I Got Cancelled On Twitter 

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I got cancelled on Twitter over a PS5 joke
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2020.dec. 3.






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Aaron 18 órája
people who paid money they really couldn't afford because of the pandemic got told they couldn't get the console they pre-ordered because of a shortage and you rubbed it in their faces that you got one FOR FREE,their kid's christmas is ruined
Game Dev
Game Dev 23 órája
Why I left twitter. Its annoying how jack gets cancelled for a ps5 meme but people being racist dont.
Da Real Wigga
Twitter holds no candle to how terrible Facebook is as a company. Prove me wrong, I dare you. EDIT: If I am honest, no social media website is worth it. They're all loaded with drama.
Mineblox Legends
if i hear anything like "let it grow" i will go crazy
Why r u here
Why r u here 2 napja
title: i got cancelled on twitter video: angry irish viking looking at memes
Aaron The Rex
Aaron The Rex 2 napja
I was cancelled TWICE over an opinion over a dumb movie. Twitter is a literal dumpster fire that people call a social media website. I mean sure, there are the nice people on the site, but the fact that I’m bringing this up at all is infuriating. If you cannot : except a different opinion, learn how to take a joke, stop being offending by literally everything, or thinking you are better than everyone, you might as well pack your bags and leave the Internet.
Egar Enterprises Inc.
Sean Mcloughin V E T E R A N
Cameron Glass
Cameron Glass 3 napja
He sounded like the chocolate kid from Charlie’s chocco factory
Typos in the brain
The cat has graced us with their presence. I repeat. The cat has graced us with their presence!
Shy 4 napja
Who else loves the whole "Jack turning away from the monitor to talk to the audience" thing?
Aigner Vismont F. Ruben
Jacksepticeye is the perfect voice for Pillagers!
Monmoy Maahdie
proud member of the 57%
Zach Nicholas
Zach Nicholas 6 napja
Jack, i think its time that you develop your own social media outlet, for your wholesome community is large, maybe you can call it Bellringers or BellTalk or something, community.....any ideas?
I just exist
I just exist 6 napja
who thinks jack would try to make fun or harm people?? Hes a child in a grow mans body, just look at one minute of his content.
meme time yes
phong nguyễn
R.I.P Twitter R.I.P. SATAN
Jaclyn 7 napja
Is Jack wearing a little orangey eye shadow in this video? I really like it! :)
Quevzyy_ 7 napja
People are such snowflakes like Wtf.
C W 8 napja
I think that the biggest iq that you can you have is 250
Fincier Gaming
Jack will burn your house down, with a combustible lemon. (I hope that people in the joke)
Chaud The Gamer
Jack you're awesome! I would never accuse you of poor shaming anybody at all!! You are one of the nicest guys on HUrun! You're a true bro I say!!
Masked_Gamer 8 napja
I remember when comedy existed
The Toasted1
The Toasted1 8 napja
didnt he have that whole " haha *POOR* " and he gets cancelled for this?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
Intermittens 9 napja
you should keep this look jack
Night Fury Animations
Did anyone else see the bell at 18:36, and the Jack said this at 19:28, And then at 23:05.
Drudaqueen 10 napja
The intro though
Nikolaj Matovic
Nikolaj Matovic 10 napja
I feel like that when twitter gets bored they just cancel someone
CC Lewis
CC Lewis 10 napja
Jack, matpat, callmecarson, when will cancel culture fucking stop
Nexpr 9 napja
callmecarson did do a really bad thing though, no denying it.
Roan Rush
Roan Rush 10 napja
I guess they PIRATED the joke!
Demon wolfy UwU
Demon wolfy UwU 10 napja
When he said that if someone reposts someone else's stuff it gets him mad and he will come to there house to kill them Me: gets sketch book,Sean you will have to travel a long way to kill me and if you do I will know I am worthy(jk but still your gonna have to travel a long way and I don't copy other ppl's work😅😁)
waddle bowl
waddle bowl 11 napja
lol thinking about it, jack is the Ryan Reynolds of HUrun
Juan Samano
Juan Samano 11 napja
min 13:38
Prismahaven 11 napja
Am I the only person who heard Sean's voice for Mrs. Applegate from Kindergarten 1 and 2 in the intro?
Certified Bruh Moment
Ilkku239 Artukainen
10:33 In Swedish the top video says "uploaded one hour ago" and the bottom one "uploaded eight minutes ago".
Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride 12 napja
Imagine assuming the worst in someone's tweet because you didn't understand it. As humans, we should be more conscious on how we address certain topics or issues at hand. This doesn't mean we have to become robotic and somehow "know" every single thing that will trigger people. It's exhausting. Jack's joke is funny. Especially with the meme attached to it. If YOU are bringing up your personal reasons for not being able to afford the Ps5, as if that's what Jack meant in his tweet, then the problem is *YOU* . Not *Jack*
sausagehedgehog 12 napja
19:38 why isn't ben shapiro here
Keef Biscuit
Keef Biscuit 12 napja
SUBSCRIBE TO MY FRIEND SENEVIDS. I'm so hyped he got in here.
LicensedGamer 13 napja
Jack, I get fuckin 200 kbps Download speed and even less upload speed. My wifi is jurassic
Eva Smith Turton
H O W C A N Y O U G E T M A D A T S E A N ? ? ?
Samantha D.
Samantha D. 13 napja
I won't move when my cat lays on me either. It's like he has somehow paralyzed me into a human cat bed LOL. Except mine will stay for an hour, so sometimes an arm goes numb lol. And i hope that your family is released for top of the morning 💯☕
Quin Shelton
Quin Shelton 13 napja
you literally gave probably the best HUrun apology I've ever watched over a joke you made and were completely remorseful and understanding and huge influencers refuse to apologize for ACTUAL things they need to apologize? says a lot
Ashton Higginbotham
William Empaling
20:14 perfect time for a buffer 😂😂
April Dumais
April Dumais 14 napja
Draugnaustaunikun Hymnphoo
I kinda prefer Jack when he was in his cabin next to his parent's house. When he began this train.
P. Soto
P. Soto 14 napja
this is dumb that he got cancelled on twitter for making a joke about he had a ps5 I'm 16 and I didn't even think this was mean or wrong in anyway god bless jack
Conrad 15 napja
Twitter sucks man.
Lolb!t 15 napja
i dream that one day that singular meme i posted gets on meme time(u/whatsupGAYmersss)
Lolb!t 13 napja
@Rorejin huh
Rorejin 13 napja
Isn't that what dani says
Anna White
Anna White 15 napja
i almost got depreasion but this stoped it
A Basic Bisexual Bitch
You can’t stop *depression
Hazel Fire
Hazel Fire 15 napja
Do not paus 0:06
what nbba
what nbba 15 napja
Good I idea for a pfp
Masen Webb
Masen Webb 16 napja
pause the video at 2:19 it will see a cool background picture for his computers
Masen Webb
Masen Webb 16 napja
it's so good because he changed his hair he looks like another you too boor I know to
Kodered59 [Original]
13:25 It's pronounced... ShawnVids.
Pepe God
Pepe God 16 napja
He looked so done, it's hilarious.
Nickz_Games 16 napja
Theory: Meme time is a drug because if you watch it you’re happy but when it ends you’re sad But that’s just a theory a game theory
Kakashi 17 napja
Good old meme time to make my life 10x better
JoeCnNd 17 napja
You don't need it. In fact get rid of Facebook, Instagram, tiktok, snapchat and whatever else besides youtube you have.
Your Canadianboy
At one point my internet was so bed it snapped a wire in my router The only thing I really know about that was is that I was just playimg on my 3DS when i heard a snap and we went to some guy to figure out what happened and the only thing he could think of is that there were too many devices trying too connect to an extremely bad service and that it caused something to happen it was hard to hear him because it was in a public place with a lot of people so i couldn't hear over the talking but he had to get a new router
RazorEdge 17 napja
lets just stop talking about twitter and talk about jacks old titles
Austin 17 napja
"Its been 8 years on this channel"; Jesus Christ, I remember being 10 years old when your channel was barely a year and half. Time is a bitch
Dajah Gary
Dajah Gary 18 napja
But That Voice Though (LOL)
Sgt.LazyTuber 18 napja
Can we cancel the cancel culture ?
MITTENZ 18 napja
2:25 pauses video and the noise is still vibin
DR4G0NW0LF11 18 napja
I'm buying free guy just because you're in it
Dominic Jones
Dominic Jones 18 napja
Man be like a Pokemon
JPTrady 19 napja
Never thought Sean would become one of those "50% oF yOu gUys aReNt sUbScrIbEd" lol
Enzo Nuzum
Enzo Nuzum 19 napja
Jay M
Jay M 19 napja
X_Super Hydra Gamer The Player_X
Ya the ps5 thing. My aunt and uncle waited on a loading page of a website for 2 and a half hours... and there were 137 people trying to get only... 12... ik big number.. and they actually got one!
Brayden Bailey
Brayden Bailey 19 napja
first in 20201
A Basic Bisexual Bitch
Are you time traveller ?
Samuel Cole
Samuel Cole 19 napja
Tony Three Pies
Tony Three Pies 19 napja
Twitter is what happens when you let people post every thought that forms in their brain, and then tell them that those thoughts matter. It's a wasteland and should not be taken seriously.
Rhian Jones-Hancock
Sean’s room seems a lot smaller than I expected 😂
Spencer Creighton
I am gonna try legit spelling jacks name Sean Mcloughlan
Petitte Shaman
Petitte Shaman 20 napja
Alot of indonesian influencer do something like that, even with worse words. But no one think that they mocking poor people. Because infact, even no one say something about that, we poor people know that we cant buy something like that. Even if mrbeast give us new ps5 for free, we still cant play. That ps5 is useless for poor people. 😂😂😂😂
Codeman_87 20 napja
Seriously he needs to stop shilling that coffee so many times in one video
Hope 20 napja
Y tf do people do this to internet personalities?
Kaitlin Schneider
His gaming setup is dope ngl
Pasted Knight
Pasted Knight 20 napja
Imagine getting canceled by snowflakes with access to internet
Sadist Fake Bootleg Tiki
Also. Im not subscribing and I pirated life
Sadist Fake Bootleg Tiki
I guess Women on Twitter hate you.
Nevaeh Vineyard
Nevaeh Vineyard 20 napja
What breed is Bebe? He kinda looks like a siberian but I don't really know
Noodle Janus
Noodle Janus 20 napja
The worst part is that as an lgbt+ person Twitter feels the need to 'protect' lgbt+ people and take things too far by taking a joke (like attack helicopter) as transphobic when it's not, cishet people on Twitter shouldn't determine whether or not something is trans/homophobic it should be up to lgbt+ people instead of cancelling creators for no reason
what nbba
what nbba 15 napja
Wait a minute I've seen this comment before
Jack: We also sell mugs Also Jack: Satan I did what you want, please just let my family go. Satan: (Sipping 'top of the morning' coffee out of 'top of the morning' mug) No.
Lots of Friends
Lots of Friends 20 napja
Who here was going to buy a new console buy was out of stock
Lucas MacDonald
Lucas MacDonald 20 napja
Everyone complain about quality videos and internet me me not know when you can go higher than 144p
what nbba
what nbba 15 napja
I can go to 720p at most I've never seen 1080p
Rob Dinglasan
Rob Dinglasan 20 napja
This is a joke comment so just dont start an argument in the replys Jack: they think I'm poorshaming people Also Jack: HAHA POOR
Noah Ash Cahill
Noah Ash Cahill 20 napja
jack: ive got the looks for itpewds: gets handsomest face of 2020
Terani Mitiroshi
11:16 This happened to me and an Anime Asmr was in the middle and now I'm embarrassed as hell
Terani Mitiroshi
One of Jack's thumbnails: I'M IN AN ANIME?!? Me: Mhm, yep Irish man go Baki ni ore (I FJCKIN LOVE ANIME AND THAT THUMBNAIL TURNED ME ON) DAM BOI HE THICC AS FUCK
Matthew Simon
Matthew Simon 20 napja
.......A friend of mine is literally named Sean(same pronunciation) Bean(Pronounced Bon), so that Sean Bean photo is even funnier to me.
Thad Bell
Thad Bell 20 napja
Imagine Having A Playstation SPECIFACALLY For Buisness. Jackaboy has indeed come far
Alvin Larsson
Alvin Larsson 21 napja
Jack describing my internet: Me: :( My Internet: :)
Straight682spam yt
I'm irish aswell
Toxicity C
Toxicity C 21 napja
Idk wether to like because of meme time or dislike because people actually tried to cancel this precious angel....
Kajin 21 napja
at this point twitter just wants to "cancel" everyone
FanFiction Trailers Made By Me
As someone who lives in poverty, you're fine -_- christ can't even make a joke about having more than one of a thing you have
Tformerdude 21 napja
20:30 Well, that just took a turn.
Henn 21 napja
I, I'm new here. Its not like I didnt know you, I just wasn't subscribing but I already love you for your respect for artists, you won my heart
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