I AM THE GREATEST SPIDER-MAN | Spider-Man Miles Morales - Part 4 (PS5) 

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I think Miles Morales might even be a better Spider-Man than Peter Parker
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jacksepticeye 2 hónapja
Who do you like more Miles or Peter?
wee nest
wee nest 19 napja
Cyphrox Hónapja
I miss the peter quips
꧁Smelly Roses꧂
Burning man
Burning man Hónapja
Hard, very hard but miles, better personality. Like the fact they made him feel like a teen.
Game Destroyer808
H J 9 órája
I think those ice puns were really cool But fr miles seems like a pretty chill dude
The memeist gamer
The memeist gamer 19 órája
Sean: *Talks about gloria in the first game* me *eating wheat cakes*:I am the chosen one
Gloria had a bigger roll then most think in the first game. As Peter you can talk to her throughout the game, It's a nice small but missable story.
Just1 RandomGuy
(Since this answer to Jack's pinned question's too long for a reply, imma just comment it 'cause, why not, and hoo boy, this is a bit of a long one, so strap in guys) *AHEM* To answer your question, both. I mean, don't get me wrong, Miles is way cooler and his Venom's amazing, but he just doesn't have the quips Pete does, the quips are essential. I think they're better together. I really like how they mix, Miles being nerdy, kinda awkward, embracing his heritage, and still managing to have the coolest powers. Pete also being nerdy, but more non-challaunt, a joker, professional, rarely but still gets a bit giddy from time to time, while also having to juggle his life as Pete and as Spidey. I love the way even their swinging and combat contrast too. Miles' combat being badass, a lot wilder, greater for crowd control, more chaotic/destructive, stylish, but honestly sometimes it feels like Miles barely has control over how much his powers can do, or they could be easy to manipulate. If Miles' combat's badass, then Pete's combat's epic, sure, compared to Miles, you don't feel like a God but, to me at least it feels more heroic, and like he has more control, it feels focused, and hoenstly it sometimes feels like his quips are a sorta way to get his opponents to let their gaurd down, if even just a bit. Miles' swinging is similar to his combat, stylish, wild, and bouncy, it feels like he's enjoying and taking it in more. Same for Pete too, like his combat, his swinging's more precise, professional, calculated, maybe some style here and there but after being Spidey for 8 years, he's not as interested in it.
Lei Alexis
Lei Alexis 2 napja
I like how Spiderman is the only hero who doesn't kill
Roisin Hart
Roisin Hart 2 napja
The music is also so damn good.
Sam Crowse
Sam Crowse 3 napja
I love how miles already has like 2 people beside peter that know who he is, and ganke is like "lets tell the person trying to kill you" lol
i guess love pete and miles they both fun games both spidermans
Controlla Alpha
I live in America and I personally think the metric system is way easier.
Xx Specify xX
Xx Specify xX 3 napja
34:39 he never takes it off he just wears it and at 34:41 thats a tight arse
John Smith
John Smith 4 napja
11:51 how did jack not notice the squirrel? In the bottom right corner.
Voodoo 5 napja
Jack “you guys in America need to use the metric system it’s easy” me well yes but the people in charge are not smart
Malakai Hope
Malakai Hope 6 napja
holy shit what a coincidence me and my friend also say knife to meet you only when im playing cod tho
Brodie HOWES
Brodie HOWES 8 napja
Mikel Hefner
Mikel Hefner 9 napja
He doesn’t like hanging around lol
Alpestris Roberts
My little brother has this game-
Alex Shapiro
Alex Shapiro 10 napja
Sean, at about 8:15 were you implying that it isn't easy to remember that there are 5,280 feet in a mile? Because you would be correct, as an American, I agree that the metric system is superior, I'm tired of measuring things in increments of football fiels
GonicM 10 napja
Jack: wants the into the spider verse suit Me: laughs in launch edition
Ac Alvin
Ac Alvin 10 napja
Jack always do web and perch take down, but he never do wall and ceiling takedown tho
Gracin Van Dewalker
you say its on PS5 yet I see your controller and its for the PS4.
Nortix 11 napja
Yellow sweaters
Yellow sweaters 11 napja
44:10 is a meme template waiting to happen
Upp3r Func1ion
Upp3r Func1ion 11 napja
I made homemade Webb shooters
Zacrye hoinsky
Zacrye hoinsky 12 napja
50:19 playing any action game
Debbie Boakes
Debbie Boakes 12 napja
on the PS 4 Vinnie Boakes that is my name on PS 4
Debbie Boakes
Debbie Boakes 12 napja
And Jack and can you please add me on PS5 because it was my dream to be your friend
Debbie Boakes
Debbie Boakes 12 napja
But I think they’re both this the worst because I think you would be the best Spider-Man ever
Debbie Boakes
Debbie Boakes 12 napja
Sorry I mean Jack you’re my favourite HUrunr and I hope you get support I really do
Debbie Boakes
Debbie Boakes 12 napja
Active now are you are my favourite favourite HUrunr
TheRichmaster 14 napja
spiderman seems like a horror villain here
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 15 napja
It goes in meters in the US version too
Asta Martin
Asta Martin 15 napja
Jack 20:9: "very nice" "I am amazing" "EVRY BODY DIE"
His-sa-yots 15 napja
Obi Juano
Obi Juano 16 napja
So like nobody talks about the fact that Phin is throwing bombs around at the end of the video and for sure hurt people in the process?? I can't see her as one of the good guys. Lmao and Miles doesn't said anything about that... The girl is literally giving weapons to some gang and destroying cars and apartments and hurting people but she's still his best friend... Her excuse is not available, with her technology, she didn't need to do all that and hurt people to avenge her brother..
Mohammed Alhashimi
5:10 uhhh
Caroline Quigley
All of the underground keep saying he's picking us of
Allessandro Vergueiro
Random Army On Youtube
17:46 Did no one realise that everyone fell down when he landed? lmaooo
Jaro J
Jaro J 18 napja
I hate how miles can take being thrown through multiple walls but can’t take a yank to a pipe
Big Rat
Big Rat 19 napja
I can finally watch this because i finished the game!
Usman Robo
Usman Robo 19 napja
i cant see and you keep saying reflection
memes and stuff
memes and stuff 20 napja
Daniel Andres Valderrama Tovar
just wait till he finds out he doesn't need a power box to use the remote mines
Andrew Odinson
Andrew Odinson 21 napja
Jack: "I found out Simon Krieger is Troy Baker" Me: Oh okay cool, he Googled it finally- Jack: "I messaged him about it"
sK Sharky
sK Sharky 22 napja
Hey jack might not see this but last episode if you fought with the cat it would help and have a spider mask on. ITS GREAT!
Blinnie Games
Blinnie Games 23 napja
Jack walks into someone backing them up to a wall Jack:GaWd ThUs GaYm LoOkS SoU GuD
salema hussain
salema hussain 23 napja
Woken in a nutshell
GriffMeister987 23 napja
Just love that Jack constantly reminds us that the PS5 has ray tracing
Louise Pantling
Louise Pantling 25 napja
Liam Shepard
Liam Shepard 25 napja
zEscOOt 26 napja
these sides missions remind me of lego games for some reason
Corann Allen
Corann Allen 26 napja
Miles jack I like miles more then Peter
JustConfused 26 napja
Omfg Jack did the “Exaggerated Swagger of a black teen”😂
Jamie DeCoteau
Jamie DeCoteau 27 napja
This is just the slightest and I mean slightest issue that I have about the game but during the F.E.A.S.T. mission dealing with pipes, Spider-man is turning the valves in the wrong direction which would cause even more harm. It is nothing to take away from how absolutely beautiful and amazing this game is but I deal with pipes and valves for a living so it bothered me. Also, that pipe you webbed up to stop the leaks need to be replaced if they're leaking from the side, which Spider-man's webs will degrade and everything is shitty again. Amazing game overall absolutely love this game.
Heather Jeffers
Heather Jeffers 27 napja
The biggest flex was when Jack just dropped that he messaged Troy Baker about his role. I know that they're friends but I thought it was funny because most of us would've just Googled it 😂
Yung Bxnny
Yung Bxnny 27 napja
Jack:Who invited fucking Thor Me:You mean Captain America
Darvell Landry
Darvell Landry 27 napja
I hate when ever time he's supposed to meet with the girl he does everything except go meet with her
Looney tooney
Looney tooney 28 napja
58:55 what did he say
Looney tooney
Looney tooney 28 napja
It’s actually 58:54
Zoe Fallon
Zoe Fallon 28 napja
I play on Ps5 spider man miles morales and I done the talk with phin in the cafe
Rosalind Wessie
Rosalind Wessie 29 napja
Miles cause of the way he is Spiderman
Aestihammer 29 napja
Peter, hes the OG
Circus 29 napja
FYI jack most games in the US use meters anyways
IamCloudy 29 napja
Julie Rickard
Julie Rickard Hónapja
When you're not fighting I get gta vibes off this game
Eliza 1000
Eliza 1000 Hónapja
I think if u would have preordered the game it would have came with the into the spider-verse suit
Henley Nelms
Henley Nelms Hónapja
Miles is ok but peter parker is better can i ask how come you stop doing your intro and outro to your videos
Number 8
Number 8 Hónapja
a criminal: give me a reason i shouldnt end you a kid: my moms gonna be sad criminal: oh shoot, sorry kid, ill stop
Royal Hónapja
Criminal: *understandable, have a great day*
JJ _YT Hónapja
Ray Tracing!!!
“You guys should use the metric system. It’s so easy” says the guy who who’s used it for his whole life. While yes it’s inherently easier, many Americans are stubborn, including me.
@Hiram Santiago Jr True, we are forced into using it for those classes, but other than that, I don’t think most Americans use it regularly in their day to day lives
Hiram Santiago Jr
The thing is we really do. In school, people are forced to learn it for science, math, and technology classes. Really we know both systems, it is just that on labels and stuff we have the imperial system.
Jason Jones
Jason Jones Hónapja
Jack should do more VR videos anyone agree??
Jason Jones
Jason Jones Hónapja
And leave a like if agree or dislike if not
Parker Simon
Parker Simon Hónapja
I feel Miles
this game in vr with a sim chair would be pretty cool
Tina Gibbons
Tina Gibbons Hónapja
when miliiniels become gangsta
crisp51 Hónapja
miles knows hamon
kyle terrell
kyle terrell Hónapja
I love how Sean is like, I found out its troy baker. I messaged him, its no big deal. I love how you can just text these famous people. I guess voice actors aren't as big as someone like Brad pitt. But when it comes to gaming, troy baker is a legend
Arcader 813
Arcader 813 Hónapja
Jack: you guys in America should really use the metric system. I KNOW, I KNOW🤣! But living in America means that there aren’t many times when I can practice using it.
Wraccores Xenos
Wraccores Xenos Hónapja
Everyone: "There's so much detail!" My network that defaults to 360p: Cool, bro
Jayden goes Yeet
Laughs in 1080p 60
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown Hónapja
Driver : HELP ME! Miles: crap gotta help him! Jack: fights and does not pay attention Me: really jack? I thought you was mr big brain
Trip Hónapja
34:13, dont mind me just a timestamp
Spinel and Rex
Spinel and Rex Hónapja
these models are soooo goood
dog life
dog life Hónapja
Obviously they were below you what kind of question is that their name is the underground for a reason
Pr1nce0fHe11 Hónapja
This game looks sooo goooood
Luke Hayes
Luke Hayes Hónapja
Are u originally irish?
Krazy Kurtis
Krazy Kurtis Hónapja
J Johan Jameson can go to hell
Chase Dean
Chase Dean Hónapja
What if the web comes out of the but of the spider would there hands be there buts
TheWriteGuy 91
TheWriteGuy 91 Hónapja
Spider-Man 1 let you kill enemies. If you kicked or webbed them off of buildings, they fell all the way to the ground and disappeared after landing. Not to mention, if you entered the cheat to play as the Green Goblin (best cheat in a Spider-Man game ever), and shot an enemy with the blades, they were literally pinned to the walls and just straight-up died. No other Spider-Man game was that openly brutal, and I kind of miss it.
DJ GREY Hónapja
This game is shit, where’s the actual old Spider-Man nobody wants this stupid lil kid as the main character like wtf who ever made that decision is a moron, I mean Spider-Man isn’t even that good maybe later like 8 years ago when I was 10, this kid can’t voice act for shit, it’s just dumb asf, this dude shoulda never been hired
Arielle Johnston
i like turtles
Draki Thing
Draki Thing Hónapja
"Can i zoom in?" the real question is are my contacts going to work enough so i can see what the hell is happening on the screen, i even struggled just to type thissss
Man- of- culture
6:17 "meet phin at hell's kitchen" HMMMMMMMM
Taylor Henderson
I’ve watched this man for like 7 years now probably and I need to know is his real name jack or Sean? If it’s Sean I’m gonna be shook I don’t pay enough attention 😂
Rhys Board
Rhys Board Hónapja
exadderated swagger of a black teen
Gabriel Fuhr
Gabriel Fuhr Hónapja
Spider-man: punches someone to death other enemies: "you're weak!"
Sandwich Mosley
Sandwich Mosley Hónapja
Miles is a simp
Milo Banks
Milo Banks Hónapja
I know someone who worked on this game. From what I've heard, they start loading the world at the end of the challenge in the background, so at the end, it's all loaded and all they have to do is switch scenes.
David Kueny
David Kueny Hónapja
I love how J Jonah Jameson actually has reasonable talking points in this take on Spider-Man's lore. It makes him feel so much more real.
Ember Sapphire
Ember Sapphire Hónapja
since you don't 'actually' kill people, I think it'd be funny to see these guys come back later with black eyes and such.
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