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This is the dumbest play in Among Us history
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2020.nov. 9.






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Jessica Foster
I am also a chaotic tasker. I’ll find where most of mine are then go around the circle lol
Pewds lets Ben Shapiro host meme review "gets constant hate and ppl try canceling him". Jack plays with 3 political democrats.. nothing at all happens to him. So jack yes your political talk is true, but liberals don't get nearly as much crap as ppl who even talk to republicans. Brian Urlacher, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers are great example "no one cares Aaron rodgers is a dem but look at what happened to Drew Brees. Nice video though, I have a bias of course like everyone but I still watch edit: 3 2nd edit: I just wanna say I can see the youtube/twitch community becoming very political, I don't personally think this is a good thing since we all come to youtube to get away from the real world but who knows maybe we'll have 300mil votes in America in 2024.
Sophia Galang
Sophia Galang 2 napja
Piotr Worwąg
Piotr Worwąg 7 napja
0:31 can you see me ? no lights around . hello, hello ? hello, hello ?
Alexandra Rose
jack played with the two most awful politicians in american history.
KaiserWaffle 9 napja
I plan on following a career in politics What are you trying to say?
Joshua Knoebel.
0:40 um, what?
itsmekalyn 10 napja
lmao i knew it was aoc and ilhan when coms was called, nobody who has been playing a while would call coms😂😂😂
Queen Bee
Queen Bee 14 napja
Wait was that like the REAL AOC because it sounded exactly like her but shes a politician you never think of politicians doing fun things like this god love AOC
RENEE Steger
RENEE Steger 15 napja
Immortal Yang
Immortal Yang 15 napja
Also, has nobody noticed that Ilhans mic is almost always unmuted? (No offense)
Immortal Yang
Immortal Yang 15 napja
9:24 *Greaseballs speech increased to 100*
dog food
dog food 16 napja
Jack septic tank
Everett 2 Gage
Everett 2 Gage 17 napja
Funny I just played a game with jack
Khairul Afham Muhazar
And you are the best youtuber
Khairul Afham Muhazar
You are the best and best gamer
neko 18 napja
wtf how are they playing with a politician
neko 14 napja
@Austin yeah its just crazy lmao i didnt even know they were politicians until i looked them up
Austin 14 napja
I think this had something to do with the election, since both AOC and Ilhan are Democrats
cloudx 9
cloudx 9 18 napja
So you played with tow of the biggest traitors in the country so you all can have publicity? Bye Jack
Austin 14 napja
Good job bro, calling out two Democrats *dropped the corruption rate to 0%*
Wolfpup 19 napja
Cole mcnasby
Cole mcnasby 21 napja
Whenever i get impostor i only kill in door sabotagable rooms
Maxwell Anderson
*20:05* Maia’s baby just sitting there in o2 looked so sad:(
Jomy Fotse
Jomy Fotse 23 napja
Corpse Titles: 666IQ Play Jacks Titles: -500IQ
Kayden Williams
Kayden Williams 23 napja
17:20 could make a man cry
Kayden Williams
Kayden Williams 23 napja
Aoc sounds like a teacher
GrayLeon 24 napja
I REALLY need to know what that piano piece was from 16:50 - 17:48 please. Anyone. I'm desperate. It's so pretty 😭
andrea lizarraga
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Laura Walker
Laura Walker 25 napja
Oh noooooooooooooooooooo cows farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt. Off with their heads...
aiden perricone
aiden perricone 27 napja
Sophie 27 napja
Wait yall are playing among us with women who basically control our country. Lucky
Nethercroc 1417
Nethercroc 1417 27 napja
It’s not spedicey it’s susicey
Swiiggity swooner Mcgee
I thought hasan was owen wilson at first
Efrem Blauer
Efrem Blauer 28 napja
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KARAN NAIDU 29 napja
Thumbnail part 8:46
Krishna B
Krishna B 29 napja
i love that he didnt even clickbait aoc and ilhan omar
Danika Weaver
Danika Weaver 29 napja
imagine playing among us with a us representative and mxmtoon.. like casually
BLANKMAN78 29 napja
Wow I just thought it was regular retards now that I know they’re Congress it explains everything. Side note Congresswomen are all expert liars just saying.
Lorrian Severson
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F In the chat
F In the chat Hónapja
Omar wants to kill America
Fovar Berma
Fovar Berma Hónapja
9:01 You should have accused each other. Then pointed to the innocent who walked in, as if he had tried to trick you both
Wolfania Hónapja
SagaHanson25 Hónapja
Does Charlie have his perspective of him and Sean as imposters uploaded? I need to see his side of that reactor flop
samantha kingdom
Angela RosaAshkohossainR
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Adrian F. Long
Adrian F. Long Hónapja
"Poki went straight to trash" So right, jack, so right
Efrem Blauer
Efrem Blauer Hónapja
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Efrem Blauer
Efrem Blauer Hónapja
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Ejiro Kirishima Ejirokirishma
Did no one noticed one of the players said"I used my sharingan eye "to be third imposter or something like that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
The grim Creeper
Omg AOC laugh is sooooo annoying
ThatPhatGuy23 Hónapja
Jack should make a story time series with that sweet Irish accent
Christopher sinks
I don’t like poki she’s way to dramatic
Gavin Rogala
Gavin Rogala Hónapja
Im very gay
Arielle Johnston
i like turtles
Arielle Johnston
@C.A.T.S Central lol!
C.A.T.S Central
C.A.T.S Central Hónapja
I like trains *hit by train*
Destiny Lucien
Destiny Lucien Hónapja
How many famous ppl is Jack going to play with honestly 😭 congresswomen?! At this point, give Joe Biden the code and he will be joining
tdjohnson666 Hónapja
poki didnt die first... im out
Taelo Simoni
Taelo Simoni Hónapja
BIg bRaIn
Dennis Prater
Dennis Prater Hónapja
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Queen Carter
Queen Carter Hónapja
Who is AOC? Sorry I live in a hole..
Queen Carter
Queen Carter Hónapja
Yea but whats her name??
Dimitris Papadakis
A congresswoman
Spooky Scary Skeletons
Your "bye friends" sounded so sad ;-;
15:45 Charlie why!?
Sweaty Rie-Rie
Sweaty Rie-Rie Hónapja
Wait, is he playing with THE AOC?
Brooke Langworthy
I always get incredibly nervous on imposter too lol. I'm not great at lying
JackAttack9961 Hónapja
Wait why the heck are they playing with 2 us representatives?
Kim. jong. Un.
Kim. jong. Un. Hónapja
socialist's don't work too hard
Ashley Wilkerson
What he says at 0:40 in electrical hahahahhahahaha
Erin Davis
Erin Davis Hónapja
Woooow as soon as I realized you were playing with Ilhan and AOC I lost a lot of respect for you. Just casually hanging with two anti-Semites? Sure. What a disappointment.
Austin 14 napja
Well we don't need sensitive people anyway. Auf wiedersehen! :)
Kit Fisto
Kit Fisto 28 napja
Piss off Karen
Riikka Laukkanen
wow playing with asinger dawgg
Bryan Timmons
Bryan Timmons Hónapja
I love your videos jack
BloodHound 1117
BloodHound 1117 Hónapja
Imagine just steeling the diamond from trash
Control_ball Hónapja
Never title something: Worst 500 iq plays
Nhial Lam
Nhial Lam Hónapja
Sean Cacho
Sean Cacho Hónapja
its ilhan jack
Kaleb Whitehead
Kaleb Whitehead Hónapja
Jack and Lupo: having a touching moment of goodbyes AOC: I voted early, get 'em ded
Queen Carter
Queen Carter Hónapja
And what does the ping number mean in the game????
Luna the Gachatuber
Idk how to explain it but i think it means like that you might like get out of the game and glitches some things out and then it kicks you out
Queen Carter
Queen Carter Hónapja
CAN SOMEONE PLLLLEEEAAASSEEE TELL ME WHAT THIS "IQ" stuff is that everyone puts in their titles, wtf does it mean!?!?!?!??!????
Queen Carter
Queen Carter Hónapja
@Luna the Gachatuber lmao wow so it's literally what it means, I was thinking too much into it 🤦🏼‍♀️ Thank you!!
Luna the Gachatuber
Iq is how smart you are- and i can tell your iq is 100- iq
Conor O'Neill
Conor O'Neill Hónapja
Yanie Hónapja
People must be so confused the first time they play with you since noone ever calls you the same name....
Annaleise Moore
Annaleise Moore Hónapja
Patrick M
Patrick M Hónapja
Oh god that first round. Yea its a game but hasan had to make a case to vote off a US congresswoman. Adds a tad bit more pressure. Love it
Andrew Reynolds
Andrew Reynolds Hónapja
Downvote for aoc
Kit Fisto
Kit Fisto 28 napja
boo hoo
basic gaming
basic gaming Hónapja
Jack is awseome i will always support your channel bro spedicey for life Edit: imagine he actually likes this
the puppo man
the puppo man Hónapja
Jack must have some amazing coffie to be 16$ a bag
Kim. jong. Un.
Kim. jong. Un. Hónapja
AS HE PLAYS WITH 2 SOCALIST'S....fucking gold
Duong Dac Trong
Duong Dac Trong Hónapja
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ඒ Circus_ Psychøඒ
Play Phasmaphobia with Corpse
Them all calling AOC Alex as if she isn't a famous politician!
mknz Hónapja
this had no right to make jack getting voted out that emotional
kitten king
kitten king Hónapja
0:07 hey your channels in there
addy henry
addy henry Hónapja
Did anybody else see that in the first game they play maya walks right passed jacks body? Like I know the lights are out but like report button???
Pro Ject2
Pro Ject2 Hónapja
cool content dudes
Playing among us in minecraft is a good idea?
Nazareadain Hónapja
I like how everybody's surprised politicians have hobbies.
Austin 14 napja
It's funny how people dehumanize people based on political ideas. No wonder our planet is going to die soon
5:08 Seán: Posts looooooooooll In the chat Sean in real life:😐🥱😏
Insephet Gamer
Insephet Gamer Hónapja
21:30 this scene in SOW bloopers Thalleous "I have, special eyes" Tygren "Can you not see? look, look with your special eyes" Thalleous "My brand"
Phat Cat
Phat Cat Hónapja
I'm sorry, was that final fantasy X theme music?!
Drew Nelson
Drew Nelson Hónapja
Aoc thought we needed to do away with cows for methane causes👀
Danny Merin
Danny Merin Hónapja
When Ilhan and AOC were arguing isn’t it technically a debate?
Elli_Loves Music
aoc is so cute: "Voted early! Gotta mail in the ballots *weeks* before the election" lmao I love her
Zuma Dude
Zuma Dude Hónapja
We need more games like this. I disagree with AOC and Ilhan Omar in virtually every way, yet that doesn't mean I can't enjoy watching a stream just because they're in it. That is what we need to learn, to get along and work together, even if we disagree.
Austin 14 napja
@Zuma Dude Exactly. I wouldn't give a damn it was a conservative or a liberal politician, they are literally playing a game. People these days get offended so quickly
Kit Fisto
Kit Fisto 27 napja
@Zuma Dude That's a refreshing thing to hear once and again.
Zuma Dude
Zuma Dude 28 napja
@Kit Fisto I agree.
Kit Fisto
Kit Fisto 28 napja
You're the first comment i've found who has some sense. Personally I agree with both of them in more ways than I disagree, but I mean, they are playing a video game, not debating.
Audrey bsitter
Audrey bsitter Hónapja
I don’t like politics at all but I think it’s pretty cool these guys just casually play with congresspeople
Kim. jong. Un.
Kim. jong. Un. Hónapja
nah we don't fuck with socialist's
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