Beating the ENTIRE game in one video 

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I finished all of Subnautica in ONE video
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Rackoon 1234
Rackoon 1234 6 perccel
i hope he knows that there are mods where he can spawn the bigger leviathans cause i would love to see his reaction to that
Thomas Sheahan
Thomas Sheahan 54 perccel
ive been subbed for a long time and I was younger and thought this game would've been boring I now understand what a massive mistake that was
Lara Jenkins
Lara Jenkins Órája
Sunbeam: oh shit the building bout to blow us up- The g.u.n: hehe gun go bang :)
yes ive been waiting so song for a replay at this . love the content .
günther Órája
star citizen btw
The Olson's
The Olson's Órája
30:25. I feel called out lol
stop the bassline
Just bought this game great vid
Barbara Azevedo
Barbara Azevedo 2 órája
Please Jack, play the new Subnautica Below Zero its a new story and its amazing . New series of subnautica 🙏
Rachel Sato
Rachel Sato 3 órája
Will warpers still attack you after you’re cured and cured the planet?
Jack i just want to say that I finished subnautica like a week ago and it was all possible because of you're series
Drae Sway32
Drae Sway32 5 órája
Remember the first time when he got the eggs and started making Kevin
EXO-_ -WEEB 5 órája
Scans and theres a reaper behind him
EXO-_ -WEEB 5 órája
Jack:wants to play it for the first time again so bad he hits himself in the head with a brick so he forgets it
VybzFN 6 órája
Imagine crying playing subnautica 😂 Me playing it: 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Captain Eccleston
Hey jack is you have a grappling arm and propulsion cannon combine with prawn you can move really fast also neebs gaming might be tied for series of subnautica cause they roleplayed
Jarl Sunshot
Jarl Sunshot 7 órája
whos gonna tell jack bout the Gargantuan Leviation mod?
VybzFN 6 órája
They did
Riel Harvey
Riel Harvey 8 órája
get your rest gramps
Leana Q
Leana Q 8 órája
Are you gonna do a play through on subzero once it’s completed???
Jacob Hastings
Jacob Hastings 9 órája
13:43 was when my mum walked in
Daxten Pedersen
Daxten Pedersen 9 órája
I love survival games but I hate deep water but I love subnautica
Filip Sköldh
Filip Sköldh 11 órája
5:12 u sure bro
Husky Gaming
Husky Gaming 12 órája
I got subnatica because of you so thank you
VybzFN 6 órája
Alex Pearson
Alex Pearson 12 órája
I fucking love where they have gone with Below Zero story because it answers questions but also raises a load of new ones I would recommend anyone who has played the first to play through Below Zero when it's fully released
BeanBandit 0
BeanBandit 0 12 órája
Brilliant game love playing it on Xbox
Ivz 13 órája
"You gotta put it in" "I just didn't know how I was gonna put it in" We are off to a good start
Tommie O'Sullivan
Tommie O'Sullivan 15 órája
I swear I leave this guy for ONE YEAR and he brings back the green hair and the old intro? WHAT HAS HAPPENED DURING 2020?!?!
Caleb Martin
Caleb Martin 15 órája
2:19 six consoles
Bxndit 21 órája
The Usual good content since the Beginning of the Channel,you Haven't changed alot,and the small amounts that you did are unnessecary please stay Healthy and Safe
Rocketplays 22 órája
Wow the vid Is on 240p
Rush Rosvall
Rush Rosvall 23 órája
I love you, Jack.
Prypiat Shadow
Prypiat Shadow 23 órája
OddEdd Napja
adorable sea emperor
Kathleen Boliver
also the penguins have sharp teeth
ervan93 nurla
35:22 well there is already a mode for this creature wicht its calld Gargantua leviathan
Logan Dunn
Logan Dunn Napja
16:52 nice
You know what Jack fine if you want me to watch your subnautical play through I'll watch your subnautica play through. I was planning on doing it anyway but you convinced me to do it before I even finished this one lol
Weird Man
Weird Man Napja
And this is why I don't like playing creative Subnautica. THE STUPID PDA WONT JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!
Absolutely Feral
I had my phone connected to the downstairs Alexa and I fuckin started the video and all I here is ‘TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YE LADDIES’ followed by my cat scrambling upstairs full speed in panic.
Logan Taylor
Now do it drunk plzzz
TK- 8190
TK- 8190 Napja
I still don’t know why he goes around the island instead of just going straight
SLADE12345678910 5
43:22 Same glitch happened to me after getting stuck inside the walls of the thermal plant. F in chat if u want
Mitchell Grahame
"I just wanna get back into the game and not have to worry about survival." *warning entering ecological dead zone* "no No NO!!!"
SLADE12345678910 5
once my sister told me to shoot a reaper with a gun so I shot it with my stasis rifle.
Reien Guidry
And I STILL cry at the end. Good lord
Madisyn Golab
Sean: That's all it is, Miles. It's a leap of faith. *jumps* HUrun: Here, have an ad.
SuperIosGamer 1234
The nostal-jack is washing over me once more! ❤
mei mei!!
mei mei!! Napja
drunk asf rn thank u for putting me and my friend to bed cuz we rlly need. It and the maccas needs to settle
Lucas Hemm
Lucas Hemm Napja
"I guarantee nobody else cried playing Subnautica" Me when my friend finally lets me play Subnautica for the first time: Finally all these years of research have payed off!
official respectful social gamer
fun fact #63: you don't actually leave the planet if you view the cinematic from outside of the space ship/rocket
Awesome Aroura
Antoine S
Antoine S Napja
probably my favorite game ever no cap
Hyp3rdog 4873
Jack theres a mod for the massive skeleton to come to life😂
Jacob Baldwin
Jacob Baldwin 2 napja
Has anyone ever tried to attach a floater to a warper? Maybe 3?
Ragnarok 2 napja
Watch out for those dammned Space Pirates!! Oh wait wrong game.
Alex Thorley
Alex Thorley 2 napja
I just got subnautica the other day and got to play it for the first time.
JJH Games
JJH Games 2 napja
Does anyone still remember his very first subnautica playthrough, before the game was even known or had a story (or prawn suits). His final episode was just around when the floating island was added. He turned it into Jurassic park and spawned a reaper on the outside 😂😂. Its good to know how far both jack and subnautica have come.
Vyorus 2 napja
Jack: I want to be able to find a Gargantuan Leviathan A Gargantuan Return mod: *Am I a joke to you?*
WardenHerring 2 napja
When you realize that corona is similar in sound to the Karar virus.
Isaac Mounsey
Isaac Mounsey 2 napja
Your my favorite HUrun ever
Raygar Natsumae
THere is a Mod that can add that to the game
Conner Paintball
I remember the terraformer tool it was nice I loved it, man hearing about the transformer tool really gives me a severe case of nostalgia I remember trying to make my own island with my base in better than to it but that did not work it was just a little spider with a small island on top and a weak little hatch so I'm glad you brought up a terraformer tool thank you.
Taylor Blank
Taylor Blank 2 napja
I think we all agree that yes, this was THE BEST playthrough of ANY game EVER. This was the best Christmas present EVER. Love you Jack and rock that green hair!
Adorable Taeddy Bear
Subnautica kinda predicted the future
Guinea pigs
Guinea pigs 2 napja
Jack:exists Me: This is quality content
#AdventureBRO 2 napja
Did you know that one video whenever you made that huge fish tank you could’ve gone to hire you just have to build one tube out and then put a hatch above
Tokio 2 napja
18:59 how did he fix the ship then blow it back up?
Kyrptori 2 napja
0:22 Thats what she said
ultra bacon hair
18:22 hey reafys (1 second latter) BOOM
Zoltan Vamosi
Zoltan Vamosi 2 napja
SwiftyXRD 2 napja
Is he revisiting games? I'd like to see him actually attempt Metal Gear Solid V without giving up on episode 2
WNG 2 napja
I joust started my hard core world so finding this is cool
Richard Mckain
never stop playing Subotica
Samuel Sloop
Samuel Sloop 2 napja
Can’t wait till below zero comes out fully done and jack gets to shit himself all over again
reusablespark 72
Jack there is actually a mod being made to bring the giant in the lost river to life you should play it when its finished
Terry Beasley
Terry Beasley 2 napja
The gargantuan leviathan is in the game now. Not sure if the code to spawn it has been released to the public yet or not but I do know some people have gotten their hands on the code (with permission of course) and have checked out the juvenile and the adult gargantuan leviathan.
Lukas Kleinhans
I had goosebumps several times watching this video. Subnautica is just great.
valdemar dibbern
just sayin the perimeter defense system is OP AS FUCK
Turned Wheat
Turned Wheat 2 napja
I remember the little Septic Sam Desc decoration
morcovelc io
morcovelc io 3 napja
Jack is a mod with the Gargantuan leviathan
cool22 cj
cool22 cj 3 napja
Cara virus
R Lynealle
R Lynealle 3 napja
jack talkin about how he has one of the best subnautica series me over here wondering what he's talkin about with one of the best when it is the best subnautica series in youtube
I would play it but after sitting in the safe shallows for half an hour with the game paused, crying in fear? Yeah, maybe not meant for me.
Tripod 190
Tripod 190 3 napja
I wish i could play that game. Cuz its not on xbox 360. So im sving up for a pc maybe
RyyyMyyy 3 napja
@22:12 all the way down all the WAY DOWN
Michelle G
Michelle G 3 napja
I wasn't even subscribed to you at the time and I still bought the game because of your series. I little things
bluesoulwolf14 blue
My man hell ye I love this game
Bryce Potts
Bryce Potts 3 napja
The gun shot the sunbeam down when it is super close but the aurora very far away
InsaneComb59357 YouTube
I have thylsayphobia so i cant play subnautica lol
Luckx26 3 napja
I cant play this game its too scary its scarier than most horror games
Jack, you should replay Subnautica except you download the mod that adds in all the extinct creatures.
The outdoorsmen Aidan chris Xander
I watched this when it came out last time it was great
oceanmaker 3 napja
I miss the carving tool, you could do so much stuff with it! Want to dig to the lava zone? Sure why the heck not! Watching this video as a whole makes me happy. This could be one of my favorite games of all time. Playing it is such a experience , this game is also so rewarding. Every time I got farther down into the depths of the world it made me feel so accomplished in myself. If any one here haven’t played this game, and I mean EVERYONE HERE should play this game. It’s a very wonderful and interesting experience.
Lapin Dicitte
Lapin Dicitte 3 napja
35:15 there's mod for that
Jens Thys
Jens Thys 3 napja
just went through the languages in subnautica cuz i wanted to change it to english(was in dutch cus i'm from belgium) qnd i saw a language setting for irish!!
The Crimsonwrath
You wanna see the big skeleton come to life?!! Are you sure!? If so, download the Gargatuan Leviathan mod. You'll see what it is.
The Crimsonwrath
YES!!! HE DID THE OLD SLAP SCREEN THING!! I still haven't checked out his other videos does he always do that.
Zackary Rueda
Zackary Rueda 3 napja
I stoped playing when the Juvenile Ghost Leviathan killed me,broke my cyclops,and broke my seamoth all at the same time while I was trying to get to an island
Ç Karahan
Ç Karahan 3 napja
35:23 ,there is a mod for it you should definitely check out.
Ç Karahan
Ç Karahan 3 napja
Sea Emperor greatest creature in every game
Nolan Huebsch
Nolan Huebsch 3 napja
Jack you can find that monster in the hidden river. You just need to add a mod in subnatica. Please. I need you to download it so you can run out of your room scared
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I finally got a car and crashed it
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