I left youtube for a month and THIS is what happened. 

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I left youtube for a month and this is what happened
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jacksepticeye 5 hónapja
Let's see what memes you cooked up while I was gone!
Fla Ravinent
Fla Ravinent 22 napja
Me still waiting on jack to drink water jesus😭😂😂
Goose McHonk
Goose McHonk 2 hónapja
Goose McHonk
Goose McHonk 2 hónapja
Goose McHonk
Goose McHonk 2 hónapja
Goose McHonk
Goose McHonk 2 hónapja
Vanessa Knight
L like. Your video Jacksepticeye
Lazy Artist Animation Studios
Im sorry but, i have to notice Seans BEAUTIFUL baby blues (his eyes)
Artscedoodle 4 napja
18:20 you can even see the tears in his eyes
Artscedoodle 4 napja
It’s been a whole year and he still hasn’t returned to minecraft
Brulkie 5 napja
i actually can´t imagine present jack and 2013 jack being the same person
Harris Coe
Harris Coe 7 napja
I am glued to my phone not literally but I'm just addicted
Maelui Yumiko
Maelui Yumiko 8 napja
Did know one even notice that the scientist in the Captain American meme was Seán? That’s why it was posted in the Jacksepticeye subreddit.
Fade 8 napja
Bro Jack be swole.
Goong goong Ging gong
5:37 I HAVE AN ERECTION!!!!!!!
Connor McPhee
Connor McPhee 10 napja
He fucking rick rolled us with the supposed hot chocolate picture!!! GOD DAMB!!!
blancaorlandito 10 napja
5:51 its ok thats how i got my Nintendo switch
Kaito Momota
Kaito Momota 12 napja
Jack:(-_- ) | Music to my ears Jack:( •w•)👍 Music to my twisty fresh tittys
Violet Groendyke
you know we can pause the video and investigate what the packaging looks like, right jack?
SemolinaBee 14 napja
Is that Flight of the Conchords "Leggy Blonde" song I'm hearing at the end?!
ace jam
ace jam 14 napja
you little shiz jack why the rick roll
Ryan Fitzpatrick
I wish...
F7 14 napja
13:16 oh f*ck
Mattoshie 14 napja
Jack spectacles
Kevin Corbat
Kevin Corbat 15 napja
took me 4 months to realize we got rick rolled at 13:16
Aoi UwU
Aoi UwU 15 napja
16:16 I didn't I'm dead XP
Sir Sega
Sir Sega 16 napja
Tiago 19 napja
While I understand wanting to take breaks from social media or uploading less often, I will say that I don't find most of the old videos boring as just filler. I loved binge watching everything I could find from the moment I discovered the channel and yeah some videos aren't as successful as others, I think 90% of them at least are completely entertaining and I've never had any problems rewatching all the videos I've loved before when HUrun stops suggesting new ones.
Legendary Music, Is Forever
Somebody once told me, That Sean is gonna roast me. And i never told the same.. . lol
*No I don't know how it is disconnecting from the internet, Jack, I've been playing animal crossing for 2 days straight and watched youtube for 10 hours straight*
Blushing Ghost
Blushing Ghost 23 napja
Where is HaHa BRANCH
sean: Thanky you all 😅 me: wtf i didnt do shit...
Semion Ceban
Semion Ceban 25 napja
13:17, did Seán just Rick Role us?
Spencer Davis
Spencer Davis 26 napja
update from the future !! the quest 2 is cheaper, for a 64gb is 300, 330 with tax!!
King Bombooza
King Bombooza 26 napja
oh he totaly got me with that phone flash it was rick roll
Tanango 29 napja
Jack: I feel like there's a disease growing inside my HOUSE. PUT IT BACK. RIGHT NOW. LEAVE IT. THIS IS NOT THE YEAR
mia motta
mia motta Hónapja
seán: i worked out a lot during my break and feel great physically and mentally! asthma: imma end this man's whole carreer
7rahulbhosale Hónapja
Kick the teachers balls literally every student in the world YEAHS 🌎⚽️🏐🎾
Joe Greene
Joe Greene Hónapja
Son:Mommy the guy next door is is talking to himself agin Mom:It’s ok son as long as he’s not it’s ok Jacksepticeye:Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mom:fuck
Pooh Bear
Pooh Bear Hónapja
Jack: I been gone for a month,man that was long Animators: what? You get a break
Playful Dreamers
Play idle heros
Playful Dreamers
I have athera too
Playful Dreamers
I have autism trying to get a bigger channel and help others to get what they need peeps like me with autism well there is a scale of autism some peeple have like not much cases of it they r lucky i am those part of the scale but i know someone who has a more autistic typr
Playful Dreamers
U r da best
Playful Dreamers
Haha jk
Fazor Hónapja
Hi Lamon
Hi Lamon Hónapja
475 k likes? Where's the Water Jesus drinking?
Celina ZERMEÑO Hónapja
JACK :" why Marck have a fesh teal??" me: *a unus anus fan* you wouldnt get it
Yesenia Muniz
Yesenia Muniz Hónapja
I was hoping to find another unus annus fan pointing this out
Varthal Gamekiin
No no no. Jack's cafe should be called the Septic Tank! And have their own coffees and slushies. And gummy Sams. And cookie Sams. And the walls should be covered in framed fanart. Maybe with a monthly competition to get your fanart put up. Like, top 10 most upvotes on reddit at the beginning of each month or something. You could get it sponsored by a printing company so you don't have to fork out loads for printing out the new prints each month and if anyone sees a piece they want, they can buy it from the printing company. Am I putting too much thought into this? Probably. But the more I type the more I think this is actually a really good idea.
Banana Booy
Banana Booy Hónapja
Crimson Clown
Crimson Clown Hónapja
Jack i did not even know you where gone 🥺
Megan Bach
Megan Bach Hónapja
I came back to this video now, and he’s thanking us for understanding but like...... thank you for letting us know you’re taking a break, some youtubers would just drop off the face of the planet, but you made a little video explains why you were taking a break and etc. so of course we’ll understand. We love you to death and we support you with anything you do (mostly because I am assuming that you’re always gonna do good things)
mona mody
mona mody Hónapja
I love how jacksepticeye Is so secure for marzia like marzias is hes sister 😂he like no she best, she look beautiful always, she is best what is now it feels like he is marzias older brother
Zaiden Hónapja
The jacksepticeye compilation was my childhood
thelonebeastfe Hónapja
Amond Hawes-Khalifa
Me: *Get's an ad for the new Oculus headset* Sean: *Mentions there's a new Oculus system coming out* *Oh yeah... it's all coming together.*
KT Hónapja
The backing music sounds like whistling and im home alone pls help
IrishTokyo Hónapja
Did i just get rick rolled by sean :c
Julie Streitenberger
Chip Pilgrim
Chip Pilgrim Hónapja
Shreksepticeye do be kinda thicc tho
The Eraser
The Eraser Hónapja
We’re a chill community
Olive Hónapja
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
TheroboGeek 32
TheroboGeek 32 Hónapja
Sean I do that with mine too
Charles Dysart
Charles Dysart Hónapja
7:40 and now no one can find the answer...
Huntress Artemis
I got my TOTM Hot Chocolate yesterday. Go get some. It's awesome
COLIN 2 ROSE Hónapja
his hot chocolate sneak peak was blurry >:(
Selah Faith
Selah Faith Hónapja
Jack: you guys don’t know what it is like to take a break from the Internet! Because here you are watching my brand new video! Me: ummm I think it has been 3 months sense you posted this and I am just now watching this....
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson Hónapja
The name for the fandom should be the Eyebells... Lol 😂👍👍😊
aiden neill
aiden neill Hónapja
consider myself rick rolled
JustRunningMad Hónapja
8:40 If only
Arahnic 2 hónapja
I feel bad for you bro HAHA POOR *laughs in Rich Potato* I- 😒
JoeMamaCornflakes 2 hónapja
I loved that nostalgia clip I watched jack growing up I watched I believe all the happy wheels vids when they released
Storm Angelus
Storm Angelus 2 hónapja
"I got excited about a ladder!" Dude, that's how you know you're doing winning at adulting.
AgentCam_YT 2 hónapja
Just Bought a Dyson Vacuum as well😂😂😂
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 2 hónapja
Haha it was RICKROLL lol
olivia seils
olivia seils 2 hónapja
no one: my brain: top of the chocolate
Leasa Tucker
Leasa Tucker 2 hónapja
11:32 I think it looks more like the pringles logo lol
Moose man
Moose man 2 hónapja
13:19 you have been rick rolled
Goose McHonk
Goose McHonk 2 hónapja
13:17 goddamn it Seán
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith 2 hónapja
13:16 rick astley
Goose McHonk
Goose McHonk 2 hónapja
Crimson 2 hónapja
Jack: i be lookin thicc HUrun: car and food ad for ya
That1idiot 2 hónapja
anyone else realize his background is rick astley?
MegaDan 2 hónapja
Where is scp
Twi Dash
Twi Dash 2 hónapja
Oh yeah yeah
Dylan Druen
Dylan Druen 2 hónapja
Jack you don’t know what it feels like to be gone for a month off the Internet me well lotta people don’t know what it feels like to drink that sweet top of the morning coffee
Dyanosis 2 hónapja
Being an entertainer - one of the only jobs where you can take however much time you want and nothing bad happens.
Jackson Largent
Jackson Largent 2 hónapja
L I E S (you promise things and then you forget like the day after) i mean we're all thinking this tho
BessieTheBeast8 ._.
When it bruh moment
Crying moon
Crying moon 2 hónapja
am i the only one who paused the video to see the hot chocolate image
Pizza Pred
Pizza Pred 2 hónapja
I don’t get the twitch glass joke, someone explain plz
WombatRick 2 hónapja
Jack: See's that this video got over 150k likes. Also Jack: Oh god no.
•Ash Ratzowski•
Wasnt water jesus a fish when u drank him? XDDD It looked like it
Kyoko 2 hónapja
☹️ am I yummy
Akshay Dalvi
Akshay Dalvi 2 hónapja
Nice click bait title 👍👍
A Basic Bisexual Bitch
no reason to comment 👍🏼
Kyoko 2 hónapja
Tammy Tattoos and piercings
Top of the morning hot chocolate 🤤
Shelton Daniel Moses
3:17 if you slow the speed down and see what's on the phone he just rick rolled us
Hector Sandoval
Hector Sandoval 2 hónapja
Coryxkenshin: I left HUrun for a decade and I don’t care
ArkWolff 2 hónapja
"Boom thats all your seeing." Us: we didn't even see it even when we paused because it was out of focus
Foxcrafter 2 hónapja
Hey who did the sherk for Seán do the princess for his Dutch queen
Marylynn Merced
Marylynn Merced 2 hónapja
The windows abs proves that he is a true gamer
MrAtarine 2 hónapja
i hope that hot chocolate is called twisty nipples top of the mornin hot chocolate
Dom Cheston
Dom Cheston 2 hónapja
Brian Gerard Galang
good job sean running 6k a day is great but i hate to break it to u bc im 15 and i run 10 or more k a day
I found my old hat!
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* IMPOSSIBLE * Try Not To Laugh
What Happend To Your Old Hat??
Cooking Simulator
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Hafþór Björnsson vs Steven Ward