should make a series on goat simulator because there is also a bunch of DLCs that you should check out and make an entire series goat simulator the best potato series because potatoes are great
Zero Napja
Goat Simulator is basically Grand Theft Auto but you have an excuse to be an asshole.
Jordan Awesome
I love the part where he's at the top of the crane thingy, running at top speed, slows down towards the end, and just *boop* the guy at the end XD I love it 9:39
Ray Lyman
Ray Lyman Napja
3:46 so I bet your wondering how I got in this mess
Aly’s Allies
Omg wait I actually cried that OUTRO
Omg 😭 I missed goats sim series
🤣🤣🤣 how did I miss this video till today?
potato boi
potato boi Napja
Nicolas Duran
Nicolas Duran 2 napja
Jack can somehow pilot a Rocket-powered goat better than Sykkunno can a helicopter. Go fig.
Rebecca Foxe
Rebecca Foxe 2 napja
Plz do more of this! I loved it, this is ma fav game other than minecraft OvO At the hell moment my girlfriend had to take my iPad away because I couldn’t breath ligit I was laughing too hard
Meme Time
Meme Time 2 napja
Holy crap this is so damn nostalgic
Claudia Giallella
Keep playing goat sim I love this game I got all the skins pleaseeeeee
Alexis Macpherson
I’ve been watching u for 4 years and I still can’t figure out what he says in the beginning of his vids
xXJay-SosaXx 2 napja
Evan Robinson
Evan Robinson 2 napja
Tkisha Alleyne-Younge
that goat scares the shgit out of me
Backwash 2 napja
you should play satisfactory again
Ben Longhair
Ben Longhair 2 napja
wow this game is the best
indo yt
indo yt 2 napja
He set osifer lol😂🤣
killerhell 1000
What device is sèan playing this on xbox pc idk also sorry of i spelt his name wrong its confusing
Cwassont 3 napja
"I.. will do thy bidding.... OH HUMANS~"
drewlovs 3 napja
Anna SirenHeads Wife
I play this game and it annoys me because I know all the secrets but I'm too lazy to explain them and there is too many i wouldn't know where to start now back to paying attention in class -.- because it's a whole day at school and it fucking 7:00PM our class is just giving up our teacher said we could just chill I even know how to go in space... you need bacon....this game is weird whoever made this was on drugs I'm leaving in 59 minutes/ 8:00 btw in goat simulator, I'm a fucking giraffe...and a penguin;-; k im out of school finnaly ;-;
lemon pal
lemon pal 3 napja
Me, who flipping loves goats: *rubs hands together*
Pango 3 napja
Goat Simulator is a more stable game than cyberpunk
Victor Bornhoft
10:14 had me crying
Samuel Richardson
Jack: BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GODS!! me, who plays khorne: >:)
euca lypta
euca lypta 4 napja
you know that u can change powers by pressing y
James Robson
James Robson 4 napja
So much nostalgia
because reasons
When he said "a goat that craves death" i thought of the devil from cuphead
lucas mckenzie
They should make a goat sim online
Meriel Constantine
7:39 voice crack im wheezing jesus cheist
Man, I remember watching Jack play Christmas Shopper simulator back in 2013/2014 and Goat Simulator. It's been a long trip.
Hannah Barber
Hannah Barber 4 napja
Bullet3000 4 napja
Goat simulator:) :')
Fire_Dragon_Boy _XD
Hexbox256 4 napja
I actually found this out a couple of years ago Jack didn’t notice but when you go into that black hole you either shrink or grow bigger.
[ᴛʜᴇ ᴠɪsɪᴛᴏʀ]
Oh my god... How I've missed this game and it's iconic soundtrack!
Daniel Ko
Daniel Ko 5 napja
Real nostalgia will hit if he does skate 3 again
The Furious Superior
You should try to get all goats in one episode
SakuraCutie UwU
now yandere simulator turns into goat simulator
this video made my day!
Pinkie Miller
Pinkie Miller 5 napja
My favorite game!
Galactic -Hamster
The best part about this game is how old it is, but that they put all the assets into graphics instead of physics, and in the time it has existed, nobody's patched or fixed or improved anyone
Patrick Moeller
It brings back so many memories
Patrick Moeller
The my first jacksepiceye video was his first goat simulator vid
Morgan Gamez
Morgan Gamez 5 napja
the old outro is so good
Bryce Wills
Bryce Wills 5 napja
i was dying as soon as he tried the jetpack.
Even at the beginning of the video, before he turned into a demon goat, all pedestrians feared him 😂 I mean, I don't blame em honestly, if I saw a hella beefy goat running at me I'd be terrified too!
Zaky 5 napja
You just clicked on the most controversial title ever
Epic Gaming
Epic Gaming 5 napja
I miss when there weren't any cringy ass memes
Epic Gaming
Epic Gaming 5 napja
I don't even watch Jack anymore but I had to click this video
Crab-Chan 6 napja
Nether Reactor Core
0:47 I actually didn't know that's where the scp-096 scream comes from
callmejames 6 napja
This makes me remenice of the old days just playing goat simulator without a care in the world....
Keith Owen baduya
Go in the small castle in spawn you will get good power
foxy thedog26
foxy thedog26 6 napja
7:33 Anti, is that you
Meh You
Meh You 6 napja
IrisTheGreat I
This was the reason I watched him when I was 7 lmao
the gaming lad
Jack "oooo, what's inside this house " * smashes window * "ooooooo levitating pillows "
Supermario Rinxify
7:50 he did tthe corpse voice
Cheesey Puff
Cheesey Puff 6 napja
Aghhh Omg, I remember a few years ago when my older brother made my mum download Goat Simulator on her phone for everyone to play and We both loved it. I still play it every now and again, but I realise it was probably Jack who he first saw play the game that made him want it as he was watching Jack at the time.
Supermario Rinxify
Lola Bassett
Lola Bassett 6 napja
Can you please do minecraft again plz we all loved you minecraft videos and also don't let anything break you down
Gavin Leung
Gavin Leung 6 napja
12:27 oficer
Kiel Almudin
Kiel Almudin 6 napja
Who else heard scp 096 scream
Logan Butcher
Logan Butcher 6 napja
yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss people still play goat simulator
Sir Mudkip
Sir Mudkip 7 napja
Jack: I was nowhere near the scene of the crime occifer Me who plays among us: occifer?
Dawn juliano
Dawn juliano 7 napja
I have goat sim but when im angry i go on it go to one of the starter maps then put on goatborn and angel and I screeeeeaaaaaammmmm and destroy the whole island
Dalton Moore
Dalton Moore 7 napja
Jack my favorite thing from 7 years ago was when you fell from a high place you qould say AHHHH GOAT ASS
Chloe Reichert
3:22 my own personal replay
Wesley Barck
Wesley Barck 7 napja
oh jack whos tower are you gonna devour :3
kevin ferguson sheldon jr
Green hair has returned
Tony Bilben
Tony Bilben 7 napja
Can you play litte Nightmares 2
Just Some Guy With Goggles
Title pretty sus don't you think.
MythicalFox 7 napja
"It wasn't like that when I broke it" Sean 2020
CosmicFishNyx 7 napja
Goat simulator brings back memories
Chris Pederson
Jeeeez that intro is unnecessarily loud but it makes sense. His HUrun channel is for the kids, and his twitch is for the gamers lol. Just wanted to see if he even uploaded here much anymore beings he's on twitch so much now.
sevvalss 7 napja
My used to be addicted to this game a long time ago Im really happy she get rid of it. But this video made me remember it thanks! Lol
Phonominal Clan
Anyone else notice that he said ociffer instead of officer at 12:28
Goony 201
Goony 201 7 napja
Only the day ones remember goat simulator 👑👑👑
Kazz08 7 napja
Elisabeth shanks
Goat simulator walked so untitled goose game could run
OmniGod Goku
OmniGod Goku 7 napja
You are "goated" on the sticks
Caoimhe Conroy
I'm so happy that goat sim is back lol
Inky Heart
Inky Heart 7 napja
Thx to this video I was able to once again, beat undyne :D
Choo Jun Jie
Choo Jun Jie 7 napja
this video was posted on my birthday :D
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