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Honey I shrunk the lads
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Game: store.steampowered.com/app/962130/Grounded/
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jacksepticeye 4 hónapja
Now I REALLY need a ladder
Teagan Osman
Teagan Osman 25 napja
t-pole lander
t-pole lander Hónapja
am feeling the shortness too
It’s Vocal
It’s Vocal 2 hónapja
New update
It’s Vocal
It’s Vocal 2 hónapja
Come back there ARE FISH
darlingdeth3 2 hónapja
lol ladder boy
I have a torch What super hero has fire?? You’re holding it in your hand
Tya B
Tya B 7 napja
Kevin in any co-op game: *FEED ME*
James Eccleston
Part 2????
jessica Beck
jessica Beck 10 napja
Imagine getting a mosquito bite that size
MDspedicey 16 napja
I can't believe I bought the game after watching this video
Nightmare 20 napja
Talln’t lol *Y E S N ‘ T*
beeking 22 napja
Chase GamingYT
Chase GamingYT Hónapja
Hi Sean I just wanted to tell you I love this vid and I want you to upload more about this game. Of course you don’t have to if you don’t want to, and I also wanted to say keep up the good work on you channel.:)
Edge Lord
Edge Lord Hónapja
"Don't worry gents! I'll science out of this!" * cLANG * 17:56
Randall Randall
Randall Randall Hónapja
Man shit got too real when he said "I can smell seven kinds of emotions." Idk how, but Seán just did a personalized call out post on high!me and I'm shook.
iWantToDie2009 Hónapja
Again probably late but....
WhoKnows Who I Am
Did you play on PC?
Jacob Sargent
Jacob Sargent Hónapja
the human torch
N Hónapja
Please play among us with Kevin, it would be so cool
Theo Hónapja
this would be SICK in vr
PC I Hónapja
Wasted 28 minutes and 33 seconds on this boring video (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Compnerd2525 Hónapja
Me thinks Sean has been watching Futurama...
Toke Gyi
Toke Gyi Hónapja
can u plz donate me 30 $ in steam to buy this game I want to play so much
Lucian Andries
Lucian Andries Hónapja
16:54 Thanos' farts smell balanced! It's his very well balanced diet..... :)))
Donovan Battelo
Donovan Battelo 2 hónapja
Who else is still waiting for part two
Isaac keller
Isaac keller 2 hónapja
Destiny Wren
Destiny Wren 2 hónapja
They have a pond update now, with a pond spider and a koi fish. the koi fish will kill you soon as it sees you, i kept getting one shot by the damn thing, i will have vengeance against that fish, lol. Gimme a speargun, here fishy fishy. :P
Destiny Wren
Destiny Wren 2 hónapja
though the speargun would be like a needle to the koi fish, so not sure what good it would do. Stick it up his nose! lol. that fish better have some good drops if players ever get to kill it.
Freez 2 hónapja
Roman Garcia
Roman Garcia 2 hónapja
He isn’t shrunk it’s just that his size
abzeon 2 hónapja
I Want To Get Banned
1900s vision equipped. Boomer detected (honey I shrunk the lads) initiate extraction.
medical DR peach
medical DR peach 2 hónapja
Kristen Decker
Kristen Decker 2 hónapja
do a lets play
Melanie Garcia
Melanie Garcia 2 hónapja
17:50 got me wheezing
sergey krol
sergey krol 2 hónapja
Ohhh, at least I know how it feeels like to be jack
Apexxz 2 hónapja
Gamers don't die they repawn -Jacksepticeye Btw i have a picture that has that exact quote
Gacha Bluecherry
Gacha Bluecherry 2 hónapja
Sorry I can’t the title 🤣🤣
TalynCo 2 hónapja
I was so distracted by how we never saw any update on him getting his stuff back from the land of allergies.
Blue_Octoling 2 hónapja
you guys should really block and perfect block with right click
Nicholas Brosseau
Nicholas Brosseau 2 hónapja
KEVINN!!! I fuckin love that guy!
Lucian Benter
Lucian Benter 2 hónapja
When jack said you caught a snacc instead i thought he meant that he just dumped a fat log in the bongo bowl
Shazarah wirth
Shazarah wirth 2 hónapja
Lmao my name is shazzy and I was just like welp
constanza1 perez2
constanza1 perez2 2 hónapja
Captain Kh28 Danger leader of SWO avengers
Stink bug vs that Spider that kill Sean.
Jurassic Maniac
Jurassic Maniac 3 hónapja
The voice Jack kept doing reminded me of Adam Sandler’s character from Hubie Halloween 😂
Daniel Sahlberg
Daniel Sahlberg 3 hónapja
Jack: Urge to kill rising. Me: Well the closest target is yourself. Jack’s subconscious: I agree.
Lilacwarriorcat 3 hónapja
me: *hears irish other than jack* me: THERE'S MORE OF THEM
hafiz amin
hafiz amin 3 hónapja
15:32 what the moth actually think
hafiz amin
hafiz amin 3 hónapja
the revenge of the helmet
Quinn Young
Quinn Young 3 hónapja
Finish Superliminal
Ronvan Balboa
Ronvan Balboa 3 hónapja
NC 69K LIKES 10/12/2020
XxGachaRainbowxX And XxrottonzombieXx
Sean i love your videos but im sick =(hello =3
Wyvern 3 hónapja
Kevin Sean and RT. Love this team.
Samantha Vetrano
Samantha Vetrano 3 hónapja
5:00 Seán: ¨They´ve got some seeing in the dark vision¨ Me: Uh.. Seán- that´s called being nocturnal-
Justin .Y
Justin .Y 3 hónapja
*What is the word in which when the amount of letters it has is multiplied by 10, the answer is the definition of the word itself?* Reply ur answer. (I came up with this btw no cap.) Good luck, see u around 😏
RoseArachnid 3 hónapja
Me, a veteran of this game: .___.
Melody Bales
Melody Bales 3 hónapja
"Follow the Thanos farts" 😂 that was a good one, made me chuckle. Thanks for another great run
Brudda Bee
Brudda Bee 3 hónapja
Man I'm irish too and this guy really is an irish youtuber
Beaux Andersen
Beaux Andersen 3 hónapja
Phasmophobia / Among Us with tha bais. C'mon Sean.
Hohohomo 3 hónapja
Isn't being short just the natural state of being for all Irish?
Jordan Crooke
Jordan Crooke 3 hónapja
4:36 so many flashbacks to "MAA!! HEY MA!!!"
dgamerx25 3 hónapja
Lucas M
Lucas M 3 hónapja
Good ole jackmegames
Why Hello There Old Sport
Why Hello There Old Sport
Jack, why did you not say "I'm a whale biologist" in the lab?
Samantha Jade Clements
Jack is a moth confirmed 15:13- 15:33
God isJust
God isJust 3 hónapja
Pray to God that you believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross, repent from your sins, and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, and surrender your life to him, if you do not do this, and the Lord comes back to earth, you will be found guilty in the day of Judgement, God bless..
Infamous 3 hónapja
Ho go hoo
Ann Preston
Ann Preston 3 hónapja
Somehow they became talln't.
Daniel Quinn Ferguson
Hey jack, your videos help make my day a little brighter, and because of the passing of my grandfather, its been hard to coax, but this puts a smile to my face.
Landen Garcia
Landen Garcia 3 hónapja
I have arachnophobia so that giant spider scared the crap out of me
clampfan101 3 hónapja
Hey look, a potential friend! KILL HIM!!!!! lol This game looks interesting if you can handle all the s-s-s-s-s-stutters! And yes, epic end!
Mr Chidlers
Mr Chidlers 3 hónapja
"I love a good mandible."
Noberto Sanchez
Noberto Sanchez 3 hónapja
To me in my opinion, I consider this to be Jackieboy man’s origin story.
Alice Cheshire
Alice Cheshire 3 hónapja
wait is this arthur and the minimoys👁👄👁
lion creator
lion creator 3 hónapja
15:28 jack had too many shrooms
The Drewllah
The Drewllah 3 hónapja
Good thing there was an ad at 15:27 or else the lamp would’ve consumed me. PHEW
Liam Parker
Liam Parker 3 hónapja
Jiana Williams
Jiana Williams 3 hónapja
8:16 They look like human worker ants
Robert Aviles
Robert Aviles 3 hónapja
Jack shown actual size. 🙆
RageJ 3 hónapja
jack with the psychs talk, i like it
Sevvydraws 3 hónapja
Brady Alquist
Brady Alquist 3 hónapja
Wait . . . So Jack's just playing a game about himself?
yump boy
yump boy 3 hónapja
What supperhero has fire, Um maybe human torch, heat blast, any fire bender, and more. There’s so manny and they couldn’t think of one 😂
Comic Fox
Comic Fox 3 hónapja
This is the life of a Talln’t person, I can confirm.
randel heflin
randel heflin 3 hónapja
Jack should play with kevin more often
randel heflin
randel heflin 3 hónapja
Jack should play with kevin more often
Agent327 3 hónapja
I was waiting for jack to see the wolf spider that woulda been funny
Thomas Harrington
Thomas Harrington 3 hónapja
I didn't know what this game was about so when I saw the spider charge at Sean. I a 15 year old boy with arachnophobia jump, screamed and actually cried, I feel betrayed by Sean he gave no viewer discretion no fore warning. The hell man I thought you were on our side
Sarah Lowe
Sarah Lowe 3 hónapja
Yo jacksepticeye you have cancer😂😂😂😂
DarkYT 3 hónapja
You are an inspiration to me and my channel
Nic Thomas
Nic Thomas 3 hónapja
Continue series!!!
Agnes Landry
Agnes Landry 3 hónapja
17:40 - Jack : I can science us out of this Me: Zoolander!😆
Aiden the gamen
Aiden the gamen 3 hónapja
This is just ark
Talliyah done died
Talliyah done died 3 hónapja
He's got red eyes and an ass that won't quit lol best quote
Birdineye 3 hónapja
Yikes. Being a veteran Grounded player everything I just witnessed makes me laugh and facepalm at the same time, it's beautiful.
Zach p.
Zach p. 3 hónapja
Gonna be honest this game is kinda trash
Daniel THE KING 3 hónapja
Did oculus send you the new oculus quest 2?
TheBlueFury 3 hónapja
Nice vlog!
TheBlueFury 3 hónapja
If you don’t understand i am saying he is the size of an ant (idk how to explain this better sry)
Karlee James
Karlee James 3 hónapja
Sean: "Urge to kill rising." Kevin: "...Urge to die rising."
Deathless Snek
Deathless Snek 3 hónapja
15:32 "Lamp." Now that's a moth moment
Lalalucy 08
Lalalucy 08 3 hónapja
Jack:AAAAAAAH IT'S ANTIS!!!! Me:Wait a minute.
Declan Obradovic
Declan Obradovic 3 hónapja
Argyle Cuevas That Boi
I wonder if Jack's gonna make a series of this HMMMMMM
Smackin balls with the LADS!
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