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Remember that kickstarter chair I ordered? the wearable chair? IT FINALLY ARRIVED
My COFFEE ☕: bit.ly/38CIixG
Twitter 🐥: Jack_Septic_Eye
Instagram 📷: jacksepticeye
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2020.dec. 7.






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jacksepticeye Hónapja
Remember that crazy kickstarter chair I bought AGES ago? It's finally here!
Charles anton King Gamer
There’s no way I am going to buy that chair
Jose L Simal
Jose L Simal 13 napja
J like it
Quiet_ Kid
Quiet_ Kid 14 napja
Kai Mitchell
Kai Mitchell 15 napja
Modern day odm gear in aot be like 😂😂😂😂
Angelica Phan
Angelica Phan 29 napja
Grimslade Leviathan
Dude, I bought one of these, and while being in Japan, this is actually like kinda useful. There is a lack of benches in Japan, and sometimes, you walk around for a while, and your legs get tired, y'know? I deadass just use this and I like it
TomaTokyoGaming 12 órája
4:17 I’m crying right now 😂😭
Whilan Napja
I get what they were going for, and I think they need to keep going. maybe make it work on 4 legs though instead of 2. It may seem weird and clunky now but most things are like this when they first start out. Keep making some modifications to it and I think they could have something. Sure it's not going to replace the common chair anytime soon, but if you are out and about it could be useful especially if there doesn't happen to be a bench (like out in the wilderness) and you need to sit down somewhere. I'm just saying I've seen crazier ideas, it just needs some modifications and improvements to get it to work.
Marie Torres
"Sorry guys, can I park my DUMP TRUCK here??" LOL
He has some nice cabinets
Phoenix Ansley
why is lixian editing this?
Shadow_ Leaf
Shadow_ Leaf 2 napja
Sailing across the Bahamas ... Ummm...😂
mythical gaming
He looks like hes from aot when the legs are up
Alayna Hunt
Alayna Hunt 4 napja
shits bouta go down 0:01
CeLdragon 5 napja
this makes me think of attack of titan ... but instead of big blades, it is a chair strapped around you.
AULIS A.O.T 5 napja
how to drink? 4:23
Anneka 5 napja
Change of subject but their cupboards are cool
Jojo Ries
Jojo Ries 5 napja
Samid 5 napja
That thing looks like it came straight out of the AoT manga
Shyanne Gardner
He can’t chill on the chair it doesn’t balance by itself it’s funny to see him fall over but he’s my fav youtuber stay happy jack and stay well
Ezio Stellings
At this point I'm pretty sure the only physical copies they've ever made is the one in that video and Jack's. Which is why it took years for it to finally arrive.
Joseph Brokenshire
This man made me laugh on the day of my dog’s death
Sam Monette
Sam Monette 7 napja
5:48 ZEEE bAlaNce !!! lol
The last Crow
The last Crow 7 napja
Look how fucking cool jacks shelves are 3:46
Priyanshu Singh
Isn't this the same shit which Charlie roasted
ashes Baca
ashes Baca 8 napja
Okay but can we talk about how beautifully impressive that kitchen was? It’s like a kitchen of the future that you see in space exploration movies. Am I that poor....🤔😭
Commie in the revolution
Noone: Eastern Europeans: *Рдтнетiс*
Commie in the revolution
Imagine falling asleep and actually having the "falling effect"
Dastan479 8 napja
Jack do a Tour house
Charday Gilfillan
Crying with laughter watching this 🤣🤣💗💗
marlyne !
marlyne ! 9 napja
low budget aot gear-
18 Mirat Parmar 11-D
Either this was a very bad purchase, or Sean is using it wrong. Or both. Maybe you can modify it to look like the Attack on Titan ODM gear.
Random 10 napja
At 5:30 does anyone know what game he is playing
Juno Chatelain
Juno Chatelain 10 napja
I deleted my original comment, but I wanted to apologize! The explanation for it was I was in a very dark place. There's no excuse, I was bitchy and rude. Thank you for all the content you make and for all the love and care you have for all of us and I hope what I said either didn't reach you or that this apology might make up for it. I'm so sorry!
sabrina g
sabrina g 10 napja
his chair legs shaking sounds like the floor in my house when you try to sneak around-💀💀
The Arnika
The Arnika 11 napja
My cats name is bb too!
Alfie Manley
Alfie Manley 11 napja
4:22 really got me
Turtle Gaming
Turtle Gaming 12 napja
The irony is that nobody cares about the Chair, just the Kitchen, or the cabinets.
Heath Slayer
Heath Slayer 12 napja
Jack: Don't you wanna sit down and be one with death? Me: I don't need to sit down go want to die.
Data Redact
Data Redact 12 napja
Deadbear26 13 napja
When you realize you haven’t watched this video: 👁👄👁
Jose L Simal
Jose L Simal 13 napja
Kitty is so cute
locust_T!1 gamez
arent u supposed to sit up against the wall or somthing or we just meming out here?
Ileana Quinn
Ileana Quinn 13 napja
The scared volleyball neuroanatomically soothe because perfume intrahepatically stir inside a squealing slip. abortive, penitent pain
SirShaneYT 14 napja
Hey, I saw this from @Penguinz0
Unspeakable Josh
Charlie rate this as the most horrible chair in the world
Michal Frankowski
i have classic wooden chair, an antic, that is what i am sitting on right now at .. 3:34 pm
KittyCrusher 14 napja
0:25 cat
stella morganti
stella morganti 14 napja
I Burned my chairs 🪑
Da British Boi / Darkness The Umbreon
I'm not sitting tho
kate Fuller
kate Fuller 14 napja
Im sorry I was laying on a bed you can't say anything about laying huh jack
Quiet_ Kid
Quiet_ Kid 14 napja
So you're saying that my ass can now be bulletproof at school now?
Fledermaus 14 napja
Is... Is it just me, or did our boi lose a considerable amount of weight?? /:
Aline Renner
Aline Renner 14 napja
"Try to sit again" "That's easy, all you do is this" **Falls down**
McWaffel Maker
McWaffel Maker 14 napja
Jack: thats nice also jack: *falls*
Jenbar 14 napja
I don’t own a chair in my bedroom- I can see how to fix this problem now
Bronwen Greenfield
Holding open the crinkly bag for BB to crawl in to is such a cat owner mood.
Kai Mitchell
Kai Mitchell 15 napja
Modern day odm gear be like 😂😂😂 1:38
Freya Does Art
Freya Does Art 15 napja
Did Anyone Else Think That Evelyn And Seàn Have An AMAZINGLY COOL HOUSE I Like There Kitchen The Most And Seàn Looks Like Hes Going To A Funeral When Hes Out In The Rain
Demo Clan
Demo Clan 15 napja
You know he uses that every time he is gaming but you don’t see it ohh and he also got an upgraded one where it is also a toilet
Iota 15 napja
Is it just me or does it look like one of those omni direction mobility thingies from shingeki no kyojin
Kylria1 15 napja
“Wow. What a cool video. I can’t believe this video exists. It’s incredible in every way. I have never seen a better video.”
Maryx 15 napja
Josh 16 napja
The chair is cool but seans kitchen made me super jealous i need a better job😩
X 16 napja
I feel this could've been amazing, but its absolute garbage
skeppter 16 napja
I think Jack just made my home screen picture
Nathania Enda Karina Kaban 7D - 21
this has big unus annus vibe
Alexa Bessee
Alexa Bessee 16 napja
Can we talk about those fucking cabinets? They go *up*
i like you cat
Blessing Odeh
Blessing Odeh 17 napja
3:31 That random girl that wears leggings to class
Soma1509 17 napja
Well, I'm watching this on a toilet. Am I obsolete?
The Bros.
The Bros. 18 napja
I’m dead inside hahaha
otaku for life
otaku for life 18 napja
Love their kitchen
Max Smith
Max Smith 18 napja
Commented January 1st, 2,021: It's I! Get it right! 0:03
Matt Ozen
Matt Ozen 18 napja
3:40 it is proabably de most funny thing i saw in de video
stefan crnomarkovic
It just twerks
Lilovelyan 18 napja
Do we all remember peg pants from nigahiga?
Matt Dawg
Matt Dawg 18 napja
Jack looks ready to join the Survey Corps and fight Titans!!!
Monique Morales
Monique Morales 19 napja
JM Raymon Javier
John Cena would love that and smashing it to Brock Lesnar
kathryn 19 napja
I watch this video every time I feel a depression session ™️ coming on and by the end I’ve laughed so hard I can’t feel it anymore 💀
Twelve-tweak Omatic
What video has him with the garbage bag and the garbage bag hat
nawkwa 20 napja
I'm watching this video on the toilet. Not a fancy office chair
TechMechMen 20 napja
I want to see more of Jack reviewing wierd products!!
Sammy Joiner
Sammy Joiner 20 napja
I feel like the chair of the future would be more of neon and floating and guess what it's better without legs
4bs_ben 20 napja
Unus Seán-us
Gray Guinea pigz
When he said it’s nice it was 4:20
Zero Zero pounds
Play beat saber wearing that
MS A 21 napja
By the wwaay . . . . Have i told you about this chair?
Steamier Atom33
Steamier Atom33 21 napja
Dude I love your cabinets
creeper 21 napja
I feel like this is an ad
Kyo Kusanagi
Kyo Kusanagi 21 napja
But Charlie/Penguinz0 say its the worst chair ever made
kathryn 21 napja
this is one of my favourite fucking videos on this hellsite
Wade Gordillo
Wade Gordillo 21 napja
Why douse jacks cabinet impress me the most
Luke Powers
Luke Powers 21 napja
Usually helps when you use it correctly lol
fei 21 napja
i wanna have this much fun when i grow up
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn 21 napja
Jacks wearing a very cool, seemingly comfortable shirt in the video. I bet the creators of this shirt are very awesome
SxV Creepy Crawler
Naa I need no chair I only sit on toilets 😂
Lego Plane
Lego Plane 22 napja
I'm watching this video while building with some Legos
sherman adams
sherman adams 22 napja
ahhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the cabnet moved wrong
Kaneki Simimura
Kaneki Simimura 22 napja
So is it actually comfy or not?
Syren's_Calling 22 napja
This editing is so chaotic and it's amazing in every way
PixelParasite 22 napja
I love the way that he like trots around with the chair jingling on his back. 😂😂😂
J Heil H Uerta
J Heil H Uerta 22 napja
1/10 too bad this futuristic chair has not connected via WiFi
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