300 IQ Impostor Gameplay In Among us 

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300 IQ Impostor Gameplay In Among us
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jacksepticeye 4 hónapja
Have you subbed? I HEAR LIAR VOICE!
Kimika Kashiri
Memay Amborn
Memay Amborn 25 napja
I subbed
Two socially awkward people
@EndermanPierce I agree, I was in admin turning on notifications
Autumn Towles
Autumn Towles Hónapja
I subbed promis
Springtrap Beauty
Billy Bob Joe III
Who dislikes Jack's videos, they're * G O L D E N *
Ripped fungus
Ripped fungus 5 napja
After this video now I know the jack way of among us
Ripped fungus
Ripped fungus 5 napja
Ya I subscribed
hayley rose
hayley rose 6 napja
this is one of my favorite lobbies of all time, all we need is jasom and sykkuno
Abigail Coffee
This group votes on 7 lmao but with toasts group they never vote on 7 😂😂
Stephanie Guilbert
i just came back to this video since it was first uploaded because im drunk and bored but that was a very shitty move by greaseball rating out his own partner. like wtf
Ace Cat
Ace Cat 14 napja
The guns didnt move when ethan did it so gun fact ethan faked asteroids
Joshua Knoebel.
Joshua Knoebel. 15 napja
What if the viles are their blood, and the impurity is the imposters blood?
Liberty Moody
Liberty Moody 16 napja
ethan faked a task the pew pew guns didnt move or make noise
Foxy TV
Foxy TV 17 napja
my friend is a BIG fan
Cornelius Godfrey
why did he put his head in the middle bottom when he can put it bottom left
Potat04lyfe 22
No its to cover the code
Sidney Peterson
Sidney Peterson 17 napja
I think he edited himself to the middle so he wasn’t blocking anything during meetings but he ended up he wouldn’t have even blocked anything
godoffire 19 napja
One day me and my girlfriend started a among us game and someone that was named corpe's and they where pretending to be the actual corpse and they where so rude
Cynthia Alvarez
Cynthia Alvarez 20 napja
royden bird
royden bird 22 napja
Does jack know the tricks to knowing who faking tasks
Khairul Afham Muhazar
Jack you are the best]
noodle noodle
noodle noodle 25 napja
im waiting till midnight by catching up on watching jack do among us.... but i love it so what
ThePigVillage ————————
**Black square has entered the group chat.*
aiden perricone
aiden perricone 25 napja
Salty Bicky
Salty Bicky 26 napja
Jack: *breathes while being crewmate* Felix: okay he’s good Jack: *breathes while being imposter* Felix: there’s a disturbance in the force
Maxx Buswell
Maxx Buswell 28 napja
I have Subbed.
Maxx Buswell
Maxx Buswell 28 napja
Chris and Felix are the Biggest Idiots.
Maxx Buswell
Maxx Buswell 28 napja
Thank you for Calling all of them Dumbasses cause I agree.
Maxx Buswell
Maxx Buswell 28 napja
PJ and Dave are the biggest Idiots.
Megan Dryden
Megan Dryden 29 napja
Eaten didn’t do asteroids the pink things didn’t move
Megan Dryden
Megan Dryden 29 napja
At 4:16 he stared into ma soul
Fire_Ice516 Hónapja
On the second imposter round Sean did nothing wrong, he didn’t do the task and it’s a two part task the bar won’t go up anyways
Uno Hónapja
Day 1 of commenting on every video I see
Jordan Wyatt
Jordan Wyatt Hónapja
Cookie Pillow
Cookie Pillow Hónapja
I'm watching this 3 months later and, wow, istg they went from "I dont know what that place is called" *killing very sloppy*, and voting without thinking, to knowing everyones paths and becoming too good at the game, and no one trusts CORPSE anymore (Lmao)
Ziya Backman
Ziya Backman Hónapja
when someone does weapons you can see it at the outside of the ship
Rudi Shum
Rudi Shum Hónapja
Problem is is that CORPSE’s voice is so deep that you can never tell if he’s using a lying voice or not 🤣
Logan Selvage
Logan Selvage Hónapja
Wait,how was that not Ethan,asteroids was a visual task
Shikari Fox
Shikari Fox Hónapja
How come there's no videos from the stream with Pat, Gar & JP?
lauren neal
lauren neal Hónapja
Can we please get this group together again!!!
Chaz Chillings
Chaz Chillings Hónapja
Julien’s voice is so familiar.
Rico SinZ
Rico SinZ Hónapja
the way dave played that second round is exactly why i stopped playing that game.. it makes the game so boring
disformed ed
disformed ed Hónapja
What’s wrong with corpses voice
Tanz Hónapja
Ok wait omg jack with a beard looks like captain america with a beard
Sara Talsma
Sara Talsma Hónapja
Please let Jenna join for a few round, she would be hilarious
briecheesey Hónapja
When Jimmy Carr appeared on the screen I-
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus Hónapja
27:17 "so I was running up towards office"..... "thats it?" "sounds like Julien" "WHAT??" I die of laughter every time I watch this video lmao
Jessica Berchard
jack: *becomes imposter* everyone: EJECT HIM!!
Destiny Lucien
Destiny Lucien Hónapja
Not me simping over Corpses voice the whole time 😔🤚
Caitlyn Wallace
Caitlyn Wallace Hónapja
Did you guys know that with making sure someone is doing asteroids its 10 times easier to watch the guns outside the ship shoot? Jack looked at how long Ethan was there but if he was looking at the guns at 11:22 he would have seen that Ethan was faking. Just helpful info😊
Duelmaster Yuya
Duelmaster Yuya Hónapja
Can't you believe the group HEAVILY relied on the task bar go up? Me vs. 8,500 comments: *crickets* I might as well like my own comment.
Harmony Mice
Harmony Mice Hónapja
anitsepticeye & darkiplier
How do to people get it together two rounds in a row
Samu 1310
Samu 1310 Hónapja
if Amber calls button.... is it then an Amber alert?
Lilian Hónapja
Guys I've been trying to find the video in eefs channel when he first emt corpseI CANT FIND IT! so if anybody knows where it is plz tell me
dark wolf music
dark wolf music Hónapja
I fucking love that pewds dies first every time
Evan LaMura
Evan LaMura Hónapja
Wait, who is who? I known jack and pewds, just not everyone else
softcrybby Hónapja
softcrybby Hónapja
SON OF A BI *ad popup*
Tricia Hobbs
Tricia Hobbs Hónapja
"deadass did you kill dave" - Corpse 2020
erussell033 Russell
why did no one get corpse on the last round? either julien or corpse vented, he was silent, and he is known to make the other player seem incredibly suspicious.
XØ TW Hónapja
Why did it take me 12 minutes into the video to realize it was JULIEN PLAYING !!! OMG
Kat Haze
Kat Haze Hónapja
Hi my name is Sara
Kayden Sund
Kayden Sund Hónapja
Imagine if his YT name was seánsepticeye. That would be whickity whack yo
Duong Dac Trong
Duong Dac Trong Hónapja
The actually advertisement complementarily hurry because help briefly drop into a smoggy scanner. sophisticated, medical daniel
Michael Sheehy
Michael Sheehy Hónapja
corpse voice is satisfying
malik meert
malik meert Hónapja
malik meert
malik meert Hónapja
he is blind bruv he didnt see pink
dude okay when someone does asteroids you have to look outside the ship to see if the blasters are going off
Melissa Alba
Melissa Alba Hónapja
The fact that corpes saod the code and he was lying lol
Clover Arcondas
Clover Arcondas Hónapja
omigosh him not noticing ethan faking astroids, the visual task
Anayeli Ortega Hernandez
Hola quieres jugar amung us en celular
Ronald Reagans Dad
why did i get an asian state farm commercial before this
Gaming masters
Gaming masters Hónapja
.    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。   • .    •     •   ゚   Red was not An Impostor.  ඞ。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   .     .  .
Derp Tokito
Derp Tokito Hónapja
Anyone else got a ad when jack said son of a bitch
Tanango Hónapja
Just straight up watching these is like a game of among us trying to figure out who's who XD Edit: This isn't a hate comment, just sayin'
Violet Gonzalez
Violet Gonzalez Hónapja
you should do this thing on tik tok where EVERYONE doesnt do anything for 10 minutes and eventually your screen goes black but all you can see is the task bar, and other icons. And you hear a little boy saying "daddy, daddy! Help! im stuck in a closet and i cant get ooooout!!!"
Danny Merin
Danny Merin Hónapja
"Ethan, deadass did you kill dave" "No" " Deadass ?" bye i would have admitted to him right there and then that was so hot
"SON OF A-" *old spice whistle*
paige keller
paige keller Hónapja
not me binge watching all these vids at 2 in the morn 😪😪 finals have got me STRESSED
Henrik Hassel
Henrik Hassel Hónapja
I love the back round Music
Energydragon06 Hónapja
This was the first video I saw Corpse in and godamn have I been simping ever since lmao
Brianna Grant
Brianna Grant Hónapja
Is 300 iq possible?
ShipQueen28 Hónapja
I don't know who the fuck Corpse is but he has a deep ass voice what the fuck
Kateri Warren
Kateri Warren Hónapja
I feel stupid. I was watching an imposter game and thought I wonder who's the imposter
Eli Hargroves
Eli Hargroves Hónapja
Hi I am you biggest fan I love you jack
LimePesto Hónapja
iq 1000
DiscoChixify Hónapja
Julien!!! ❤️
M. Vltor
M. Vltor Hónapja
I love the ending✨
Zyler Allen
Zyler Allen Hónapja
I'm watching get killed by Dave at the end then Sean just goes "son of a b-" then a State Farm ad pops up
هيلة عبدالمحسن الحقيل
Weapons is a visual. If you shoot the asteroids the guns at the front should too- (if you go near the diverted power panel you should see it clearly)
Dal’s World
Dal’s World Hónapja
When he thought that Ethan did asteroids I SCREAMED at my phone....poor Jack 😂🤣
Nicklio Hume
Nicklio Hume Hónapja
Have you subbed? I HEAR LIAR VOICE!
Beatriz Viana
Beatriz Viana Hónapja
Wait isn’t CORPSE the one that does the “Choke me like you hate me”?!
Sim Ona
Sim Ona Hónapja
I feel like whenever Sean is one of the impostors, his partner immediately kills Felix cause he would call Sean out for lying right away. Seriously, every time Sean is the impostor Felix is the first to die 😂
vanessaupward Hónapja
vanessaupward Hónapja
Jack, there are visual tasks. When Ethan pretended to do Weapons the blasters on the side of the ship did not shoot. Pay attention to visual tasks. SUPER important.
vanessaupward Hónapja
No matter how many times you watch Jack he never gets old.
Mr. Fish
Mr. Fish Hónapja
1000 iq
SkythaMVP 2 hónapja
I love how Dave’s voice is so deep meanwhile Jacks and everyone’s else’s voice is high pitched. Lol
Grapey The Kid
Grapey The Kid 2 hónapja
Dabi 2 hónapja
Is there a pewds pov of him saying killing time??
Purplehat-redpants 2 hónapja
Bro corpse scares me bro 😭 dude sounds like a corpse
Joselyn Seb
Joselyn Seb 2 hónapja
The iconic lines from felix “it’s killing time--oh” THEN LITERALLY LIKE 2 MEETINGS LATER THERES A WHOLE 25 SECONDS FELIX BEING UNMUTED this man dosent know wtf “mute and unmute”means
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