Hunting for PRISON GHOSTS | Phasmophobia 

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Don't look behind you... I'm serious! Don't do it
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2020.dec. 6.






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jacksepticeye Hónapja
you feel that tingle up your spine?...
Gabby Mora
Gabby Mora 21 napja
Mat Lobos
Mr. Slyfoxx
Mr. Slyfoxx 28 napja
Hey jack ever heard of hello puppets.....u should really try it
Liam Bergeron
Liam Bergeron Hónapja
I’ll never tell
Billie Webb
Billie Webb Hónapja
it's humor. i heard "go get your donut bitch" with a mouth full of coffee! you owe me a new computer sean! too damn funny!
Kaynne Harrington
"Wade, move that dump truck of an ass of yours!" and "Go get your donut, bitch!" had me rolling XD
Connor Prince
Connor Prince 2 napja
Poor Sean. I kinda felt for you especially in the end there😢
Dark Fang12
Dark Fang12 2 napja
7:40 anyone else notice he spelt virgin wrong
Rian Paddy
Rian Paddy 3 napja
Did y’all see That the ghost said bobs?
Brittany Taylor
Jack expertly pulling a CORPSE by hiding 13:17 😂😂
bts lover
bts lover 5 napja
I just found handcuffs it's about to get kink Me: WHO NEEDS HOLY WATER
Veronica Olsson
Want more.🤣
Sanana Sanana the skenana
Tropucaol woapa
Iwouldshipyou butno
That thing at 5:53 is a wall mount for those box TVs.
Adilene Aguilera
Lowkey Maria looks like the type to be as a titan
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 7 napja
Give this 69 likes or your gay
Caolan Mc Grath
Intro sounds like Tommy Tiernan stand up
Billy John
Billy John 8 napja
At 7:44 the spirit box said virgin
Septic Sam
Septic Sam 8 napja
7:43 anyone else notice it says VIRIGN instead of VIRGIN
Noah Tremble
Noah Tremble 8 napja
ngl this game is 10x less scarier watching with jacksepticeye is it just me or did he just make the dang game lighter lol
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny 8 napja
Why would I want to watch you from behind? your hair is already in a ponytail. You know, when you drop the soap and the lights go out, a hole is a hole
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 9 napja
It might be 1am I might have school But- its Seán- I gotta watch. •◡•
Potts 9 napja
P.S. I also ran out of potato
Leticia Ambriz
Leticia Ambriz 12 napja
HCGosling 12 napja
Great FNAF gameplay
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 13 napja
I hope you play more of this
Jesse Dinkins
Jesse Dinkins 14 napja
You should play more. please.
kill al kill
kill al kill 14 napja
Anybody here to find the clip in meme time
Alex Gulino
Alex Gulino 14 napja
If someone says pull my finger and you grab it and push inward instead, does it make them mouth fart? And no, I don't mean burp.
Mrinmoy Saha
Mrinmoy Saha 15 napja
Keep your flashlight on at all times, otherwise you will not know when hunts start.
chroma EJm
chroma EJm 15 napja
why does the game say its five nights at freddys?
That One Cat Guy
Is anybody going to mention how fresh those donuts look? Has the ghost been ordering donuts or was the place recently and swiftly evacuated?
alley does gacha
Jeez jack how rich are you-?
Did you really think you would get a name?
Me: it’s not that scary Also me: hell naw! Fuck youu Dorothy! FUCK IM DEAD!! GOD DAMMIT! FUCKKK NAWW! HELP!!
Seth BT
Seth BT 16 napja
7:44 lol
dirk strider
dirk strider 16 napja
why does the description say he's playing fnaf wtf????
Avery dunn
Avery dunn 16 napja
Why is the game labeled as five nights at Freddy's 💀💀
Lucas Gronowicz
Lucas Gronowicz 16 napja
I think I heard something like a mewer that's a cell door jack
Totsukabladez 369
If I ever die I’ll just be like “it is what it is” and just be the most chill ghost ever. Except for maybe HUrun’s algorithm. That stuff can go in the trash and get replaced, cause a LOT of you tubers have no freedom anymore
Tamika Clark
Tamika Clark 16 napja
The game mutes you when ghost
Tamika Clark
Tamika Clark 16 napja
No one can hear you when your ghosts
Aknightmare 907
Aknightmare 907 16 napja
I like how they don’t look at the board for more details and how they just play around and not do the things but when they find the ghost they start messing with the ghost
Kyoko Ogami
Kyoko Ogami 16 napja
Title: "phasmophoiba" HUrun: "I'm going to pretend like I didn't see that" Proceeds to call it "fnaf" in the description.
Game in [Progress]
1:22 the literal thing my best friend calls me lol
Mini Swirl
Mini Swirl 17 napja
Did anyone else see the Emp thing at the the beginning say “1am , very , spooky.” Just me?
no no
no no 17 napja
The Cucumber Of Fate
Vincent Herrera
Vincent Herrera 18 napja
the back of your chair looks lit my guy
Stolen Galaxy
Stolen Galaxy 19 napja
you feel that tingle up your spine?... you realise you're gonna have a bad time
Jeepers Weepers
Jeepers Weepers 19 napja
I love how youtube put the game as FNAF
Real HTD [4]
Real HTD [4] 19 napja
I feel a very weird tingle up my spine
murpleblue 19 napja
Hey look another Phasmophobia v- *fnaf*
4LIEN WARE 20 napja
the trailer for loki has more dislikes than this video 🤣
Stephanie Alberty
Jack: "Ghost, how long has it been since you touch a person" EMF 5: Virgin 😂
Caleb Torres
Caleb Torres 20 napja
Me and the start of this vid : ok anti you can cut the crap I know that's not anti I'm just saying it because I miss anti
Chxrry 20 napja
are we gonna ignore how it responded to how long has it been since you've been touched with "Virgin"? 0-0
D0S81 20 napja
6:00 i can imagine a prisoner with really long lanky legs, and a really short stubby torso, arms, and head, being the one that lives in that cell......yeesh, that would look creepy AF.
Daniel Munson
Daniel Munson 20 napja
Hi how are you
Seth Muller
Seth Muller 21 napja
Could not stop laughing thanks Sean for making my day better
Jordan Anderson
Jordan Anderson 21 napja
17:14 I'm..I'm Sorry Toss Boy um... You seem to have a serious case of 1990's going on
Braydon Jimenez
Braydon Jimenez 21 napja
Can you make another phasmiphobia plz jack
Penigs 21 napja
why does it say hes playing fnaf in the description
I Would Never! 03
What the fuck is a virign?
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn 21 napja
Ghost toss boy
Jonesy Boi
Jonesy Boi 22 napja
At the beginning wtf
Jesse Harrington
U guys sucks lol not entertaining
Sarah Mojica
Sarah Mojica 22 napja
Should try to play Phasmophobia with Corpse
Dida Diego
Dida Diego 22 napja
Games: Five Nights at Freddy's
DiscoCODBlake 23 napja
The ghosts in this video are sus af
Valpo Gameplay
Valpo Gameplay 23 napja
thumbnail: Hunting for PRISON GHOSTS l Phasmophobia HUrun:Five Nights at Freddy's
Bruh 23 napja
Who else noticed the '1am very spooky' on the radio at the beginning lmao
Catarama Treenage
Why does it say in the description that Jack is playing Fnaf
Emersen's Channel
Alternative title: 4 grown men get scared in a prison while Maria looks for her donut
Fan Of Jacksepticeye 2021
December 27th 2020 Ah Memories
Choo Jun Jie
Choo Jun Jie 25 napja
Daniel Nevin
Daniel Nevin 25 napja
Why did one of them sound like Carl from Mr beasts vids
svcqttroblox 25 napja
Jack: Uh, ghost. How long has it been since you've touched a person? Spirit Box: Virign. ( 7:38 )
TimmyTWS69 26 napja
youtube: this seems like FNAF
Greisi Faye
Greisi Faye 27 napja
Jack: *uhh ghost. How long has it been since you touched a person* Ghost: *VIRIGN* Me: aw ghostie can’t spell virgin right..
Yo Tengo
Yo Tengo 27 napja
7:40 lol I thought it said virgin
Kelvin Elrick
Kelvin Elrick 27 napja
"Wade, move that dump truck of an ass of yours" That got me cracking up so much!
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar 28 napja
XxAnime GamingXx
Throwed my phone bc of the jail door XD
Raven603 28 napja
When it says Phasmophobia and the game is fnaf???
Caleb Moore
Caleb Moore 28 napja
Who is this man I found myself questioning why is this allowed on youtube I asked myself for the begining.
Spudd 28 napja
Sean: How long has it been since you’ve touched a person? Spirit box: *VIRGN.* Guys the ghost is a virgin 7:39
TheSixteen60 25 napja
Thats just edited
at 9:51 the symbol in the book is the alchemical symbol for sulphur and/or hell
Shona B
Shona B 28 napja
Does he always call him Big W or has he just been spending too much time with Tommy?
emma kaminari
emma kaminari 29 napja
that hello scared the shit out of me omg ple as e
Cameron wright
Cameron wright 29 napja
Oh I remember this stream
Bianca Tomlin
Bianca Tomlin 29 napja
jack : how long has it been since you touched a person the box : virign i almost thought it said virgin lol
EGG Weirdo
EGG Weirdo 29 napja
Me: *closes the microwave* Jack: Jesus Christ- Me : o-o
Archie Timosencov
10:43. Everyone - ghosteria, ghost pox. No one, absolutely no one - spirit pox
Connor Anderson
Connor Anderson Hónapja
Yo Sykunno should play Phasmiphobia with u
Turóczi Timi
Turóczi Timi Hónapja
It actually fcking felt like ASMR in the start
William Afton
William Afton Hónapja
William Afton
William Afton Hónapja
may i ask why five nights at freddys is posted instead of phasmo
AKC3PO Hónapja
"you've got the behind the.... SEAN'S LOOK"
Steven Capuano
Steven Capuano Hónapja
A gonut? I much perfer dough on the go thank you. ;)
1odie2 Hónapja
>Five Nights at Freddy's, as the game.
Stephen Dowdican
Do it in vr Like so sean can see
Bubrocks11 The stryker
When i came ro 0:09 i was like HOL UP........ *WHERE THE FUDGE IS THIS GOING*
Dark Blue
Dark Blue Hónapja
I think I've seen this from Mark's perspective.
Jason Giwargis
Jason Giwargis Hónapja
I'm already done with everything in the game
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