I DID NOT EXPECT THAT ENDING | Spider-Man Miles Morales - Part 6 (PS5) 

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I did not expect that at the end of Miles Morales Spider-Man
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jacksepticeye 2 hónapja
Short lived but man this game was crazy good! Thanks for all the support guys :)
Mason Ainley
Mason Ainley 20 napja
Never crafts grav well...
Elsa Coreas
Elsa Coreas 24 napja
Elsa Coreas
Elsa Coreas 24 napja
U are fucking good man! U no there’s also PS4 Version!
Black Mamba
Black Mamba Hónapja
Apparently there is going to be a new dad of boy next year
Cashleen Robinson
Miles: u followed them? That's crazy. Me: if that were me I'd be dead
Hmoney1 00Hayes
Hmoney1 00Hayes 5 órája
Jack I’ve beaten a game called skylanders 11 times
Lucy Ardizzi
Am I the only one who actually liked phinn and like tested up when she died?
I know miles and Peter are both Spiderman and superheroes but miles could at least just take a little bit of money I know it'd be bad like morally Bad they're bad guys there ain't going to miss it and then take the money and use it for good
stephen daly
One of the best playthroughs I've seen, thanks Jack!
Imperial Napja
Why was this like a movie?
Critical Toxcity
Sebastiaan Krul
I really like both games. I think Spider-Man ps4 is a bit better but miles was so good, close seconde for sure
kais podcast
kais podcast 2 napja
Jack is such a child Tinkerer: STOP MOVING!!! Jack: No!
Trayten BOSS
Trayten BOSS 2 napja
Man you really do suck at this game
Gryffon Rider
Gryffon Rider 3 napja
1:35:20 is it just me or does the video past this point seem like Jack’s camera moves ever so slightly up or down then back again? Or am I watching this too late into the night and I think it’s moving?
sheyi kamil
sheyi kamil 3 napja
I have a question about this game, Do peter even know whats happening in the city or he just goanna leave it all to miles. No hate to the game
Muhammad Yaser
Please stop saying bad words in the video!!!!
Leonarda Kilercioglu
It would be funny if on the last hit on the last bit it would do a cut scene of him going “hey” *BOOM*
Deagzhohoho !
Deagzhohoho ! 4 napja
Hey jack I finished spider miles in two days no joke
Jossiah Clark
Jossiah Clark 5 napja
A_moan 53
A_moan 53 5 napja
i watch jacks review of the game and his analysis is so good that i want him to help me with my english work
Andrew Odinson
That science exhibit voice that sounded familiar was because it sounded exactly like Lee Everett from Telltale's TWD. But surprisingly, not the same voice.
Christopher Miller - SRM Student
he missed the god of war reference
Jimmy Mondedo
Jimmy Mondedo 6 napja
Miles origin story and first supervillain conflict is impressive even by superhero standards
Flying Capybara
1:19:40 and that was how captain marvel was created
Zacrye hoinsky
4:03 nugget appreciates genkes wishes and will take them into consideration
cowboybirb 7 napja
33:46 "frick you box, last time you look at me that way" had me crying man
Patboi617 7 napja
"Secret door! Kick it down!" _a few seconds later_ "You know you can use your hands to open doors?"
parker sovr
parker sovr 7 napja
belly flop of the year.
Reaper O War
Reaper O War 7 napja
Spiderman the pre sequal.
Maxim Todorovic
Way too short
22:14 “you don’t realize im the only one trying to save you” *trying to kill miles with a laser and claws*
da fish 657
da fish 657 7 napja
I heard there’s gonna be some dlc for this game
spring trap
spring trap 8 napja
at 1:19:43 miles turned in to a fire work
LuL Madster
LuL Madster 8 napja
Aaaaayyyyyy Ken Lally what a laaaaddd I dont even know him but lettssss goo (Can you find him in the additional cast?, if so, like below)
Quinton Murdock
Wow the audio desync
SeanxShadow 8 napja
When I clicked on the vid I thought he was playing GTA 5 for a sec 😂😂
Andrew Bowman
Andrew Bowman 8 napja
I love the swinging in this game, but the fact that if you don't stop doing tricks before you land, Miles just faceplate and leaves an outline in the snow is amazing.
Tomos Owen
Tomos Owen 8 napja
when you finished this did any of you get the glitch where the F.E.A.S.T person had a giant box on their head?
Valerie Lefebvre
the guy that made the music for this game is the same guy that made marcus' music in Detroit: Become Human! omg thats awesome
DAD5Draco 8 napja
I love how they reversed Aaron's view of Miles while keeping him as an antagonist to Miles.
Cece Fernandes
*Miles:* I had to fight my best friend, the big bad, and they ended up dying at the end *Every Spiderman Ever:* Yeah...first time?
big clover
big clover 9 napja
Big Boy Creams
Really disappointed by the ending. I thought when people said the ending was unexpected but like cmon, I new phinn was gonna die. Still a good ending but I was expecting better.
Blast Zone115
Blast Zone115 9 napja
16:33 I’m going to die
W1Z4RD 9 napja
The secret ingredient is 48:41
Jellyman4 Boom47
23:06 I thought my phone bugged for a sec
Metin Plays Games
If you could: You could spin prowler round in circles then throw him off the fences. If the developers added that to the game.
Chris Doherty
Chris Doherty 11 napja
does anyone know how he was doing the mega venom blast without being in new game +?
Dustin Sandler
Dustin Sandler 11 napja
The ending the most badass thing ever
WolvenCrazy19 -
WolvenCrazy19 - 11 napja
Tbh I love the first one so much more than this but I still like this one
Go 3200
Go 3200 11 napja
49:40 “not fair, I don’t got goons” Has an army of holograms.
kwanvex 12 napja
ganke with no brim
Blue Streak Studio
There's people in the comments talking about how cute Hailey was, then there's me reading the credits and realising Stan Lee was in the game. WHERE??
The Science Guy
He has a statue outside of the restaurant he owns in the first game. It has a nice little tribute on it
Bryan Medrano
Bryan Medrano 12 napja
at the somewhat at the end the sound dosent match up
MrSchaefer 12 napja
Jack I finally got the game and got 100% on it
InfiniteFeARs 12 napja
New Title: Spider-Miles Man Morales!
Coda 13 napja
Daily reminder that Fisk is voiced by the English VA of Roy Mustang
Shroom1Up 13 napja
jack: REFLECTIONS WOA me: they promised that on ps4 with the original spoiderman, thats why people wehere on about puddles of water stupid people: SHUT UP RPAISE BE PS5
BOOM Clan 13 napja
Someone: Jack what do you look for in a game? Jack: REFLECTIONS
Wolfsitic 13 napja
What happened to phin
Dragon Drop
Dragon Drop 13 napja
Hailey is the fucking cutest. Also, The framerate for spiderverse is animated in something called "twos", which makes it more crunchy in animation and fluidity. In "into the spiderverse" certain characters are animated in twos, and others are animated in "ones". Once you turned off the twos animation I could not see spiderverse the same way.
Mangopongo123 13 napja
“I can’t turn my back when people need me!” Miles literally ignores several crimes around the city 😂
Caio BritoLima
Caio BritoLima 14 napja
jacksepticeye, you almost got the hidden trophy by beating phin in the rockect minigame in the sience centre mission
E_leader 23
E_leader 23 14 napja
4:18 That just cracked me up fir no reason
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 14 napja
1:06:02: Why is Jack so nonchalant during these big battles and just dodging everything. I don't understand. At least he didn't beat the boss in one go. HA! XD 1:11:02: YES! Haha! Hilarious! Just goes to show these boss battles aren't as easy as Jack think's they are.
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 14 napja
1:02:43: Same thing happened to Prince Charming. XD
David Hunter
David Hunter 14 napja
Nice play through and final comments. I actually played this one first on PS5 and loved it so much I upgraded to the original game. I’m nearly finished the main story in that and I agree, MM is just a better overall experience. The first game really overdoes it with the bosses. I cannot wait for SM2 though and to see what they’re gonna do. It should receive a hefty visual upgrade as it will be PS5 exclusive... I really hope they take the already incredible visuals to the next level. Likewise I hope there’s a smaller more intimate story to be told and more character stuff between the Spider-Men and hopefully Spider Gwen makes an appearance too. LOVE these games, can’t believe I missed out on the first one..
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 14 napja
37:54: Oh Jack, why do you have to look at EVERYTHING in games! 🤣
Dansyboy 15 napja
Jesus christ watching jack fight fin is like putting ice-cubes in my underwear
Konrad Zimmermann
1:24:18 imagine robbing a bank and both spidermans are following you
Oliver Brown
Oliver Brown 15 napja
I hate Phin
big clover
big clover 15 napja
Konrad Zimmermann
I just got the Siesta time reference Miles: siesta time Peter: pizza time
Magiestic 15 napja
Miles’ mom is hot
Galaxy Star
Galaxy Star 16 napja
JACK: poor Simon EVERYONE: Simon a bad villain!!
NaS 16 napja
I have a conclusion that since this takes place in Harlem we might get a lucky cage DLC soon 👀👀
J810 __
J810 __ 16 napja
8:07 no those are really big i grew up with them in my house and now at a hieght of about 5'7" they still are taller than me
Jamie Peele
Jamie Peele 16 napja
Fun Fact: Phin might of survived the explosion and Insomniac might be trying to surprise us with her return to good in Spider-Man 2 as they did with the heist and silver lining fox’s in Spider-Man PS4
Ibe Enns
Ibe Enns 16 napja
I dont care that this game was short it was hands down my game of the year. Its not the length that martters its the story and this games story was epiiiic
Ibe Enns
Ibe Enns 16 napja
Hey am i the only one wo glitched through the walls from spamming venom in the final boss.
peytonbrown2000 17 napja
Me and my girlfriend after the Hailey scene when I played went she is much better then Phin and Jack said the same thing 😂
Honey Lemon
Honey Lemon 17 napja
yo.... that formation..... YOOOOOOO
bestlaptop psn
bestlaptop psn 18 napja
Such a stupid sacrifice, she could have just thrown him and flew away.
Legendary _NoSleep
You can slide under the legs of the dudes with the thanos fists and hit em in the back you don’t always just need venom to break their fists :)
Infinity 18 napja
ngl you look good in those glasses
JackN 15
JackN 15 18 napja
Is everyone just gonna ignore that Phin was 16?....
Alex Oswald
Alex Oswald 18 napja
Anyone else notice the audio desync
Janne Mann
Janne Mann 18 napja
whoaaaao!!! Ganke with no Brim!!
TheFancyUmbreon 19 napja
I finally got around to playing this game, and I loved it. I agree it was shorter, but it felt like they improved on a lot of the mechanics and flaws of the previous game, still had its flaws (definitely agree on the healing and dodging, I can't count how many times I got screwed due to a lack of venom because I had to heal, and a lot of times where I definitely dodged, but still got slammed anyways), but I can't wait to see what's brought to the table in the next one.
Virgil Credence Stow
1.17.00 when you try to run in dreams
xeno 19 napja
stepbro: 1:09:20
Braxton Gaming
Braxton Gaming 19 napja
I beat this game in less than a day
fluffy jacket pops
So Harlam is a village now
Nicholas Dewey
Nicholas Dewey 20 napja
I beat the game in one day
Nicholas Dewey
Nicholas Dewey 20 napja
I do have every thing
Emily Mcivor
Emily Mcivor 20 napja
I know very very little about Marvel and it’s characters and I loved this game. So impressive that I could attach to the characters this much without knowing much of the general story !!
Aiden Nicholson
Aiden Nicholson 20 napja
This game isn't anywhere near as good as the other one, the story was far more interesting and in depth and the main antagonist was far more interesting and you actually made a bond and saw the bond between Peter and Octavius, you didn't see anything with Miles and Phin, you just heard about it or saw it in flashbacks, lazy ways of making them seem close. Also Phin is fucking irritating throughout the entire thing
Aiden Nicholson
Aiden Nicholson 20 napja
Holy shit Phin is so fucking irritating, not even a well written character, just terrible
Mason Ainley
Mason Ainley 20 napja
Mason Ainley
Mason Ainley 20 napja
Is it just me who thinks the venom explosion is similar to vegetas final explosion to finish marjin buy in dragon ball?
Mason Ainley
Mason Ainley 20 napja
He's neve4 crafting the gravity well is he
Lewis Mccullock
Lewis Mccullock 20 napja
Curt connors from the ending credit is lizard omg
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