Among Us Hide and Seek with PROXIMITY CHAT 

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Among Us Hide and Seek with proximity chat is the funniest mode we've ever invented
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jacksepticeye Hónapja
Do you think when Dave dies he goes to the Daveyard?
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith 3 napja
I hate it but its so fucking goosd
Hannah Leeds
Hannah Leeds 5 napja
xxFallen Angel
Yea maybe 🤔 keep up the good work! ♥️♥️
Bucheria 9 napja
@Annoyingly cheerful person A CORPSE-yard
Amber in the box
Amber in the box 17 órája
"Omg, it's stairs" Line of the century for me. Lol
I’m not used to Jaiden swearing
J J Napja
Am I the only one that laughed each and every time he said the dave-yard joke? XD
maranda bautsch
13:50 peak content right there
iamtimyah _
iamtimyah _ 3 napja
Jack: Do you think when Dave dies he goes to the Dave yard? Everyone: **walks away** Jack: I fvcking hate it here Me at 4 am: **dies of laughter**
James Smithers
I just realised that the Jaiden you've been playing with is Jaiden Animations, and I'm freaking out a little bit...
Lexie Tello
Lexie Tello 5 napja
Jack is an irish cinnamon roll
TheDabKingg21 6 napja
I agree my Ingenius Irish friend!
lunar5000 6 napja
Omg the start scared me because I had my volume up xD
Devan Shouse
Devan Shouse 8 napja
Jack: Do you think when Dave dies he goes to the Daveyard? Corpse: *......... leaves*
Craig Razo
Craig Razo 9 napja
Lemon_Gold 9 napja
11:37 pEWds Simp For ............jadien
XIX-Deadly Gaming-XIX
Morgan Gamez
Morgan Gamez 11 napja
get haunted bro
H1J 11 napja
Im so tired, i laughed at sean-yard
SortOfChiaki 12 napja
We want corpse asmr
ZankyDoo 12 napja
Dragons Breath107
0:50 head phone user did u hear that
bag head
bag head 12 napja
3:17 Cursed pog
Coltyn Stone-Lamontagne
Omg it's steps! 🤯
niamh rattigan
niamh rattigan 13 napja
If Seán and Evelyn ever have children They shall be half spud
Gaming Waffle
Gaming Waffle 14 napja
I always say ooga booga and I always say shitballs and jack also does
Prototype 01
Prototype 01 15 napja
Could someone explain how the Among Us kill sound was made? Sounds kinda like strings to me, but I'm not sure about it...
Bamskna McBombskina
ngl your Davy Jones impression was pretty good.
Ash Smith
Ash Smith 15 napja
I’m rewatching this just for the Dave yard joke
Riley M
Riley M 16 napja
Dave might go to the Dave yard... or maybe Dave-y jone’s Locker. 50/50 chance
Bleebapoop Mlem
Bleebapoop Mlem 17 napja
16:02 omg when Jaiden tried to copy Corpse's thing 😂😂😂 it's so cuuuuuuuute wtfffff
Elijah Fulljames
Why is the weird face at the bottom 😂
The one and only Crackhead aka Bts army
Oh my gawd ahahah
Stealthblade03 19 napja
I like the cover on the code im laughing
Ryan Micheals
Ryan Micheals 19 napja
4:20 your welcome ;)
Hipsefijkid 19 napja
'I'm having fun with my friends!" .. "Felix, you fucking stink, I've never liked you, you suck"
Casper Allen
Casper Allen 19 napja
Omg i just realised that “jaiden” jaiden animations
professor lemon
professor lemon 19 napja
you said it was hide n seek :(
Karissa Stenlund
Jack repeating one terrible joke over and over to all his friends and awaiting laughter is s u c h a mood
Teri Smith
Teri Smith 20 napja
You guys should play teams, an imposter on each team and the team with the most players remaining and most tasks done wins.
Caleb Hutchins
Caleb Hutchins 20 napja
“Wow what a cool video” “I can’t believe this video exists” “It’s incredible in every way” “I’ve never seen a better video”
Kirsten Griffin
Kirsten Griffin 20 napja
Ok so this is my 6th and final comment ( I hope ) but you said dave-yard 5 times and it keeps getting better and better every time you say it....I love your videos............but like 6 comments tho I am sus (so are you tho)🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣lol
Kirsten Griffin
Kirsten Griffin 20 napja
SEWER NOISES THOSE NOISES WERE BOOTIFUL NOISES.................WOW HOW COULD JADIEN (I think that's how you spell it) SAY THAT!!!!!!!...............I am being stupid .............5th comment on this video.....oh and *whispers* your still sus......
Kirsten Griffin
Kirsten Griffin 20 napja
WHAT'S UP WITH THE CATFISH THIS IS LOW-KEY MY 3RD COMMENT ON THIS VIDEO 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 LOL 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I JUST CAN'T.....oh and I got a secret for you.............................................*whispers* your sus
Kirsten Griffin
Kirsten Griffin 20 napja
Why Dave do you like thissssss at 14:36 Dave high-jacked your joke he high-joked (credits for that pun goes to tomas sanders)I "stole" the pun jk I borrowed it reeeee this is my 2nd comment on this video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣LOL
Kirsten Griffin
Kirsten Griffin 20 napja
I'M SORRY BUT AT 2:22 DID CORPSE MOAN LIKE WHAT WAS THAT I AM LOW-KEY FREAKING OUT LIKE AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT NOTICED THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!........me low key just replaying that over and over again 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂lol
Shawn Coleman
Shawn Coleman 21 napja
I am only 13
Shawn Coleman
Shawn Coleman 21 napja
ooga booga
Sindy Gerber
Sindy Gerber 21 napja
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toastie was here
poor joel had to listen to the daveyard like 4 times
Instead of des society... welcome to the dead poets society... get it
aiden perricone
aiden perricone 21 napja
Chipperson's Encyclopedia Emporium
He legitimately liked the daveyard joke 😅
Britty's Journal
I can't tell if Dave is laughing at the joke or laughing out of fear LOL
Theissen Pierce
Theissen Pierce 23 napja
n013ody's channel
I think corpse should be a voice actor
besir coban
besir coban 23 napja
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Archer_ Puppy
Archer_ Puppy 23 napja
Irish Potato
Aqua Falcon
Aqua Falcon 25 napja
It does let the dead talk in chat when you text only the other dead can see it and you can use chat when ever but I think they should not have the meeting for the dead or they have a different one where they pick one to live
Sanchez Alice
Sanchez Alice 25 napja
hdiwbak how do yall set up the proximity chat
Abhishek Chauhan
This is my 99th yt id to subscribe to jack
Tristan 25 napja
amazing wowowow perfect video incredible you're the best ever channel thanks for channeling on youtube
Erik Moyer
Erik Moyer 25 napja
11:50 nice joke jack I only with Steve could hear it
Kale Kale
Kale Kale 25 napja
Toyed with you(12) dads game gotta follow the rules to win
Sinopa Wyntirs
Sinopa Wyntirs 26 napja
Your Davy Jones sounds like Warfstache.
Some Gem
Some Gem 26 napja
Yasin Makda
Yasin Makda 26 napja
Do you think when corpse goes to the daveyard, he buries Dave's corpse underground?
Jennifer St. George
I love that PJ died and Sean IMMEDIATELY starts laughing at him lmfao
Bad Vibes Only
Bad Vibes Only 27 napja
Everyone: "Let me get this straight: you think that daveyard joke is funny?" Sean: "I do. And I'm tired of pretending it's not."
JELLY BEAN 28 napja
Sean the Ghost: ' *horse grunts* '
Fire angel
Fire angel 28 napja
Virgin joke was kind of rapey
Sapphire Gamer
Sapphire Gamer 28 napja
This isn’t live tho? Why cover the code?
studio ama
studio ama 27 napja
Well, it is. He masks the code because when he is recording he actually is in live
Gaming with Christian
I sub
Gaming with Christian
Serena bella
Serena bella 29 napja
I would've had a new level of respect for you Sean if you titled the video "when Dave diez does he go to the Dave-yard"
8mmKyle 29 napja
This part is so funny on Pewds' video. You just see Jack run into frame screaming "I'm doing lights!" 5:11
{ Insert Funny Name } !!!
Idk why but every time I hear Jadien swear I feel like I need to call the language police. I think it’s because I dont hear her swear very often
Ben Russell
Ben Russell Hónapja
I’m confused why is there a face in the middle of the video?
Dijana Tesovic
Dijana Tesovic Hónapja
Is that Jadien animations????!!!!
Lil Cozy
Lil Cozy Hónapja
*Its always a Swede that dies first*
easton barrett
easton barrett Hónapja
Wait how is this hide and seek if no one is hiding
DiamondBree07 Lee
12:32 whenever I see corpse as a ghost I think to myselft "man. The name matches"
WARPIG 645 Hónapja
Jack: FO YOUR TASKS Fellow crewmate: why dont you do yours? Jack: (kills) XD XD XD XD XD
leggy leggy
leggy leggy Hónapja
i love hiw jack forgot to cange from the facecam
Sebastian Rodriguez
You got the thumbnail idea from vanoss right
Megan Becker
Megan Becker Hónapja
I watch this about once a week. I love the Daveyard joke. 🤣
初音ミク Hónapja
11:33 pEWds and nogla running away from jaiden funniest sh*t i've ever seen
spacewolfcub Hónapja
11:34 “Oh no the babies! The babies?” 😂😂😂
Ian W
Ian W Hónapja
hey this is such a great video
Rabie Tariq
Rabie Tariq Hónapja
Singing Death
Singing Death Hónapja
How do you get the voice mod?
Zohair Ahmad Jafri
I just realized that jaidens name is jadien
Ethan Parks
Ethan Parks Hónapja
B A B I E S 11:34
Sozl Hónapja
Omg jaiden!!!
__artist.izzy__ _
Jack, please finish trover
Aspen / Ash
Aspen / Ash Hónapja
"Jaiden, you're not haunting!" "..." "..." "uwawawawawawawawuwa"
Isassin Hónapja
How the hell does he play Among Us at 60 fps 2:58
Jack: ** Haunting people** The subtitles: [Music]
Lotekk Flotekk
Lotekk Flotekk Hónapja
Jacksepticeye should make a among us song
dodo skeet
dodo skeet Hónapja
spedicy: do you think that when Dave dies he goes to the Dave-yard? everyone even felix who is alive: nah nah imma head out.
isabella landa
isabella landa Hónapja
Jack: "Oh come on! I'm the nice one. I haven't said anything bad about any of these fucking morons!" Me POV: You just did by calling them "fucking morons" 🤣🤣
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