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I need a break from 2020



2020.júl. 1.






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Dekurez 6 napja
Whos watching this in 2021
Squidward Tentacles
Anyone here after the new 2020 vids?... No just me. Okay
nope im here too! idk way.
Miles Robinson
Miles Robinson 19 napja
Good news Jack 2020 is *No More!* Say Hello to 2021! Happy New Year.
Blake Matthews
Blake Matthews 22 napja
You changed my life my sister tried to kill her self because of 2020 but you just make me laugh like no other person in my life I love your vids I love you bro ps you looking like a snack
Zayu’s Pakau Videos
Are you serious that your sister tried to kill her self because of 2020
DJH 23 napja
Anyone watching in December
Crispy Gamer
Crispy Gamer 23 napja
Who’s here when the year is about to wnd?
Isassin 23 napja
All this time.. finally.. 2021 is coming up in 4 days and 4 minutes. Edit: Tomorrow is 2021.. Everyone Play Sans noises
Mihn Minh
Mihn Minh 26 napja
July is one of my worst month in 2020. My lovely grandma, who had cared for me, advice me to study well. But those words were no longer with me anymore. She passed away on 15th July due to stroke. I missed her really bad! She didn't deserve to go like this 💔
mc0nel 29 napja
Jack needs to play more fallout
TheMuffinBoy Hónapja
This is late but it still needs to be said. Everyone is happy he’s back.
ً Hónapja
0:39 no there was September 11th
SL33PWALK3R.02 Hónapja
remember that one month? that one long month. ugh. bad times
MD Ahmed
MD Ahmed Hónapja
I thought this was MrBeast for a Sec
ricky corgain
ricky corgain Hónapja
war vets: "first time?"
cherricake Hónapja
While my message lie unheard my stonks will not
Kaylie Shepperd
Kaylie Shepperd Hónapja
ur kind
Forever Flower
Forever Flower Hónapja
Love you snack!💖
ɪ Hónapja
So then u are a terrorist?I mean if u like the blm movement ur most definitely a bad person outside of HUrun. it's an organization but it's run by terrorists. all lives matter.
Jacob Nelson
Jacob Nelson 2 hónapja
Why is he wearing headphones?
F4tal_Cloak 2 hónapja
The reason this year has been so shitty, is because god gave satan one free year, he fucked up
MegaDan 2 hónapja
Where is scp
『 lavenderette 』
*That title is cursed.*
Melty Head
Melty Head 2 hónapja
jack dont come back its hell here
bioalma1998 2 hónapja
I am looking forward to the hot chocolate!! I'm defenatly gonna buy that.
Glock- G
Glock- G 2 hónapja
Hey schatje
Skyteus 3 hónapja
Just saying... a new decade starts next year. 2020 is just the finisher...
V3Q 3 hónapja
Venus Kuellar
Venus Kuellar 3 hónapja
I thought HUrun was completely over when Jack and Felix took their break off HUrun
I 3 hónapja
mohd ahmed
mohd ahmed 3 hónapja
2020 in my opinion was the one of the best year in my opinion just relaxing and just watch you and get entertained 😉 dont even have to go school try to be posotive
Maxi 3 hónapja
2021 is actually the start of the decade, decades always start at the year that ends with one So 2021 will be a new start! not 2020
Mango Fox
Mango Fox 3 hónapja
look at this now ... Including October, 3 months till the year is over =🔻= Lets get through this year and never speak of it again..
David Williamson
David Williamson 3 hónapja
Can we be the Eye Corps? "Ichor" means "A watery discharge from a wound". It's perfect and I want an Eye Corps T-shirt.
Brandon Troyan
Brandon Troyan 3 hónapja
Jack really looked very close to the edge of crying this whole video, I’m very glad he’s happier and better off now that he took the break
zamify 3 hónapja
Jack never came back sean did
Carly Quinn
Carly Quinn 4 hónapja
I wish people would just try and make the moment there in better instead of looking for the new year to make a change. Just because it’s a new year means nothing. Do good now. And yes 2020’s sucked but it will look worse if that’s all you focus on.
Murugan Jyotsna
Murugan Jyotsna 4 hónapja
This is my first time watching one of his vids and my first thought is that he sounds like a pirate
Murugan Jyotsna
Murugan Jyotsna 3 hónapja
I know but still...
Donte Price
Donte Price 4 hónapja
Hes irish
Please bring back cookie syrup
I like the end part where he cut at the laughter for advertising. Hoping for the best for everyone!
k. k. urniks. u
k. k. urniks. u 4 hónapja
2020-teaser 2021-teaser 2 2022-trailer 2023-Special look trailer 2024-Final Trailer 2025-THE MOVIE
winterice lol
winterice lol Hónapja
They should make a 2020 movie so we can show it too our kids if they ask
Mango Fox
Mango Fox 3 hónapja
Don't give it ideas!! Xd
Max sparx
Max sparx 4 hónapja
take care of your mental health and well gladly stay with you along the way you've got us by your side Jack can't wait too try out your coffee 😊😉😎
Max sparx
Max sparx 4 hónapja
your my youtube hero Jack and we all cant wait too have you bring your positive attitude back to the internet but take all the time you need ❤💕🌹💖💖💋 your so worth it
Juryha Keen
Juryha Keen 4 hónapja
I know three years ago that you have to do remember Treecko on the PS4
Antxvino 4 hónapja
Like black lives matter ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽
Sp33d BoyGT
Sp33d BoyGT 3 hónapja
Life in Washington
Life in Washington 4 hónapja
Tay K he live in jail about 55 years
Life in Washington
Life in Washington 4 hónapja
George Burns died March 9, 1996 he is live 1 age in 1996, he was 100 years old. I give his death 24th anniversary for my life
EllaHarding Pemberton
Make your hair green
Dragon Boo
Dragon Boo 4 hónapja
Dude really just called BLM setting my fucking country on fire a good and important movement
Conwolf08 Waz here
Conwolf08 Waz here 3 hónapja
Yeah, I think Jack's heart is in the right place, I just don't think he understands what blm actually represents. They use that name to trick people like him
Mark Anthony Rivera
Announcement: 2035 June 7 Pewdiepie's Latest vid: We planned to make a kindom Minecraft part 167 Jacksepticeye's latest vid: Advanced golden Freddy? Fnaf 9 The Ultimate Night l Part 23
Maccenstein XD
Maccenstein XD 4 hónapja
Everyone in 2019: OH MY ITS GUNNA BE A NEW DECADE IM SO EXCITED Everyone in 2020: of to a great start
Doge master
Doge master 4 hónapja
Car Parts
Car Parts 4 hónapja
Could've been for any number of reasons. I disliked it because he supports an openly Marxist movement/organization.
Ill have a number nine
2019: Wow that was one hell of a year I think 2020 will be even better 2020: When I meant "Hell of a year" I didnt mean it like that.
Mad Colin King
Mad Colin King 4 hónapja
Yeah like 2020 is like the worst year in the world
J Merrell
J Merrell 4 hónapja
What happened to "TOP OF THE MORNING LADDIES!!"
Caleb Plays
Caleb Plays 4 hónapja
When you said you don’t want to make daily content I can relate I take like 2 month breaks and then I upload but I’m a beginner HUrunr and I don’t really feel like I wanna do daily videos it’s just really stressful trying to upload daily
Bern-Jennifer 115
Bern-Jennifer 115 4 hónapja
OH GOD NO 4 hónapja
no but yes
Edgar Rubiera
Edgar Rubiera 4 hónapja
I was born on February 7 just like you I’m a big fan
Shawnmatt Videos
Shawnmatt Videos 4 hónapja
Car Parts
Car Parts 4 hónapja
Yes! 🍻
Randy White
Randy White 4 hónapja
Dear Jack Septic Eye my name is Landon and I'm a really big fan can you please do a download game for me please?
Owen Orr
Owen Orr 4 hónapja
I’ve felt bad for HUrunrs ever since the lockdown happened because now that a lot of people are running out of things to do, they tend to watch more HUrun or be on HUrun for longer periods of time and because they run out of old videos to watch or the HUrunrs people like to watch aren’t producing enough content for their liking, HUrunrs get pressured and stressed just to please us which sucks because they don’t have to do that. We need to be the ones taking a break. Taking a break away from all of our screens or just like not spend so much time on our devices.
Lucas Mann
Lucas Mann 4 hónapja
It started off with covid 19 then black lives matter now the black panther actor is dead why is this happening
Fathia Medina
Fathia Medina 4 hónapja
" buy my coffee ( laugh ) " What a famous last words...
XionsEmpire 4 hónapja
We all know he took a break so the heat from TLOU2 garbage fire could die down
RiplyXPlays 4 hónapja
coronavirus the flu the quarantine the african children yeah
J 4 hónapja
It's good to see jack is still doing good. I can't keep track of youtube anymore but it's always comforting to see these update videos.
Rizallie Tupas
Rizallie Tupas 4 hónapja
Hey jacksepticeye play some day R survival
Florian 4 hónapja
"Black lives matter" is racist against white folks and I hate you for supporting it!
Conwolf08 Waz here
Conwolf08 Waz here 3 hónapja
U know I don't like blm. But I don't hate anyone.
Car Parts
Car Parts 4 hónapja
@• Mira Da Gachatuber • Interesting you say that. But please tell me, are there currently any active segregation policies or racist laws of any sort that prohibit blacks from doing anything to prevent them from succeeding in America compared to other races?
• Mira Da Gachatuber •
The thing is white people aren’t very affected, black people have fought for rights for decades.
Gaming Legend
Gaming Legend 4 hónapja
Why does this have 6.2k dislikes
Car Parts
Car Parts 4 hónapja
@Melody Animations BLM
Melody Animations
Melody Animations 4 hónapja
@Florian what movement
Florian 4 hónapja
Because he says that he supports a violent/aggressive movement.
Warsine 4 hónapja
I feel like 2020 had all the bad events into one year, so next years will be great.
JICEWRLD2.03 X 4 hónapja
2 mouth, s
Erik Reynoso
Erik Reynoso 4 hónapja
Yo jack a couple years ago would never and I’m so proud that he’s matured to the point that he can acknowledge when he needs a break from youtube
Queen Soleil
Queen Soleil 4 hónapja
me : remebering last minecraft ep Jack: 2020 is going to be an incredible year Me; See's video lmao
Syed Muhammed Sami
Syed Muhammed Sami 4 hónapja
wow how creative with that title
Mase 4 hónapja
wakanda forever
Light 4 hónapja
I hate that is that stuff for me is bad again im comming back. Love you jack..god dam 5 years.
HydraGames YT
HydraGames YT 4 hónapja
Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) has died today - aged 43 - 2020 is officially the most abysmal year ever
Nickboy boy boy big parson
Voice live nickboy boy boy big parson HUrun video
Youna Jardenil
Youna Jardenil 4 hónapja
CRWE EWRC 4 hónapja
And now, Chadwick Boseman is dead...
Diversion TV
Diversion TV 4 hónapja
Plus I hope no one gets the covid_19
Diversion TV
Diversion TV 4 hónapja
I agree with you with everything
Wayne sakakeeny
Wayne sakakeeny 4 hónapja
i fully support BLM but they just started caring now because there was one vid of a racist cop that happend in every part of the world its just because there were people there to witness it
Wayne sakakeeny
Wayne sakakeeny 4 hónapja
Conwolf08 Waz here ok yah I agree with that
Conwolf08 Waz here
Conwolf08 Waz here 4 hónapja
@Wayne sakakeeny, your right my bad for not explaining myself right, we are all, every race, treated the same. And we all have racist groups of people. What I meant to say is that whites are treated the exact same as blacks.
Wayne sakakeeny
Wayne sakakeeny 4 hónapja
@Conwolf08 Waz here so ur a racist because obviosly anyone that isnt white mostly blacks geting told to go to hell sounds like hate or voting for trump
Conwolf08 Waz here
Conwolf08 Waz here 4 hónapja
@Wayne sakakeeny, no they have always been a hate group, acknowledging nothing but hate that doesn't exist and creating hate with that, if they really wanna distance themselves from the rioters then they would but the truth be told they are the same groups of people creating hate and hurt. And your right I am white, but we get treated as pieces of shit just as much.
Car Parts
Car Parts 4 hónapja
@Wayne sakakeeny Playing the race card shows you have no rebuttal to that statement.
low traction
low traction 4 hónapja
you should make podcasts
XxtoxicxX2000 4 hónapja
we know
Dennis Barger
Dennis Barger 4 hónapja
I am glad you were able to take a break. I hope you had a good one. We are glad to have you back.
Liam Styles
Liam Styles 4 hónapja
Jack I know your back now but this is fucking class like the fact you can feel open about talking about your mental health is amazing and you should feel proud of that
Master Havoc
Master Havoc 4 hónapja
YankaRonin 4 hónapja
This IS the fresh new leaf. Welcome to the real world.
Summer Hopkins
Summer Hopkins 4 hónapja
The Nick kid
The Nick kid 4 hónapja
Jack go back green hair plz i am a true fan i been waching for 4 years now you're more of jackyboy with green hair trust me and i see you as Sean more without green hair plz
CookieDoughTurtle 4 hónapja
Why does everyone get so upset with the fact that he doesn’t have green hair? You do realize in the beginning he didn’t have green hair right?
Kačka Bošinová
Kačka Bošinová 5 hónapja
Well.... You have to do anorther antisepticeye content🤘🏻🤡
Mark Anthony Rivera
2020... Cant go any worse... But thus Annabelle big MAMA ummm... How do i say this... Uhhh she got escaped from the museum... Yea... ELON!!!
[just a simple channel of brady gacha]
Tomska said in exact words (in russian roulette video) "Tell Jack I Love Him"
SpaceCake 5 hónapja
BLM is not positive
Car Parts
Car Parts 4 hónapja
And it's unfortunate that many here and in Mark's video ("The problem we need to confront") blindly believe that it is.
Conwolf08 Waz here
Conwolf08 Waz here 4 hónapja
Itaty Rodriguez
Itaty Rodriguez 5 hónapja
😭😭😭😭🙏😢😭😭😩😩😖😩😩😩😭😭😭I HATE THIS year ughh 😭😭😭😭
Fak3Cake Music
Fak3Cake Music 5 hónapja
Toby Fox needs to save this year by releasing Deltarune chapter 2 🙏
Little Drummer Boy
Little Drummer Boy 5 hónapja
Figured out why he left for a couple months he is in the movie Free Guy and this will be his first movie
MR, who???
MR, who??? 5 hónapja
People make joke of 2019 in 2020:oH GOd I rEGReT DiS!!!! 2019:who’s laughing now :)
Your Local Weedman
Your Local Weedman 5 hónapja
Don't❌cut✂️me, punch👊me, just let🏃me go Into🚪the nurse's👩‍⚕️office🏢where 👁️ float🎈away I'm👁️pale🧛‍♂️ as😲the loose-leaf🍃 paper📄they☝️grow From🗣️hollowing🌄out💀all👁️my🗣️ lungs🏨in the🥶snow Yeah,☑️ I'm👁️coughing😷 I'm👁️bleeding💉, Band-Aids🤕won't❌ heal☘️it 'Cause😤they👥hate😡me, so I'm👁️fakin'🤥 All, all, all this so they👥take, take me👁️ Take🏃me👁️home🏠 Give👀me👁️that👆pink🎫slip🍃of permission This🤷‍♀️is old👵 I'm👁️tired😴of wishing🌠I👁️was ditching🏃 Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh-ooh Teacher👩‍🏫, can🥫I👁️sit💺right➡️ there? This👤bitch🤪behind⬇️me🤷‍♀️is cutting✂️my🤷‍♀️hair💇 "No❌,just sit🧘‍♀️your🤷‍♀️ass🐴down⬇️at👀the👆chalkboard🏃and stare👀" I👁️faked🤥up👆a👁️seizure🤪and⬅️left🏃‍♀️outta🤷‍♀️there Yeah☑️, I'm👁️coughing😷 I'm bleeding💉, Band-Aids🤕won't❌heal☘️it 'Cause😤they👥hate😡me, so I'm👁️ fakin'🤥 All, all, all this so they👥 take, take me Take🏃‍♀️me👁️home🏠 Give👀me👁️that👆pink🎫slip🍃of permission This🤷‍♀️is old👵 I'm👁️tired😴of wishing🌠I👁️was ditching🏃‍♀️ Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh-ooh Take🏃‍♀️me👁️home🏠 Give👀me👁️that👆pink🎫slip🍃of permission This🤷‍♀️ is old👵 I'm👁️tired😴of wishing🌠I👁️was ditching🏃‍♀️ Home🏠 Old👵
Savvy Sabi
Savvy Sabi 5 hónapja
Jack: This is the worst year in my lifetime time. Me: What about: 2001: 9/11 2005: Hurricane Katrina, Micheal Jackson Rape Charges, Rosa Park’s death 2008: the stock market crash, wars in Iran/Iraq 2009: Micheal Jackson died, Bitcoin was created 2010: Haiti Earthquake, Big oil spill 2012: Sandy Hook shooting, Death of Whitney Houston and Neil Armstrong 2014: Ebola, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Deaths of Robin Williams, Maya Angelou, Shirley Temple, and Michael Brown 2015: Death of Freddie Gray 2016: Trump... Deaths of Prince, Muhammad Ali, and Carrie Fisher 2017: terrorist bombing attack at an Ariana Grande concert, Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and María 2018: Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, northern white rhinoceros becomes functionally extinct, Bill Cosby Cases, Deaths of Stephen Hawking, Stan Lee, Aretha Franklin, Avicii, Verne Troyer, Barbara Bush, George H.W. Bush, XXXTentacion, Mac Miller, and Stephen Hillenburg 2019: “end of the world/ world-ending meteor” scare, some dude ate a bat Wait, did Sean live in America during any of this?
Savvy Sabi
Savvy Sabi 4 hónapja
I have to take back my comment.... This year is totally SHIT!
noddymoran 5 hónapja
Savvy Sabi maybe them times affect you and a .0004% of the worlds population but a pandemic affects 100% of the world population and shits over anything else!
Savvy Sabi
Savvy Sabi 5 hónapja
noddymoran 2020 has only had a deadly virus, killer bugs, and elections. In my opinion 2018 and 2019 were the scariest. Last year some dude threatened to shoot up our school. My mother still force me to go tho. 2018-2019 I was almost hit my SEVERAL cars/trucks/buses on the way to school because idiots driver... and me...
noddymoran 5 hónapja
All them years put together do not compare to 2020 ffs
Playing The Worst Games I Can Find
Péntek van (feat. G.W.M.)
Megtekintés 141 E
KKevin - Menj El (Official Audio)
I Bought Everything In 5 Stores
Ryan Reynolds Waved At Me In Japan
Péntek van (feat. G.W.M.)
Megtekintés 141 E
KKevin - Menj El (Official Audio)
I Bought Everything In 5 Stores