How I Got 25 Million Subscribers 

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Big Thank!




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jacksepticeye 3 hónapja
Thank you ♥️
Mister Miraculous
Yes 😂😂😂😂
Simoki 24 napja
indisitve 27 napja
cyberspud 2 hónapja
You're welcome
Zubin KS
Zubin KS 2 hónapja
Pango 16 órája
JackSepticEye hit 25 million subscribers in October 2020. In January 2021, Sean has 26.2 million subscribers. It is crazy that Sean could get 1 million subscribers in 2 months while others still try everyday as they did for the last 5 years, trying to get to even 500 thousand. The JackSepticEye channel should be an inspiration to each hardworker on this platform. Never give up, keep on going.
gravityy 3 napja
I accidentaly pressed dislike and now i feel sad.
Random Bullsh!t Go!
First, you are Irish and second, you're super loud with hype...
Kolby Mowdy
Kolby Mowdy 5 napja
Yes sir
Sean Liam Xavier Panganiban
OK if my maths are correct he will get 50M subs on 2026
Basically 11
Basically 11 12 napja
Every time I end up watching your videos and I love it
kidneys- _-
kidneys- _- 13 napja
anyone else been watching since he hit 200k
Gatron 14 napja
Jackseptcieye: says that he will not ever reach 25 million subs Also Jacksepcticeye: says everday to subscribe
Micro Megno
Micro Megno 16 napja
I hope everyone stay safe and stay storng
ShoJoe 20 napja
And 2 Months later: 26 million.
Stupid Problem
Stupid Problem 22 napja
How to get 25mil subs: be irish
Łøvę Mørę
Łøvę Mørę 23 napja
Why am I cryingggggg
Leonardo Rodriguez
26mill now!!!!
Gronk 26 napja
Marvelle Api Pecinta KA 1
Welp, Jack you get 26M 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Lynsey Nicole
Lynsey Nicole Hónapja
Hey kinda a side note you should get another cat so your current cat has a friend .
Eomchy Hónapja
screw all of us for helping him get to 26 mil
brighteststarus Hónapja
Hi Jack, idk if you'll see this but that's ok! I just finally have the confidence to comment on a video and I just wanted to say thank you. I've been watching your videos and you've inspired me to start my own gaming channel. I'm really shy but I really wanted to get this out there. I hope you know you've inspired so many others to follow their dreams and take the risks cuz it's certainly not easy. I'm not gonna give up either. Congratulations on 25M and I wish you nothing but the best for years to come. Take care of yourself Jack
ZI0DD Hónapja
2 moths later he’s almost on 26 mil
Piper Stevens
Piper Stevens Hónapja
cjbrown Hónapja
Dude the last time I saw your channel was around 7 to 10 million. What the hell happened?
cjbrown Hónapja
But I’ve been subscribed since 1million
SL33PWALK3R.02 Hónapja
7 years ago; top a da mornin' to ya laddies my name... is jack septic eye. and we just hit...1,000 subscribers. wooo 2 months ago; Here is the one trick i used to get 25 million subscribers on youtube, and you can do it too
The answer is: exist
Annaleise Moore
Annaleise Moore Hónapja
Jacob Rose
Jacob Rose Hónapja
Jeezus Christ I remember when he did the 1,000,000 sub draw my life god damn
bigzube _
bigzube _ Hónapja
you're beautiful
Droid Acid VA
Droid Acid VA Hónapja
Im responible for his channel!? Hmmmmm
LaughingYeen Hónapja
Ijust hope Jack knows how much of an inspiration he is to allof us small channels starting out.
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Hónapja
OGs remember the cabin
Man Vacuuming
Man Vacuuming Hónapja
I've been here since before 1 million and it's fuckin crazy to see the growth and evolution of this channel congrats jack
Cheese Berry
Cheese Berry Hónapja
thank you sean, we all love you before, now, and many more years to come
Nigel Thomas
Nigel Thomas Hónapja
I’ve been hear since Kerbal Space Program:)
Flameninja Hónapja
Its happy wheels
War h3ads
War h3ads Hónapja
Who else remembers his vlog, tow truck trevor, officer Mike, fireman Frank, Betty. It’s been a long and I mean a long ride but it feels so short. Congratulations Sean on your success.❤️
sgt gamin
sgt gamin Hónapja
Other channel family friendly.Jack channel audio status:K.I.A
Briarsenal Hónapja
Is there a way to learn this power?
Briarsenal Hónapja
Ah. Alas, he did not know
Walrus Hónapja
It’s been a month and he already almost has 26 million subs, You can do it
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Hónapja
He has 25 million *meanwhile I have 25*
rosemary wambui
rosemary wambui Hónapja
You owned the HUrunrs
Amy F
Amy F Hónapja
Don't act like you don't know. You're PHENOMENAL. That's why. It literally makes me happier when I watch your videos. Thank you for always reminding me and so many other people that we are loved and important. I hope I meet you in person one day.
SquareBody Brandy
Imagine that, at 30 you sit back and are comfortable , life is good, and more importantly you are grateful for it. You show that it’s possible and I thank you for that. I’ve watched sense I was 9 and am now 16, every time I come back, your videos are enjoyable and give me that sense of being comfortable:)
Ejkj Hónapja
Why did u change the Name???
novah child
novah child Hónapja
this video is giving me de-ja-vu xD
Sunny Abbott
Sunny Abbott Hónapja
bring back intro
Caleb Watson
Caleb Watson Hónapja
Happy for you Jack
Mamodokod Hónapja
He got a shout out from the biggest channel on youtube. That's how. Then he maintained it by just playing video games and talking to a camera.
Mr. Ninja
Mr. Ninja Hónapja
Australia’s WHOLE population is 25 million people Think about that for a second
gtzc animation
gtzc animation Hónapja
I wonder obout jacks hair how do he look when its not tied up
nina 2 hónapja
Remember when you did undertale and all those indie horror games, I’m so glad I’m still subscribed to you. Thanks for making awesome videos through these years. 😁😁
Samuel Diaz
Samuel Diaz 2 hónapja
Makes me cry🥺. I came to this channel just before he hit 1.5 million and I've loved this channel sense. Keep it up Jack we love you🙏🙏❤
Mx B3Ar
Mx B3Ar 2 hónapja
Zayden Looney
Zayden Looney 2 hónapja
ive been here for a long time, i remember the first time you played FNAF 1, that was 6 years ago, i remember how much u would make me laugh, im so proud of you man, 25mil! thats crazy bro, im proud if you... :)
T and s Gaming
T and s Gaming 2 hónapja
Omg i miss the log cabin! That place was lit.
T and s Gaming
T and s Gaming 2 hónapja
Also the hat... I loved the hat
Lucky-kyun Art
Lucky-kyun Art 2 hónapja
I am a new subscriber. You got me from your yelling.
Ellie Burke
Ellie Burke 2 hónapja
Jack, when i first found your channel, it was when i was 8. i had to convince my parents to let me watch it actually lmao. But when i started watching, i thought you were just a man who played games and cussed.. but man... its been a long ride Now i truly respect you. fighting for whats right. doing all you can to help those in need... you are an amazing person. keep it up, all of you, reading this comment.. you got this.
I’m gay but Also
I’m gay but Also 2 hónapja
How to basic
nut _
nut _ 2 hónapja
Sean thank you for the best 5+ years of videos
spicy spice
spicy spice 2 hónapja
ive been watching you since I was in middle school and even when I wasn't activey looking at new content there are still series from years ago that I watch because you bring so much life and positivity to your channel thank you for making a safe space for so many people it truly means the world to see people like you are out there
Keith Darby
Keith Darby 2 hónapja
You deserved all of them!!
Srinidhi Bijjala
Srinidhi Bijjala 2 hónapja
I went to kindergarten in 2012
Terminally Nerdy
Terminally Nerdy 2 hónapja
Congrats man. Congrats :)
Nasser AlQinai
Nasser AlQinai 2 hónapja
Get shouted out by Pewds
Cillzee 2 hónapja
When I 1st found ur channel I couldn't believe u were irish! I was mind blown at the fact an irish youtuber had 25 million subscribers and I think u inspired me a little to start my own YT channel. Thx jack
ZeroJoint 2 hónapja
Damn it so cool to watch your channel grow I was seven years old when I first started watching you! This was when you played happy Wheels and FNAF at the time you were just about 1 million subscribes! Congrats you deserve it your videos make me laugh every day.
Elgingaming Mobile123
Jack, jelly has reach 20M Go to jellys channel!
Jason Walker
Jason Walker 2 hónapja
Be funny, relatable, and irish.
Vixtion 2 hónapja
I remember him making the "HEY MA" joke because his parents where in the other cabin
Kenny Kent Kenken
Kenny Kent Kenken 2 hónapja
Me: write that down, write that down!
MsSly1234 2 hónapja
im killing all 814 people who disliked dis vid
MsSly1234 2 hónapja
for legal reasons dat was a joke
Matthew DiMauro
Matthew DiMauro 2 hónapja
Sean we will be forever grateful for what you have done for us!!! Love you so so much and congratulations!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Emy Pomicpic
Emy Pomicpic 2 hónapja
Fionn MacCumhaill
Fionn MacCumhaill 2 hónapja
Fair play my fellow irish man. Its great to see you doing so well! I hope it keeps going really well for you 👍👍👍
rejitha gopan
rejitha gopan 2 hónapja
One day I will start making videos and I will also get 25milion note my point be ready jack I am just 13 it will take a lot time to decide what videos I have to post I just made my logo 😀
Madison Irwin
Madison Irwin 2 hónapja
Watching his videos saved my life I was depressed and watching his videos helped me cope
Jeff Christianson-Ziebell
The most genuine, honest, humble & real HUrunr on HUrun hands down. How he got it who knows and who cares but deserve it he definitely does
Nicholas Connors
Nicholas Connors 2 hónapja
Jonathan Kilbourn
Jonathan Kilbourn 2 hónapja
People like you are what inspires me to keep trying. I too have mental health issues. I have been fighting depression for 20+ years. 5 suicide attempts. I've been trying to become a live streamer for about 4 years now. I have older videos on my channel, but really never put any time into it until about 4 years ago. But I waited until my hardware started dying, so it's kinda hard. But I learn from guys like you how to keep going. Thank you for that.
Meghan Wilsdon-Hays
🤗 hugs. I am so happy for you Jacksepticeye!
Raditya Wira
Raditya Wira 2 hónapja
Lets get em to 50 million!
Chris Henderson
Chris Henderson 2 hónapja
Want to know how he got 25 million subscribers Damn good content and an amazing personality
wozzatech 2 hónapja
No, thank you!
BluBlanked 2 hónapja
Dream: How I got 10M subscribers in youtube
Baby gravy
Baby gravy 2 hónapja
Love you Jack!!!!!
Garrett Tomasek
Garrett Tomasek 2 hónapja
I miss the old jack with green hair
Suilujx 2 hónapja
0:55 James Lee? :)
Pup Boi
Pup Boi 2 hónapja
I just realised Sean has the same amount of subs as the amount of people here in Australia
Jason F
Jason F 2 hónapja
My you reach another 25m soon❣
Little bear That shoots
i hope you get 50m subscribers
Saihara Shuichi .o.
You deserve it. You really do, you are such an inspiration to people including me. You somehow stay so optimistic and can make me happy. We should be thanking you more.
Charles Triplett
Charles Triplett 2 hónapja
I noticed that overtime, jack progressively gets louder. And he’s still getting louder today. Scream on, jackaboy man.
Kazuya Yuza
Kazuya Yuza 2 hónapja
You have almost twice the amount of subs as my country has inhabitants :D
Logan Reed
Logan Reed 2 hónapja
Remember when jacks intro was "HELLO all you beautiful people!"?
Basically 11
Basically 11 12 napja
It’s been so long :,)
Mousie and friends
Mousie and friends 2 hónapja
Yes I remember 👍
Felix's rants.
Felix's rants. 2 hónapja
We can get you to 50 million😀.
Cat pack
Cat pack 2 hónapja
A few months ago I watched one of your videos, and the first thing I noticed was your accent and humor. So I watched more videos astonished by your accent. Now when I watch a video your accent doesn't stand out as much. It's interesting. Keep doing what you do!!
BEY0NDER 2 hónapja
With my luck, I hope I can get to 360k. But that's why I need to commit to it if I ever wanna get there. Your content is so good, you honestly deserve 25 million. Keep on keeping on man.
Rose Fire
Rose Fire 2 hónapja
Jack you have no idea the impression you’ve had on me and many other youtubers. I want to become one myself because video games are all i ever had and all I want to have. It scares me to open myself up to the world and the INTERNET but it’s something I’m willing to do to chase my dreams. Thank you jack I wish you the best of luck on your journey and what ever awaits this Irish lad in the future
EyeLess Demon
EyeLess Demon 2 hónapja
It's amazing how far Jack has become and how he's still growing as the amazing person I remember the first time I watched his channel he was still living in the shack next door to his parents house and now he has his own place his own amazing community that he built with the help of his friends and the people that pushed him into the right direction and now he has amazing people all around him who are caring and would do anything for him he started off as a tiny HUrunr with just barely any subscribers and now he's up at the top making everyone smile and laugh and spreading good Joy all around helping anyone in need when they need him the most keeping all of our spirits up high we all live you jack and we know one day when the time comes you will retire and stop doing HUrun and it will be a very sad day but until that day comes we will enjoy your warmth and friendship and love towards us and the people that you cherish the most and we will hold you tight to our hearts knowing that you are the person that pushed us into a great day we Will Cherish all the moments that you made us laugh the moments that we cried with you the moments that we were in our darkest of days and you were there to make a smile and those darkest days bring light to us all we will miss you greatly when the day comes where you retire from HUrun or just stop making videos in general but until that time comes we will stand by your side until the end of time we love you Jack keep you coming amazing person and go down as a legend for everyone to remember you.
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