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Had a bad day, let's try and make some other people's better
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2020.szept. 4.






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jacksepticeye 4 hónapja
Thanks for supporting what I do so we can help support others and pay it forward
3D MASTER - 25 napja
Every single person watching streams knows who you are. Wven my 6 years old daughter knows who you are
Father fishy
Father fishy Hónapja
Ben Schultz
Ben Schultz Hónapja
This video made my day thank you for the content Jack.
Ces Gonzales
Ces Gonzales 2 hónapja
You are wholesome dude.
Aaron Mills
Aaron Mills 2 hónapja
Please do more of these videos I love them
TacoEatingRino 4 órája
Last girl sounds like helen parr
Bismarck 5 órája
Kick club sends its regards
KiwiYknow 16 órája
Jack: doesn't feel great so he makes a video like this to make others feel good *not the person we deserved, but the person we needed.*
Arpit singh
Arpit singh 16 órája
anyone in 2021
Jacob Kellermann
Jacob Kellermann 22 órája
I hope the violin lady watches this video
mariethesizzler 9492
Awww he was so cute so excited about his 100$ (the first guy)
Minikaatje Napja
I teared up when you gifted another 100 to DrTao, that was incredibly sweet!
kieran heath
I love how on the last one the piano music fit in perfectly when he was talking.
Toria Lamp
Toria Lamp Napja
27:53 i feel like i just drank wine with him as he gave me a speech about how he feels...so basically i felt like a fancy therapist??? idk it was just really nice to listen to Sean while piano music was in the background. and Sean... 26,000,000 people know you. of course there gonna know you, they are subscribed to you because they love you. they love what you make, they love how you are, and they will love you and grow with you forever. and haters are just people with shit lives that just put it on the internet because it's easier that way. So to rap this long ass comment up, the moral is, is that; if your thinking people don't like you just sit and think of how much people you talk to and how they listen to you, and how many people who have been there with you because those are the real people who love and support you, and also don't late haters get you down because if they succeed it'll bring you down and then encourage them to do it more.
Encaris Napja
Watching this has made me so happy. Thanks for doing this!
Валерьян Анненков
“Thanks for the dono but now we gotta fight” Jack: 👁👄👁
John Athanasiou
2020 was such a tough year for all but you helped make it so beautiful. Some seriously talented people out there, all missed by talent shows. Love their reactions
Isabela silva
Isabela silva 2 napja
I didn' see anyone say it, but just letting you know the Portuguese part was right, from what the boy said he really liked it
Marta Cabral
Marta Cabral 2 napja
MY HEART DROPPING when at exactly minute 8:14 the guy is flying over MY ISLAND, in PORTUGAL! I'm not ok...... I'm literally freaking out.
シDee 3 napja
Getting famous off comments day 47 🐐👍
Siri Brown
Siri Brown 3 napja
This video made me smile during what has so far been a really emotionally tough first two weeks of 2021. Thank you.
Esteban Corral
Weyyyy HBD que haces crack, reaccionando al aczino seguro paiii
Derrick Spearman
Hot fire by dat violinist
Renaud Lavoisier
The violonist girl is the best
Mansimran singh
When jack said no one like my content jack you are fucking lieing everyone like your content
Riska Malerbe
Riska Malerbe 6 napja
This was really amazing Jack. This video made my day, thank you for sharing this video with us! 🙏🦊
Kelli Lair
Kelli Lair 6 napja
I love these videos Jack!
Danielle Pitos
This video made me sob 😭
Elora Finch
Elora Finch 6 napja
It was a touching moment and then siri popped in. 😂
Gabriel Taylor
So heat warming jack, you impact so many lives in a good way!!!!!!!!! =)
JEDI RAEL 7 napja
Good Job Jack!
hrk 7 napja
the Brazilian dude its sayin' things like "no way, no way, impossible, no way! that shit is real? no way, bro, no way"
hes always like "Oh wow, they know me?" like dude a third of the global population knows who you are even just slightly, just know you exist
Taden Christ
Taden Christ 7 napja
The piano girl what's Dodge like when she said you make a difference in so many people's lives. 🤘
wellvin cañete
DabStab_4 8 napja
playing piano its as hard as you think
;oooo DOG! 19:44
Viva La Valo
Viva La Valo 9 napja
I cant believe you went on Vinny's live, that wholesome to see both my favorite people interact
Spamstream Kimbler
The piano player part was so wholesome and beautiful-
Anti Imperialism Channel
The cute violin girl with the glasses deserves 5,000
Zena Nakazato
Zena Nakazato 9 napja
I donated my $3000 worth bits to my favorite small yt streamer this Christmas. I hope she's doing well. Ps5 can wait. I'd be sad if she stops streaming
Zena Nakazato
Zena Nakazato 9 napja
Yes. That's ¥30万 (¥300k) .
jartstopsign 10 napja
Dude the Karma you have from giving back so much joy to others 10 fold is off the charts. So effing cool
Stephani Hunsperger
How are 1.7K going to dislike..... this is the best thing that ever happen to these people and he did something good so your going to do what?! Dislike..... Wow I see the type of person you are.
Eternal_Stigma 10 napja
THIS was what I wanted for the newest donating to small streamers video. This was donating to small, streamers, people with low viewers. In the other video almost every streamer was verified and averaged 100 viewers per stream.
danicallmeover 10 napja
Yeah what you said in portuguese was correct and the guy basically just said "no, no, no fucking way" 😂 great video as always 🙏🏼
Sharky 24
Sharky 24 10 napja
this is why jack deserves everything hes such a great person and he makes so many people so happy and thats including me and i hope hes doing well
Temporary Bakery
This adorable
Mya Wilkinson
Mya Wilkinson 10 napja
I love how everyone knows who he is
Eric Keating
Eric Keating 10 napja
Watching these vids have me on an emotional high right now
Matthew Clarke
Matthew Clarke 11 napja
Twitch should do a Verified Donator Status for users that donate high quantities of dosh, that displays for streamers who receive high value donations from users, so they know if its a sketchy sketch charge back risk or no.
Sonja Boo
Sonja Boo 11 napja
hey wait VINNY?!?
Adam Griggs
Adam Griggs 11 napja
I've watched you in passing off and on for a while, but never a fan or subscribed until now.... took me awhile to realize my face hurt from the grin you put on my face for 20 minutes straight... love it good vibes man!
Gabbie Bailey
Gabbie Bailey 11 napja
Foxy Ranger
Foxy Ranger 11 napja
Digital combat simulator aka dcs is the best flight sim in the world you can fly awsome jets like mig-29, f-5e, su-33 and much more
Edward de Smalen
These videos always make me smile for the whole video. Jack, you are the best
Memocraze cox
Memocraze cox 12 napja
"Is that right?" Jackspedicy
꧁BCon Gaming꧂
Eva Zaragoza Diaz
Yes mr. Yeast love it.😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗
Nom 13 napja
18:28 oh yeah Jack? Anyone ever heard the tragedy of the viola?
Braedan Quinn
Braedan Quinn 13 napja
Jack, you make everyone's day better. LYSM!!
Gavin Milewski
Gavin Milewski 13 napja
Seán: “No one likes Jacksepticeye’s content.” His 26 million Subscribers: “Are we a joke to you?”
Francis 13 napja
Anyone know what Fareeha is playing at 24:41? but I'm guessing it's improv. What a nice music
Reece Playz
Reece Playz 13 napja
I need to start my own twitch and set a money goal for drumset upgrade
O.P.K_Arcticfox _
i didnt know the drummer dude can use genjutsu
This is so nice
Easton Nichols
Easton Nichols 14 napja
If you ever do another one, look up bouldini, he’s been at it for over 5 years and is completely dedicated, his hard work should be able to pay off eventually and it would mean the world to him
Chili Ghost
Chili Ghost 14 napja
Duuuude.. your cam quality is nuts. What kind of cam is that? :o
lil Jayden
lil Jayden 14 napja
I've been watching jacksepticeye for so long top of the morning to you ladies
Hugo 14 napja
Jack you donated little over 2500 reais, converting thats like 6000 dollars fuck yeah, ur amazing
Viper -_-
Viper -_- 15 napja
That violin chick is getting a sub from me
Dooode McBaggins
Jack got 26.1 million subs and he’s still surprised whenever people know him 😂😂 I’m sure he’s joking but it’s funny
God of memes Plays
I'm Portuguese
Gracie Kettlehake
His face after he stops laughing😂 13:38
camilalal 15 napja
"What? No no way. No. No no nno no. No fucking wa- WHAT THE HELL BRO? WHAT THE FUCK DUDE JSDJKDFSK? IT WAS!!! WHAT WAS THAT"
Tim Stack
Tim Stack 15 napja
I think I am going to do this. I've been fairly lucky that Covid has had no more impact on my life other then an inconvenience. I am a bus driver, so have always been an essential employee and not affected by Covid as much as many others have.. This was such a feel good video that I want pay it forward too. Obviously not as much as you as I am not that well off, lol. But my budget has gotten a lot better in the last few months that I think I can easily find A small streamer out there that can use $100 or $200 more than I. (I'd have just bought more board games to sit on a shelf with no players to play with anymore)
gabriel d
gabriel d 12 napja
hey tim, that's some generous shit right there. you have a good heart man, continue doing what u love. stay blessed dawg and have a great life.
Ghost Face
Ghost Face 16 napja
Does anyone else go back to jacksepticey’s old skate videos
Themeatly2 -
Themeatly2 - 16 napja
-Did You Notice- That plane game is from Microsoft.
Kain Kage
Kain Kage 16 napja
Humble and doing good impact to other ppl, gj!
Cait McLea-Mitchell
This made my day, thank you. I really needed it.
Lisa D
Lisa D 17 napja
I absolutely love the content. Had me laughing when you tried not to laugh, had a tear in my eye as I watched you donate to smaller streamers just to make their day better. Can't wait to watch more content! New sub.
henriqueacabral 17 napja
I am officially in love with jackspeticeye! dude you rock
Tear Drop
Tear Drop 17 napja
guys i think this is real life
gargles 17 napja
god i wish i could have heard the chop suey drumming 💔
Psychic. DreamGirl
CoolioMirio 18 napja
Sean: oh my god, they know who I am! Yes jack, 26 Million subscribers and somebody knows you exist, good job.
anxie 18 napja
" t
Berber The Dreamer
Corps 💵 100
Roslynn Ferguson
Roslynn Ferguson
BiggerSteve 15 napja
@Roslynn Ferguson You shouldn't be watching jacksepticeye then, damnit!
Roslynn Ferguson
BiggerSteve 15 napja
@Roslynn Ferguson oh hell naw :)
Roslynn Ferguson
Roslynn Ferguson
Piano girl I LOVE HEAR VOICE 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 WOW
Karina Montes
Karina Montes 19 napja
Wow I loved this!!!
Julie's fun times 2
The thumbnail saod "sans donated $300" and that caught my eye
Owen Brandt
Owen Brandt 19 napja
Bro the first drummer has a floppy banana in the background
Mashiro Lovers
Mashiro Lovers 19 napja
portugal kkkk
-Qexxet- 19 napja
I wish I'd be able to do this. Like, I don't mean being the person getting the donation. I mean literally being able to support small streamers to this huge extent and make people smile. Almost cried at the end because of the content you make, it makes me so happy to know that the world still has people with a big heart that loves to make others happy instead of just caring for themselves... Keep up the good content Jack.
Leviathan Carter
Jack: *has several million fans* Also Jack: "Wait you know who I am?"
Callum Wade
Callum Wade 20 napja
:') Ahhhh I love you.
RetroDevil 20 napja
This video makes me so happy 🥺☺️🥰👁👁 👁👁🅱️🤏
sl memo
sl memo 21 napja
Why are you wasting money like this? You never know how many lives you can save from that wasted money. I have no money to buy remedies to see how many people die every day in countries like mys. There is no one to help those in need like us. I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do .It's your decision .I hope you do something useful to the world. If anyone wants to help me, I would like to give you all the details. Thank you. (My Email - slchalitha@gmail.com)
Kaden Buff
Kaden Buff 21 napja
Jack you are so sweet dude. I wish only the best for you!
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 21 napja
Harli Roldan
Harli Roldan 21 napja
I wish I could sub, but my parents noticed my account is attached to another account, so I’ll like! I hope one small like represents 1 billion. :)
StinkyTimesGuy 21 napja
Wholesome. Very Wholesome.
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