EVERYTHING IS LIES | The Last Of Us 2 - Part 9 

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I don't want to like Abby.... but I might really start liking Abby in The Last of Us Part II
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Pheonix Fire
Pheonix Fire 2 napja
Just started watching through this series and am loving it so far, even with all the sad times along the way. Also, in terms of revenge and 'getting even', in my own opinion, Abby and Ellie are as bad as each other tbh. Both lost there father figures and kind of sympathise with them both BUT i like Ellie more (havnt played or seen gameplay of the last of us 1 but from what ive seen of her in this game, so far, she seems like a more likable character...Even if she is getting of the rails abit, with revenge)
duck telepathy
I’m definitely in the minority here, but I actually prefer the gameplay as Abby to Ellie. I’m not even entirely sure why, but the sections as Abby seem more...concise and story driven maybe? And the sections as Ellie are a lot more aggressive and drawn-out. I also feel like Abby originally only intended to hunt Joel, and left Tommy and Ellie (both huge threats) alive. Whereas Ellie went in more of a blind rampage killing everyone in her path (some were justified, others seemed..less necessary). I guess I just relate more to Abby’s perspective.
Angie Wangle
Angie Wangle 5 napja
I get the hate for Abby, but at the same time I don't. She's only doing the exact same thing Ellie is doing now, people who hate her are just biased. Saw this plot twist coming from a mile away. You can't hate Abby and not hate Ellie.
Em The Plug
Em The Plug 5 napja
It makes me sick to my stomach to see how Mel died, but she was stupid enough to go out of the safe zone while pregnant, AND she came at Ellie first. If she would’ve said “don’t hurt me, I’m pregnant” to Ellie in the beginning of their interaction there’s NO WAY Ellie would’ve killed her knowing she was pregnant, even if Mel still came at her.
Dumbo 5 napja
so Laura kills Troy in one game, Sleeps with him in another.
Lost marbles 20
Is there the scars side in this game,?
Lost marbles 20
Love the emotional turmoil they put the player through, you may need to re play it as many times as it take just to get the whole story. And Why, is a pregnant woman is coming along?, have they been that relaxed in their safe city that they thought what the harm, out is like in side, humanity intelligence 101 right here, how are they still alive this long is beyond me 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.
Nofinator 6 napja
People struggling with the game setting due to the covid lockdowns is a bit like saying "I can't look at tanks anymore because a bicycle ran over my foot recently"
Jasmine Paul
Jasmine Paul 8 napja
I honestly don’t think Owen and Mel’s relationship would’ve lasted if they had lived, he loves Abby and chose to go to Haven instead of staying with Mel
Jessica Atherton
Bro, this game got so much hate but honestly it's really amazing, I mean, yes, some choices were weird, considering the change from Ellie to Abby, but it doesn't make it a horrible game. It looks amazing and from what I've seen so far it's a great story line too!
Taha HN
Taha HN 9 napja
1:30:02 : 😲😲😲 [ PAUSE ]
Sean Cady
Sean Cady 11 napja
The environments in this game really are top tier.
chilltime YT
chilltime YT 12 napja
If only you knew the power of the abb side
Ashton Mitchell
Ashton Mitchell 13 napja
The Last of Us. Introducing 2 & 4 player!
Thomas Pankiewicz
Letting the sails down would speed you up
Madame Dragon
Madame Dragon 14 napja
This whole thing is about how if you let revenge take over, it will consume you and leave you a shell of your former self. Forgiveness is not always for the other person, sometimes you need to let some things go in order to heal yourself. It's hard and takes time but all the best things in life are like that.
Leandro Ledon
Leandro Ledon 14 napja
33:30 oh a peice of candy. Thats from James woods in family guy
MVP MatthewS
MVP MatthewS 14 napja
“Don’t lie who else is a FAN “¡ᴍ ɢɪ🄵ᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”
Julia Dunham
Julia Dunham 14 napja
bo? i love that guy !!
Grandpas Anchovies
The real attention to detail is that jack uses metric instead of imperial *damn these video games are getting more real by the second*
Maurice Bennett
Maurice Bennett 15 napja
i love jack ^_^
Maurice Bennett
Maurice Bennett 15 napja
they killed that dog right
Gvr Meghana
Gvr Meghana 15 napja
1.44.40 bo? I love that guy.
SUPER AIS 16 napja
Me: *sees the bodies* there is no way these are all the people ellie killed Also me: SHE KILLED WAY MORE
Margaux Cy
Margaux Cy 17 napja
Seeing the aquarium in covid times is really cool, because no one can go there now, so it's fun to be able to look at something and be like "Haha I've been there, I touched that wall"
Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel 19 napja
There is Halloween stuff because the outbreak happened in October 2013
Cecelia Hinton
Cecelia Hinton 20 napja
30:50 lmao
meagan capecea
meagan capecea 20 napja
I love that the developers gave Abby a realistic body type. The media, especially video games, rarely use realistic body types for their female character models. Like it's a minimum of 24 years into the apocalypse, there's gonna be buff and muscular women. And Dina looks mid-sized which is awesome. 10/10 for body positivity
Lost marbles 20
Abby was working out, even when her father was alive look in the flashbacks.
Adahy Bullet
Adahy Bullet 22 napja
For those curious why isaacs voice sounds so familiar, his voice actor played as the character Beetee in The Hunger Games. He was one of the sciency folks that helped katniss
Gatlyn Riss
Gatlyn Riss 22 napja
Jack: im not doing this stealthy any more also Jack: SSSHHHHH *does stealth kill*
James Hubball
James Hubball 23 napja
Owen is the ONLY person that I kinda like from abbys group
Gl1tch 1 0 1
Gl1tch 1 0 1 23 napja
+how much you wanna bet its gonna let the player pick who wins the final fight with Abby and Ellie
goomba3456 27 napja
Abby has a fear of heights how can ellie use that against her?
MLG GAMER 28 napja
Jack: I am a simple man. I see supplements and upgrades, I break glass
MLG GAMER 28 napja
I actually did read Manny's paper. Sounds like one of them sexual fanfics. I believe they're rightfully called Hentai Fanfics?
MLG GAMER 28 napja
I share a fear of heights too. That's why I dislike going on Ferris Wheels. At least for someone that we all collectively hate as Abby she at least has something in common with us
Laura Martin
Laura Martin 28 napja
I find it kinda wierd that one of my teachers looks EXACTLY like young Owen. Dang...
Luca KELLY 17 napja
My maths teacher looks fucking identical too present Owen. It’s so trippy
MLG GAMER 28 napja
Jack: Alright Abs let's put those abs to work. Me: Now you sound like a personal trainer. 🤣🤣🤣
Kingston Wayman
Kingston Wayman 28 napja
I can't believe I missed that gun🙄
MLG GAMER 28 napja
Abby is kinda like Michonne. Nothing far from badassry. Both can take care of themselves and I'm sure they both muscular
Inigo EXE
Inigo EXE 28 napja
1:03:39 i just noticed he was naked lol
Inigo EXE
Inigo EXE 29 napja
abby looks like skye in valorant
Halo Romeo
Halo Romeo Hónapja
Jack: Ellie doesn't have any throwables Molotovs: Am i a joke to you
SAAdesigner07 Hónapja
I absolutely hated the super hero cards. I never read them. Funny how different everybody is. I definitely preferred the coins.
YT_Rafal1212 Hónapja
I wish you can make ammo out of the weapon parts. It would be such a good feature
Mr.Skowfers OG
Mr.Skowfers OG Hónapja
Pin this
jony lol
jony lol 17 napja
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Hónapja
useful message for the future: if you hear jack say the words "what i really like about this game..." you should grab a beanbag, some pillows and blankets, because your in for an entire speech about raytracing.
Vacdog21 Hónapja
“Aw this is fun” with a psychotic look on his face
Jayant Chugh
Jayant Chugh Hónapja
6:52 she was also MJ in spiderman game
Krissie CatQueer
You can say all you want about Abbys storyline but I see a buff lady and my lesbian heart go ogaboga
Delanie Gomez
Delanie Gomez Hónapja
12:41 WHY ARE YOU SMILING.. they killed joel
niklas davind
niklas davind Hónapja
I honestly care more about the scars than the wlf guys
MightyOwl Hónapja
oooh, nice shadow of the colossus ps4 background :)
Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer
Jack: I hate coins, they have no drawings and little stories on them. Also Jack: Are there any coins?
Kevin Casillas
Kevin Casillas Hónapja
I think Jack is into strong bearded women
Rey Dragonclaw
Rey Dragonclaw Hónapja
"Bless this tree! Look at it! It's a f*cking tree-ass tree!" -Sean 2020
braydon eggleston
i have a theory about video game respawning. what if its every time your character dies it goes to a different universe's version of that character, and is why you can do better or worse.
Young God
Young God Hónapja
56:45 oh my fucking goddddd (the finger thing)
vampiress jones
vampiress jones Hónapja
I didn't like Abby at first but then finding out why she did what she did. I can understand that Abby is avenging her father and Ellie is avenging joel so both them are avenging someone who they loved and cared about so playing this part of the game made me realize that abby isn't all bad she's just human like the rest of us so I really like Abby now that I understand. Most people probably won't understand or even care about Abby but playing as her gives you her POV and that's cool to me cause it makes you see and say "oh now I get it" so I hope that jack will like Abby I really do hope.
강하늘 Hónapja
can we talk about 1:29:56 ? 😂 damn manny 😂😂
Miles Craft
Miles Craft Hónapja
6:07 Irish music stops
X L Hónapja
“Appreciate the artistry” **proceeds to destroy beautiful and probably priceless Chinese artifacts in perfect condition**
Alchemist Hónapja
"What's North Dakota famous for?" Nothing. Literally. A whole lot of nothing. An entire state of it, even.
Mr Epic Baber-Day
I love how Abby's silencer is a coca cola can.
Kayralay Edwin
Kayralay Edwin Hónapja
why is no one talking about the smut note for manny-
Roktrum Hónapja
because we need to respect a man's love life
Zack Sefchick
Zack Sefchick Hónapja
I feel slightly validated that Sean uses 24 how clock aswell
Digital Octane Gaming
For me the narrative of this game is to attack the traditions of protagonist and antagonist akin to westerns like 'the good the bad and the ugly'. It demonstrates this grey area that exists IRL and the cards show this too. You stumbled across the fact that there are lots of neutral villains, neutrals and neutral heros and very few examples of the extremes.
Danila Roy
Danila Roy Hónapja
Right after I farted Abby said ew whats that smell. needles to say I was embarrassed
Caleb LeCrow, Caw Caw
"What's North Dakota known for?" Oil, Cold, Drug Issues, and Reservations. In that order.
wexibobexi Hónapja
issacs voice is played by the guy from hunger games 2 beedy
Xot1c Ea9le
Xot1c Ea9le Hónapja
Also jack Ya GoT aNy CoInS
Xot1c Ea9le
Xot1c Ea9le Hónapja
Jack I like the cards so I’m not gonna focus on the coins
Roktrum Hónapja
why did you spread this across 2 comments
Carrie Hollins
Carrie Hollins Hónapja
1:44:28 ah i see a man of batman as well
Sezuin _
Sezuin _ Hónapja
Seeing all the people who are dead by day 3 reminds me of the ghost of Christmas past
Justin Heater
Justin Heater Hónapja
Yea I used to love drinking but older I got I just didn’t like like anymore so I actually completely stopped so I wouldn’t die
What am I doing with my time?
"Ouuu someone wants to get L A I D."
Cerebral TR
Cerebral TR Hónapja
“Fake Cake” Too easy
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo Hónapja
I find it so funny that jack is so offended that Abby hates video games when Sean is the gamer himself.
Sther Rayliris Paulino Cruz
Manny just done pull the "I don't speak English " card
Nörah Night
Nörah Night Hónapja
Hate them but love the cell part of their camp
Zzz Hónapja
Count of Monte Cristo? Sneaky game with its revenge theme......
Johnathan Hayes
Johnathan Hayes Hónapja
Jack only started complaining about the game when he switched over to abby
Benjamin Frost
Benjamin Frost 2 hónapja
You said, "we kind of started over" and mentioned that it messed up the pacing. You did that with Ellie in Last of Us 1 after Joel got severely wounded
Oliver Oates
Oliver Oates 2 napja
Not really, that still continued the story of the game it just did it from a different perspective. This game just goes back to the start and almost completely ruins the tension that’s built up in the Ellie stuff.
Benjamin Frost
Benjamin Frost 2 hónapja
There is a difference between saying its the games fault and just saying they don't like this game right now because of the state of the world currently. Just because this game is a wonderful game doesn't mean people have to like it or enjoy it or appreciate it if it isn't good for them right now Jack.
Roktrum Hónapja
@Benjamin Frost Bro i- man I just reply to comments on newest first I was responding because I didn't understand your point, not because I was trying to "white Knight Jack" Making longer comments to try and defend your point on something nobody really gives a shit about does not make you seem smart I'm acc so confused lmao
Benjamin Frost
Benjamin Frost Hónapja
@Roktrum It was a serious comment about a serious topic he addressed. So now guessing either a child or a troll. Enjoy your youtube white knight attention seeking trolling whatever it is. I will be ignoring you for here on out.
Benjamin Frost
Benjamin Frost Hónapja
@Roktrum Do you enjoy repeating yourself? You jumped on two of my comments as I said within minutes of one another on two different videos. I am not and was not upset. So no chill is needed. You however may want to chill and stop trying to troll and/or white knight for Jack. He can handle polite disagreements or statements that are contrary to his opinion. Since you have been a broken record that might just be looking for attention. I won't be responding to you anymore. So if you don't like reading my comments I would advice to not read them and just watch the videos and enjoy the entertainment.
Roktrum Hónapja
@Benjamin Frost also I was just trying to explain my point better why you gotta be so serious :(
Roktrum Hónapja
@Benjamin Frost bro it's a video game on a console and he's playing it to entertain people c h i l l
Benjamin Frost
Benjamin Frost 2 hónapja
Jack my guy....yes it happened in October. You came across 3 things in my memory in this play through that reminded you of that. Including a calender....Manny was found dead by Tommy.
Roktrum Hónapja
Bro, chill
Stefan Galic
Stefan Galic 2 hónapja
Jack at the end of last episode: I don't like you, Abby. Also Jack, one hour later: Go team Abby!
Inkdeath 2 hónapja
Jack says something along the lines of hearing gunshots as you walk down the street. Que my laughter because Jack isn’t American
RiverBelow93 2 hónapja
1:24:03 SHREK! I'm looking down!!
Bello 2 hónapja
"Manny, would you get off my ass for *one* second?" Me: "Relationship problems?"
Brady Cash
Brady Cash 2 hónapja
other youtubers playing tlou2: i could probably survive this. jack playing tlou2: wHisTleS aRe sCarY
Bart Oden
Bart Oden 2 hónapja
I agree. Getting drunk isn't as fun anymore. I mean, it feels fine at first, but waking up in the morning with a migraine and staying in bed all day wishing you were dead isn't how I want to go about my life.
Austin Reichert
Austin Reichert 2 hónapja
6:36 the best in the bidiness
Shane Norwood
Shane Norwood 2 hónapja
am i the onle one ho watched this a 2 times speed cus i didnt keer about abby
Roktrum Hónapja
you can just not watch the episodes
Shane Norwood
Shane Norwood 2 hónapja
sincerely i dont give a fuck about abby no mater how much the game wants me to feel compasion for her
Roktrum Hónapja
man you're so offended at a character in a video game wtf
george bibu
george bibu Hónapja
You don't need to have any compassion towards her to understand her.
CattForMayor 2 hónapja
bro i cant stop staring at abby's arms she can crush my neck with those biceps and id thank her
Gabriel R
Gabriel R 2 hónapja
Dude. Abby is fuckin jacked
Probuscus 519
Probuscus 519 2 hónapja
1:17:33 Sean's reaction when he puts pounds into kilos is so funny.
Probuscus 519
Probuscus 519 2 hónapja
I hate that Ellie stabbed Alice at the Aquarium. Im so mad this game is making people kill dogs.
Roktrum Hónapja
yeah its hard to watch :(
Sporgus Wacc
Sporgus Wacc 2 hónapja
When the dog did much more damage than dina i-
Just Emma
Just Emma 2 hónapja
Sean: Abby, Appreciate the artistry even if you don’t agree with it my art teacher: 👏