I Got Sent To Jail For Christmas... 

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I got sent to jail for Christmas
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Joseph Cornelius
Joseph Cornelius 5 órája
wasn't there some sort of Minecraft map that was exactly like this game.
Alex! 14 órája
BrUh the outro! I used to do it all the time with him and when he did it, without thinking I did it as well and wOw memories
ESV Zyxh
ESV Zyxh 23 órája
Anyone realise he picked billy goat 6 yrs ago, he did it again but didn’t realise
Jinx The Kitty
~nya nya ❤️ * *Blushes at you brightly and smiles broadly, her warm loving gaze resting upon yours. Wrapping you within the fluffy confines of her loving arms, she kept you held tightly and presses her body closely against yours. Letting loose blissful purrs, she parts her maw and laps her moist tongue against your cheek.* * ~mrrow, if you're reading this. pwease have a purrfect day. I love you ❤️ * *stuffs you inside her kitty jail and feeds you kitty milk!* *
son odv
son odv Napja
Escapist is probably my favorite series you've ever done on this channel
GB_ Rishad
GB_ Rishad 2 napja
10:00 Prisoner 1: its too hot Prisoner 2: waters cold man Wow
RINGER 13 2 napja
12:30 that is amazing editing god I love this channel
Tobias Cuthbert
Favourite series on his channel
Quinn Masselink
I just realized today that I’ve been following Jack since I was 10 years old 😶 - I’m 18 now. I remember when the “I love nature” vlog came out like it was yesterday, but it’s not, it came out nearly a decade ago. Jeeezus. Anyways Sean, even though I don’t watch much of your content nowadays, I’m still subscribed, and I still check in every once and a while. This video really brought me back, I can still recite the outro even though I haven’t heard it in years which is wild. I also want to say thank you for being one of the best internet role models my childhood self could attach herself to, I am the person am today because of the people I looked up to back then. If it wasn’t for me finding letsplays and finding this secondary way to consume video games and interact with content I never would have been able to see otherwise I never would be pursuing the careers i am pursuing today (filmmaking, directing, animation). So thank you so much, I’m excited to come back in two years and celebrate a decade with y’all! Best and kindest community on the internet I swear to god❤️
Golden Cheetah26
All I want for Christmas, is 🎶🎵jail🎵🎶
Cody Effects
Cody Effects 5 napja
3:09 where i left off
noah smith
noah smith 5 napja
Keegan Worrells
I remember you playing this I was about 9 or 10 when you starting playing this game now 15 years old and I missed this I've been watching your for about 7 years now I believe
Kebino 7 napja
ive really been watching jack since i was 7 bro, I'm 16 now wtfff
Happy Potter
Happy Potter 7 napja
Hope you didn't drop the soap, jack.
Gauge Bryan
Gauge Bryan 7 napja
This was a big series
J00bless 8 napja
I was playing the Escapists 2 with my brother on the Switch and I saw a prisoner named JackSepticEye along with other HUrunrs as different prisoners. It’s pretty cool to see and kinda made me laugh, lol!
Rabbit Stew
Rabbit Stew 8 napja
I don’t quite remember this one but I feel like it’s unlocked a deep, blurry, subconscious memory in the back of my innermost psyche
Devin Lupian
Devin Lupian 8 napja
The escapist is probably my most favorite games I've ever seen you play!!
Goddess Terra
Goddess Terra 9 napja
Oh man, this brings back soo many memories. I haven't played this in over 2 years, but I used to love it so much! Me and my boyfriend have such fun, amazing memories from this game, and I might just play it with him right now.
Dominic Hak
Dominic Hak 9 napja
Jack touching his moustache at the beginning
Lioness 9 napja
Stephen Keohane
Same I I’m to scared to play the game
Ivan Lopez
Ivan Lopez 10 napja
Little Inferno... :(
Kaleb Psycho
Kaleb Psycho 10 napja
I had a 😔😐😄 moment when I realized it wasn't hard time but it was escapist
Fathead 1892
Fathead 1892 10 napja
3 words: I'm very late
Teeks 10 napja
Jack! You are featured in the squeal to this game! Check it out
Donovan Patrick
Donovan Patrick 10 napja
Isaac Prin
Isaac Prin 11 napja
Around New Years 2014/2015, the Escapists was the first video of your that I ever saw. Hooked from there.
Cat Ray
Cat Ray 11 napja
Tstormer 11 napja
God I miss that outro it's been so long
Grace Taylor
Grace Taylor 12 napja
You should play jazz punk!!
Tutori 12 napja
PizzaCat22 2
PizzaCat22 2 12 napja
DFK zex official channel
Keep on with in and outro
Matthew Gustafson
Thanks for bringing this back Jack. I loved this series when it first came out.
Cole Sultemeier
Cole Sultemeier 12 napja
do y’all remember hard time that was the shit
FunnySkeleton 12 napja
Bro he didn’t wear the cap 😭
Em3ra1d Gamer
Em3ra1d Gamer 12 napja
Had us in the first half ngl
Amauri Escobar
Amauri Escobar 12 napja
More plz
Dak's Channel
Dak's Channel 12 napja
That save file was from the prison he never completed and never made another video on it
Signy Gabrielle
Signy Gabrielle 13 napja
This video just made me feel like it's back in like 2010/2012 and it's a dreary rainy day so I decided to watch some Jacksepticeye
Sean Valor
Sean Valor 13 napja
Toss Boy got sent to jail for finally killing Shari.
Zayne Howley
Zayne Howley 13 napja
You should start the series again and see how you did things different than before!
YEET AND OOF 13 napja
Sean playing this game was my whole childhood, thank you Sean
Penguinboy 13 napja
i completely forgot about this. it brings back so many memories
Kyle’s NBATalk
Whats this sticky cloudy stuff
Charlie Gavin
Charlie Gavin 13 napja
this is what comes up when you look at nostalgia in the dictionary
Łîłāh Ęđįťš
Time to binge watch every video starting with this one
James is Chanel
James is Chanel 13 napja
Jacksepticeye can you play more escapist please
KDOTsage 13 napja
You should’ve played the escapists 2!!
GlichCode101 13 napja
Omg I use to play this year's ago lol
Not Happy
Not Happy 13 napja
Ahhhhh ma childhood
Kitty Pryde
Kitty Pryde 13 napja
Oh, when he did the outro. My heart.
Sean Presnell
Sean Presnell 13 napja
ever mind too early
Sean Presnell
Sean Presnell 13 napja
you can typ your own name if you want like jack
David van den Bos
Jack needs to play and finish The Escapists 2 eventhough it’s super buggy still
Xavier Huff
Xavier Huff 13 napja
it is not clickbait but it is
doodle 1
doodle 1 14 napja
Can you play the escapist 2 again
Jurassic ARK
Jurassic ARK 14 napja
There is bell, Toss boy, Septic Eye And Now MOUTH HARP
Jurassic ARK
Jurassic ARK 14 napja
MEMES BOI 14 napja
Адлет Адлет
Love this series on the channel!!! Thank you for videos😘😘😘
TheRandomGamer 14 napja
And he was doing very easy😂
EEnderPvP 14 napja
YO THE VIDEO WAS LOADING AND I WAS LIKE "what's it gonna be the escapist thatd be pretty fancy"
joe hager
joe hager 14 napja
I got a thing for septic juice Jack a juice
Matthew Lamb
Matthew Lamb 14 napja
I would love to see him speedrun this game
killer_fox 14 napja
the jew harp tho x
Mr Maddness
Mr Maddness 14 napja
Yoh should play part more
Bimmy Beutron
Bimmy Beutron 14 napja
i bought this on mobile and i sucked so much. took 2 weeks and so much rng to the point where i literally beat the first prison by fighting my way out
Veragirl Jones
Veragirl Jones 14 napja
Thank you guys and I will see all you dudes...In the next video!!
John Stonelake
John Stonelake 15 napja
Omg omg he did the outrooooooo
Jackie McIntosh
Jackie McIntosh 15 napja
The nostalgia 😭😭
tcgyeetus 15 napja
the Outro is just. . . *sniffle
Ryan Macumber
Ryan Macumber 15 napja
I had no Idea I was 12 when I first watched this
PucePuddle 15 napja
12:30 Robin is such a good editor
ffy rdg
ffy rdg 15 napja
The game that brought me here for rhe first time :)
Camden Yinger
Camden Yinger 15 napja
This was my favorite series so I’m so glad you did another episode
Abdurahman Nasser
FBI 15 napja
Bring this series back PLEASE
Hannah Welsh
Hannah Welsh 15 napja
This game got me into your channel! Love it and I've been stuck ever since. 😊
Jasmine Gutierrez
please, ive cried for every one of these videos, the nostalgia is AMAZING.
Jasmine Gutierrez
we need a papers please gameplay for nostalgia week now.
LPJ129 15 napja
Teacher rlly corrected me when i was talking about me almost drowning
Phoenixon 15 napja
Lmao at 11:08 a prisoner asked him if he’s ever played a game called “spuds quest” THE GAME KNOWS HES THE IRISH BOI
Katie Emma Louise
See I don’t know how people used to complain about you taking a while to escape when you first played this I’ve tried for hours and I’m still in prison one 😅
Pus Grey & Pus Meng
btw that prison not jail prison is massive jail is tiny
Jasper TheTV
Jasper TheTV 16 napja
Brayden Morris
Brayden Morris 16 napja
play minecraft
Jeffrey Eee
Jeffrey Eee 16 napja
Good time to put a part of ynw mellys song now
Pola & Tiger
Pola & Tiger 16 napja
Wasn't that just the easiest prison?
Sithech 2009
Sithech 2009 16 napja
Alex Rose
Alex Rose 16 napja
the part when he said “sad dumbass noises” got me
Koolkillar99 16 napja
Sean’s beard is getting thicc
Stephen Dresch
Stephen Dresch 16 napja
I did this one and just beat up a bunch of guards and left 1st day Edit: he mentioned it
I 16 napja
5 or 6 years ago bruh I was 9 or 10 then it really doesn’t feel like that long ago
Emma Lou
Emma Lou 16 napja
I loved this game and the whole play through
Spookyspoons1 16 napja
When jack did his old intro I went along with it
Michael Clark
Michael Clark 17 napja
6 years Jheez where’s the time gone
Beating the ENTIRE game in one video
I finally got a car and crashed it
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