Flying to my old Irish house in Flight Simulator 

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I flew to my old house in Ireland in Flight Simulator 2020
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jacksepticeye 5 hónapja
1 like - 1 appreciation for Robin's editing on this one!
slav nugget
slav nugget 13 napja
@Lewis Challenger communist???
Atomic _Tiago
Atomic _Tiago 13 napja
I'm in Eastbourne which is near Brighton
Chris Broadway
Chris Broadway 28 napja
lee Fletcher
lee Fletcher Hónapja
Ok sure thing dad
Timothy Sides
Timothy Sides 6 órája
my papa made this game
jacksepticeye the allitude indicator is the led screen with blue and red blue on top and red on the bottom if red moves up and fill the screen your plane is nose diving aka going down head first if thats what the nose is called also if you go too fast it causes the plane to break up midair because it stress the plane out thats why crash its not a invisible floor also if the blue goes down your going up and if you go up to much you can stall causing it fall down or lose your steering and fall down like this if you see this also commet jack if you want to know how planes work
Yo Boi Sandy
Yo Boi Sandy 10 órája
Great bee movie reference
Ben Morgan
Ben Morgan 13 órája
Did you ever go to Golden Island?
Ceara Cullinan
It said august 19th that’s my birthday it said it on the game
Daeng Rombo
Jack: maybe i should fly 747 Me: don't jacksepticeye let fly a 747, don't even let him near the cockpit
Kat Fosseneuve
I love that the plane at the beginning has no wings
Refreshing Burp
"Shurly you can't be serious?"
Gingey Boi
Gingey Boi 2 napja
Boss Dude
Boss Dude 3 napja
passenger: oh look a plane ticket is on sale at 1 dollar i wonder why jack: alr boii welcome to the hell airline I HAVE NO IDEA ON WHAT IM DOING SO WHER PROB GONNA DIE
Potato God
Potato God 3 napja
The pure joy in Jack's voice when he finds his house is just heartwarming.
Farmer Cameron Canada
Jack that plane I designed to land on the beach
Stevenisepic 4 napja
i've never played this game before and dont know anything about planes but i think you need to keep air speed low but not too low because it keeps saying that you overstressed the plane (which i think is the amount of air the plane is being hit by) and keep fuel to a minimum so you don't burn out the fuel
Tanya Thompson
i just imagined a tiny plane about to take off at a HUGEEE airport XD
Jake Valese
Jake Valese 4 napja
imagine this in vr
Michael J Caboose
Please tell me the plane bit at 1:46 is a video somewhere. I've rewatched it like 15 times now nearly dieing from lack of breathing
Jamie howes
Jamie howes 5 napja
The old video tho then old jack dies
margaret densmore
Saying "Can you read? Are you dumb, stupid, or dumb?" is horrible! Please remember the majority of your audience is youth, and 1 in 5 are dyslexic and have challenges reading.
Fly To Istanbul!
clydx12 6 napja
jack: "... i dont wanna fly over my current house in Brighton bc that's basically just doxxing myself" wise choice
WKG TV 6 napja
Tom Tom
Tom Tom 7 napja
Jess: AnY LanDinG YoU CAn WaLk AwaY FrOm Is a GoOd LaNdIng
Priya Verwey
Priya Verwey 7 napja
the part wherse mi drinks i got JUMPSCARED im scared for life now
S!p3on TFBW fan
This is how stalkers find out where people live, yes this is the truth jk idk about that
Ethan Beldowski
15:47 "I came to see the kids" (and kill them, but that's not important)
Damian Roldan
Damian Roldan 9 napja
9:27 is my favorite part
wasted joy
wasted joy 9 napja
“are you dumb stupid or dumb?”
Flight Paul Aviation
if you need help about aviation i can tell you how the plane works so that way you can understand everything instead of thinking that everything that the trainer says is pilot gibberish
Prasad Taranekar
This is my 1st vid i'm watching from you and...you sound like a pirate
Sean Keeney
Sean Keeney 10 napja
Seeing Golden Island is so nostalgic
Tony Dooner
Tony Dooner 10 napja
this is fucking hilarious hahahha Jess: when you reach 55 Jack: am i not doing 80
Mohammed Najiba
Mohammed Najiba 11 napja
i feel bad for whoever now lives in his house now all know his addrese
Tadhg’s Memes7
I love shitty ants
Ryan Webster
Ryan Webster 11 napja
you can
NotTJS_ 11 napja
10:20 he just wanted to see some of his fav things XD
YesOrDie 11 napja
It's weird to know that Jack lived close.
Space Fish Aviation
Me : aviation enthusiast watching idiot fly a plane Jack : that hurt my feelings
Biggee Owusu
Biggee Owusu 12 napja
your house looks like a mansion
Tanni3ee 12 napja
wait thats where i live😅😅
Leland Bryan
Leland Bryan 12 napja
Nice apartment in Brooklyn NYC...
Southeastern 001
747-8 Is Used For Long Flights Like Los Angles To Heathrow
EmeraldEye9 12 napja
As a flight simmer for 4 years, I can say that this flight simulator could use some work on its physics....
Razor_Blade08 12 napja
"and whos gay tracey"😂😂😂
Athaillah Abhipraya
I found your old house on google maps
jeremyc311709 13 napja
When you were in the 747 you had the “AI” (computer) pilot controlling it, not the autopilot. The autopilot can be programmed and activated by the control panel towards the top of the flight deck
Riain O Byrne
Riain O Byrne 13 napja
Y is your name jacksepticeye not seansepticeye?
pro shooters
pro shooters 13 napja
We need some og enniscorthy
Grady Olson
Grady Olson 13 napja
When Sean says Shannon doesn’t exist but then we find out Shannon exists “Confused Irish noises”
slav nugget
slav nugget 13 napja
10:35 btw its air resistance
Harry Lacey
Harry Lacey 13 napja
Could u please go to port Laois
Kenny Ruiz
Kenny Ruiz 13 napja
I feel like somebody who watched this is gonna go over there and live there and just be like “life is accomplished now..”
Sloth_ Motor's
Sloth_ Motor's 13 napja
Love the bee movie reference
Dustin Henderson
What if u went to twin towers and u know what…
John Doe
John Doe 13 napja
Cool but weird how we have a 3d copy of the entire world. In the future when vr is better we all will literally be in the matrix
Antony Chaffe
Antony Chaffe 13 napja
it so dum and funny when the instructer says atitude instead of altitude
Muhammad Imad Khurram
How is he playing on controller
You’re Friend
You’re Friend 14 napja
To me it sounded like he was saying bomb
Ultimate Banana boy
jack that plane voice is asmr
Slippery Doge
Slippery Doge 14 napja
Tiny little s***y ants!
Kory Wylde
Kory Wylde 14 napja
U know u can go in 3rd person
BraJan27 14 napja
Can you try to find your cabin In Microsoft flight simulator
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer 14 napja
*Ever been to a turkish prison?*
PewDiePi 14 napja
Where are you fr?
Onions 14 napja
I spent 4 years in Athlone college crazy seeing Athlone here 😂
PKOB2 14 napja
someone landed a plane on a building
James Ngo
James Ngo 15 napja
Shameless_snow 15 napja
i love he has the automatic pilot from the movie lmao
Jacqueline Dawkins
Jokes aside, the pure joy and nostalgia Jack showed when he was flying around his old town was so wholesome, pointing out significant landmarks where he must have had so much memories on as he went.
Parkstergamer8 15 napja
I thought it said flighting simulator
jesse UwU OwO
jesse UwU OwO 15 napja
you now a click bait game its called flywings 2018 it sucks
SmokePlayzz 15 napja
Imagine every plain has a keyboard to control it lmao
jesse UwU OwO
jesse UwU OwO 15 napja
1:45 lol
Fabian Van Espen
ik where is is now xd jk 0:52
Lyrical D
Lyrical D 15 napja
Poo Poo
Poo Poo 15 napja
This should be in nastalga week
Diceyboy 15 napja
Can u visit the Netherlands? That would be amazing :D
HTD 4 15 napja
That’s an epic and normal comedy way to start the day Jack
King_ Pearce
King_ Pearce 15 napja
Good morning jacksdicey
Zombie Killar154
i love whend= he says Tch R O T TLe
“TOPO’THEMORNINTOYALADDIES I’m Jacksepticeye and welcome back to-“ I bloody died 😂👏🏽 wtf
fireball 105
fireball 105 16 napja
Jack just had a full plane of people and just 9/11ed his own house
Kadin Casey
Kadin Casey 16 napja
Well than you better start flapping your wings
Irish Red
Irish Red 16 napja
Lough Ree is outside Athlone not Lough Derg, that's near Limerick.
Braden R
Braden R 16 napja
Sans the Skeleton
hmmm, this calls for a GRRRRRRRRRRREAT meme, so... **PIRATES OF THE CARRABIAN INTENSIFIES** , also that NM you see stands for "Nautical Miles", so that's a stupid thing they didn't know, and also Pirate!Tale sans told me that, so thanks bud, and also yes i now know how funny you can edit yourself to look
Joe 15 napja
Not funny at all apparently
DONKEY KONG 16 napja
Me: see thumbnayl Me: bil gats
YaBoi Aidan
YaBoi Aidan 16 napja
Imagine getting on a plane, you take off, and from the cockpit you hear loud irish screaming
Alyzer Noble
Alyzer Noble 16 napja
Imagine at the end he flew into his not accurate current home (Says sarcastically)
Oblivion 16 napja
Everyone gangsta till you hear your pilot say “The plane is listening! I’m flying!”
Samantha Campbell
“Ima break the world in half” Don’t be an egg corn
Retro Anime Gamer
"I've got a plane and I'm not afraid to throw my poop out of it".... premise for Muddy Heights 3
Chyanne Hall
Chyanne Hall 16 napja
Love the potc clip
harry dean
harry dean 16 napja
Noel Fahy
Noel Fahy 16 napja
Why does the man on the thumbnail look like Dantdm
Drying Pans
Drying Pans 16 napja
15:43 The snoot drooped
Ella_Tian 17 napja
If I can’t find my house I’m not playing 🤣
Elias Hossri
Elias Hossri 17 napja
I am a 15 year old and I already flied a real flight Sim bcz I am obsessed with planes
Pyrodemic 17 napja
That moment when the computer made only to run this game catches on fire
Tinoverse 17 napja
I want this fella to fly me to dublin
* IMPOSSIBLE * Try Not To Laugh
I finally got a car and crashed it
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