2020 Almost Made Me Quit Youtube 

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2020 sucked for everyone. Here's my experience with it
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Louis Mills
Louis Mills Órája
Sean, youve got me through 2020. Its been crap after crap after crap, but watching you has helped so much. You are a great person. And you have helped so so many people. Thankyou
dumbass Blu boi
youre doing youre best, and everyone understands that. youre doing amazing
Gemstone Tarot
Gemstone Tarot 2 órája
I’m a fellow creator uploading daily videos and when you started talking about the IBS and the tinnitus it really rang a bell. I have the same. The IBS is debilitating but it’s something that will change and can be treated and the tinnitus is something I get when there are literally just too many thoughts in my head and none of them are productive. I think your body is trying to tell you something and it might be that you make some gentle or stronger changes. Your channel is inspirational, my son got into you when you only had a few subscribers and it really helped him out - but you can’t under estimate the energy physically, mentally and from your soul that uploading regularly on HUrun takes. You already know this but be kind to yourself x
Little Bean
Little Bean 2 órája
I suport you in whaterever you choose to do and i want you to do videos when YOU want to! Love you💕😊
moras123 2 órája
Jack NEVER quit! My family and I love all your videos. We appreciate you very much! 💗
DivvyL0ngF00t 4 órája
To all those people who disliked this video you don't understand the extent this pandemic has effected people mentally. Séan keep up the good work lad I've been watching you since happy wheels and enjoyed every video since don't stop being you
Hello. 4 órája
This year has honestly been one of the best years of MY life. I know it's been terrible for others, I know corona sucks and yadyada, but I've never been so in touch with myself before. In australia, my parents were very cautious in march-may, so I had to quarantine a lot. However, it was fun. I found so many new hobbies. Australia has been impacted so little from this, so I'm still able to see friends. I've met an amazing guy, we have great potential together. I'm getting a car soon, my mental health is doing better, it was a great year for me. I know nobody cares, but I'm putting this out there in case someone needs a bit of positivity.
Vent Goblin
Vent Goblin 5 órája
.... I get that it was 'bad' for you this year, I really do. But making this kind of video, complaining about a year in which you had the liquid capital to start a company while other people couldn't afford to pay a 20 dollar water bill rings really hollow. Every one is entitled to their own personal problems, strife, and most importantly opinions but this is what? The third video you've made like this? Like, we get it, you're sad but at this point it just feels like a quick grab for views and pity. You objectively had one of the best years of your career this year because people would watch anything you made, even if they didn't like it. And you want to complain about how hard this year was for you when you don't even really know what hard is.... This year I had family members and close family friends die, I lost my only blood related grandparent. My major and the major of my sister got cut from our colleges. I watched friends struggle to help feed their families because their parents couldn't find work. Some of those friends as young as fifteen. I got covid TWICE. So don't you dare sit there in your cushy apartment with your six figure job and complain about how hard life was for you this year. You play games and look at memes for a living. There are other people out there who still have no jobs because there are no jobs to have. I don't want to come off as too caustic, I love your channel and the content you used to put out but you need to realise that right now in this day and age there are people who are in a much worse situation than you are who are displaying a million times more mental fortitude than you seem to have. You say that the state of the world makes you want to quit youtube, that how people currently are disgusts you? How do you think the people who are actually experiencing these horrible events feel? I don't know if you've lost anyone, if you have then my deepest condolences are payed forward, or if you have experienced any financial trouble, although considering that you own TWO successful company's (one of which you started in the middle of the pandemic and the other which is constantly releasing merchandise) I don't think you have many problems on that front, but you need to take a really good look in the mirror and decided whether or not this kind of video is what you want to be remembered for. I know this comment will most likely never be read by you and if it is you most likely either don't care or will discard it out of hand, but I do want to say that when all things are said and done, while I've stopped liking your attitude and ,more recently, the content that you've been putting out, you have done a lot of god for a lot of people and you are objectively a good person. I just think you've lost your way a bit.
ZaZixMc 5 órája
SorceryTortoise 6 órája
I've come back to this video a few times since the end of the year. It's been a really bad start to my year...really hard. But watching this video reminds me that i'm not alone, and that it is possible to look back after a crappy year and still be optimistic. I'm still holding out hope. Thanks for everything you do for us Seán.
Boss Man
Boss Man 7 órája
Sammy Gordon
Sammy Gordon 7 órája
Speaking of the Aussie Bushfires, as and australian myself can I just say thank you so much for raising that money for us. You literally saved lives and the community responce was amazing. I'm sure that our wide sunburnt nation is forever thankful to you and your team who helped us through our lows. Who knows, if you hadn't raised that money my house could have burnt down. Jack thank you so much mate
Gada Mourad
Gada Mourad 8 órája
I can relate because my dad had covid19 for 3 weeks
Sleepy Voodle
Sleepy Voodle 10 órája
Hey Sean, having health problems is the worst! I was diagnosed with multiple digestive disorders way back in 2005, and the mental toll it takes is intense, so I can absolutely relate with how you feel, but it's also somehow comforting in a way to hear you describe it, guess it makes me feel less alone. I hope you're able to get on top off all the challenges you're facing, you have so many reasons to push forward, and you achieve amazing things with your platform here on HUrun. : ) Heaps of people care about you, and value the effort you put in to make your videos, so keep doing your best, that's all any of us can do~
EverydayPrincess 11 órája
Oh wow. This really struck a chord with me as I’ve been battling various different health problems, some very similar to yours- through the pandemic, as well as losing the majority of my livelihood. There have been some very low moments. But through it all, you are still one of the main things, apart from my long suffering boyfriend (who you met in the hotel lobby at Vidcon USA and he told you you’re my babysitter 😂🤦‍♀️) that keep me smiling. So I’ll make you a deal, you take care of yourself and so will I, bro. All the love.
RedonkulousDave 11 órája
Yep 2020 was the worst year that I have ever been through and sadly it's not over for us just yet...seems like we will be losing our business soon so going from bad to worse and there is nothing we can do about it. Also I sorta get where you are coming from with the content creation side of things that can have a negative affect on you. I have a small channel of about 1700 subs which lately is mainly focused on Farming Simulator 19 which I have been doing for over 2 years and I have put so much time and effort into it and I still do with every single video but it just doesn't ever seem to gain any momentum. The people who do watch my videos love them but very few people actually ever see my videos because of the algorithm. Just have to try and stay positive and keep moving forward though. I wish you all the best and thanks for just being you, you are an amazing person and a great inspiration to not just myself but many others!
ginny may
ginny may 13 órája
For a person that has Aspergers (on the autism spectrum) I’m really fed up with the idiots out there.. there’s people saying that “you probably have autism because of your diet” or “you probably got autism through vaccines” no.. just.. no.. 🤦🏼‍♀️ autism is usually to do with neuro ya know brain.. and autism can usually be inherited or while pregnant you had iron deficiency or anaemia
chris hopkins
chris hopkins 13 órája
Hey Jack you're amazing I watched you since you run the Oculus Rift and playing horror games when your were in the cabin I hope you never stop putting out your videos. you are one of the people I never stop believing how amazing you are 👍
ginny may
ginny may 13 órája
It’s times like these where the responsible ones have to take a stand and do what’s best because hell knows that not everyone is responsible.. so we have to do it.. coz we don’t know if everyone else will.. someone has to do it..
ginny may
ginny may 13 órája
Hmm if HUrun did go away I think I would be alright.. I have been going away from social media coz I find that it’s in a way corrupting me.. or it’s making me obsessed too much about just talking on social media and for awhile I wanted to come back to social media but I really don’t want to know.. ever since I stopped going on to Facebook in July I haven’t actually wanted to go back.. though I did go back but only got people to say their goodbyes.. but I don’t think I belong there.. it just doesn’t feel like me.. as in its not helping me.. I want true friends.. not friends on social media.. I want to know who are my real friends.. who would ditch social media completely and just come to my house and talk.. I love going places and doing things and not hyper focusing on their iPhones or tablets or their Samsung’s.. or whatever! I want to see the world.. but I know that my view is limited right now so I stay at home.. all day and all night.. until finally I can leave this house and not fear of other people..
fuckyall 16 órája
2020 almost made me rethink about ending my life. But I tried to do what I did when I first became suicidal(I started being suicidal when I was 12). I basically just watched Sean and ate some food, but it helped for a bit. I still am stuck with these thoughts, but his content is keeping my will to live stay with me. Have a nice year,everyone
A X E 18 órája
Your such a great man. Very strong to. I have struggled very much also but this isn’t about me, this is about you, no matter what happens we’re always here for you, all millions of people, Even though the worlds been hard on you, you always push through, you always inspire many people and your always like a solider, we’re so proud of you, you can do it💞 -evie
Thomas Bjørkhaug
Thomas Bjørkhaug 21 órája
Séan, we love you and want you the best in life. I really hope you do the best for you.🥰❤️ AND YOU ARE MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH!!
Rei Hakushi
Rei Hakushi 22 órája
In terms of your physical health, welcome to your 30s. Your body is now your enemy. It suuuucks.
karlaya dickinson
karlaya dickinson 23 órája
Its okay not to be okay
Crash1mill Napja
My father got covid, but never realized he got it. My family is fine. I guess my father got really lucky.
TA - 10MD 739977 Judith Nyman SS
I wish I could’ve joined into some of the money raised into any charades, but sadly I do not have something to pay those kind of things. Like a credit-card or PayPal. I wish I did, but if I did I would have a humongous spending problem. I am still not responsible with money. If I had 10$ and I was at a store with any candy I would spend it all. I want a credit card, but I know the problems with having one.
Aaron Dougherty
Weird thing with the ringing in your ears, try taking walks/hikes away from cities. I found it helps clear that up. Heard from a friend who is an otolaryngologist that the electrical and signal waves in your proximity can cause this. Has helped me greatly, and helped me relax away from work life.
the class clown hi
Red hair please
Worldwar Tanker
2021: it got worse
King Dragon Blood
Oh no pleas don’t stop HUrun your channel has helped so many people and brings joy to a lot of people including me! I know what your saying and get it but pleas don’t
King Dragon Blood
(Look at their videos from the start of this to today)
King Dragon Blood
If you want to see proof if you don’t believe me look up Steven Crowder and Tim Pool and look up from the time the COVID started to today and you’ll see what I mean
King Dragon Blood
May God bless and keep you all safe and pleas be careful and pray for us if your in another contry and you want to live here in America pray for all of us
King Dragon Blood
Dear God 2020 sucks and with a communist possibly taking over in the U.S. 2021 to 2024 could be the worst years in history for us (Americans)
King Dragon Blood
Jack pleas find a better organization to support instead of terrorists (BLM) trust me look what what they were doing in a lot of these cities in the U.S.A trust me the will be labeled as such like antifa is (because they work closely together very close)
Chad Dega
Chad Dega Napja
You think that's bad try maps...and u-18chan (tab cub index)
Daniel Unknown
And 2021 gonna be the same as 2020
Katalyst Napja
You're not quitting HUrun though, right?
Val Napja
Awww Jack. Sending positive energy your way 💛
Drake Brown
Wait, the Australian wildfires were this year, oh my god
Gina DeBello
Of corona
Gina DeBello
Kenny Nesser
2020...the year i hurt my back, lost my job, got denied unemployment, had my house robbed completely while out of town, wife left with the kids, broke my ribs, learned i may have cancer, and put 3 friends in the ground and a cousin.....great year The gut thing, yeah i camped out in the bathroom for over a week..couldnt eat, imy ass felt like it was in shreds lol..i guess covid can cause that? I unno...they claim everythings covid now
Ninja man
Ninja man Napja
Why did people dislike?
Audrey M
Audrey M Napja
James Bennett-Moynes
All your content is amazing because you are amazing we watch your channel for you and nothing else glad you're recovering I wish you all the best you legend
Jamie 2 napja
First half of 2020 for me was crippling anxiety, executive dysfunction, feelings of hopelessness and wondering why I'm the only one having such issues as I tried to get through my last 6 months of high school. Summer 2020 was having my final exams canceled and thus graduating only bearly because my course grades were awful as I struggled to get anything done. Autumn 2020 was crippling anxiety because I was lying to everyone about looking for work when in reality I could barely get out of bed which made me feel like a total failure. Winter 2020 was fighting with my sisters without understanding why they were upset at me. The first 16 days of 2021 have been learning how to crochet in hopes to get myself to feel like I'm actually doing something worthwhile with my time, actually getting applications for unis put out and having a discussion with one sister about our fighting and how I don't understand why they're upset and realizing with her (she's studying psychology, I'm applying to study psychology) that I'm most likely on the Autism Spectrum. If I have to evaluate whether 2021 will be better than 2020 for me, just the last 16 days have been better than any positives of 2020 combined.
Joel Bryan Francisco
Too bad. You would have given the world a favor by quitting your badly acted, over-reacting, lame gameplay videos.
King Hitler Goldstein
Not to mention funding terrorist groups.
Ethan Turner
Ethan Turner 2 napja
Honestly I would like more videos like this. Not like a ton but still this was different and I liked it. Even though you think this wasn't your best year I have enjoyed every single one of them!
Bella 2 napja
i’ve had the same health problems this year, i got sick in the summer but never found out if it was covid or not because my symptoms were covid like but the tests came back negative. the digestive issues hit me the hardest
Vladimir Marquez
Vladimir Marquez
Somehow 2020 was my best year
Addam nash
Addam nash 2 napja
i live in America California nearly burned to the ground to iv have huntingtins o i know what your going through
Curtis Shoemaker
I disagree it was a great year for me. I'm sorry Sean it was bad for you
Hush Hush
Hush Hush 2 napja
23:57 behest? But also the thought of Sean quitting makes me really stressed and I didn’t realise how much I was using HUrun as a distraction from my problems lol
Fearghus McSweeney
Jack it’s 2021 and it’s ok so fare we love your videos I beat subnator drw to your incourage meant
kingsfoil 2 napja
My gp put me back on inhalers this year after not really having to use them for over 2 years and not having an asthma attack in over 10 years. She said it wasn't anything serious, it was just because I was waking up short of breath and she said that could lead to an asthma attack but it's ruined my mental health again. I can't really go to sleep without tiring myself out because I'm so scared of waking up but staying up at night, when asthma is usually worse, doesn't help either
milos tatomirov
toy should of quit youtube,your content is stail and is lackluster
mr shark
mr shark 2 napja
man, i do want to say something to jsean, but i am a nobody, and he will probably can't even see this comment. but....i love sean, yet haven't been able to watch him for all off 2020 and maybe 2019 too, i don't remember. but i really want to ask him something.
Bro Fishing
Bro Fishing 2 napja
I just gotta say , I've been watching your videos for about 4 years now and your videos have helped me through so many horrible days and I'm definitely not the only one who feels this way so Thank You for all you do and i really hope you keep doing it. It brings a smile to many of us.
StandWithMe 2 napja
I'm happy to have found you here on HUrun ♡ thanks for reminding me to take time for myself and time for the people around me.
Faerie Princex
finally had the energy to watch this and.. as a chronically ill person, im right there with you. I know how scary and frustrating and exhausting it can be, and i just want you to know youre not alone and we'll continue to support you through this
Smutná Jahoda
I'm kinda late and you probably won't see it, but look.. You've already done enough for every one of us. ( oh my, tears are rollin >~
Falak Rafi
Falak Rafi 2 napja
I love nothing more than when creators use their platform to remind their fans and loved ones and family that they are in fact, still human and that humanity doesn't dissipate under a youtube name or under fame. So lucky to still be here despite the bad, and lucky to be here through all of the good. Thanks for everything Jack, here's to another year that's hopefully better than the last Have a great day everybody, stay safe and healthy- take care, and make time for yourself
Libby Gardner
Libby Gardner 2 napja
It’s nice to hear somebody be real about this stuff. I know I’m super late to the party on this video but for real like a lot of people have internal struggles or things they want to get checked out. But with COVID it seems like especially where I live if you don’t have COVID and your not dying they don’t care. I know that the healthcare system is overwhelmed. But there has been some great stuff this year to. It just is... crazy. Anyway rant over...
Papa Don't Like No Goat Stealers
I feel all these issues. I got diagnosed with Crohn’s disease a year ago but the symptoms had been acting up since August. School’s been the hardest it’s ever been on me mentally, I was hoping to get over stage fright in regards to performing music, and the Crohn’s has been really bad and difficult to deal with physically. It got so bad it lead to me having to be admitted to the hospital for a day because I was really anemic and needed an IV. Because of COVID and my health, I haven’t been the best and haven’t been able to do what I want to do, and it freaking sucks so much. That’s not even talking about what’s been happening in the world. Can I just say I hate this year?
Farwa Cheema
Farwa Cheema 2 napja
Sean is the most purest soul i know online
PupperKat ;P
PupperKat ;P 2 napja
Hey Sean! Take a break whenever you need to, your mental health comes first. Thank you for everything you do.
Jcewazhere 2 napja
When the plane's crashing put your own mask on first before you help others with theirs. Get your gallbladder checked. I had 3 or 4 gastro docs before one even thought to check that. Since I found out that was my problem my gut issues have gotten a lot more controlled.
Doireann McCartin
Did he raise dollars or euros 💶 💵
skellecraft 2 napja
oh jeez i hope everything is fine! glad you made it though!
Mr VonScHmok
Mr VonScHmok 2 napja
It was a bad year and in my land Germany just went down like in the USA because German just split it self and just hate is all over the place but i just think there is hope. I know how hard your time was. Get well 😘
Grunt 2 napja
You donated to a black supremacy, neo Marxist movement. Congratulations.
Amanda Alcott
Amanda Alcott 2 napja
Sean, I thought it was just me but I am also having similar symptoms ever since Dec of last year when i'm 95% sure me and all my friends had covid. asthma and digestive issues. It's really really bad and I've gone to the dr but they haven't really helped. I'm SO GLAD you talked about this because it makes me feel like i'm not crazy. It's weird but I would like more details on your digestive issuers because I wonder if they're the same because... this shit is not normal.
Michaela Yrjas Oberlies
"does anyone care" Of course we care! We care about you and your health. I'm incredibly proud of you as a creator The pandemic have effected each and everyone of us in one way or another. Me myself have been struggling with infertility and fertility treatments, I'm studying to be a preschool teacher and covid have fucked with everything. Your videos have helped me cope with the stress of it all. We as a community will do this together 🙏❤️
Kristen Froula
I’ve watched you off and on for a long time since I’ve been a teen. it’s fun to watch you and to hear your commentary. I’ve watched you when I’ve been sad and happy and through a lot of different times in my life, im really great fun for you. I truly mean that. I’m a stay at home mom now and I still just watch or listen to you for the background. Please take care of yourself. I love you friend 💚
Dillon 3 napja
Never heard your real name before and holy balls could you have a more Irish sounding name lol. I dont think I could make a job out of my love of gaming. I could imagine eventually it becomes just a job to ya. I would hate for that to kill my enjoyment of gaming.
Thomas Riley
Thomas Riley 3 napja
Ya know I just found your channel and began to watch because I got the Oculus Quest2 and watched you play saints and sinners but I dug a little deeper and found out the you are a genuinely good person bro! Seriously! im an old fart, 53 but I’ve worked with young people for 35 years and know when I see a real person and just not someone fulla crap lol. Some of your personal story in your 2020 wrap up really hit home with me because I suffer from chronic pain on multiple levels and my wife and I raise an disabled daughter and my wife is dealing with ovarian cancer. I lost one of my parents (my da), last year in 2019 then 8 months later lost my mom from covid. So this last year also sucked for us big time the constant worry about everything took my drive and joy away. I had planned on becoming a HUrun creator myself but lost my motivation and want to not just do a channel but have a purpose. I just want ya to know your heart sharing encouraged me, no really it did. Thank you for that bro! Keep doing what you do don’t let the devil bring ya down! Yes I’m a pastor but not one of those screaming at you kind lol. I just love you humor and wit and the fact that your Irish helps. I’m Irish American. With a last name like Riley hard to deny. Anyhoooo I drone on. Just wanted to say I’m a huge fan now! Keep plugging along. I’ll say some prayers for ya!
April Washko
April Washko 3 napja
I had what sounds like similar digestive issues. I’m telling you, cut dairy. Stop all dairy for like 2-3 weeks and see how that works. Also, gluten. My tests for gluten issues came up negative yet every time I ate gluten I had issues. Try no gluten for a couple weeks too. I’m sure these are things you’ve tried, but - hoping your body self-corrects! Love your content. Fuck what anyone says. Do your own thing.
Sam Chambers
Sam Chambers 3 napja
I was 13 when I first started watching you and since then watched you, the channel and the community grow and develop into the wonderful thing it is today. I am now 21 haha and I still love everything you do and you always speak from your heart, whether it be screaming at a leviathan or simply talking to your subs 1 on 26 million haha. I hope you have the greatest fortune in the future and keep doing what makes you happy 💚
Epicleo 2000
Epicleo 2000 3 napja
Ahhh I remember that covid stream. I watched nearly all of it
shabanom 781
shabanom 781 3 napja
Is it just me when I say that Sean has sort of lost the energy he had a few years ago, like a while back when he did a series on Escapists he was very very energetic and so driven but now I feel like he's just trying to be like he was before but isn't quite there anymore (as he said, he's "mentally drained"). It's upsetting, it really is and watching this video I kind of see Sean getting old in the facial region. It just looks like he's getting old (no offence Sean) and it's sad to see such an amazing creator that I have watched over many years to grow. He's not old old but the fact of knowing that people grow old is upsetting because one day he won't be around anymore and then we'd have to move on and find someone else to watch. I don't like how everything changes in life, it's ruining the happiness in my life and probably in many more people too. But going back to my point earlier about Sean not being as energetic as before, people do change over a long period of time I guess but I believe that he used to upload a lot of videos weekly, but now he's uploading like once a week. I wish nothing ever changed but I love Sean because he is an absolute boss and has changed many lives. Sean if you do end up reading this, which is a very small chance, I really appreciate what you've done for everyone, and you are absolutely loved by many. Keep your head up king, you can get through it.
Daniel Hambly
Daniel Hambly 3 napja
Thank you so much for telling us Jack. we all love you, we will all support you in whatever you do. And we hope that this year will be better for all of us. stay safe mate. Your a ledgend 😉
David 3 napja
Hi. I have this coping mechanism where I call myself names and dumbass and things of that nature. Now I do this to literally yell at myself to NOT do something stupid or disrespectful. Now my friends are/were concerned because I was talking negatively about myself a lot. Now I got comfortable and stopped doing that. The problem is I made mistakes and Acted without yelling myself or thinking too much. Which caused me to make mistakes. Please read this and let me know if I'm alone or not in this?
Alex Farquhar
Alex Farquhar 3 napja
If youquit HUrun I quit life
Unkindled Purple
When he said over the years the streams raised 6 million for charity, I felt my eyes pop out of my head like a cartoon.
Keegan Worrells
Sorry I'm late watching this I've just been so busy and I just hope by the time I'm 17 which is when covid will be 3 since in about 6 months I'll be 16 and we just need to all come together and work through this do the propper things we're supposed to go
The Nonlinear Recovery Life of Jessica
You're amazing! Take time for yourself and do what you need to do. You are wonderful and a blessing. We definitely do care!
Yohann Fernandes
I came to know in September 2020 that I would be going Legally Blind in a few years... These are literally the last of the list of videos I'll be watching! & I must say I will have no regrets spending my time watching you! I guess what I'm trying to say is I'll keep watching you till I can't see you! Love ya Jack! :)
HoneyBunny -145
I'm really sorry about that. . .
bro what happened to your irish hat it used to make you seem stylish
Shark Fish
Shark Fish 3 napja
I've had IDB and constant tinnitus for a few years. Lost hearing and balance in one ear but they slowly came back over two years. I've been told I might have Cogan's syndrome but there's no proof because you can't really diagnose it (I also don't have many of the other symptoms). Idk just thought this sounded similar. I feel you
paige a
paige a 4 napja
jack is like a big brother to me i love him so much. he’s helped me through so much by making me laugh when i’m sad and i would give the world to him if i could.
RaynalDaniel 4 napja
Damn I can relate to you so much, That I can feel like im not the only one struggling, thx for sharing sean!
fritzthegamer 4 napja
A week late to see this but that's good because I can tell you about my 2021 year so far the day after new years my entire family got covid so, so far 2021 is trash
Rotten 4 napja
Damn shame that didn't happen
ACE _LAWS21 4 napja
Hey I fill like this year your going to hit 30 million subs heck I remember the part 9 turbo dismount and you had 3 million subs point is your truly a icon you inspired me to do HUrun at 6 years old I’m 14 now and it never kicked off but you are an inspiration to everyone my friend had his brother die in a car wreck and seeing one of your hard time videos made him smile have a good day and thanks for making me smile when I’m struggling
punkb0yy 4 napja
Seán, thank you. we appreciate you. you’re one of the reasons i get through my days.
Angela Shepherd
25:09 good speech should be in rewind
James Hunt
James Hunt 4 napja
The rant is alright Jack all of us have things that we bottle up and it's not a good solution if you keep bottling things up there is bound to be an explosion we all need to get these things off our chests and by doing so it strengthens the bonds between you and your viewers it shows that you are human and that your viewers are not alone thanks Jack for always bringing a smile to our faces
Happy Wheels #102
Megtekintés 3,9 M
I've never played MARIO 64 before
* IMPOSSIBLE * Try Not To Laugh